The Sims Mobile- Jungle Rush Update

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Channel your inner explorer in the latest Sims Mobile update!

Update available from 15th July 3:30am UTC

Sim Festival:

Season 8: Jungle Rush- 60 day event starts 18th July

Reach Level 50 of the premium tier to unlock the Lagoon Lodge House Template that can be placed on the NEW 74 Summer Lagoon House Lot:

You can place this house on any lot but if you want to place it on the house lot it was designed for (74 Summer Lagoon) it will cost you real money so not only do you have to buy the festival pass you are then expected to buy the lot to place this house on?! Thanks team for another money grab 👎


Sweet Treat Showdown:

  • Charming Gardens (rerun) 11 day event starts 18th July

  • NEW Island Posh- 11 day event starts 15th August

  • Foxbury Institute (rerun) 11 day event starts 12th September

Click here to see the other prizes available in this event


Treasure Hunt:

  • Daunting Dusk- 11 day event starts 1st August

  • Hallways Ready- 11 day event starts 29th August


Wumples Wishlist:

  • Wumples Wishlist 82 Quest- 5 day quest starts 6th August

  • Wumples Wishlist 83 Quest- 5 day quest starts 19th August

  • Wumples Wishlist 84 Quest- 5 day quest starts 3rd September

  • Wumples Wishlist 85 Quest- 5 day quest starts 17th September


What else?

NEW House Lot- 74 Summer Lagoon costs real money to buy the empty lot:

Complete the Season 8 Jungle Rush Sim Festival Event to unlock the Lagoon Lodge House Template

Complete The King’s Hoard Time Limited Quest from 21st July to win previous Wimples Wishlist items and 2 new items!:

  • The Mi Cultra Viva en Mi FREE Pack will be returning on 15th September for 9 days:

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