The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Profession Careers

There are now three profession careers; Police, Filmmaker and Medical Staff so I thought it would be a good idea to make a post explaining how these profession careers work.

You can find specific information on each profession career by clicking on these links:
Police, Filmmaker & Medical Staff

What is the difference between professions and normal careers?

Professions are still careers but you can go with your sim to the workplace and while they are there they help sims to earn resources, these resources are used to build and upgrade areas inside the workplace called workstations.

Professions Training Quest

Once you have built a profession workplace the Professions Training Quest will begin (there is no time limit to this you just have to complete it before you can send anymore sims to work there- and yes you can complete it at the same time as other quests)

It is more of a tutorial than a quest

NOTE: you will only receive this quest the first time you build a profession workplace so when you reach level 6 in another profession it will not appear again, this quest below shows the police profession but it is the same for all professions.

  • Visit the police station
  • Send a sim to work at the police station (give them a job at the police station the same way you usually give them a job then click on the suitcase to send a sim to work- select accompany sim to go to the station with them)
  • Help a sim at the police station- tap a bubble that appears over a sims head and complete one of the tasks
  • Help again at the police station- complete the second task on the bubble
  • Check workplace overview (found in the profession menu in the top left on your screen while at the police station)
  • Check workplace storage (second tab in the profession menu)
  • Help a sim at the police station
  • Check the work shift quota- this can be found on the work bar:

  • Fulfil special requests- this is a task where the bubble shows a question mark instead of the resource, complete the tasks to find out what resource you will be rewarded
  • Trade resources (third tab in the profession menu)
  • Upgrade a workstation- click on a green arrow at one of the workstations to get the option to upgrade it

  • Complete the remaining work day- either keep helping sims, leave your sim to work or click on the red cross on the work bar and then on complete shift (this will usually cost you LPs


Once you complete the quest you can send other sims to work there

How do I help sims?

When you send a sim to work sims will enter with bubbles above their heads, you need to click on this bubble and select one of the tasks that appears, the amount of grey sections there are tells you how many tasks you have to complete before you earn the reward (which is a resource) that is pictured in the middle of the bubble:

Each task has to be completed in a different workstation and only one sim can use a workstation at one time (new tasks will be added when you unlock new workstations)

Each time your sims complete a task (that section will turn from grey to green) a coin bubble will appear above their head, click this and they will earn coins and XPs, the experience points are towards levelling up, so they will level up quicker than if you just sent them to work.

Once all the tasks have been completed all the grey sections will now appear green, click on this to receive your reward.

Sometimes you may see a question mark appear in the bubble instead of a resource, this is a mystery resource, you will find out what it is when you complete the tasks:

these are important sims needed to collect badges

Does the same sim have to complete all the tasks when they help a sim?

No they don’t

Can I send one of the sims away if I don’t want to help them right now?

No, they will stay at the workplace until you help them

What are resources used for?

The resources are used to build and upgrade the different workstations within the workplace.

Build new workstations to unlock new resources

 What are coins used for? 

Coins are used to increase your storage and trade for resources


Can I send my sim to work on their own like a normal career? Will they still collect resources?

Yes you can send them to work on their own and they will still level up however they will level up slower than if they help sims and they will not collect any resources.

What is the work shift quota?

The work shift quota shows how many sims you need to help within the shift to finish their shift early and earn bonus resources

What are the workstations?



  • Training Center
  • Front Desk
  • Surveillance Van

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Metro Police or Special Agent, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations

Metro Police:

  • Squad Car- level 6 Metro Police
  • Jail Cells- level 7 Metro Police
  • K-9 Unit- level 8 Metro Police
  • Chiefs Office- level 9 Metro Police

Only the metro police officer will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above

Special Agent:

  • Interview Room- level 6 Special Agent
  • Sketch Room- level 7 Special Agent
  • Forensics Lab- level 8 Special Agent
  • Division 51- level 9 Special Agent

Only the special agent will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above




  • Security Booth
  • Golf Cart
  • Catering Area

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Director or Performer, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations


