The Sims Freeplay- Loading Screen Tips Explained

Each time you open the sims freeplay the game takes a few seconds to load, during that time you get some on screen tips about the game and this post is just going to explain in detail what each of them mean.


  • Keep sims needs satisfied to make them inspired

Each sim has 6 needs that have to be fulfilled (the bar needs to be fully green)

  1. Hunger- fridge/ plate of food
  2. Bladder- toilet
  3. Energy- bed/ coffee machine
  4. Hygiene- sink/shower/bath
  5. Social- phone/interaction with a sim or pet
  6. Fun- several things such as watch TV, check emails (but for adults and seniors I plant bell peppers)

When a sim hasn’t had their needs satisfied for a while they will be very grumpy, housebound and won’t go to work

To inspire a sim you need to fulfil at least 4 needs fully and for the other 2 most of the bar will need to be full.

You can tell when they are inspired because the cupcake will be greyed out and your sim will sparkle.

  • Use cupcakes to instantly make sims inspired

Next to your sims needs bars there is a symbol of a green cupcake, to inspire a sim straight away (without having to fulfil their needs) you can click on the cupcake and spend 5LPs to instantly inspire that sim. The cupcake will be greyed out when they are inspired.

  • Inspired sims earn more XP and simoleons for completing actions

This is especially helpful to know when baking and gardening, you will earn more simoleons and XPs when your sim is inspired! So I usually grow beans at night after inspiring all my sims as they will earn S1260 and 928XPs instead of S840 and 620XPs.

They will also get more XPs when completing any action, such as having a catnap they will get 99XPs when inspired instead of just 66XPs.

  • Use higher star rated objects to complete actions faster

All items have star ratings, the higher the star rating the quicker you will complete a task. Some are only a few seconds quicker while others are several hours quicker:

  • Sims earn more XP and simoleons for actions completed at their own house

I think this is a good tip for earning more XPs that not enough people know, make sure they do actions at their own houses, as you can see from the picture below for longer actions it can really make a difference: 

  • Use lifestyle points to instantly finish actions
  • Low on simoleons? Use lifestyle points to instantly finish gardening

To do this, click on the sim you want to speed up, it will show you what action they are doing and how many LPs it will cost to speed it up (in the case shown below it is 8). Just click on the USE LPs symbol and the action will be complete.


TIP: The amount of LPs it will cost depends on how many hours are left so as you can see above it is 8LPs because it will take 8 hours 59 minutes. If you have a task that takes 2 hours 30 minutes I would always wait half an hour until the time left gets to 1 hour 59 minutes so it will only cost you 1LP instead of 2.

  • Use lifestyle points to instantly finish construction of houses, workplaces or businesses

Same goes for speeding up constructions, just click on the place you want to finish building and click the USE LPs symbol.

  • Complete tasks to earn lifestyle points

Certain weekly tasks once completed reward you with LPs but you can also get 3LPs for completing 75% of your weekly tasks, this post explains that in detail

  • Cats are great at finding simoleons and lifestyle points

Once you have brought a cat from the pet store it will wander around the house and then an exclamation mark bubble will appear above its head, click on that, it will pounce and find simoleons or LPs.

  • Dogs can dig up simoleons and lifestyle points

Once you have brought a dog from the pet store it will wander around the garden and then a shovel bubble will appear above its head, click on that, it will dig and find simoleons or LPs.

  • The more expensive the cat or dog, the more treasure they will find

This one is not always guaranteed but the higher the star rating (price) the more simoleons and LPs they should find.

3 star dogs are definitely more likely to find LPs than 1 star dogs.


  • Careers are a great way to earn simoleons and XP

This post will explain how to get a sim a job if you are unsure

  • Sims who get promoted at work earn more simoleons and XP

To get promoted you just need to keep sending your sim to work

NOTE: they don’t get fired or demoted if they miss work

All promotion amounts can be found in the individual career posts on this page



  • Skill up in hobbies and careers to increase your chance of winning at the competition center

The higher level you are in a career or hobby the more chance you have of winning first prize at the competition center, I will explain how it works for those who have never used the competition center before:

When you click on the competition center (as shown in the picture below) it will appear with a competition (I had the archery hobby) it tells you how much you will get for each placing:

  • 1st place- 3LPs
  • 2nd place- 1LP
  • 3rd place- S1000 and 1000XPs
  • 4th place- S500 and 500XPs

Then you can select a sim- always go for the sim with the highest level in that hobby/career (it will tell you what level your sims are at)

For example: Zack is level 6 in archery so I would definitely use him over Hayley who has never done archery before (level 0/6)

NOTE: your sim must not be busy for them to partake in a competition, they will appear greyed out if they are busy.

