The Sims Freeplay- Bread Winner Quest

LEVEL UNLOCKS: 5 UNLOCKS: cooking hobby TIME LIMIT: none

This is the first quest in the game, quests unlock new content and main quests have to be completed in order. This quest unlocks from level 5 and shows us how the cooking hobby works, once completed you will be able to earn LP quickly by completing the hobby
How long does this quest take to complete?

Stuck? Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions about this Quest

Please note times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

  • Watch SimChef on TV- 2 minutes 42 seconds


  • Buy a stove (kitchen section, after fridges costs S350)


  • Cook Bacon and Eggs on a stove- 5 minutes

imageyou will find an item for the cooking hobby collection when you click on the bubble above your sims head once they have finished cooking

  • Eat Bacon and Eggs- 10 minutes (select the option grab a plate)


  • Wash the dishes- 3 seconds (click on dish, select clean up)


      • Search bookcase- 2 hours 21 minutes (living room section, 2 star costs S700)


  • Buy a toaster (kitchen section, after coffee machines, 1 star costs S750)


  • Cook cheese and tomato on toast- 1 minute


if you use the same sim to cook both times you will reach level two in the cooking hobby (your sim needs to be at level 2 to cook burgers later on in this quest)

  • Eat cheese and tomato on toast- 10 minutes (select grab a plate)


  • Invite a sim over (click on the whistle next to a sim who isn’t busy on the simtracker)


  • Cook burgers- 20 minutes (you need to cook until you reach level 2 to unlock the burgers)


  • Call to meal


  • Rest your eyes on a couch- 4 minutes 30 seconds



You can now complete the Cooking Hobby! The cooking hobby is a great way to earn LPs- read this post for more details!

Chopping Boards- complete the cooking hobby for the first time to unlock them!

Watch my step by step video of this quest here:

The next quest is Money Grows On Trees which unlocks the simoleon sprout


please read before asking

I can’t start this quest yet, why?
You need to complete the tutorial and reach level 5 before you can start this quest

Can I complete this quest even though I have passed level 5?
Yes, you just need to complete the tutorial then this quest will start automatically

I don’t get the option to watch SimChef on tv, why?
You will not get the option until you get the goal when the quest starts

Why can’t I buy a toaster?
You need to place a toaster on a counter or table, it won’t let you buy it if you try to put it on the floor

I can’t make cheese on toast, why?
You need to have a stove and a toaster in your house to be able to make cheese on toast

Why do blue footprints appear when I try to use an item?
Blue footprints appear when your sim cannot access an item you want them to use, you need to either rotate the item or move an item that has been placed in front of it so they can use it

How do I invite a sim over?
Click on the whistle next to a sim who isn’t busy on the simtracker, this post explains more about the simtracker

I can’t cook burgers why?
You need one sim to cook until they reach level 2 in cooking to unlock the burgers, if you use the same sim to cook for each cooking goal in this quest they will reach level 2 by the time you need to cook the burgers

Where can I find the chopping boards?
You need to complete the cooking hobby for the first time to unlock the chopping boards, they can then be found in the kitchen section of buy mode

I don’t like this quest! Can I just skip it?
No, you have to complete this quest before you can move onto the next one

Some times are slightly different on my game, why is this?
Times may vary depending on the star rating of the item you are using, as the higher star rating an item has the quicker you will complete a goal

Some times are really off/ different goals show for me, why is this?
This will be because the quest has been updated recently, I try my best to keep these posts up to date but it is difficult as I cannot redo every quest each time the game is updated. If you notice any changes please let me know so I can update the post

The next quest is Money Grows On Trees which unlocks the simoleon sprout

Last updated March 2020


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413 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Bread Winner Quest

  1. I am stuck on the level where I feed four Sims burgers. I’m on level 3 cooking, I have a stove, I have a toaster, I have four Sims in my house, I cook the burgers and everyone eats but it won’t let me pass the level. I have fed everyone three times and still nothing, it keeps on telling me I have to feed them burgers. Not sure what to do, please help!!