  • Costume Department- level 6 Director
  • Hair and Makeup Department- level 7 Director
  • Stunt Set- level 8 Director
  • Directors Trailer- level 9 Director

Only the director will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


  • Audition Room- level 6 Performer
  • Voice-over Booth- level 7 Performer
  • Film Set- level 8 Performer
  • A-list Celebrity Trailer- level 9 Performer

Only the performer will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


Medical Staff


  • Janitor Closet
  • Admin
  • Physical Aid

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Nurse or Doctor, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations

NOTE: you can only have one sim as a nurse and one sim as a doctor


  • Pharmacy- level 6 Nurse
  • Triage- level 7 Nurse
  • Radiology- level 8 Nurse
  • Ward- level 9 Nurse

Only the nurse will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


  • General Practice- level 6 Doctor
  • Psychiatrist’s Office- level 7 Doctor
  • Research Laboratory- level 8 Doctor
  • Surgery Room- level 9 Doctor

Only the doctor will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


What do you get for upgrading workstations?

Each time you upgrade a workstation one of the following will happen:

  • The time taken to complete the task will decrease
  • The amount of  coins you receive will increase  
  • The amount of XPs you receive will increase


Each workstation can be upgraded 20 times

Check out my Police, Filmmaker & Medical Staff posts for information on each upgrade

Why do I need to be VIP 7 to upgrade a workstation?
You don’t! If you are VIP 7 you can upgrade two workstations at once, if you aren’t you will need to wait for the previous workstation upgrade to complete before upgrading the next.

Why is it costing me LPs to build a workstation?

This is because you do not have enough resources to build or upgrade the workstation yet, just help sims and collect the resources to be able to build without it costing you LPs

Can I buy another one of each workstation?

No you cannot

How can I earn the resources I need quicker?

Watch this video:

Professions Menu

You can access this using the button in the top left hand corner of your screen when you are at the profession workplace

Workplace Overview- here you can see the workstations you have currently unlocked, what level you are on and what resources you need to upgrade them

Storage- this is where you see your current resources collected and on the right hand side is your coins, the coins are used to increase your storage if you need to and trade for resources (which is in the next tab)

How do I increase my storage space?
Go to the Storage tab and click on increase storage, this will cost you coins:

NOTE: if you don’t have enough coins this will cost you LPs, just collect more coins and you will be able to use the coins to upgrade your storage

What is the maximum storage space for each profession career?

Police is 5000, Filmmaker and Medical Staff are both 2600

What should I do if I run out of storage space?
You can sell any unwanted resources, go to the storage tab and click on the simoleon symbol next to a resource and select the amount you want to sell for simoleons:

Resource Exchange- here you can either spin for resources using simoleons or LPs for the mega spin as well as trade coins for resources

How does the resource spin work?
There are two resource spins:

  • Resource spin costing simoleons- available for everyone, click to spin and it will spin and then you can claim your resources

  • Mega spin costing LPs- only available for VIP level 2 players, works the same as the other spin but will give you more resources.

NOTE: You can only use both of these every 4 hours unless you pay 4LPs to spin again straight away
How does trading for resources work?
On the left you have the item you are trading and on the right you have the item you will receive for trading, click trade

Reaching Level 6- Specialising a Sim

Once you reach level 6 for the first time a new quest will begin (it isn’t really a quest and yes you can do it at the same time as other quests) It shows you how to select the specialist for your sim and how to get promoted

Professions: Specialisation Training

  • Assign a specialist to a level 6 sim- click on the occupations (career) tab, find the level 6 sim and choose one of the two options for that career:

NOTE: you can only have one sim on each of these options

  • Fulfil a profession badge- check the occupations tab to find out what you need to do to complete this, I had help 3 sims, to complete this I needed to help 3 sims that came to the workplace by completing all of the tasks

Each sim can only earn one badge per shift and you need all badges before you will be able to level up in that career 

If you don’t manage to complete a badge in a shift the progress for that badge will reset and you will have start again on the next shift (for example, if your task is to help 2 important sims and you only help one, in your next shift it will reset so you will have to help 2 important sims in that shift to get the badge)

Each level requires you to complete more badges, you cannot level up until all the badges have been collected.


