The Sims Freeplay- Need for Steed Quest

LEVEL UNLOCKS: 11 UNLOCKS: stables and horse hobbies TIME LIMIT: 2 days PRIZE: rainbow unicorn painting

Completing this quest unlocks the stables and horses so your sims can complete the horse tricks and vaulting hobbies. If you complete this quest in the time limit you will unlock the unicorn painting. You can still complete this quest once the time limit is up to unlock the stables and horses but you won’t get the painting
How long does this quest take to complete?


There are two versions of this quest, the first one should be correct for most players but if the goals aren’t the ones you have, click here to view version two

Version One

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.


  • Go to the mystery island
  • Spot the overgrown stables (tap on it)


  • Call the mysterious number- 2 minutes


  • Read a horse care manual- 12 hours


  • Call the mysterious number again- 5 minutes
  • Look up a locksmith on a computer- 8 minutes



  • Send a sim to the stables
  • Clean up mess in front of yard- 4 minutes



  • Have 4 sims at the stables
  • Clean up mess in yard with your sims  (aged teens and up) (you need to repair the bathtub too) You can work on repairing all of these areas with more than one sim to complete quicker:
  1. Wild Grass= 30 seconds
  2. Weeds= 5 minutes
  3. Thistles= 30 minutes
  4. Old Tyre= 1 hour 30 minutes
  5. Small Rock Pile= 4 hours
  6. Tree Stump= 6 hours
  7. Large Rock Pile= 7 hours
  8. Water Trough= 10 hours
  • Watch the horse channel- 9 minutes


  • Practice brushing on another sim- 3 minutes


  • Encourage a sim- 4 minutes


  • Repair a stable- S30,000- 1 hour 5 minutes


  • Call the stables owner back- 2 minutes


  • Add a horse to the stable (S15,000 or 10SP)


  • Feed the horse- 6 minutes 5 seconds



You can now start the Horse Tricks and Horse Vaulting hobbies and buy more horses!

Click here to read my Guide to the Stables and My Guide to Horses

Time Limited Prize: Unicorn PaintingimageIs the prize worth it? It’s just a painting to admire so not really!

Where can I find them? In the decorations section of buy mode.

Cost? The first one is free then they cost S10,000 each

Watch my step by step video of this quest here:

The next quest unlocks toddlers,  A Quest for Toddlers 

Version Two

Time Limit- 7 days

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

  • Spot horses with telescope- 5 minutes (buy from promotions r us)
  • Go to the mystery island
  • Spot the overgrown stables (tap on it)
  • Call the mysterious number- 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Read horse care manual- 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Call mysterious number again- 4 minutes
  • Look up a locksmith on computer- 2 hours
  • Build the stables- time and price varies (not enough money?)
  • Send a sim to the stables
  • Clean up the mess in front of the yard- 3 hours
  • Have 4 sims at stables
  • Clean up mess in yard with your sims (aged teens and up) (you need to repair the bathtub too) You can work on repairing all of these areas with more than one sim to complete quicker:
  1. Wild Grass= 30 seconds
  2. Weeds= 5 minutes
  3. Thistles= 30 minutes
  4. Old Tyre= 1 hour 30 minutes
  5. Small Rock Pile= 4 hours
  6. Tree Stump= 6 hours
  7. Large Rock Pile= 7 hours
  8. Water Trough= 10 hours
  • Watch the horse channel- 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Practice brushing another sim- 15 minutes
  • Encourage a sim- 2 hours
  • Repair a stable- 8 hours S30,000
  • Call the stables owner back- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Add a horse to the stable- S15,000 or 10SP
  • Feed the horse- 30 minutes


The next quest unlocks toddlers,  A Quest for Toddlers 


please read before asking

I have missed this quest! Why can’t I start it yet?
You cannot miss main quests they have to be completed in order. You need to complete all previous quests (list can be found here) and reach level 11 before you can start this quest

Can I complete this quest even though I have passed level 11?
Yes, you just need to complete all previous quests then this quest will start automatically

Why are there two versions of this quest?
Some quests have two versions, as when the makers have updated the times for quests they haven’t updated them on all devices so some players still get the old times

Where can I find a telescope?
You need to buy one from the promotions r us store

I don’t have the promotions r us store yet, can I get the telescope without it?
No, unfortunately you will have to build the store to progress in this quest

How do I place the telescope in my house once I have brought it from the promotions r us store?
You can find it in your inventory under career and hobby items

I can’t afford the stables, how can I earn more simoleons?
This post may help

Can I build the stables early?
No, you cannot build the stables until you get the goal in this quest

No exclamation marks appear above items to clean up, what should I do?
Just click on items when a sim is there and it will come up with options on the things that need clearing

Can I have more than 4 sims cleaning the mess up at the stables?
Yes, you can have up to 10 sims at a place so 8 sims can clear the 8 items at the same time

How do I practice brushing another sim?
Select the interaction between two sims

My game says there is something under construction when I try to repair a stable, what do I do?
Firstly you need to read the pop up as it tells you exactly what is under construction, once you have go there and click on it to finish building, then you will be able to repair the stable (it will be something you have built previously but probably just haven’t clicked to finish building yet!)

