The Sims Freeplay- The Castle

This post shows you what the castle looks like on the inside and how to issue decrees.


Before you can see inside the castle you need to:

  1. Build it
  2. Then complete the Royal Lineage Quest
  3. Once you have completed that quest you need to complete the archery hobby to unlock the royal gallery.

Then you complete the jester hobby to unlock the throne room

Castle Gardens– complete the archery using the targets

Build the statues by completing the archery hobby to unlock the royal gallery

The gallery costs S200,000

The Royal Gallery– complete the jester hobby using the chest

Throne Room– complete the jester hobby to build the throne room

The throne room costs S300,000 and takes a day to build

 Once built you can access the top floor of the castle:


And new royalty clothes become available in the wardrobe


Issuing Decrees

Teens and Adults can issue decrees, to do this they first have to be wearing a royal outfit (one that you unlock when you build the throne room)

Then click on the throne to issue decrees or rule (they will just sit on the throne for 4 hours)


They sit and issue the decree for 4 hours, once issued it will come into effect for 24 hours (if you have a decree that isn’t mentioned please let me know so I can add it to the list)

Some are useful like making new friends faster and some are just for fun like snow day!

  • Snow Day- snows for 24 hours
  • Friendship Day- sims will make new friends faster for 24 hours
  • Walk Like Zombies- sims walk like zombies for 24 hours
  • Rainy Day- rains for 24 hours
  • National Hat Day- all sims wear hats for 24 hours (you don’t have to put a hat on each sim, it happens automatically)
  • Lover’s Day- sims will fall in love faster than normal for 24 hours
  • Friendship Day

You cannot cancel a decree, if you want to start a new one while another one is still in progress you will have to speed up with LPs

Thanks for reading!



158 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- The Castle

  1. I’m impressed you’re already in the castle! I’m just shooting and shooting and shooting arrows… X 2 Sims! LOL

  2. Been working on the jester hobby too. Seems like the newer hobbies keep you stuck on the same two achievements over and over, even if you level up. Stupid. And it takes so long each time, it’s so irritating to keep getting the same thing over and over!

  3. I’ve been doing the archery hobby for weeks and I can’t get any of the fourth level targets. One more statue to go and I’m so frustrated.

  4. Hey, is’nt the royal gallery still has to be bought first before you can enter it? It costs S200,000, does’nt it?

  5. I’ve completed the jester hobby and built the staircase. I’ve even declared a friendship decree. Is there a way to move a sim inside the castle as their permanent home?

  6. Actually, i’m kind of disapponted in the castle. Aside from the jester and archery hobbies there’s not much else to do besides change into royal clothes and make your sims walk around like zombies for a day. You can’t move in a royal family either. I finished the throne room about a week ago.

  7. Hi is anybody having problems catching new fish in the Sims freeplay,I don’t seem to be able after months of trying. I’m also on level 46 and can’t get Bread Winner started. Thanks.

  8. I completed the first row, and now apart from the Dance option there is Mime (3h and something) should i select that or continue with the Dance option? Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. Hi, i heard you lost the screenshoot of the gallery’s price, so i thought i might help you with that 🙂 The gallery costs S200.000 and the throne room costs S300.000.
    there you go, you can add that to your post if you want 🙂
    Source: i had built both gallery and the throne room

  10. Still on the archery quest as well, I have 2 Sims doing it and 90% of the time they get the PegLeg skill :p Only one statue unlocked since I can’t seem to get any of the other skills :p

  11. I started a new game with new facebook account but none of my neighbors are there. am i supposed to do something to get them to the party boat?

  12. Do you have to do the new things your jester sim learns to get the next level of skills or can I do mime even when I’ve already unlocked tambourine…

    • yes you can only have one jester at a time, you just have to keep going, there is no trick to it, once you complete the first row move onto the next option then complete that row and then move onto the next option and so on.

  13. So frustrating – I spent days getting the final “Flags” achievement for the Jester hobby. Got it yesterday, got the LP for completing all of the Jester quests – but the staircase still wasn’t available! Talking to the fairy again and she says that I have to complete the Jester task – which I had just done! I have to start the Jester task all over again!! This did happen at about the same time the new set of quests for building patios etc started, and this does have a weird effect on in-progress tasks.

  14. I am getting so frustrated. I have been needing the last jestering hobby that is the rare one for WEEKS. It is really getting ridiculous they make it so incredibly hard to get something. I get making something more difficult but it shouldn’t be so hard that it makes you give up. I have been doing flags every 5 1/2 hours for at least 2 weeks and it still won’t give me the rare one and I can’t even buy it. When I tried to do a random roll it didn’t give it to me either and I did that twice, I can only lose so many LP. Sorry just wanted to vent at how ridiculously hard this game as become.

