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The Sims Freeplay- Sims and the City Quest


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

LEVEL: 15 TIME LIMIT: 7 days UNLOCKS: penthouse apartments PRIZE: celeb fashion outfits

To begin this quest you firstly need to have completed the Simtown Express Quest to have access to the downtown area (where the hospital is located) as the penthouse apartments will be built here once you complete this new quest! You will still unlock the penthouse apartments once you complete the quest even if you don’t finish in the time limit.

Click on the director in the park to begin this quest:

You cannot complete this quest at the same time as any other discovery quest

Unable to start this quest even though you meet the requirements? They have fixed this issue with a data push, to see these changes you will need to force close the app and I would also recommend restarting your device, you should then be able to begin the quest!

NOTE: I completed this quest on the early access version of the game so some goals or times may differ, I will update the post as I complete the quest on my game.

How long does this quest take to complete?

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has 

  • Send a sim to the park
  • Ask Miss Director what’s wrong- 30 seconds

  • Offer to help Miss Director- 12 seconds

  • Demonstrate touring ability- 2 minutes (thinking man statue)

  • Watch simtown stars- 5 hours

  • Answer call from director- 48 seconds

  • Send 3 sims to the park
  • Request an autograph- 2 minutes

  • Offer Prim a tour- 7 hours 45 minutes

  • Present the thinking man- 2 minutes

  • Tell a story of the park (I don’t think it matters which option you select so I went for the one with the shortest time!)- 10 hours 5 minutes

  • Send a sim home

  • Boast about a visitor (click on prim, again I don’t think it matters which option you select so I went for the one with the shortest time!)- 13 hours 45 minutes

  • Celebrate simtown diversity- 5 sims in one house
  • Take a selfie with prim- 2 minutes

  • Gossip with Prim- 1 hour 35 minutes

  • Place a decoration (buy from decoration section)

  • Confess plan for fame- 11 hours 45 minutes

  • Ask where to start- 2 minutes

  • Clean strange slime from fridge- 17 hours 30 minutes

  • Query random acts of kindness- 1 hour 35 minutes (click on prim)

  • Bake donuts in an oven- 8 hours click on oven, select baking and choose donuts (can be started early)

  • Give donuts to a stranger- sim needs to NOT be a friend or romance with that sim- 2 hours 25 minutes

  • Talk to Prim- 19 hours 45 minutes

  • Hug Prim- 4 hours 45 minutes

  • Say farewell to Prim- 1 day 2 hours 45 minutes


Once you complete the quest you will be able to build the Penthouse Apartments in downtown! Click here for my House Guide to the Penthouse Apartments!

How much does it cost to build a penthouse apartment? The cost varies depending on how many other houses you have already built


You also unlock new penthouse related items:


  • Faux Lawn and Wooden Panels (patio paving and balcony paving sections)
  • Glass Partition (decorations section)
  • Support Column (decorations section)
  • Flat roofing (roofing section)
  • Exposed Concrete (flooring section)
  • Modern Glass Panes (windows section)
  • Single and Double Penthouse Doors (doors section)
  • Exposed Brick, White Brick, Classic Brick, Warehouse Wall and Simple Concrete (walls section)
  • Contempo-Stair-y (stairs section)

Prize: Celebrity Fashion Outfits
Where can I find them? In the wardrobe under outfits for female adult sims

It is worth it? I don’t really like these outfits so I am not bothered about completing this in the time limit but you might really like them!

Thanks for reading!

Watch my step by step video of the quest here:

Last updated: December 2017


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

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Author: weightlessmagic

I'm a 23 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

50 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Sims and the City Quest

  1. Hi. Thank you for your amazing website. I have a question about the SIMS AND THE CITY QUEST. Although I meet all the requirements, I don’t have access to it. I even force stopped the app and restarted my phone, but it still doesn’t work. Can you please help me?

  2. I’m one the quest but when it gets to ” Query Random Acts Of Kindnesd” Prim will not show up on a home lot, is there something I’m doing wrong!? That would be great if you could help me!

    • Have you restarted your device and looked in every house as well as the park? If she still doesn’t appear you may need to contact EA to see if they can fix this issue for you.

    • This happened to me, and I checked every house and the park with no luck. She then appeared at the mall when I was checking on my Sims working on collecting make-up styles, and I was able to call another Sim to the mall to talk with her. After that task was complete, everything else went as expected, and she appeared at home lots like she was supposed to.

