The Sims Freeplay- Adding Cars to House Lots & Driveway Homes

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers)

Once you complete the Cars In Lots Feature Quest you will be able to add cars inside the house grid so they don’t have to be in the parking space any longer! In this post I will explain how this works and also explain how to add more than one car using the driveway home template from the Grand Garages Live Event.

Moving A Car Into The House Lot

  • To do this you need to be in buy mode and then click on the car in the parking space, it will automatically go to the grid so you can move it and place it like you would any object.
  • If it is shaded red you cannot place it there as something is in the way, if it is green you can click the green tick to place it.

You don’t have to place it outside, cars can be placed on any floor and in any room as long as there is space for it: 

Moving A Car Back To The Parking Space

There are two ways to do this, in buy mode you can click on the light blue arrow that appears when you click on the car or outside of buy mode click on the car and select ‘return to parking space’


Driveway Homes

If you unlock the Family Garage Home in the Grand Garages Live Event you unlock a new house template that allows you to build the house up to the footpath and add 4 cars to this house lot:

The other three car parking spaces need to be unlocked by purchasing with simoleons:

Additional Space One: S250,000

Additional Space Two: S750,000

Additional Space Three: S1,500,000

Once you purchase an additional space you will be able to add another car but you need to have more than one adult/senior sim living in this house to add more than one car otherwise it will just switch their car to the new one you have just brought. For example if you wanted 3 cars in this house you need 3 adult or senior sims living in this house.


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