The Sims Mobile- Fashionista Create a Sim Update Overview

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The latest Sims Mobile update being released today (25th February) has had a complete Create a Sim makeover! In this post I am going to talk you through everything that will be updated or added in this update.

Create a Sim Makeover

The shopping and customising experience has been completed redesigned to make it easier to use.

In the DNA tab you can change your sims name, gender and skin tone as well as body type and edit all their features. The Closet tab shows all the items you have already purchased and the Shop is where you can purchase new items.

The sliders to edit are now just straight lines with a clear + and – at each end, instead of having multiple options on one slider:

You can shop by brand now as well as still shopping for type of clothing:

A new button has been added on the screen so you can enter create a sim from there:

Customise every sim in your house

You still can’t play as toddlers or children but you can now customise how they look as well as customising any other non playable sim in your house and non playable sims that appear around town! (pretty much every sim apart from babies and those with a blue plumbob above their head as these are other players sims)

To customise these sims click on them with another sim to interact with them and then you can see the makeover button underneath their name:

Makeovers do cost a few life tickets (heirloom tickets) but this cost is not charged if you buy an item during the makeover:

Ageing and Moving Out Sims

You will still be able to age and move out sims but you will now be able to choose when you want them to age and leave.

The birthday cake will appear so click on this and it will ask if you want them to age click ‘wait a little longer’ to keep them at that age. You can choose to age them by clicking on the birthday cake that appears next to the new makeover button when another sim interacts with them:

It works the same for moving out sims:

Multiple Babies

You can now buy more than one bassinet to add more than one baby to your house at a time!

Stylist Story

There is a new hairstylist career and story called ‘A Cut Above’ this will unlock once you have completed the ‘Trending Now’ story at the Fashion Studio. You will then be able to buy the Stylist Chair at the Fashion Studio to start this career:

Watch my video here for footage on the new CAS:

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The Sims Mobile- Waterfront Update

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The Sims Mobile has just released a huge update, this one finally opens up the Waterfront area as well as loads of other exciting changes!

  • Tickets have been converted into Simoleons and LlamaZoom tokens:

It would be great if it said how many they were converted into as I only have 27 Tokens from all my tickets!

  • LlamaZoom is a new feature that replaces the daily to do list, there are tasks to complete throughout the day. You can start these by clicking on the truck at your house or at the button of the llama under the quests tab at the bottom of the screen:

Emily appears and asks for your help to complete tasks within a set amount of time to earn simoleons and XP, if you complete all the tasks in the time you will earn bonus rewards such as the LlamaZoom tokens which is the only way to earn these tokens

What can you do with LlamaZoom Tokens? You can buy items from the home store and clothing with these tokens

Watch my video on LlamaZoom here:

How do we earn cupcakes now? Once you complete the LlamaZoom tasks you will also complete a quest (complete Emily’s LlamaZoom tasks) which earns you a cupcake

How do we earn fashion gems now? The only way to earn fashion gems now is from the sticker contest so you have to receive stickers from other players and the more stickers you earn the more gems you receive. Although there is no incentive to give stickers now!

  • New Places!

Waterfront- The Waterfront District is finally available! In the area you can find two new places to start career stories The Wellness Center and The Science Center

The Wellness Center unlocks the must be something in the water career story, your sims can become a wellness guru!

The Science Center unlocks the rumblings from the deep career story, your sims can become a marine biologist in the research lab!

The Dreams of Space Quest to unlock the Space Explorer Career is available for a limited time

I will create more posts and videos about these when I unlock them

What else has changed?

  • The maximum level is now 50 instead of 40
  • You can now choose the order you unlock areas and places on the map- not helpful for those of us who are already playing!
  • There are more collections in the home store:

But there is still no increase on items you can have in your storage, no way to sell items and no organisation to the storage section! There are so many issues with this game I was hoping would be fixed in this update but unfortunately they have not been addressed but at least we now have the Waterfront which I cannot wait to start exploring!

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The Sims Mobile- Spring Egg Hunt

The Egg Hunt has begun on The Sims Mobile, complete these tasks to find all the eggs before the time is up!

If you find all the eggs and complete all the tasks you will unlock the bunny toy pictured above!

