The Sims Freeplay- The Rainbow Rider Quest


This quest has a time limit of seven days from the 21st February, once the 7 days are up the quest will disappear whether you have completed it or not.

The aim is to complete the showjumping hobby collection in 7 days, if you manage it you will unlock the rainbow unicorn (which from looking at the picture doesn’t look very colourful!)

You can only partake in this event if you have complete the hidden unicorn quest and have unlocked the showjumping hobby (which you do by completing both the horse tricks and vaulting hobbies)

If you have unlocked it but have never done it before the showjumping hobby post may help.

This pop up will appear:


If you select yes your show jumping collection will be reset, selecting no does not stop the timer (if you said no by mistake you can still start this event, the pop up above will probably be on the showjumping hobby page)

NOTE: You need a 3 star horse to do this hobby

  • Win a ribbon in show jumping- 6 hours
  • Have 3 unique ribbons (just keep show jumping until you find 2 more different ribbons)
  • Have 6 unique ribbons (find 3 more different ribbons)
  • Have 9 unique ribbons (find 3 more different ribbons)
  • Have all 12 ribbons (find the last 3 different ribbons)

Is the prize worth it?

Well the unicorn will cost you 120LPs (what is it with the super expensive prizes recently EA?!)

Thank you Yram for the screenshots!

But it can inspire a sim instantly (like using a cupcake) once it has inspired a sim it has to recharge for 1 hour before you can use it again.

Thanks for reading!

74 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- The Rainbow Rider Quest

  1. I wanted to do this quest but I haven’t even cleaned up the vaulting hobby Im not going to do this quest ๐Ÿ˜”

  2. Maybe I’m just being a Bah Humbug, but this quest feels like a waste of time considering you still have to buy the prize you’re GIVEN. And yes, the high cost of these PRIZES is getting ridiculous and making me not want to do quests anymore…..

  3. Thanks for the post on this. I have been trying to unlock the regular unicorn and have been show jumping for some time. This quest popped up last night and I accepted it. Thanks you explained why all my ribbons are gone. Haha. I hope this quest is not like the salsa dancing to get the villa house, my sims are still salsa dancing and obviously missed my chance at the house long ago. Just a bit frustrating, they have been dancing for over a month (and changed up the dancers.) Anyhow I will plug away and hope for the best.

  4. I don’t really like all of those horses related hobbies so I didn’t even have a chance to try this one. Considering the prize – it isn’t worth the effort anyway. I have now about 40 LP’s and even that number was hard to get. Collecting 120 is impossible for me, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw. Thank you for your amazing work, I have read your blog since the Christmas and now I’m visiting you regularly. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Of course there will be the people with “unlimited” LPs who have a whole Stable full of “regular” Unicorns that will be getting rid of them to fill their stable with “new and improved” Unicorns….
      Wonder if there will be a sale on regular ones?

  5. I’m glad I read this before I started on the ribbons. Way too expensive and time consuming for just a somewhat colorful unicorn. Make it give me LP’s back or a unicorn kingdom lol. for now what a waste..

  6. I used to be able to inspire my sims using the old unicorn then it stopped being able to do that. I guess they’re bringing it back with a slightly more colorful unicorn.

  7. Thanks again for your awesome blog!

    I think I’ll be giving this one a miss – I haven’t even bought a regular unicorn yet since it costs so much!!! I have horses to ride and I have the singing fish that inspires sims in 30 secs so will keep my lp to get through tasks or for a particularly good item.

    All these timed quests with expensive “prizes” are started to make me fed up…

    At least I have just finished the catwalk hobby so will be opening up the mall shops and then bowling ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Is there a way to get out of this task because I haven’t even started on the vaulting hobby to get to the show jumping hobby. Please help @TheGirlWhoGames

  9. I’m stuck and can’t even do the quest because it offered it to me before I even completed the vaulting hobby (I have 4 ribbons) so it won’t even let me in the show jumping gate. I call “defect” on that. (Not that i had 120LPs to spend in that anyway)

  10. I’m mad I was almost done with the show jumping collection and when the quest started it deleted my progress

  11. Do I need to build a new stable in order to get the rainbow unicorn? I have four horses and four stables right now.

  12. This quest is beyond pointless… and I agree, whats with the ridiculously expensive prizes… not much of a prize when your charged 120LP for it.

  13. I haven’t unlocked the show jumping yet and I won’t be able to before the time runs out. It’s a stupid and unfair quest. I’ve been having a sim doing vaulting as fast as she can but I just won’t be able to unlock show jumping before the time is up.

  14. For that amount of lps I’d rather stock up on signing salmon fishes. Although they do not inspired toddlers but to me that fish would be better. Plus I like the song the fish ‘sings’.

    Also so far they have given us one completely free prize and that was the living teddy bear which wasn’t all that great but the idea was that it was free for the first one. Why can’t they make the first prize free all the times, Idk.

    • There is a time limit and you get a rainbow unicorn if you finish it in time, those are the only differences, you are just completing the collection to get a prize in this quest.

