The Sims Mobile- Renovate Your Space Update

Presented by EA GameChangers

The Sims Mobile Renovate Your Space update (coming 3rd August) isn’t a huge update but it does bring with it a highly requested feature- photo mode!

Photo Mode allows us to take screenshots without all the icons on the screen being in the way!

How does it work?

The feature is only available in build mode so if you go to a party you won’t be able to take pictures but the host of the party can. In build mode you will see a camera button on the screen: 

Click this and you will see a much clearer screen:

There are a few buttons at the bottom of the screen:

1.Remove UI (icons)- this allows you to take your screenshot without anything in the way on the screen but first you can use some of the other options to set the scene

2.Pause/Play- get the perfect pose by pausing the gameplay

3.Lighting- there are 3 buttons in a rectangle:

a.Sun- set to daytime

b.Auto- will be the time of day it currently is for you

c.Moon- set to nighttime

4.Walls- allows you to toggle the walls up and down

5.Floors- move up and down the floors with this button

Once you have set your settings you can then click the remove UI button and then take a screenshot using your device (look up online how to do this if you are unsure how to take screenshots on your device) You will then be able to find the picture in your phone’s gallery and it’s as simple as that!

How do I get the UI (icons) back?

Just click on the screen and the bar shown above will return and then you can click the x in the corner to exit photo mode.

Watch my video to see how Photo Mode works:

What else is new?

The Raise the Roof Update allowed us to add 3 stories to our houses- we can now go one better with a fourth floor permit!

Once you reach level 30 and above you can buy a fourth floor permit for S200,000 (you will need to have brought the second and third floors first) it will take 3 days to receive the permit or you can rush for 300 simcash:

Watch my video here if you are unsure how to build multi story houses

Dream Garage Sweet Treat Showdown Event: Complete the latest Sweet Treat Showdown (starting 3rd August) to unlock hobby themed decor and a garage door to create the garage of your sims dreams!

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The Sims Mobile- Raise the Roof Update

Presented by EA GameChangers

The latest Sims Mobile update (coming out on the 11th May from 10:30pm UTC) allows us to create multi story houses!

Adding a New Floor

Once the update is released we will be able to add 2nd and 3rd floors to our houses so we can build a 3 story house!

To build a second floor you firstly need to purchase a permit from build mode under the ‘Floor Levels’ tab:

  • Second Floor Level– unlocks from Level 14

Costs S20,000 and takes 12 hours to get permit approved

BUT you can early unlock with 300 simcash from Level 4 (there is no waiting time if you use simcash)

  • Third Floor Level– unlocks from Level 25 (you can only buy a third floor level after you have brought the second level)

Costs S80,000 and takes 2 days to get permit approved

BUT you can early unlock with 600 simcash from Level 4 (there is no waiting time if you use simcash)

NOTE: you will need to purchase these permits separately for each of your house lots if you want all of your houses to be multi story

Once you have the permit you can then add rooms onto your new floor like you would on the ground floor- you can even build floating rooms which are rooms without a room underneath them!

Floor Button

The Floor Button can be found on your screen even without owning a multi story house but if you do you can toggle up and down to view all the floors and the roof.

TIP: you can easily move items and rooms from one floor to another using this button- just pick up the item and click on the floor button to get to the floor you want and then place the item or room (you cannot place anything on the roof)


Stairs are not required to access 2nd and 3rd floors- your sims can just teleport but if you do want stairs you can find them in the ‘Stairs’ tab of build mode. When you first update there are currently 3 available but keep your eyes peeled because there will be new staircases added in the future as prizes in events:

Stairs can be placed outside but they must be leading to a room

When placing stairs you’ll see:

  • White Lines– this shows you where the rooms are located on the floor above.
  • Yellow Patches– these appear when you are trying to place the stairs on top of another item, if you click the green tick to place the stairs there those items will be moved to your storage. This is going to save a lot of time, rather than cancelling placing the stairs and storing those items yourself it can all be achieved in one click.
  • Red– this means there is something in the way, either a wall or a sim is completing an action using an item in that area (items being used cannot be stored)

Once placed you can put items underneath the staircase so you could add a desk or some decorative items on the walls- I really love this idea:

The item limit has been raised to accommodate for us having a lot more space now so if you reached the item limit before you should be able to add more items again!


These columns can be placed underneath a room or part of a room that is floating to make it structurally sound, there is also an XL version to reach the 3rd floor:

The ability to add multi levels to houses is a permanent feature so don’t worry if you aren’t ready yet as it will be available forever

New House Lot

A new house lot, Edgewater Quay has been added to Briny Heights, this one is on a beachside lot! It is available from level 18 and costs S750,000 with a 7 day wait to build (or build for 2,000 SimCash without having to wait) The cost amount doesn’t change.

