The Sims Mobile- Surgeon Career: A Mystery Is A Foot Quest

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The time limited quest to unlock the Surgeon Career is back in The Sims Mobile on Thursday 23rd May at 10 or 11am. The first time this career was available there was no quest, if you have the career already you will still get this quest (even if you have completed the quest already) but you don’t have to complete it if you don’t want to as you won’t get anything new (although you can sell the extra medical injector heirloom for 8 luxe tickets)

Once complete you’ll be able to find the Surgeon Career tab in buy mode at the medical center, place the Surgery Table to get the option to start the surgeon career and start The Mysterious Benefactor Story:

Completing The Mysterious Benefactor Story unlocks create a sim scrubs and caps for your sims to wear:

You also unlock:

Head Start Items for the Medical Center:

  • Surgical Light
  • Illuminated X-Ray
  • X-Ray Machine

Items for the Home in the Cellular Division Career Collection:

  • Surgically Fresh Fronds
  • Surgical Cross Section
  • Surgically Clean Hallway Table
  • Patient’s Comfort

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10 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Surgeon Career: A Mystery Is A Foot Quest

  1. really glad I can get the opportunity to get this career since I was hiatus to play almost 1 year and I already missed 3 career (surgeon, space and dance). really glad that I get this opportunity. so is it possible in the future there will be chance to get the space and dance career? thank you in advance.

  2. I already have the surgeon career and I have this event. I will not be completing the event, though, because of the LlamaZoom tasks. I do like those and I think they are ridiculous…

  3. Do you know if we will be able to get just the surgical scrubs from the bundle that they are selling right now with the surgeon career heirloom. Why are they having the event to unlock the career and the bundle to just buy it going on at the same time? I’m almost done with this event and will unlock it but I really love the new scrubs and almost want to just spend the money to get it anyway. In the Chance to dance event they had another event to unlock hair and clothes and in the more recent secret agent career event they are now selling a small bundle for secret agent items. So I’m just wondering if I should wait or not and also do you know if they actually will were these work clothes at work or do you dress them up in it in cas? Thanks if you can answer any of my questions.

    • The scrubs for sale are only available in that pack, completing one of the story chapters once you start the career will earn you some scrubs but they aren’t colourful ones. I don’t know if there will be a different bundle in the future with similar scrubs in it or not but they usually aren’t any cheaper than the cost of this one.
      These will be unlocked in cas, they will probably just wear normal scrubs to work

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