  • Build a workstation at a profession workplace- if you do not have the right amount of resources it will say it costs LPs to build- just help sims to gain resources and it won’t cost you LPs

Who are the important sims I need to help to get a badge?

These are the sims with question marks in the bubbles above their heads

Reaching Level 10

When you reach level 10 in a profession career you unlock the work outfit in that specialist for a female and male adult sim to wear at any time!

Left- metro police outfits Right- special agent outfits
Left- director outfits Right- actor outfits
Left- doctor outfits Right- nurse outfits

Find them in the wardrobe under outfits once you reach level 10

Orange Suitcase? Can’t send your sims to work?


This is because you have already sent them to work once today, if you are VIP level 1 you can send them to work twice in a day (this will cost you 15LPs still if you are VIP)

Wait until tomorrow and you will be able to send them to work again without being VIP.

Do I need to be VIP to use profession workplaces?

NO! If you are VIP you can send your sims to work twice a day (VIP level 1), upgrade more than one workstation at a time (VIP level 7) and use the mega spin (VIP level 2) but you do not need to be VIP

How do I cancel a work shift?

Click on the red cross on the sims need bar and select cancel shift

My sims are ageing to seniors before they have reached the highest level, what can I do?

I have given my sims who I want to specialise in each of the profession careers a platinum orb (read this post if you are unsure how to do that)

You could reverse their ageing (again read the post linked above) when they come to the end of their time as an adult but this is going to cost you a lot of LPs! It may be worth doing this while you are working on getting a platinum orb so you don’t have to start from level 1 with another sim and have to go through the ageing all over again!

How do you level up quicker?

The only way to level up quicker is to go to work each day and help the amount of sims needed to fulfil your work quota each day but you need to remember that each time you level up it will take you longer to reach the next level

If you are trying to complete the movie star career quicker you can use the movie camera from the promotions r store to level them up quicker

TIP: the higher level a workstation is the more career experience points you will to level up quicker

Who is this sim (pictured below) who appears?

He is the courier for the simtown market event, he will appear at the profession workplace where the event is taking place. If you complete all the tasks he has before the time above the bubble is up you will earn a market token needed to ship some orders (other orders need workplace resources to ship) You need to ship orders to fill up the bar and earn prizes:

What is the simtown market?

Give this post a read for more information on the simtown market and events!


  • You can only send two sims to work to help sims, all other sims will be working ‘offsite’ so they will still go to work but you will not see them, like normal careers (even when your level increases you can still only have two there)
  • Only one sim can use a workstation at a time
  • Important sims are the ones with question marks in the bubbles above their heads
  • If you send a sim to work without going with them they will still level up but just slower than if they help sims and they will not earn any resources
  • You can only upgrade one workstation at a time unless you are VIP 7
  • Each workstation can be upgraded 20 times
  • It will cost you LPs to build a workstation if you do not have enough resources, help more sims to collect the resources to build the workstation without LPs
  • You can only have one sim in each specialism
  • Only the sim in that specialism can use the workstations, for example only the Performer can complete the Film Set actions
  • If you are VIP you get some perks but you don’t need to be VIP!
  • There is no time limit on completing a profession career and workplace, you can take as long as you like!

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions About Profession Careers:

Profession Careers: Police, Filmmaker & Medical Staff

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  1. Thanks for your post, they are always so helpful. Just a quick tip. The movie camera does still seem to work to help with levelling up for the movie star profession.

      • Happy to help in a tiny way, you’ve been such a help with my game :).

        I only tried it with a new sim that hadn’t been an actor before. I haven’t tried it with my L6 sim as I’m waiting to get enough resources to build the first rooms before I specialise, and you can’t level up above 6 in the movie star profession without specialising. Sims were coming with tasks requiring the costume room etc even though it isn’t built yet when I specialised, so I had to cancel that. I’d assume/hope the camera would still work though.