What do I get if I complete this quest in the time limit?
The rainbow unicorn painting

What happens if I don’t complete in the time limit, can I still finish this quest?
Yes you have to finish it to unlock the stables and two horse hobbies; horse tricks and vaulting before you can move onto the next quest

I didn’t complete in the time limit, can I restart the quest?
No, you cannot redo quests

Can I still get the prize if I don’t complete in the time limit?
No, the only way to get the limited time prizes is by completing the quest in the time limit

I don’t like this quest! Can I just skip it?
No, you have to complete this quest before you can move onto the next one

Some times are slightly different on my game, why is this?
Times may vary depending on the star rating of the item you are using, as the higher star rating an item has the quicker you will complete a goal.

Some times are really off/ different goals show for me, why is this?
This will be because the quest has been updated recently, I try my best to keep these posts up to date but it is difficult as I cannot redo every quest each time the game is updated. If you notice any changes please let me know so I can update the post

The next quest unlocks toddlers,  A Quest for Toddlers 

Last updated March 2020


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730 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Need for Steed Quest

  1. There was this ads saying if I watch it I can have a free 1 LP points but every time I click the logo in the upper left corner of the screen to watch it . It’s says unavailable and expired wait for another one .. And when everytime the ads pops out same thing happens .. What could be the problem then ? Thank you

    • There seems to be issues with the free LP button, I haven’t been able to use it yet as it closes down the game everytime I try. It also comes and goes, I think we will have to just wait and see if EA sort out the problems in the next update! For now I would just avoid using it.

  2. I think that EA should let you build the stables for less money, for me it cost 100,000 simolions. Then you have to buy a horse for lp or EVEN MORE SIMOLIONS!!! Did you find this aswell?

    • The stables cost more because you have more buildings built before it, the less buildings you have that you don’t need,the cheaper it is.

  3. Thanks for this awesome page! Save my life many times by referring to it haha! Is this quest hard to finish and any items I can start first? Thanks!

  4. I’ve just started the need for steed quest. That’s my second time within a short period (less than a month). First time was exactly as you’ve described but this time it’s different.

    No car driving

    Spoting the horse with telescope is for 5 mins only

    Go to the mystery island

    Spot the overgrown stables 

    Call mysterious number for 1 hr 50 mins using a two star phone

    I haven’t finished yet..still on the phone

  5. I found something very funny when you have more than 1 horse. If you leave them unhappy then later try to feed 1 of them the other horses are jealous. One of the horse may kick at your sim. Or another will try to come between the horse you want to feed and will try to separate you from that horse. Hilarious.

  6. Why did they take way the option of buying the ‘prize’ with real money? Isn’t that a loss for them ? Or do they want you to beat the time and win prizes even with lp? Hm.

    • Probably because if you could buy it anytime you’d probably soon discover that you don’t actually need it or it’s not worth it. But when you can only get it now, you start thinking something like “What if I’ll regret not getting it? What if I’ll really need it?” so you try to get it no matter what.

  7. The quest popped up but now I can’t see it. I went to the island and the regular town. How do I get this quest. I completed all the other quests before it.

  8. Hey… Before doing this quest, do I need to build the promotion r us store? Or would I be able to buy the telescope normally?

  9. This doesn’t really apply to the quest but, at the party boat, I only have one neighbour and they don’t have a fire hydrant. How am I supposed to complete it without waisting LP’s? Please help!!!

  10. ive tried all my sims but none of them can feed the horse.when ever i touch it the inly thing it says is change can i feed it?

    • You need a Sim at the stables, I found that out when I was doing the same thing. Having no Sim at the stables means that there is no way the horse can be fed, the Sims feed the horses 😊 hope this helps! 💖

  11. Not sure if you already know but the task ‘encourage a sim’ takes 2 hours now, not 30 minutes (or least is does on my phone)

  12. I have just started this quest and realised that I havent built the promotions r us store yet, will I still be able to complete this in time?

  13. I think this quest is so useless and a big waste of money. Who the heck cares about horses. Is there anyway I can skip this quest.

  14. “call the mysterious number” is now 1 hour 40 minutes on 3 star phone, 1 hour 50 minutes on 2 star and 2 hours on 1 star, instead of 30 minutes.

  15. A comment above explained why, on the game I play on my iPhone, the stables cost much less (10k?) vs the game I play on my iPad (100k). It’s because the more buildings I have (like on my iPad), the more that subsequent buildings cost! If I’d known that, I’d have cooled it on building up in town! Oh well, I’ll keep working and save up. Not having that painting is no loss (the reward for doing it quickly)!!!

  16. I completed this quest a while ago but the other day I realized my horse was not in the stables but in one of my houses. Does anyone know why it’s happening and how do I get back to the stables?