  2. Got a problem with the “dance to remember” quest which gives you dancing as a hobby on completion. I did the first few tasks without any problems but after getting to the “eat hors d’oeuvres” I discovered I couldn’t fulfil this task as I hadn’t “searched the villa”, which I should have done before having “five sims at the villa”. I need a way of either restarting the quest or being able to “explore the villa” now. Don’t really want to restart sims from the beginning as this must be a programming glitch. Help!!

  3. I am on level 8. It won’t let me cook without completing the breadwinner quest which I never saw until now but it won’t actually let me complete the quest. There is no watch simchef option on the tv. What do I do?

  4. I am on Level 28 and I started playing again after about 18 months of not playing. I am on The Mysterious Island Quest right now (b/c that’s what popped up when I reinstalled the app again) but I want to start The Bread Winner Quest. I cannot remember if I started and never finished or what but if quests have to be completed in order, will I be prompted to start The Bread Winner eventually or is this a programming issue now? Please help! And thank you so much for your blog- it is extremely helpful!

    • If you look in your quest queue you will probably see the bread winner quest in there, you can’t do the bread winner until you have done the quest you are on right now and you can’t start a quest without finishing it.
      You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps

  5. I am currently doing breadwinner quest. It’s telling me to buy a toaster but I am not able to buy it. It’s showing in the kitchen section but it won’t buy it. Please someone Help….

  6. Hello. I just recently started back to playing on my apple iPad 1. I currently have 12 quests waiting in queue. I am on level 26. I do not remember the bread winner quest, but now I cannot get to it to complete it so that I can move on. Is there anyway at all that I can start with this quests at this stage so I can do the others? I’m aware I have to do this one first n order to complete the others. It’s been over a year until now that I have play and I just saved my data from my last iPad and that is where I started from. Can u help me please? Oh yeah I am also completing my weekly tasks every week. Not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Thanks for
    any help u can offer.

  7. Hello! Thanks for replying! I have tried adding on game center but still nice friends. My ID is cheesesnack. Could you send me a request so I can see if it’s working?

  8. I cant start the bread winner quest because there is no option for watching sim chef on tv. This is the next quest in line and there are no quests infront of it. Please help!

  9. hi, i just bought a toaster but when i want to cook cheese and tomato on toast, it still greyed out..
    please help..

  10. I’m on level 17 and it use to allow me to cook but now it doesn’t. I stopped playing the game for several months and now it keep sayings I have to do a quest for on level 6 can I re do the quest or is there a way around this ?

    • Are you sure it didn’t allow you to bake before? You can’t cook until you complete this quest, but you can’t redo quest, once you have done it you have done it. The bread winner quest should be in your queue to complete after another quest, if it isn’t you may need to contact EA to see if they can fix this issue for you.

  11. I’m on level 19 and my sims still can’t cook ! I don’t remember doing a breadwinner task ! Please help

  12. Hi! I’m sorry it’s about the party boat. When I open the party boat the only neigbor I have is the “Another Sim Town” even though I’m already connected to facebook. When I click “add neigbor” I can only send game requests then after sending it’s just back to having only one neighbor. I’m using an android phone btw! Thanks!

  13. I i’m still stuck in the “buy a stove” quest of the bread winner.
    I try to buy a toaster but it won’t let me buy the toaster even i’ve enough coins or money.
    would you help me with this please?

  14. I completed the Bread Winner quest but it still only lets me ‘bake’ when I click on the fridge or stove or whatever – help please?

  15. I’m currently on level 30 & have not completed the bread winner quest, I would like to complete this quest but unable too at the present moment it won’t give me the option on my TV to watch TV chef help. Playing in iPad two thanks

  16. So my Sims freeplay does have this quest in queue because I was going to start it before an update but didn’t get to before and than I updated the game and since then it basically skipped the quest and I’m already at level 29 and there’s no way to get into that quest as far as I’ve tried. Does this mean I can never do this quest?

  17. how do i start the quest of bread winner..there is no option of it…please help me…cuzi already on level 32…and my sims cant cook only baking..please help me…i’m desperate…!!!