  2. Hi! Firstly, I love your blog. It’s so helpful! Secondly, I have a quick question: what if one of your sims is already an actor (I haven’t downloaded the update yet)? Then what would happen? Thanks! 🙂

  3. Very thorough, thanks so much for the time and effort you put into your blog! I have to say, I hate the whole professions thing. It is so time-consuming, it’s actually put me off playing 😕

    • Thanks and you are very welcome! I completely agree, I find the professions boring to complete and if they do this with all careers there really would be no time left in the day to do anything!

  4. I believe they are going to add more professions. Although I do enjoy them, very time consuming and if they add more I don’t know how I will have the time to play! But thank you soooooo much for your guides. Always the best!

  5. Thanks for another great post!

    In case it’s of interest, I found that you can send more than two Sims to work onsite at the same time. To do it, you need to click the button initiating work shifts in rapid succession so the Sims are all on their way there before the game recognizes anyone is at work. I was sending four Sims to the police station together. It helps to gather them at one house and have them all walk to the back (far end) of the house first to maximize walking time to the front, thus giving me more time to initiate onsite shifts before they disappear to the station. 🙂

  6. Just wondering if the glitch when you leave the police station then return and the action is completed immediately still works after the latest update (movie star). I am apprehensive about doing the update as I feel without the glitch it will make it almost impossible to complete the police station. Love your site it is so helpful.

  7. I first off want to say thank you for your post, because I know it has to be frustrating getting asked the same question again over and over, especially when said question was clearly answered in your post. You are doing a good job and I wanted you to know that. I am hoping they continue to do this with other careers, and if they do if you already have someone in a career that’s leveled up all the way do you think that will matter? For example, the Real Estate Agent or the Athlete? Just wanting to see your opinion on this and tell you good job. 🙂 thanks again!

    • You’re very welcome and thank you so much for your kind words :)! Yes it can get a little boring replying to the same questions over and over 😛
      If someone is at level 5 of that career already they will start from level 5 when the game updates so they can reach the higher levels quicker

  8. Hi! I just wanted to ask if you’ve been having this problem: When you’re playing the game, does the background music just stop randomly? Like you can still hear the noises of your sims actions, but not the background music?

  9. When I try to file a report, at the police station, I get a message stating, “The front desk is already in use by another Sim…” and to try later when it is no longer in use. I have one Sim working there. There are no NPCs working as cops. No one is at the front desk. The front desk is not upgrading.
    So, I’m stuck, unable to help orher Sims.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  10. Hi im just wondering what can I get after I upgraded the workstations? is there any limited prizes like those in the hobby events?

  11. Thank you for posting about this! Your tutorials have been helpful every step of the way.

    I have a question. Do you know the resources needed for each locked area for the police station and movie studio? I tend to remove resources when the resource limit is almost reached but last time I did, it took me awhile to get enough resources to build a level 7 area. I want to make sure I’m keeping enough for different areas or be mindful of the resources I should focus in on.

  12. Thank you for your well thought out and curated blog.

    I was wondering if you came across this.. I have two sims doing the specialization at the movie lot. When they hit the quota and go home, the actors on the lot (the ones that require these specialty actions) remainon the lot. So when I have a sim with no specialty focus go to work later in the day, he is unable to complete the quota bc he is unable to complete all the actors requests due to one of them requiring the specialty actions.

    I have been playing thru slowly (one out of the four actors do no require specialty actions right now) but I was wondering if you had hit this and how you’ve might have dealt with it.

    I thought I saw the lot clear between shifts the first night I played but I guess not. And they don’t seem to leave even though there’s no way for me to complete the tasks since the specialty sims already completed the work day. Just difficult to keep playing when only one sim is allowed per specialty!

    Hope this has been clear.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    • You’re welcome!