  17. Next in the quest, I have to buy the stables. For me it costs 100,000 simoleons but I only have about 34,500!! I really want to unlock the upcoming quests, but I don’t know how to get that money! Any suggestions as to how I can get money really fast (without paying real money!) so I can complete this quest? Thanks!

  18. Grrr. This quest is so annoying & expensive! I don’t understand why it isn’t a discovery quest, it’s hobby-oriented & so it seems like it should be. I wanted to do the sorcery quest & now after this, I can’t afford to build the shop right now. I’ll be using your tips on money-making, thanks for that & all the other great info on the site!

    Also just wanted to mention, I can assure you that you can change into the wedding outfits from the prize for the marriage quest using your wardrobe, without building the costume shop. Using a recent, but pre-outdoors download of the game on Android. Thanks again!

  19. Hi again, could you please help me? I’ve completed a quest “Need for steed” already, my Sim rode a horse, but now I don’t know how to unsaddle him…there is no such option:( Thank you in advance for your help!!!

  20. Ugh this is a terrible quest! I don’t care much for horses or all the time spent to clean and fix the stables. Let alone my precious simoleons on something I don’t really want. Wish I could skip this

  21. The stables price keeps going up! It was 100,000 simoleons for me and I saved almost enough to buy the stables, then I checked again and now it’s 150,000. ??? Why?

  22. Your posts are amazing!! I’m on the build the stables its for 100,000!! And I only have 4,000 and 2LP how would I get so much money in less time I don’t care about the prize but I need to complete it for the next quest I’m on level 12 I want to do the toddlers quest..

  23. i am passed level 11 in sims freeplay I want to start doing the stable task when I press on to build nothing happens to start
    What am I doing wrong

  24. Firstly, i want to apologize if my english is terrible. English is not my main language. Maybe it’s nothing to do with this quest. But i want to know is that possible to play 2 different sims town in one device? Please explain.
    Thank you so much for your awesome blog :). It’s really helpfull.

  25. Hi I was playing before I went to sleep last night and when I looked at it in the morning the hole game resaterd and I spent like 70$ on the game and I was at level 17 please help

    • If you connected to the cloud you can get your game back if not you will need to contact EA to see if they can help but your game may be lost. You can get your purchases back though by going to settings and selecting restore purchases

  26. Hi. I have an androind phone and it says I only have 2 days to do it. Is there any reason why this might be. And is there any quick way to get simolians (without paying real money)☺

  27. Hey! I recorded all this information when I did the quest earlier this week, so I thought I’d give you all the updated information and time limit:

    Need for Steed Quest
    Time limit = 2 days

    *Spot horses with a telescope – 5 minutes.
    *Go to Mystery Island.
    *Spot the overgrown stables.
    *Call the mysterious number – 2 minutes.
    *Read a horse care manual – 12 hours.
    *Call the mysterious number again – 5 minutes.
    *Look up a locksmith on a computer – 8 minutes.
    *Build the stables – time varies.
    *Send a sim to the stables.
    *Clean up mess in front of yard (remove oil drum) – 4 minutes.
    *Have 4 sims at the stables.
    *Clean up mess in yard with your sims (must complete in order):
    -small rock pile – 4 hours
    -tree stump – 6 hours
    -wild grass – 30 seconds
    -weeds – 5 minutes
    -old tyre – 1 hour 30 minutes
    -big rock pile – 7 hours
    -water trough – 10 hours
    *Watch the horse channel – 9 minutes.
    *Practise brushing on another sim – 3 minutes.
    *Encourage a sim – 4 minutes.
    *Repair a stable – 1 hour 5 minutes.
    *Call the stables owner back – 2 minutes.
    *Add a horse to the stable.
    *Feed the horse – 6 minutes 5 seconds.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  28. I don’t have the promotions r us store is there anyway I can get the telescope without it. Or do you know any ways to earn money quicker so that I can build it

  29. I can’t seem to complete the “repair” part of the barn quest.. When I go to the stables, there’s no exclamation point, or indicator of quest, please help!!!!

  30. Ahhh I really need help right now! I have the 2 day time limit for this quest and I’m up to the part where I have to build the stables. Building the stables is going to take over a day and a half alone for me! This is so unfair:( there isn’t actually enough time to compete this quest, the hours it takes is longer than what they’ve given. Please could you give me some advice on what to do because I really want to complete this quest in time to unlock the picture for my nursery!

  31. For some reason there is not a choice to unlock the vaulting gate for my horse. I opened the game one day and now it is gone and it had not showed up since. And if I don’t have that I can’t get level 2 or three horses to complete the other quest. Do you know what I should do?

    • Are you sure you aren’t trying to unlock the showjumping gate? You need to complete the hidden unicorn quest to unlock that one. The vaulting arena is the one next to the horse tricks arena which should have unlocked when you completed this quest

  32. What is the email that I can’t contact EA beacause I just bought some simpletons to build a building for a quest and I only got half of them and the building is under construction so I know I didn’t buy anything worth as many coins as I didn’t receive.

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