The Sims Mobile- The Perfect Fit Quest

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The Perfect Fit Quest is back in The Sims Mobile from Thursday 9th May 2019, this is the post from last time it was available but hopefully it hasn’t changed! If you completed this quest last time you won’t get it again. A new limited time quest starts in The Sims Mobile tomorrow (Thursday 28th February) at 10am, complete this quest in the 4 day time limit to earn a ponytail hairstyle, tracksuit and hoodie.

EA provided me with the steps for this quest early, I will add more pictures of the prizes once I complete it. If you are stuck on any of the tasks let me know and I will add more information on how to complete them

5. Appreciate 3 plants around town- select the option on plants that appear in the workplaces in town, there are 3 in the cafe in parkside:


You will find the preppy ponytail in the hair section for female sims, the right on track tracksuit in the outfits section for female sims and the sporty hoodie in the tops section for male sims, all of these are prizes free:

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  1. I will not be doing this event since there are so many “Llama Zoom” tasks. This is the worst feature of the game, almost as bad as “a surprising choice.”

  2. Aloha, okay so I just got the quest a few moments ago. I am at the appreciate plants around town quest. How do I complete it?

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