      There isn’t really that many ways around this, I personally don’t bother sending any sims who haven’t specialised to the workplace, I send them offsite instead because like you have seen there isn’t really much they can do when you get a task that requires one of your higher level sims, sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  13. Hi. If my metro police and special agent become seniors, will the workstations unlocked from levels 6-9 become inaccessible again? I do not want to rebuild those because gathering the resources really takes time.

  14. Thank you so much for all your great updates!! You’re my go-to source for all things Sims Freeplay!! So happy to see in this update that the exclamation point shows up at the end of each work task cycle. It was very frustrating to have to wait until the Sims police went to get a cup of coffee before they returned to the surveillance van.

  15. You get career XP for helping sims, so if you fill your shift quota before midnight you can cancel the shift and do a second one. Thought this might be helpful for anyone trying to level up faster without spending LPs to work a double shift.

  16. I need to get 10 handcuff resources to get a badge but I can’t get enough in 1 shift, any way we can get the resource we need to get the badge? Thank you.

      • I actually noticed that if you use the resource spin and happen to get a resource you need to complete a badge, it will count toward it!

  17. I’m on police level 8 and I can’t get the first badge to get 20 donuts. Donut people aren’t showing up to give enough resources. They complete their shift by helping 25 people before I can complete the task. Any suggestions?

      • You can also get donuts, or hand cuffs from the “spin” option… and these count towards your requirement… On the actor quest (not sure about police), you can spin… but not claim…. and therefore, you could have other sims working… to clear out the non-donut sims…. and then you can start the one who needs them…. which gives you a head-start…. Hope that helps..

  18. Is there a life dream involving police station job there is one for going to work at movie studio but have not seen one for police job.

  19. Just like other occupations does working in movie studio regularly decrease the time taken in a work shift? Does the time decrease after a level up?

  20. I just wanted to know what the times to do each task drop down to once you have upgraded each of them 20 times? Specifically for the police career would be great to know as it is very difficult to help 25 sims a day when two of the tasks take a whole hour!

  21. So I am trying to be patient but the Police one is getting on my last nerves. I am at level 8 and the K-9 Unit (level 16) is 45 minutes and the Forensic Lab (level 18) is 42 minutes. With the other workstations being about 41 seconds, 1 minute 29 sec, 3 min 30 sec, 7 min 30 sec, and 10 min 30 sec. How can my sims help 25 people in 8 hours with the times for the workstations being so ridiculously long? At least with the movie theater it is a little easier because they only have to help 15 people. I am literally having sims doing the cooking hobby non stop to get LP’s so I can bypass the 45 minutes tasks but that is getting old too. How has everyone’s else’s experience been,any tips? I am really getting sick of this game. They are really making it impossible to play.

    • I am finding it very boring to be honest trying to complete the quota at the police station, I usually give up at about 15 as that seems to take me a good few hours anyway (who has the time?!) hopefully they will reduce it at some point but I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this makes the game tedious
      If anyone does have any tips I would love to hear them because right now I just get to the point where my battery is about to die and give up on the quota!

  22. Anyone finding the police harder to serve 25 people in the 8 hours, used to be, I have two on level 8, I am only managing to get to around 15 18 each time. As some tasks can take 50 mins to complete, really eats into time to serve 25 people. The movie one currently takes ,every about 3 hours to get to 15 people. Only using golf, I’d check and food though.

    • Yes! I am finding it very boring to be honest trying to complete the quota at the police station, I usually give up at about 15 as that seems to take me a good few hours anyway (who has the time?!) hopefully they will reduce it at some point!

      • I agree completely. I’ve been using LP’s for the longer tasks, but I really don’t want to spend so much money on this game. I now have the Forensics Lab built and am upgraded to 12, but still do not get any gold shields.

      • I don’t think it’s possible to get golden shields. I gave up waiting for them and just used the resource exchange to get them. I still haven’t gotten any and I’ve built all the workstations.

  23. First, I love this blog. I almost quit the game several months ago after first installing it & then I found your blog which makes the game so much more exciting.