The lot is 30×40 (regular lots are 30×30)

This lot is slightly different to the rest as this one already has a 2 story house built on it but you can still edit this house and create a new one in it’s place. You also unlock the wallpaper and flooring in this house but not the items (you can store those items to use in another house but you won’t be able to buy more of that item if you haven’t already unlocked it)

This is such a highly requested update and I cannot wait for it! Moving rooms around looks so easy and I will definitely be adding some floating rooms! I’m really hoping we will be able to add balconies in a future update

What are your thoughts on this update?

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The Sims Mobile- Day and Night Update

Presented by EA GameChangers

The latest Sims Mobile update (coming out 3rd February) is bringing day and night to our sims houses!

Day and Night Cycle

We can now set to always day, always night or day/night cycle in settings

This is just available on home lots for now so places like downtown or parkside won’t change

Lights Are Now Functional

We can now tap on lights to turn them on and off as well as turning on and off all lights from one light. Lights can also be set to automatic so they change with the day/night cycle

Transparent Windows

Transparent windows are now available to make the most of day and night

New Premium House Lot

1 Landgraab Avenue is now available to build in Briny Heights from level 18 for S500,000 with a 7 day wait to build (or build for 1,000 SimCash without having to wait) The cost amount doesn’t change.

The lot is 50×30 (regular lots are only 30×30)

This lot comes with two fountains, one is permanent and cannot be moved but the other can be stored and placed on another house lot if you wanted:

Sweet Treat Showdown Changes

You can now watch adverts using the knife block on the sweet treat bench:

Watching adverts can:

  • Give you extra rewards in your prize basket
  • Give you an extra chance in that round

You can only watch one advert per round but they seem to appear every round

The Sweet Treat Pro Ticket can be purchased with real money during a Sweet Treat Event for an advantage:

  • Comes with access to the Pro Mixer which has ‘better actions’ but only on rounds 1,3,5,7,9,10 (so you can earn more % and tokens than the normal actions)
  • You will get 6 extra sugar cubes for each challenge (so 36 in total)- if you purchase mid challenge you will get an automatic refill
  • Stores up to 6 attempts (so you can complete 6 challenges in a row)- if you purchase mid challenge you will get an automatic refill
  • Get 25 Royal Treat Tokens and 1,200 Sweet Treat Tokens extra

This only lasts for one Sweet Treat Event so if you wanted these perks every time you would have to purchase it each time a new event becomes available. This is a complete money grab in my opinion- just make it easy for all of us instead of making us pay!

I wasn’t really that bothered that we didn’t have day and night cycles to begin with so having a whole update for something so small is a bit of a disappointment!

What are your thoughts on this update?

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The Sims Mobile- Neighborhood Update

Presented by EA GameChangers

The latest Sims Mobile update (coming out 26th November) is adding 3 new house lots to the game, perfect for players who love to build and decorate houses but hate demolishing them (like me!)

New Town Map

The map looks slightly different, there is no longer the house location, instead there is a house button in the right corner to take you to all the house lots:

Building A New House Lot

Once you reach level 18 you will unlock the 3 new house lots in Briny Heights, the price to build each lot varies (it increases each time you build one):

  • 2nd lot- costs S40,000 and takes 8 hours to build (but can spend 250 simcash to build instantly instead)
  • 3rd lot- costs S100,000 and takes 2 days to build (but can spend 500 simcash to build instantly instead)
  • 4th lot- costs S250,000 and takes 7 days to build (but can spend 750 simcash to build instantly instead)

Each house lot has a slightly different background and there are still grass patches/expansions to clear up but these should cost less in this update and you start with more space anyway (check out my land expansions post here to see how much they all cost)

You will be able to add 12 sims to each house but you still can only have 4 playable sims in total, I really think they should make it possible to change who your playable sim is without having to delete current playable sims from the game

Moving Sims

In Briny Heights when you click on a house you can see all the sims who live there, click go there to visit the house or click on a sim and then on a different house to move them to that house- you can even move out children to live on their own!

Family Portrait

You can now buy more family portraits in the wall decorations section to place in each house. When you click on the portrait you will see each household, click on the arrow to scroll through the households (playable sims will have the plumbob above their head)

You will see previous generations via a button in the corner of this screen but this isn’t separate for each household so you will see all your previous sims here

You can also see the family portrait by clicking on the house name in Briny Heights


Parties can only be hosted in the original house so make sure you have any party items you want your friends to use in this house

What else is new?

  • There is no longer the move out option when sims are retired, it is now just delete to avoid confusion
  • There is no longer a limit/count on objects in build and buy
  • Energy boosting items don’t need to be in every house, placing in one still gets the benefits in all houses!

I am so glad we can now build more than one house in the game! I haven’t changed my original house for so long as I don’t want to delete it but now I don’t have to! I would have liked to see more than 4 playable sims but I can see why it would be difficult to change that, hopefully in the future there will be an option to at least change which of our sims are playable and I would love to see more neighbourhoods with different themes and new themed items to go with them.