  18. When I first started this quest, it was going fine. I watched Simchef with one sim and when I got another quest which was to look for grandma’s cookbook, I used a different sim but he can’t cook anything and I can’t get the other sim to do it either. Except for cheese and toast and baking. Please help

  19. I’m doing the survivalist challenge. Just cleaned up all the trash and opened the gates. It says to get all 12 of the things but I keep getting the same 3. Do I just keep exploring?

  20. Hi,

    I’m on level 16 and returned to the game recently after about a year. I’ve currently got a weeks quest of ‘cook pancakes’ but I can’t complete this because I haven’t done the Bread Winner – which is queued next.

    What do I do about this?

  21. I have finished searching the bookcase but I am stuck at buying a toaster. When I go to the kitchen sector and click on the 1 star toaster after coffee machine which costs 750 simelons, it cannot be bought. It does not show me the tick button (it always shows white in color which in my opinion is that i cannot buy it). So please please please help me solve it and i would be thankful to you forever.

  22. I’m having a huge, huge problem! It involves the dirty plates left over from cooking. One of the quests involved getting my sim to level 4 cooking (I think it was a weekly task actually) and by the time I got there I had several stacks of food on the floor. The problem was, after eating the food, I couldn’t clean up any of the dirty plates! An icon would show up saying the sim couldn’t get to it, even if the dirty plate was right next to her! To make things worse, eventually there got to be so many plates that I couldn’t add furniture, I couldn’t delete the plates, I couldn’t even delete the room filled with plates. Basically, now I am being overrun by plates and I don’t want to delete the house because I spent 100,000 simoleons renovating it…. 😭

    • Have you tried picking the plates up in buy mode and moving some to maybe the garden if you have space and see if the sims can access them there? Make sure you have a sink or a door in the room to access the bin outside to get rid of the plates as this can also cause the blue footprints to appear

  23. Hi! I’m on level 19 on The Sims freeplay. I guess I didn’t complete the bread winner quest on level 6 so now all my sims can eat are leftovers :/ How can I complete it so that my sims can start cooking? Someone please help me out here!! Thank you 🙂

  24. Hi I’m doing the breadwinner quest and I’m at the one that says rest your eyes but every time I tell them to do it they just shake their head . How do I do it?

  25. Hello, great game guides, thanks. I have a few general questions that apply to ALL of the Quests. 1) Can the tasks required to complete a quest be done by more than one sim or must it be the same sim who completes each task? 2) Must each task be done in the order listed on your guides for it to count toward completing the quest, or will applicable tasks done previously (at random, during the course of general play) automatically be counted toward completing the quest? 3) If a quest requires using an item that your sim does not currently own (and no other sims in your town own), if your sim travels to another sim town and uses that item, will it count toward completing that quest? Or must your sim purchase and use that item in your own town? The game itself gives players very little info, so I appreciate your guides and thank you in advance.

    • 1. The tasks can be done by as many sims as you like
      2. They need to finish in order but as you may have noticed on some guides it says ‘can be started early’ next to some of the goals, this means you can start it in a different house but you have to stay away from that until you get the goal to complete it or you will have to start again, so if you have a weekly task which is the same as a quest task that you already have started you would be able to complete both those tasks as once, hope that makes sense!
      3. No, you cannot use the item at a neighbours to complete a quest goal, this doesn’t work, you can only complete social tasks at a neighbours. You need to buy the item for your own town

      You’re very welcome! Hope this has been of some help, I am working on a Quests Frequently Asked Questions post right now so I will make sure these questions are added.

  26. I recently updated my sims freeplay on my ipod6 to version 5.18. 4 and now have so many issues that I don’t even want to play anymore- am on level 38 and have saved over 3 million simoleons so dont really want to reset game and lose everything-is there a way to go back to a saved game prior to this update and just not update it?

  27. My sims wont clean the plates. I moved the plates to the center of the room and still nothing. The blue footprints appeared in a bubble ovr their heads, no matter where the plates are.

  28. I’m stuck on the buy a microwave part of this quest! I have bought two microwaves, and it still says I need to buy a one star microwave to make bacon and eggs! It is placed in the house that I want to cook in, but when I click on the microwave and press cook the only option available is the five minute option! What should I do? I’ve restarted my device, and it still won’t complete!

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