    Here’s my problem (and I’ve looked to see if anyone else has mentioned this before I posted) : I have updated the workstations in the police station, some even to Level 15 as well as workstations in the movie profession, but for some reason, the time to complete shows the reduced amount of time on the taskbar (like Clean Cells, 11 minutes), but when I click on the Sim doing the task, the original time is how long it takes to complete. (Clean Cells, actual time 15 minutes). I’ve saved to the cloud, uninstalled & reinstalled & contacted Firemonkeys (still waiting on answer), but in the meantime I”m curious if it’s just me or if this is a bug other people are experiencing.

    Are you experiencing this at all? Heard anything about it from other people?


  24. I thank of an another profession workplace! (kay maybe not work)
    Kindergarden!For toddlers to go.This works like professions but you play with the other kids,not helping.

  25. hi, very good blog, very helpful.
    just one question…… as it takes a lot of resources to build a new room and you already get people coming in wanting help in that particular room, is there a way to send them home, so i can get a new person that i can help?

  26. Do you have a strategy for getting the 25 quota for the police career? I can’t seem to ever get all 25 unless I stay glued to my iPad day & night & use LP. It’s been made worse by opening the Forensic Lab which takes an hour before any upgrades. Boo! The Movie quota is a little easier for me to complete but is getting harder as I open new rooms. It’s discouraging to not be able to complete this part of the game, makes me not want to play at all. Thanks for all the time you put into this blog!

  27. Do all of the levels of the professions take 8 hours? I just got the update, and am trying to decide on specializations.

  28. Thanks so much again. Takes a special person to have such an informative and organized blog/site as this. Hugs…

  29. Is there any item that will help you upgrade quickly for the police career? Like the camera for the movie star career?

  30. I haven’t received any jobs to collect golden badges. Do you know if they exist or do I just need to trade for them?

  31. I do not understand at all how to open up the audition room. How do you know if you have enough resources because the numbers keep changing?! So highly confused about this.

  32. Hi, do you know how I go about getting the Golden Shield resources required to build the Division 51 and Chiefs Office? I have been achieving my gold shield badges but these aren’t showing up in the resources. In the resources section I can see that I can trade other resources to get the Golden Shields but wondered if there was another way of getting it without having to trade other resources?

    • The shields aren’t the same as the badges you need to level up- sims do come in occasionally offering these resources but if you are desperate then you can trade 10 police tape and 10 recorders for one of them.

  33. I already have sims in each police profession, so does that mean my other police sims are stuck on level 6 forever? They don’t seem to be advancing. Thanks.

  34. I don’t have enough resources to build either of the Movie Studio specialization rooms & I don’t have enough coins to upgrade my storage so I’m stuck on the career unless I use LPs, and lots of them! Not cool. 😥 Anybody else run into this problem??

    • Pick the workstation that you have the most resources for so far and then sell the resources you don’t need to build that room, then you can find more resources to build that and build the other workstation later.

  35. Thanks for the tip about selling unwanted resources! I was pretty much stuck on the movie studio career with too many resources and not enough storage space. And not enough coins to upgrade. I always check your blog with each new Sims Freeplay update for tips. Keep up the good work it’s much appreciated!

  36. Thanks for the blog! Its very helpful. Question: Ever since the last update its been almost impossible for me to help all 25 sims within the 8 hour shift. I’m on level 9 and 8 with my two sims and some of the tasks take almost an hour to complete so I can’t get to help everyone. Any suggestions on how to complet thesee longer tasks faster. I’m on the level 16 upgrades right now. Thanks!

  37. So I finally got my police sims both to level 9 and I’m saving up resources for the last workstation. One of them is about to age though but is there any reward for reaching level 10? I’m just wondering if it’s worth it to pause his ageing or reverse it.

  38. Do you know how much resources are needed to open each specialized areas for the movie studio and police station?

  39. What I do is have two sims specializing and then two sims go to work after them just so I can collect more resources and upgrade workstations faster. I just make sure that when my specializing sims are done work they have done all the tasks that need their expertise and just have the basic ones left open for the non specialising sims. It’s working great! I have a bunch of workstations at level 15 already!

