The Sims Mobile- Hot Tub Dreams Event


A time limited event has started in The Sims Mobile! The aim of this event is to earn enough ducky bucks to buy the hot tub goody bag to unlock all the hot tub items in the 7 day time limit!

How do you earn ducky bucks?

  • Complete the Hot Tub Dreams Quest, there are 9 parts to complete:

1.Dream of hot tubs- 5 seconds (select the blue option on a bed)

2.Watch the Home Hot Tubbing Channel- 5 seconds (select the blue option on a TV)

3.Complete the Haute Tub Couture Fashion Event- go to the fashion studio and click on the duck symbol and select start event (your sim doesn’t have to work at the fashion studio to do this) You can complete this event every 6 hours

4.Buy and equip the Dreamy Swimsuit- click change appearance, click on style and then on the outfits sections and buy the swimsuit

5.Check out your dreamy new swimsuit- 5 seconds (select blue option on a mirror)

6.Show off your swimsuit to friends- 5 seconds (select blue interaction between two sims who are friends)

7.Complete the Spa-Side Snacks Culinary event- go to the restaurant and click on the duck symbol and select start event (your sim doesn’t have to work at the restaurant to do this) You can complete this event every 6 hours

8.Earn a tub-load of Ducky Bucks- earn 50 ducky bucks by completing the spa-side snacks event and haute tub couture fashion event and by completing your daily to do list

9.Plan future hot tub parties with friends- 5 seconds (you need to do this 3 times)

  • Complete the Spa-Side Snacks Event- can complete every 6 hours
  • Complete the Haute Tub Couture Fashion Event- can complete every 6 hours
  • Complete your daily to do list each day to earn 10 ducky bucks

Buying Hot Tub Goody Bags

You can either buy a goody bag for 50 ducky bucks or 150 simcash. You will get an item at random each time,  you can get some of them more than once, for example you could win up to two hot tubs and up to 10 chairs:

Each item pictured has a ribbon next to it which shows you the rarity of that item, this shows you how likely it is you will earn that item so the main prize, the hot tub unsurprisingly is rare:

Once you have unlocked an item there will be a tick on that item, the aim is to unlock all the items before the time limit is up!

What can you do in the hot tub? Your sims can use it on their own or with other sims. Some of the other options require you to have items from this event placed before you can do them:

If you don’t managed to win the hot tub you won’t be able to buy it once the event is over

What did you think about this event?

I managed to get the hot tub but only after I had all but given up, I saw a few people post that they had just got a hot tub so I decided to give it one last go and I actually won it! Before that I got the same thing 3 times, a swimsuit so the second and third time it was converted to the smallest amount of ducky bucks ever!

Even using simcash didn’t help, I think if we use simcash on events like these we should be at least guaranteed an item that isn’t a repeat, I just really hope they change these events to make them fairer in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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29 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Hot Tub Dreams Event

  1. Every time I open the game, it does that downloading thing that it does when you open it after an update. Will it always do that?

  2. Hi, I would like to check with you. Do you have any ideas while I doing ducky quest in my fashion studio there is risky actions. Upon success the risky I will gain some clothes. Do you know you know what is the clothing icon about? Thanks

    • When you have a clothing item you can then select one of the options on a sim that costs that clothing item for example ‘ask to try on swimwear’, if you don’t have an item this will be greyed out and it will say ‘requires 1 swimwear’

  3. Hi! I can’t seem to figure out what special event i have to make to complete my to do list. Do you know what these special events are?

    • You will be able to find the special events in the centre of downtown, parkside and market square, just look for the star bubble that appears at one of these places.

  4. I’m stuck at step 5. I bought my swimsuit but I don’t get the blue action at any mirror. In fact, I don’t get any interaction menu with any mirror. Any ideas why this might be happening?

  5. Even playing with a male character only, it is not possible to fulfill quest 4. Kind of strange imo.

  6. The haute tub couture event isn’t showing up for me. I’m stuck at at part 3. No duck and no swimsuit in my clothing. The only event showing is the spa side snacks.

  7. I have completed my previous quests and for the past few days now there aren’t anymore quests in my quests log… Any idea if it’s a glitch or I have to wait till the hot tub event is over to get new quests?

  8. I got the hot tub the second time! Yay! 😀 I think I won’t make it to get the whole collection tho.

  9. There is a very slim chance of getting the hot tub in this event. Save for something else.

  10. Hi
    Thanks for your post
    So I just finished the hot tub quest but didn’t actually get the hot tub…lol do you know if there’s a way to purchase it with simileons or sim cash?

    • Yeah it wasn’t the fairest event, hopefully they will learn for next time! You cannot purchase it with sim currency but I think they are planning to add it as an in app purchase at some point in the future

  11. This was very frustrating because I didn’t get a hot tub at all, but received everything else. On top of that, we technically only had four days in the event, not a full seven days because of the 6 hours you have to wait in between to try get ducks unless you spend sim cash. Also, it’s not easy getting sim cash but to get good items to approve your lifestyle and recover quicker, you are expected to have 75 or more. It’s borderline annoying how they make it seem like sim cash is easy to come by when it’s pretty much a money grab.

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