The Sims Freeplay- Cars In Lots Feature Quest

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers)

LEVEL UNLOCKS: 7 (build the car dealership first) UNLOCKS: ability to add cars to house lots

Do you want to add cars to your house lots? Not just parked outside but actually inside the grid? Once you complete this feature quest you will be able to add cars anywhere on a house lot! To start this quest you need to have built the car dealership then find the mechanic at the nightclub. There is no time limit but it will cost you simoleons to begin this quest.

What is a feature quest?

  • A feature quest unlocks and introduces a new feature
  • The quest is shorter than a main or discovery quest
  • There is no time limit or time limited prize
  • Costs simoleons to start the quest (cost varies depending on your level)
  • You cannot start a feature quest at the same time as another feature or discovery quest
  • There are two feature quests currently in the game, this one and the L-Shaped Rooms Quest. You can select which feature quest you want to do when you click on Lee (if you haven’t completed the other one already)

Times may vary depending on the star rating the item has

Watch my step by step walkthrough of this quest here!

Click on the mechanic to get the pop up to begin this quest, it will cost simoleons to begin (the amount varies depending on your level):

  • Speak to the mechanic- 30 seconds

  • Listen to Lee’s idea- 15 seconds

  • Check junk mail- 48 seconds (on a computer)

  • Get help from Lee- 2 minutes (go back to the nightclub to talk to her again)

  • Buy a car from the car dealer (the red sedan is free but you can buy any car to complete this)

  • Visit a house with a car
  • Move car onto a lot: open buy mode and click on the car, it will move to the grid and you can then place it like any object, click the green tick to place it

  • Return car to parking space: from buy mode click on the blue arrow and the car will go back to the parking space (you can also click on the car outside of buy mode and select ‘return to parking space’)

  • Move car to new location: go back into buy mode and move it back onto the grid and place it (you can place it on any floor and in any room that has a free space)
  • Take photo of the car- 15 seconds (select the option on the car with a sim)

  • View a car’s available actions (click on the car with a sim)

  • Show Lee photos- 1 minute (Lee is at the nightclub)

  • Celebrate- 1 minute (with Lee)

  • Say Goodbye to Lee- 30 seconds


You can now freely move cars around your house lots!

Still unsure about how this works? Check out my post on Adding Cars to House Lots for more information

Watch my step by step video of this quest here:

Last updated March 2020

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33 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Cars In Lots Feature Quest

      • You can’t make a proper driveway really, if you unlock the grand garages live event prize house you unlock the driveway homes lot with the garage and sort of driveway looking paving but that is all.

  1. i got so excited for this quest but since my level is apparently very high i have to pay nearly 8 million simoleons for the quest and i don’t have that kind of money:(

  2. It’s going to cost me £8million to do this quest!!! Think that’s so unfair I’m never going to be able to do it

  3. A couple of questions: Does this quest include the parking spot on the street? If I don’t complete the Grand Garage Event, does it make sense to start the Cars In Lot quest? I have to ask b/c It’s very difficult to complete an entire quest within the initial time frame provided. I mean what’s the purpose of moving a car if I have nowhere to put it except on grass.

    Why does the Cars in Lot quest cost so much?? The cost to start the quest is $8,099,999. That is completely ridiculous.

    • The parking space on the street is already there, when you buy a car from the car dealership it will go to the parking space regardless if you complete this quest or not and the Grand Garages house template main prize just gives you 3 extra spaces but once you complete this feature quest you will then be able to move the car from the parking space.

  4. As always, THANKS for your dedicated time and excellent information that you constantly supply us with! I have some FYI comments about the Bumpy Ride pregnancy quest. I noticed that if the pregnant Sim has a cat, she won’t handle it except for filling the food bowl. I guess it’s because real human pregnant women can’t handle cats or their litter because of the risk of catching toxoplasmosis. Teens can participate in most of the Support Tasks except for the ‘giving parental advice’ task ( I guess because they aren’t parents!). Unfortunately I was on Day 6 when the Grand Garages quest updated in my game. It messed up some of the Bumpy Ride tasks. I thought for sure I was safe to do the Bumpy Ride quest but apparently not! I dread every big update because it always causes problems in my game. My reindeer are still messed up from the Christmas update and Firemonkeys says they’re not aware of this problem but would look into it. It’s March 2019 and my reindeer are STILL messed up. This update on the garages messed with my Bumpy Ride quest and turned one of my Sim’s hair color from red to black (but in the Sims Tracker he was still red hair!). I LOVE this game so much but REALLY hate the glitches that every update brings along and there have been some weird ones in the past (one update had my Sims return home from work with no clothes on!). Another update kept resetting every one of my 35 Sims back to home from whatever task they were doing. If they were at work for even 5 minutes when they were sent home, it showed they had worked the entire shift but they didn’t get paid. It takes me an hour every day to inspire and send each Sim to a task so it got extremely frustrating after they had been sent home for the 4th time during that particular quest. I nearly quit the game at that time! I’m glad I didn’t but I still expect my Sims to lose all progress every time there’s a major update. Sorry to vent but Firemonkeys always makes me feel like I’m the ONLY player having these problems and seem to imply that I’m making up these odd activities. If you can shed any light on what more I can do, other than submitting a request to Firemonkeys, I’d appreciate any advice you can share. I LOVE what you do for all of us and it’s only because of you that I’m still playing the game!

    • You’re welcome and thanks for the insights into the pregnancy event!
      Unfortunately as most of those issues are technical issues there isn’t much I can suggest apart from contacting firemonkeys as they are the only ones that should be able to fix it but whether they will or not is another matter. All I can say is you aren’t the only one who has these issues, I also dread every update because something usually gets broken and then they take ages to fix it! I just hope they fix all of this for you soon, if you still have these issues and they haven’t replied contact them again!

  5. How can anyone afford this price???????? Just to move cars? I too will skip this one. $8 million is RIDICULOUS! Also, we need more lots to build the homes that we win. Or win a penthouse where I have lots available. And if I demolish the beach house boutique that I won (on stilts) can I build a regular home on the lot or does it have to be on the stilts? I hate to demolish it only to find I can’t put another house on it.

  6. I bought the garage specifically to do this quest (it’s not something I never wanted to buy so never bothered) and now it’s asking for 8 million? I have 248,000 and will never reach this much… and I’m stuck with a stupid garage that wasted money?! What were they thinking when they did the price on this! 😦

  7. I’m going to have to wait until I’m able to buy simoleons using real money just to start this quest 🙄

  8. If you give sims athlete personalities and choose stadium work as life goal, you can build up sims to platinum orbs which are worth 300,000 simoleons each when you sell. I have 5 sims on the go usually to keep the bank balance topped up. It takes a while but worth it I think…

  9. I did this one on level 23, and it cost me around 1M. So I guess it’s best to do it as soon as possible.

  10. Hi there! Thanks so much for all the information you post. This comment doesn’t really have anything to do with this quest but I thought it to be relatable with the car content. I accidentally sent a car that was on a house lot into a penthouse lot and now it’s disappeared as there is no parking area in the penthouse lots. I checked to see if it was in the car shop or my inventory but it isn’t and now it’s just missing. Do you have any idea where I could find it or get it back as it was the luxury car and I’d hate to lose it. Thanks:)

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