The Sims Freeplay- Using the Restaurant

If you have just built your restaurant and have no idea how to serve food to customers then this is the post for you! If you are struggling to build your restaurant still then read this post for guidance

So you need three people:

1. Someone to cook something

2. Someone to wait tables- 10 hours (click on the booth infront of the kitchen)

3. Someone to have meal- 1 hour (click on table)

The pictures below show each step: usingtherestsim

GLITCH: currently only one sim can sit at a 4 seat table at a time

When a meal is made and someone is sitting at the table the waiter will serve the food and they will eat the meal for 10 minutes 20140817-154906.jpg

“Who ordered the bacon and eggs?”

Cleaning the dishes

To tidy up you need to click on the sink in the kitchen and select keep cleaning dishes- 10 hours, this sim will then collect and wash up all dishes. Once all dishes have been cleared away they will stop the action. 20140817-144207.jpg What else can you do at the restaurant?

You can order a drink from the rooftop bar, to do this you need a sim to tend the bar for 20 minutes and then a sim can order a cocktail, this will cost you 2500. Cocktails will inspire your sim (fulfil their needs)20140817-154748.jpg 20140817-154401.jpg By the piano downstairs and upstairs near the sofa you can close dance for 10 minutes with another sim and the piano can be played at the same time! 20140817-154457.jpg 20140817-154505.jpg

You can also build a romantic relationship up fast by clicking on the stools, one sim selects the option scope room and the other sim selects the other stool to hit on.

20140904-105605.jpg 20140904-105610.jpg 20140904-105614.jpg

Pictures of sims enjoying the restaurant

20140817-154616.jpg 20140817-154626.jpg 20140817-154654.jpg 20140817-154705.jpg 20140817-154713.jpg

Thanks Brett for this image!

Thanks for reading!


117 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Using the Restaurant

  1. Hey,
    I finished the Sous Judgemental quest, and nothing shows up. i only have the weekly tasks and social tasks. what to do?

  2. Hello! I know this doesn’t have to do with the post, but how do you delete a sim with the new update? Sorry if it’s already been answered! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. I was just wondering if the piano is available to purchase for homes? And the restaurant furniture? Or are they just specific to the restaurant?

    Thanks – your blog is so detailed and helpful, thank you!

  4. Hello can you help me with my quest? I only opened the first part and the dinning but the other parts doesnt have the blue think to be clicked and be clean up and i dont know what to do any help? thank you

  5. Hi! Thanks for your awesome blog. My upstairs restaurant is finally fixed and I’m trying the scope room/hit on function on the stools. However, only the ‘scope room’ is the only option. (what I tried: I have someone ‘scoping’ and when I have another sim select a stool it only says ‘scope room’. I tried different sexes but can’t seem to figure it out the ‘hit on’ function). What am I doing wrong?

  6. What exactly is the point of the restaurant other than being able to get romantic relationships faster? Do you earn any money or experience from it?

  7. A little tip I’ve discovered is that the “close dancing” that sims can do anywhere in the restaurant will build romantic relationships really quickly. So if you get bored of clicking “be romantic” dozens of times, this an effective way to do it.

  8. Hello thanks for all your help. I’ve been just browsing a little but not enough yet to see all the info. Would like to know why my Restaurant capacity is limited to 10 sims, can this be changed? Also I don’t know if I missed the deadline for the chef uniforms, since they started renovation I haven’t seen anything more on the quest. Is there a way to find the uniforms? Do I just build the costume store?

  9. First time commenting though I’ve enjoying taking advantage of your wonderful site for a while. Really makes the playing experience more enjoyable. Anyway…..I was wondering if to get the 5stars I need to build all my restaurant and that’s it or is there something else? I’ve built the restaurant & bar but not outside. Is that the final part? Again thanks for this. I have you linked next to my sims icons πŸ™‚

  10. I have the first floor built but for some reason the booth where you become a waiter is missing…… help please…

  11. Hi….don’t mean to be rude…but just adding two cents..
    My restaurant up to four stars now…
    Besides playing piano, dancing real close, bartendering work etc…there’s nothing else/much.
    I don’t have neighbours, neither do I use party boat, so no one new visits. Who I have are already married, felt for the teens growing up…restaurant is really a waste.
    Sorry, don’t mean to be rude, just disappointed.
    If I’m missing some instructions, can u let me know? Otherwise, restaurant is really pointless!!! Imho

  12. Do all the people at the same table order the same thing? eg: Ana and Greta(BFFs) out for dinner, Ana wants quiche, Greta wants pizza. Can they have their separate meals while at the one table?