Once you have selected your sim they will be busy competing for 24 hours, once the time is up you will need to go back to the competition center to see where they were placed.

If your sim is level 6 then they should come first but they don’t always!



I rarely use the competition center if I am being completely honest, its a good way to make a few extra LPs but it does mean your sim cannot do anything else for a whole day.

  • Purchase lights from the home store to illuminate houses at night

You can either set lights to be off, on or auto lights, that turn on when a sim enters the room but turns off when they go to sleep or leave the room.


  • Use your inventory to move furniture between houses

If you have an item you want to move to a different house, you can easily do it by using your inventory, I am going to show you how I moved the preteen bookcase but it will work for any item you can store!

  1. Press the buy mode button (furniture symbol)
  2. Click on the bookcase, click the grey rucksack (inventory) button, the bookcase will then be removed from the house
  3. Go to the house you want to place it in and click the buy mode button again
  4. Find the inventory section
  5. Then the tab where the item will be found (preteen bookcase will be in preteen section)
  6. Click on the bookcase and position where you want it in the new house, click the green tick to place it
  • No time to sleep? Buy a coffee machine

A coffee machine is a quicker way to increase your sims energy need than having a nap. Coffee machines can be found in the kitchen section of buy mode.

  • Earn big XP bonuses for reaching relationship milestones

Reaching a new relationship stage between two sims earns you extra XPs, this is what adults who become friends will receive:

  • Becoming Acquaintance- 100XPs
  • Becoming Friends- 150XPs
  • Becoming Good Friends- 200XPs
  • Becoming Best Friends- 300XPs

If you would like to know what other relationship bonuses are, they can be found in the relationships post


  • Earn pocket money by sending preteen sims to school
  1. On the careers tab (where you give your sims jobs and send them to work) you will see for preteens it says ‘not enrolled’
  2. Click the mortar board (academic cap) symbol
  3. The sim town elementary enrolment pop up will appear, click enrol
  4. On the careers tab it will now show your sims grade at school and the mortar board symbol will pulse when you can send them to school.

As their grade increases they will earn more pocket money

  • Unlock special content by improving your preteen sims grade at school

The first time you send a preteen sim to school they will unlock items every time they improve their grade

NOTE: They start at level 3: C (I don’t know why they don’t start at level 1!)

Level 4: C+ 2+2 is 4 poster

Level 5: B Planets poster

Level 6: B+ Science project

Level 7: A Einstim poster

Level 8: A+ Model UFO

Level 9: A++ School Certificate

Level 10: A+++ Spelling Bee Trophy

  • Purchase packs from the Online Store to collect VIP Points and unlock awesome Perks

Anything you buy with real money now gets converted into points (the more money you spend the more points you earn) and the more VIP points you have, the higher level VIP you will be, earning you more perks!

All VIP Perks are explained in this post

  • Collect VIP points to get Time Extension Tokens and never miss out on a limited time prize again

If you run out of time on a quest or hobby you can use a time extension once unlocked from VIP 3 to add more time (each time extension adds 24 hours to a quest or hobby) NOTE: you can only use each time extension once and they don’t replenish so choose wisely!

  • VIP players get Rainbow Cake Slices that keep Sims inspired for 24 hours

Rainbow cake keeps a sim inspired (their needs won’t decrease) for 24 hours (this is explained in more detail in the VIP perks post mentioned previously in this post)

  • Exclusive CAS (create a sim) items are available for VIP players

New clothes for your sims can be found in the VIP exclusives section of the wardrobe once you reach VIP Level 4


  • Want more Sims in your Sim families and Sim Town? Become a VIP to unlock those Perks

From VIP Level 5 you can have an additional sim living in each house (5 instead of 4) and from level 10 you can have an additional sim per town no longer restricting you to the 34 sims limit

  • Complete the Extreme Home Takeover quest to get the Architect feature: Go to work at the Real Estate Agency, then tap the sign next to the mailbox! 

Once you complete the Extreme Home Takeover quest you can send a sim to work as a real estate agent a sign will appear at the front of your houses:


Click on the sign to submit your house for a chance for all other players to be able to build it! You will find chosen houses in the architect tab when you click to build a new house. This post explains submitting a house in more detail

I hope that clears a few things up and will help you make the most out of the game!

Thanks for reading!



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