The Sims Freeplay- Mean Curls Hairstyles Review

This is my review of the hairstyles you unlock in the Mean Curls Time Limited Hobby Event, I will be ranking them from 9 to 1 with 1 being my favourite- this was really difficult as there is only one of these which I really don’t like!

If you completed this event in the time limit you will be able to find these hairstyles in your wardrobe for your adult female sims.

9. I don’t like how this one is flat at the top and the rest is curly- it just looks odd! It does look better from the back though.

8. This hairstyle is very current (it’s impossible to leave the house without seeing someone with this style) I’m just not very keen on this hairstyle!

7. Really interesting short hairstyle, looks great from the side, not such a fan of how it looks from the front. I really like it in the darker colours, I don’t think it looks as good on this sim in the natural brown but the purple really works!

6. I like this but it does look a bit like this sim has really dry damaged hair!

5. You get a surprise when you put this one on your sim as this hairstyle is braided on one side, again really modern and a nice style!

4. I prefer how it looks from the back rather than the front but I think the two tone colours work really well with this one

3. Beautiful style and it works well in all the colours!

2. Really love this, we needed some modern shorter hair! More like this in future please!

1. This is my absolute favourite, I think it works in all the colours- especially in the purpley colour (as shown in the image on the right)

Which one is your favourite?

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17 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Mean Curls Hairstyles Review

  1. I love the number 7 hairstyle best and the colour I use is the purple one on one of my African American sims, wow she looks gorgeous! I like Number 8 hairstyle from the front but the mini-bun part needs to be flattened more…it just hangs at the back of the head like a golf ball, lol.

  2. Your #3 is my favorite of these. I agree that it really works in all colors. I’m with you on #9 too – I love the hairstyle in the back but hate the flat top. #4 is my least favorite. To me it looks dirty & oily. I also wish we had some nicer short hair styles.

    Doing an awesome job on the blog!! Love reading them!! 😁

  3. my favorite is #3 on your list. it’s so pretty and one of my sims is wearing it. Thank you for this review; it was very interesting to read your opinions!

  4. I got hairstyles 1,2, and 4 and I can say this is the first event where I’ve gotten the ones I wanted on the first try! I wanted the ponytail too but I’ll just wait until it comes back. I also think it’s a huge step above the standard long hair event and they should create newer hairstyles like these. Also I just read your rant post inspired by the French Romance event and I honestly agree so much, I thought I was the only one (not to mention my phone froze and I lost the progress for that event 😦 ). Anyways love the blog and your efforts are much appreciated!

  5. Hey! Sadly I missed this event…(I was gone from sims for a while) but the hairstyles are all super pretty. Do you happen to know when they’ll bring it back? Or maybe just a guess?

    • I’m sure they will bring this event back one day, the long hair event is back again in this update and we have had that several times so its likely this one will be back again one day too.

  6. My favourite is #1 and #6 on your list. I don’t like #8 too much, but I’ve been doing a ‘Disney’ theme in one of my homes and that style worked pretty well for my Belle sim, as its similar to her hair in the movies. 😂

  7. I came back to Sims FreePlay recently & noticed that some hairstyles are missing from this event, I’ve actually unlocked all before. I’m missing only 2 hairstyles & don’t know how to get them back. Do you know if they’ve been removed or what may have happened?

    • When this event returns does it make you complete it again to get the hairstyles again? It may be that your game didn’t save properly the last time you played it so it lost some progress.

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