The Sims Freeplay- Blue Footprints and Red Crosses

I often get asked ‘why won’t my sim complete an action?’ or  ‘a red cross has appeared in a bubble above my sims head- what does that mean?’ This post answers those questions.

Blue Footprints

Blue footprints appear in a speech bubble above your sims head as can be seen in the image below:


They appear when you are trying to do an action that isn’t accessible to your sim, this could mean that the item they want to use is blocked.

How do I fix this issue? Look at items around the area where the object is and the object itself, it may be that the object is facing the wrong way or you may be missing a door to get into the room.

Red Cross

Red crosses appear in a speech bubble above your sims head as can be seen in the image below:


They appear when you are trying to do an action that your sim cannot do, for example a toddler cannot use a shower so if you were playing as the toddler and you clicked on the shower this red cross will appear.

How do I fix this issue? You need to use a different aged sim if you want to use that item.

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45 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Blue Footprints and Red Crosses

  1. Hi i have android phone, please could u add me as a neighbor? I cant complete task to win those purple lps…..

  2. Hello I’m very new to this I’m confused on how to play and add neighbors I have to keep using all my money to buy housing and the things sims need for there house wat do I do

  3. I really would like to know what is your facebook so I can visit your sim town!!!!!! Oh, and your blog is amazingly helpful thanks a lot!!!!!!!! : D

  4. Here’s my Facebook name
    I Can only help you with coints or points :Vlad VEremeenko

  5. Hi
    I know this isn’t the same as footprints and red crosses but I’m asking and asking and no help is provided,
    I want my sims to be In a relationship (bf/gf) but it won’t let me, it says I must be at level six (I’m at level seven) and Thant when I’m at level six the quest will unlock and then the sims will be romantic but that is not the case 😦
    Please can I have a answer and sorry for being a pain in the butt
    Fizzy xox :3

  6. Hi
    I’m trying to make fancy coffee to get my sims to be romantic like you said in another blog
    (By the way, awesome blog!)
    But the sim I am doing it with won’t do it (blue footprints) and it’s right in front of her! What do I do :S
    Fizzy xox :3

  7. I want the prize in the toddlers quest, so i tried to make a sim get a serious advice from the park statue beforehand, but a red cross appeared. I tried it with two adult sims, male and female, already. So is it because i can only complete this action when the task appears?

  8. I don t have the Need for Steed quest and Bread Winner quest yet but I am already on A Quest For Toddlers

    • your device may not be compatible anymore, meaning EA no longer update it so you won’t get this quests
      Or they will be in your quest queue and you need to complete the quest you are on before you can do those ones.

  9. I have found that appliances on a corner countertop are inaccessible. I hope this helps someone!

  10. Hi i hope u can answer ASAP im doing drink herbal tea task for the mysterious island and whenever i put it in the kitchen etc. It shows blue footprints im totaly confused i just hope u can help 🙂

  11. I am on level 20 in sims freeplay please give me your id on Facebook please i am add on neighbours please send please

  12. quick thing i thought I should mention about blue footsteps is for me when i was trying to make coffee i did abosulrtely everything I could think of, and then i zoomed way in to see the problem, and the coffee machine was turned sideways!!! make sure it is facing your Sim, and if you can’t figure out which way is forward go into build mode, turn machine, out click on it and repeat as nececcary. I felt like an idiot afterwards, and that took me over 24 hours to figure out the issue!

  13. Okay, I am on the ocean view quest thing and i have to make a double shot of coffe. The blue footprints appear and I don’t know what to do. Is there anyway to prevent that?

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