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The Sims Freeplay- The Beach


This is a guide to the beach, once you complete the Life Dreams and Legacies Quest you will have the ability to unlock the beach.



Building the beach requires orbs, 2 bronze and 2 silver sporty orbs.

This post explains how you earn orbs

Once you unlock the beach you unlock the Seashell Collecting hobby that toddlers and preteens can partake in.

There are two other hobbies at the beach, Surfing and Snorkelling, these both require orbs to build the kiosks to start these hobbies:





There is also a swimming kiosk which also requires orbs to build, it is basically a swimming pool in the sea, so you use it the same as you would at the swim center or a pool at home, it also has a diving board.




Other things at the beach include:

  • Sandcastles
  • BBQs
  • Lifeguard chairs


  • Beach towels


  • Poolside recliners


  • Picnic Table
  • Park Benches
  • Stereo


  • Toilets


  • Shower
  • A pier
  • Fishing rod (at end of pier to do the Fishing hobby)


I think that is about everything, I really like the beach, I definitely think its worth the amount of time it takes to earn all the orbs! If you want detailed information on any of the hobbies please click on the links above!






Thanks for reading!



Author: weightlessmagic

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17 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- The Beach

  1. My sims do not like fishing at the pier. That or it’s super glitchy. When I send a sim to fish at the pier, I have to watch them walk all the wayb down to the fishing pole. If I don’t, the simtracker says they are fishing, but when I come back when they are “done” I find them standing on the beach. And they have the speech bubble with two feet. Nothing is in their way! Anyone else have this happen?

  2. how to get the bronze and silver orbs? please help.

  3. In order to get a orb does my sim have to die?

  4. After you build beach and click on flashing icon, are the hobbies timed? And start the second you click on it?

  5. When can you build the beach on the mainland? I’m on level 31 and it still tells me I have to wait for the next event. I haven’t completed the life dreams and legacies quest yet so I can’t build the beach on the island yet, but do I have to finish the quest for the one on the mainland too?

  6. Does building the beach affect the prices of unbuilt buildings (pet store, mall, etc.)?

  7. Hi! I’ve understood that it’s possible to upgrade things at e g the beach by using additional life orbs, but how can I do this? I’ve built everything at the beach but I’m still collecting for things in the pet park, arcade and carnival, do I have to build everything to upgrade anything? Would be lovely to know, thank you for all your great help! ❤

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