What are your thoughts on this update?

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The Sims Mobile- Quality of Life Update [Patch Notes]

The patch notes for the first Firemonkeys Sims Mobile update are here, these explain what is happening in the Quality of Life Update that is released on the 6th June.

The link to the post is here but you can also read it below with a few of my thoughts added:

Sul, sul!

You’ve asked, Sims Mobile fans, and we have heard you! Our Quality Of Life Update goes live today [6th June] – YAY! Everyone on The Sims Mobile team here at Firemonkeys Studio was absolutely thrilled to hear how excited you all were to get this one in your hands!

[I am beyond excited for this one!!]

Here are the full patch notes of the changes we have made:

Wumples’ Quests

Wumples, the sassiest Sim in the land, has arrived in town with all-new special quests. [Wumples will be dropping in from The Sims Freeplay very soon to see what all the fuss is about in The Sims Mobile!] Each quest will come with new and exciting prizes, and prizes earned from these quests will unlock multiples of that item – which means you can purchase extra copies of the item for your Sims’ homes.

[I am really glad that we will be able to purchase more of these items rather than just unlocking one of them, you really cannot decorate with only one of some items!]

Storage Categories

Brand-new Storage Categories allow you to browse everything you own with ease! We’ve added sorting categories to Storage, which means items will be much easier to find, and recently used or earned items will appear in a special  ‘recent’ category!

[I cannot wait to build now! You will be able to see the last 20 items you have unlocked in this tab]

New quest for 3rd Sim slot unlock
Expand your Sim family by adding a third Sim to your posse!  You now have an extra chance to unlock your third Sim with the new quest “Roommate Race”. Complete the quest and unlock the third Sim slot. The quest is available at player level 13.

[Find my post with all the steps for the Roommate Race Quest here! I already have the third sim slot on my main game but I will create a video once I complete this quest on my second game]

Surprising choices adjustments
We made some adjustments to Surprising Choices to ensure there’s always a neutral option available, and removed some of the outcomes that have drawbacks.

[I really hate the surprising choices so this is good news, it will be great to see some neutral options so we can just close it and get on with the game]

LlamaZoom adjustments
We made a variety of tuning adjustments to the LlamaZoom system to make it more enjoyable:

  • The amount of tasks required by LlamaZoom has been reduced for high level players. This change affects players from approximately level 35 and up – with level 50 players receiving the largest reduction
  • The effort required to complete a LlamaZoom is now less variable. Previously each LlamaZoom could differ quite largely in effort required – they are now more consistent and predictable
  • Any stack of tasks will now always begin with a task that asks for events to be complete (say that five times fast!). This is to help those of you who enjoy preparing for LlamaZoom by having Sims do events before Emily arrives
  • Rewards have been rebalanced – including extra Simoleons upon completion. The rewards have been increased overall.

Hobby and Relationship rewards
The amount of Simoleons awarded from Hobbies and Relationships has been increased. The rewards are more on-par with Career rewards now.

[It is great that the rewards are finally going to be similar to what you get from careers]

Event Duration Surfacing
Events now clearly showcase the exact duration that they will take to complete. Now you can plan your Sims’ routine more easily.

[I believe this means that we will be able to see a timer for events now but I am not really sure!]

Create-a-Sim variant pricing
Clothes and other items within Create-a-Sim have had their variants re-priced. All variants of an item will now share the same price, rather than varying from each other.

[This does make a lot of sense, why were they different prices for the same item just in a different colour?]

Photography and Influencer [Internet Icon] Quests
These two quests have been added to the level progression. You now have the opportunity to play the Photography quest once you reach level 8, and the Internet Icon quest when you reach level 15. These quests will trigger retroactively for those of you who are already above these levels

[I am planning on creating posts and videos for these as soon as possible, I never received the photography quest as I brought the heirloom before the quest was included in the game so I will be completing both of these on my second game when I get the chance- I know I have an internet icon post but it is really out of date!]

Some quests are now structured in Chapters

  • The first chapter begins unlocked
  • Each day a new chapter will become unlocked
  • Chapters will continue to unlock, even if you haven’t finished the previous one
  • The goal is to give players a chance to take a break and not need to go “full speed” from day one until the end of the quest

[So if you are behind then you won’t have to wait, you will go straight onto the next chapter once the previous chapter is complete. The Roommate Race is a good example of this, read my quest post here to see how chapters work]

Heirloom Shelves

The maximum number of heirloom shelves has been increased from 3 to 6

[I don’t think there needs to be a limit at all but at least this is progress!]

Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap on this update! Download it now! ❤

Until next time, enjoy Simmers!

Vix xo

You will be able to update your game from 2am BST on the 6th June