  40. First and foremost I wish to add my voice that I also find your blog, like those who have already said so, extremely useful! I have followed your blog ever since I began playing Sims Freeplay!

    I have silently read your posts and benefited from them and I now wish to contribute a little. I didn’t update the Sims Freeplay after the Police Station update and therefore I kept playing the Police Station tasks with the bug. I have finally completed everything at the police station without using a single LP, thanks to the police station bug. Now in hindsight, I can see that the police station will take a very, very long time to complete for those who begin with it without the bug, unless EA have made it a bit simpler to complete in their last update… Even with the bug it was tedious to do all the workstation tasks, so I only upgraded the storage space to 3000 and then just saved all the other Police Coins for buying resources when I ran out of resources (because I too became really bored doing the workstation tasks over and over again) and therefore I needed to do a lot of exchanging resources too.

    As I said before, I don’t know if EA has changed any of the criteria for resources needed to build and upgrade workstations and the time it takes to complete workstation tasks, after the police station bug was fixed, but I thought I’d list some information about it in hope it still can be of some use to anyone who tries to plan their game play at the Police Station. So the following lists are based on the buggy police station update version of Sims Freeplay.

    * * *

    Resources needed to build each workstation

    Squad Car (6 hours to build) .:: Flash lights 800 | Donuts 140 | Badge 2 ::.
    Jail Cells (12 hours to build) .:: Flash lights 1000 | Handcuffs 160 | Donuts 160 ::.
    K-9 Unit (24 hours to build) .:: Flash lights 1250 | Handcuffs 320 | Fingerprints 225 ::.
    Chief’s Office (48 hours to build) .:: Flash lights 1750 |Police tape 85 | Badge 5 ::.
    Interview Room (6 hours to build) .:: Walkie-talkie 800 | Donuts 140 ::.
    Sketch Room (12 hours to build) .:: Walkie-talkie 1000 | Fingerprints 160 | Donuts 160 ::.
    Forensic Lab (24 hours to build) .:: Walkie-talkie 1250 | Handcuffs 225 | Fingerprints 320 ::.
    Division 51 (48 hours to build) .:: Walkie-talkie 1750 | Recorder 85 | Badge 5 ::.

    * * *

    Final resources needed to upgrade workstations to level 20 (which each take 6 hours to upgrade)

    Training Center .:: Police Tape 1 | Fingerprint 4 | Badge 2 ::.
    Front Desk .:: Police Tape 1 | Fingerprint 4 | Badge 2 ::.
    Survaillance Van .:: Handcuffs 4 | Recorder 1 | Badge 2 ::.
    Squad Car .:: Police Tape 1 | Fingerprint 5 | Badge 2 ::.
    Jail Cells .:: Police Tape 1 | Fingerprint 5 | Badge 2 ::.
    K-9 Unit .:: Police Tape 2 | Fingerprint 8 | Badge 2 ::.
    Chief’s Office .:: Police Tape 2 | Fingerprint 9 | Badge 4 ::.
    Interview Room .:: Handcuffs 5 | Recorder 1 | Badge 2 ::.
    Sketch Room .:: Handcuffs 5 | Recorder 1 | Badge 2 ::.
    Forensic Lab .:: Handcuffs 8 | Recorder 2 | Badge 2 ::.
    Division 51 .:: Handcuffs 9 | Recorder 2 | Badge 4 ::.

    * * *

    Time to complete a task at each workstation upgraded to level 20 (except for the first 3 workstation)

    Training Center (at level 19) – 1 minute, 23 seconds
    Front Desk (at level 19) – 41 seconds
    Survaillance Van (at level 19) – 3 minutes, 29 seconds
    Squad Car – 6 minutes, 29 seconds
    Jail Cells – 9 minutes, 44 seconds
    K-9 Unit – 39 minutes
    Chief’s Office – 1 hour, 37 minutes (takes over 2 hours at level 1)
    Interview Room – 6 minutes, 29 seconds
    Sketch Room – 9 minutes, 44 seconds
    Forensic Lab – 39 minutes
    Division 51 – 1 hour, 37 minutes (takes over 2 hours at level 1)

      • You’re welcome.