  3. How long does it take to complete the quest?

  4. OMG… I just finished the quest and I thought that the “celebrity” hairstyle seen on the picture with the wardrobe would be included but NO!!! 😣 I feel kinda disappointed… but thankful of the ability to create penthouses though. 😏

  5. Absolutely love your blogs! I use them all the time for different games! Also for the new pinthouses, any idea what each of them will cost?

  6. I cannot complete this quest or gain access to penthouses because Prim has disappeared and vanished overnight. I had a sim that was saying goodbye to prim and then when I went to turn the game on the next day she was gone and the sim that I had saying goodbye was doing nothing and no sign of prim anywhere.
    Has anyone else had this happen?

  7. Hiya! I was wondering if anyone has tried to alter their loft apts? I have, and I seem to have lost the lift!
    If I put an open doorway where the lift doors were, you can see inside the frame… if there’s no door, it’s just a blank wall.
    I’m not overly concerned with it, and have already contacted ea, I was just curious if anyone else has experienced this weirdness.
    I cannot figure out how to post the pics using my iPad or I’d show ya!

  8. I completed the quest but when I went to look at building a house it said I had to be at Level 50 to build one ((I am at Level 49)! Just thought this was odd considering I have never had to be at a certain level for any other quest prizes. Has anyone else had this issue?

    • That doesn’t sound right! I haven’t heard anyone else with that issue so I would suggest you contact EA about it unless you have reached level 50 by now and can access them!

  9. Hello, not sure if you’ll read this but, I look at your blogs before I start a new main quest or discovery quest so I know what to expect. As I was reading this, the task that asks you to give donuts to a stranger, can you get an adult to give it to a preteen since all my adult sims already have relationship status’ with each other? Does it have to be an adult giving donuts to another adult sim or does it not matter?

  10. Do you get the hair Prim has if you complete the quest in the time limit? 🙂

  11. I’m attempting to free build my second loft right now but the floor plan I have in mind requires three levels, do you know if I can build a third level or if two is our max?
    I built the largest pre-fab loft initially but because it has a balcony I cannot add a level and test my question.

  12. How many floors can you have on a penthouse because if it only 2 that is too bad

  13. Can I unlock the penthouses even though I didn’t finish the quest within the time limit?

  14. Great Website, helped me a ton. But where do you get all this LP’s from? So much has gone expensive and I am still lagging at almost 30. Can’t build anything.

  15. in the second apartment, in the bedroom with the bunk beds, do you know where the carpet is from? It looks really pretty and I’d like to have something like that in some other homes.

  16. hey i love your logs to there sooo helpful but on the sims and the city quest, do we get to get prims hair??😂

  17. Hi, does the Penthouse Furniture come with the quest or is it seperate (time-limited)?

  18. Hi.
    I wanted to know if I can find a bunk bed in bedroom section after completing Sims and the City quest, even though I haven’t built a penthouse.

  19. Dear Weightless magic!
    I would like to know that if I didn’t do the Extreme home takeover quest yet (where I can get the romantic beds), and I finish this quest and build the penthouse now, will those fancy beds and the other furniture be in my own penthouse anyway? I see some stuff are even VIPs like the white and blue modern bed and I’m curious since I don’t really want a loft penthouse with basic items you know.
    By the way your blog is very helpful for example I was stuck with the stairs and your posts helped me in a second! 🙂
    Thank you if you would answer my question.
    (Btw I’m really sorry for my weird English. I’m ashamed. I hope you understand what I tried to ask.)

  20. Hi!! Your blogs are very helpful thank you for posting. I wanted to ask that if I’m doing this quest and haven’t completed the Multi-Story Renovations quest, can I still get the penthouse with already built in stairs or would it be locked?

  21. Is it possible to take donuts to a stranger in another town? I am asking because all of my Sims already have relationships with each other, and I’m at the maximum number of Sims for the level I’m on. Thanks in advance, and I have greatly enjoyed reading through your blog.

    • Unfortunately it isn’t, you have to complete this in your town. I’m amazed you have no sims that don’t have a relationship with another, that is quite a challenge!

      • Thanks. I’ll just have to wait until I get to the next level where I can add another Sim! (I like setting challenges for myself in the game, and one of them was to build up relationships between all of my Sims. I didn’t imagine it would ever come back to haunt me negatively – oh well!)

  22. Thank you so much for posting. I have been meaning to find that quest and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the park. I turned off my iPAD and turned it back on. Then, I found the quest.

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