    Please answer.

    A Tween Fan

  13. I LOVE your blog so much! It has helped me a lot, and if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am. Keep up the good work!

  14. Hi! Love your website, helps curb the ‘been playing a game for hours and can’t get any farther’ frustrations!!!

    With the chef, waiter, and piano player, are those offered as jobs or just whomever you choose to accomplish the tasks?

    Same with hobbies, although I know cooking is a hobby, is piano playing/music.

    Also with the costumes, I see you said the chef outfit is found from the swim store, is that the same with the waiter?

    Sorry for the long post!!

    Thanks for the help!!

    • Thanks!
      The chef is someone with the cooking hobby, the others are just whoever you choose- they don’t effect jobs or hobbies
      No, there is no waiter outfit, I just chose something that looked a bit like a waiter would wear!
      You’re welcome

  15. Hi, how do I find out how many stars my restaurant is? I want to cook the lobster, but it says you need 5 stars or more. (I have not yet finished the upstairs bit)

  16. I HAVE A QUESTION – Does the waiter/waitress just standthere for 10 hours no matter what?
    You can’t have them go ahead and finish .. . their “shift??” and start cleaning?? LOL

  17. I love this site! It’s so helpful and very thorough! I haven’t tried it yet, but what is this special new meal you can cook? Just completed my five star restaurant πŸ™‚

  18. I didnt finish the Sous Judgemental quest on time and didnt unlock the chef outfit but I so want it. I was wondering if they will offer it in the in-app purchase later? I couldnt finish a couple of earlier hobbies/quests on time as well and didnt unlock the owl and the Spanish villa but a few weeks later i found these sold in the in-app purchase.

    • Its impossible to say, most of the time you won’t be able to unlock the prizes unless you finish the quest in time but sometimes they add a few to the online store to purchase so you might be able to get the outfit one day, just keep on checking

  19. hi i love your blog and is so helpfull! i’ve just noticed something that might be helpfull, when a sim orders a cocktail and drinks it becomes inspired it costs 2500 s but still is an easy and fast way if you dont have the time to fill your sims needs

  20. Does the bbq grill in the restaurant make plates like the cooking on the stove does. I really don’t understand why one person cooking takes up two stoves,ridiculous. I wish I could get like 4 sims in there to just cover the counter space in plates…one can wish…

    • The bbq grill works like a normal bbq so the person who uses it makes food that they can eat, so once they have made the food they will go and sit at the table and eat it, no other plates are available for other sims

  21. I wanna be able to have 9 sims eating with 1 working. Ifni cook something, have them wait the table, and have someone wait for meal, will it still work?

  22. The restaurant costa a lot of money.. Beside the money you get by tapping the building on the map, can you earn some “extra cash”? I mean, if yours sims are working there, will get paid or something?

  23. Hi!:) it has nothing to do with the quest but I was just wondering if the tricks hobby for horses is also a hobby for sims

  24. Are my sims the only Sims who can eat at the restaurant? What about the extras from the police station and movie studio??

    • Only your sims will be in your restaurant, the sims at the police station and movie studio are only found in those places as they are sims that need to be helped to complete the professions.

  25. Hey! Love your website A little late cause it is 2017! Will people in the party boat be able to see my sims working? If people visit and I am viewing the restaurant will I be able to serve them?

    Thanks ❀

  26. My sims refuse to sit with each other other than in booths. I’ve tried sims that are married, and it just doesnt let me. Any idea why?

  27. I’m finding that it is not letting me sit more than one person at a table to be served by my waiter (unless they are having a romantic meal in the booths) am I missing something?

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