        And it is I who want to thank you for your time and effort with this excellent blog!

        Additional notes:

        There is a typo in one of my lists; it only took 800 flashlights and 140 donuts to build the Squad Car workstation.

        I also named one resource wrong: it is supposed to be Golden Shield (and not Badge).

        After having updated Sims Freeplay now, to the current version, I found that the action times that I have listed only differ with a few seconds.

  41. I was wondering, has anyone else noticed that activities appear that no sims can do untill the specific building is created … I am nowhere near even getting enough resources, let alone past the 50 hours it takes to build the last two desks at the police station and for three days this one sim has been at the station with a task I can not accomplish anytime soon. Its not THAT big of a deal, but seems kind of messed up to give a task noone can accomplish. And it takes one of my 4 sim slots. I end spending alot of time waiting on one of my two workers to finish because there are no tasks left the second sim can even touch. This really eats into that “mere” 8 hours they give to accomplish the 10-15 hours worth of work. They don’t pay me enough for this! Well they dont pay me at all …

    • I completely agree, especially about the second sim who just stands around waiting for something to do as all the tasks that are left require the one sim who has to spend a ridiculous amount of time on one task.

  42. You say somewhere on your site that you are not good with words but you did an EXCELLENT job of documenting and laying out these two professions. I now have two sims at level 10 at the police station (it would have been cute if the “sim-in-black” changed to black clothes at level 10). I had to cook a lot and use A LOT of lp’s to get there. Just something for people to be aware of – when you upgrade the level 8 and 9 workstations the action time goes down, for example the time it takes to complete a “paranormal” action drops down to under 2 hours. HOWEVER, when you click on the action to do it, it comes up as 2 hours 30 minutes taking 2 lp’s to speed it up instead of the 1 it should have taken. All of the other actions are like this too. I have sent a request to FM/EA to fix this and to also reimburse me for the extra lp’s I used. I have upgraded all of the ground floor workstations to level 20 but the two offices upstairs require to many resources to upgrade them past level 16. Can anyone see any reason (other than having the satisfaction of having a completely upgraded police station) to upgrade these two offices. My two sims are already at level 10 and won’t earn any additional simeloens and there doesn’t seem to be any additional rewards (except what I have already stated). My sims would have to work several shifts to upgrade these and it is SO TIME CONSUMING! I have two sims who just went to level 8 at the movie studio and I think that’s where they will stay as my tolerance level for boredom is maxed out (all that cooking and repetitive actions). I have houses to build! They earn a little more simoleaons now than they did before the change – they just have to work 8 hours instead of the 5 they worked before (dropping their hourly rate). I hope they don’t do this with ALL the occupations or the game will just be too boring to play!

    • Thank you!
      I completely agree with you, it is far too repetitive and time consuming!
      I think most people are having the glitch with the time being incorrect too so hopefully EA will fix it soon.

      There probably isn’t much reason to upgrade the last two rooms fully- unless you get something for completely building everything but I don’t know if you do (nowhere near completing yet to be honest- I am finding it all a bit boring!)

  43. hi, i am a bit confused, in the movie studio. about work shift quota. we must help sims to fill the quota. But whenever i am trying to help sims, the quota wont increase. it stuck on 7/15. can you help me?

    • You need to help one sim as many times as you need to so if there is 3 grey sections to their bubble you need to complete those 3 tasks to get the resources, once you have completed the 3 tasks it will add to your quota of sims you have helped.

  44. I have not yet done the LD&L quest. Once I do can I get other sims to work toward a platinum orb (say a sporty orb) and then just give that orb to one of my police who is at level 10 (after giving him a sporty personality). I realize I will have to do whatever I can to keep him alive in the meantime. I will not be interested in doing “professions” if I have to go through all the levels twice.

  45. Hi! Thank you for the lovely guides!! I was wondering if there are any rewards doing these professions? It seems quite tedious to do so…

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