  • Spring cleaning time! Search for the egg shelf behind the couch- 10 seconds

Unlocks the Cracking Good Shelf:

  • Spread some spring spirit! Give out 3 stickers (give stickers to sims with blue plumbobs above their head)

  • Someone must know about the eggs. Complete 2 relationship events (select start event on another sim twice)

Unlocks the Jelly Bean Dot Egg:

  • This hunt is getting a bit hare-y. Taking a quick nap should help (select dream about hidden eggs on a bed)- 10 seconds

  • Was that an egg at work? Search for it by completing 3 career events

Unlocks the Skippy Zigzag Egg:

  • Party Time? Egg-cellent! Hop over to a party- (attend a party)

  • Rumour has it that earning 10 Sim Tickets will help your quest (complete relationship events to earn)

Unlocks the Springtime Stars Egg:

  • 3 eggs down, 2 to go. Reflect on your progress at a vanity mirror (bathroom sink vanity)- 10 seconds

  • This egg hunt is taking its toll, let’s earn some Simoleons!- earn 200 simoleons by completing events

Unlocks the Pastel Diamond Egg:

  • It’s time to grow your network. Start 3 new friendly relationships (select friendly introduction and then on begin a friendship click start event)

  • Let’s give out 3 more stickers, maybe someone will know about the last egg
  • Incubate some relationships. Complete 2 relationship story chapters (complete events until you get the option to start next story chapter twice)

Unlocks the Bunny Hop Egg:

  • Egg-ceptional work! Time to admire all of the decorated eggs (once placed on the shelf click on all 5 of the eggs and click admire decorated egg)- 4 seconds

  • Hopportunity knocks. Complete 2 career story chapters (complete career events until you get the option to start next story chapter twice)

Unlocks Bun Bun the Bunny toy decoration:


You can find the shelf and eggs in your storage section as you unlock them, you can then place the eggs on the shelf:


Although this quest was easy to complete I found it fairly disappointing, the Hot Tub one was a nightmare with the repeated rewards but at least there was more of a reward to aim for. In future I would like to see more information from the creators on the game about these events as I didn’t know if I was just completing goals to earn the eggs or if there some other prize at the end of it all.

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The Sims Mobile- Massive February 2018 Update

The latest update for the sims mobile is a big one! In this post I will show you what is new and what has changed, it is important to remember that as this game hasn’t been released worldwide yet there are still some big changes being made to the gameplay so my older sims mobile videos may play very differently to the version everyone eventually gets their hands on!

-Izzy Fabulous and his Fashion Shop have arrived in Parkside, visit the shop and Izzy will create some custom fashions with cool effects just for you. It costs 20 Fashion Gems to create a new design:

When you sim wears this fashion piece they will earn a bonus from the trait shown on the board, so the flirty long sleeve of fortune has the lucky trait

You earn Fashion Gems by completing the give stickers goal on the to do list:

You only seem to earn 2 a day though so it could take a while for you to be able to create new outfits!

-Sims can now complete events on their own and earn the maximum rewards instead of earning less which is great news if you run out of energy at the end of the day and cannot complete one!

-You can now see other players sims in your game and interact with them (look out for the blue plumbob sims!) You can also send these players stickers- the sticker tab is next to that sims name when you click on them:

You can also receive stickers, I personally don’t really see much point for the stickers other than to be able to complete the daily task to give stickers and earn the fashion gems

-You can now see other players houses too!

-There are now loads more stories so instead of just social event stories you can now complete hobby and career stories, you can find these in the sim info button (keep reading for more information):

-Loads of new quests are now available, and the quest button location has changed, you can now find it just above the to do list (I am not sure yet if you still get the wedding quest and baby quests as well but when I find out I will update this post):

-The sim info button is now an image of a sim and the plumbob symbol rather than 3 dots and when you click on it it opens to your sims stories, relationships and traits and underneath the image of your sim you can click to change their appearance (I have no idea where the career tab is now to change your sims career, I am hoping you still can- again I will update this when I find out):

-Most of the workplaces have had a makeover- I love how much brighter they are now!

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NOTE: The Sims Mobile is still not available worldwide yet but you can pre register to be informed when the game is officially released!

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