  15. I have been having such good luck on this quest. I think the unicorn will be helpful later on when I’m in the life dreams quest. I have many sims I want to not die, so inspiring them without actions will help out. It’s a pricey unicorn but once I can unlock it I’ll have all the time in the world to save up for it. Thanks for all the helpful info. I love these guides

  16. I have one sim working towards an orb on showjumping, so I’ll keep doing the quest, but I won’t be spending any LP’s to finish it if I run out of time. I did finish off my mall this morning. It’s very expensive. Probably used over $1,000,000 on it. Finally got enough SP’s to do my Latin villa. It’s under construction on oceanview property now i think all are frustrated with the expensive prizes.

  17. Thanks for this post! I was hoping it would be a free prize, or at least affordable! EA has always been greedy, so this isn’t surprising, but still ridiculous and annoying! They make us bust our butts to complete a quest that we don’t even get anything for is just stupid! Just unlocks something ridiculously expensive. Im still doing the quest, but I won’t waste LPs if I’m not finished in time, now that I know it’s all for basically nothing ๐Ÿ˜•

  18. the past few quests have been so bogus. i got all the salsa moves, but i am not spending all that on that house. i couldn’t get the brake dancing in time, but it was just that waste of space dj booth. i built the mall, and in doing that, it cost a lot, opened most of the stores, cost a lot, then the options of clothes are pretty lame, and costs a lot to add to your inventory. the modeling hobby was tedious, and the bowling seems so too, especially at 6.5 hours, such a weird time frame, at least 4 people can work on it at a time (seem to get the same move on all of them though). the chinese new year was such a waste of time, i went along with it because it was something to do, but stopped after seeing your post about how expensive the suit was, which was not desirable from the get go for me. i only started this quest because i have just started the show jumping hobby, only had 4 ribbons and my guy doing the hobby has “participate in horse events” as a life goal, so i figured i would just go along with it. not buying the unicorn, i don’t think it is worth 120LP. EA had better get their act together with the future quests because these have been exceptionally awful.

  19. Hi! So, I’m so sorry this is not on this quest but there was no other was to ask you (I couldn’t ask you on the other posts) so I just wanted to know, if I have 6 toddlers and I want them all to have the toddler playhouse hobby, can they all do it? Or just one? And can they do it only one at a time or more at a time? and my second question was on the karate hobby for pre teens and teens. Can a girl do the hobby or just a boy (and same for ballet)? Okay thanks a lot! Btw love your posts.

    • You will need a toddler playhouse for each toddler as only one toddler can use it at one time
      Karate and ballet are just for preteens, a girl or a boy can do either hobby
      You’re welcome, thanks!

  20. Just a helpful tip for people that have bought and fixed the show jumping gate but have yet to unlock the horse required to train in show jumping.
    I have noticed that you can spend lp (8lp) to buy the ribbons (in lucky spin) and it will still count towards the quest goals.
    Maybe that little bit of knowledge can help those fighting their way through vaulting/tricks. As long as you have, and don’t mind burning the lp on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I personally don’t think its really worth doing that, spending loads of LPs to complete it then buying the prize for 120LPs, it’s far too expensive for something that isn’t really worth it

  21. I just finished getting my first horse and I won’t be able to finish this quest in time. Any idea if they will do this artist again?

  22. Thanks for the info. Charlotte. Now that I know how much it costs I will wait until they HOPEFULLY put it on sale (like they did with the other unicorn. I bought that one for 50LP when it was going for 100LP). I don’t know if EA will do it for this one, but I can wait. I have complained already in the app comments about prizes costing additional $ and LP. It is ridiculous. They are so greedy. Also we deserve those prizes for completing the quests on time.

  23. My social task is to ride an inflatable toy on neighbour’s town. I have a neighbour who also plays the sims freeplay. He said that he had build a pool with the inflatable toy in it, so i can use it. But when i visited his town i could’nt find the pool. I asked him again and he was sure he had built it, and i had seen it myself on his tablet. The same thing also happens with the weather machine, sorcerious supply, and a house. Btw we use facebook not gamecenter

  24. So, we need to work (and probably spend $$) to solve a quest which permits us to buy a rather weak item for even more $$… (and 120LP is a whopping 24 US$ in the worst case!) – is it just me or are EA really making less and less effort to mask their greed? I can remember a time where 24$ bought you a full game that kept you occupied for weeks…

  25. First of all love your posts, they are so awesome and helpful, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have finished some of my quests within the time limit and I want to add you so that I can see your Simtown but I can’t. Can you help me? I use a Kindle fire, I don’t know what type.

    • Thank you very much! I’m glad they help, I have sent you a request on facebook, I am having a bit of trouble with my party boat at the moment though, my neighbours can’t see me but hopefully that will be fixed on the next update

  26. Will this quest appear every February 21st (next year?) I hope it does, it keeps on sending me a notification for the quest but never appears, but I haven’t completed the horseriding thing yet. Is it supposed to send me a notification no matter what?

  27. Hi, I completed the rainbow unicorn quest with all twelve ribbons and then I reset the collection like I do with the cooking collection. My unicorn is not available. Does this mean I need to start all over and this time keep all the ribbons? I don’t know if I have time to do it all over again! Thank you for your expertise!

      • I have two horses and two stables. I didn’t build one for the unicorn! Do you think if I build the stable (already started) it will unlock the unicorn? I can see the unicorn but it is still locked. I didn’t think about it needing a stable and nothing told me I needed one!

  28. The only way I could finish this quest was through the cooking LP method. I had to build the Horse Tricks and Vaulting areas plus complete their hobbies in a 4 day time limit. (I received the quest late.)

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