The Sims Mobile- Adding Balconies

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From the Merrier Together December 2022 update we will be able to add balconies on The Sims Mobile! This post explains how to add balconies.

  • Under the Build tab of the home store you will find the Balconies tab:

  • There are different types of balconies to choose from, some also have roofs:

  • Balconies work similar to rooms so once you choose a balcony you can resize it:

Watch my balcony walkthrough video here

You can even place balconies on the ground floor or floating in mid air without supports!

  • Once you are happy with the size you can decide how many sides will have railings or walls using the wall toggle button:

You can toggle between walls, railings or no railings/walls

  • You can choose to apply this to the whole balcony or just one wall. Click on the side you want to change or if all sides is on it will change all sides of the balcony:

  • Next, in the Build tab next to Balconies you can find the Barrier Styles tab, use this to change how the railings look on your balcony:

The Criss-Crossed Wooden Fence and Gilded Metal Railing unlock by completing Bella’s Balcony Quest

Again you can choose to apply railings to the whole balcony or just one wall so you can have different barrier styles on all sides!

  • Lastly you can change the wall design. As balconies are like walls you change the wall design using the Interior Walls tab:

  • If you want to change the outside of the balcony wall you use the Exterior Walls tab:

You can add support columns under your balcony but these aren’t needed

TIP: if you want to place a room next to a balcony the wall touching the room needs to be a full wall, if it is railings you won’t be able to place the room:

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