      • do you continue with the flags or do you randomly do whatever since it says random?

      • SAME! I’m on summer break so I’ve been able to check in every 5.5 hours and I’ve been doing it for weeks and I just can’t get the last flags rare one! I’ve tried random
        Roll and that’s just been flushing LP down the toilet. I’ve tried using different sims and I lost all their progress in other hobbies for this. I’ve tried having sims who are inspired and I’ve tried with ones who are not. I just can’t get that last one!!!!

  15. Hi, love your blog really. 🙂

    I have finished building the stairs and accessed the throne room. Do we all have the same decrees or does it depends on the type of Sims we created? Saw a comment here about a Friendship Decree which i don’t have.

    Also, i realised there are 3 levels, 2nd level is the gallery, 3rd level is the throne room. What is 1st level then? The castle fairy is still here in the castle, does that mean there are more to this quest? Cos usually they would leave our Sims neighbourhood after the quests are completed, just like the human in bunny costume, the alien, the dance couple, etc.

    • Thanks
      No, I think decrees must change each day, I don’t think it depends on the sim as I have tried with different sims
      Level one is the garden area, because there are stairs so level 2 is the gallery and level 3 is the throne room
      Oh I really hope not! 😛 That quest just went on, didn’t it?!

  16. This is the same for me–I have done the tambourine for at least a week and it’s not giving me the rare one, so I can’t move on. I have also lost LPs on a random roll and ending the task early. Maybe it is a glitch, although someone in the comments got done. AAARRRRRGGGGG

  17. So it’s weird, i just built the staircase and got the top floor of the castle. I changed into a royal outfit and went to the throne. But my decree options are entirely different. My options are ‘National Hat Day’, ‘Friendship Day’ and ‘Lovers Day’. And all options are only 4 hours.

  18. Do they decrees take time to come into effect? I just did the “walk like zombies” one and none of my sims are shuffling around like it says. Does it take 4 hours to come into effect, since selecting that decree says 4 hours?

  19. I’m so disappointed in this update especially given it took several tedious weeks to unlock! The way it was marketed to us was that we could create a royal family and now, like someone else mentioned, you just go there and play dress up! Complete waste unless they change it!

  20. can you list more degrees? i know at least 3 more: national hat day, rainy day, lover’s day

  21. So, you don’t get a royal family with this quest? I thought you could have a Sim move in and start a royal family.

  22. If you have a snow day whilst doing the ice skating quest to unlock the prizes you can maybe skate on every pool? Just an idea I haven’t unlocked the castle yet 😂

  23. When I do the friendship day royal degree, my sims don’t seem to make friends any faster than before? Is this just me or am I expecting more than what actually happens?

    • It definitely works, but you need to issue the decree for 4 hours before it becomes the decree for 24 hours, then:
      it takes 1 minute for strangers to become acquaintance
      it takes 1 minute for acquaintance to become friends
      it takes 2 minutes for friends to become good friends
      and it takes 4 minutes for good friends to become best friends.

  24. Will the king or queen b able to live in the castle in an update or something and can they get married

  25. I’m at level 41 and just got enough money to build the castle. It’s built, but I I’m not given the chance to complete the “royal lineage” quest. What am I missing?

    • that is strange, it should start as soon as you click on the castle to finish building it, you may need to contact EA to see if they can fix this problem for you.

  26. Lordy, took 7 weeks of someone constantly doing the Jester Hobby to finally get the last one and complete it.

    Finally upstairs – do you get anything for Issuing Decrees or is it just all for fun?


  27. When I am on the first floor of the castle, the little ‘floor number symbol’ on the right says I have 2 floors. These would be the first floor and second floor. When I’m on the second floor, the number symbol is 3! Should there be an attic or basement? Thank you very much!

  28. Is there a way to cancel a royal decree? I have walk like zombies and i don’t want that can i cancel it without spending LPs to issue a new one?

  29. One of my weekly tasks is to use a flag like a jester in the castle gallery. Where are the flags? I dont remember if I finished the Jester quest.

  30. How many times do we have to issue each decree before we complete the task and can buy fairies? Is this task timed?

    • You don’t have to issue decrees at all, its optional and you don’t get fairies from issuing them, you unlock fairies if you complete the royal lineage quest in the time limit

  31. I been working on getting the last two archery skills. I’m not leveling up in the skill at all. I been getting the same skill level is 4 or 5 and I need one statue left .my questions is why won’t it give the skills I need to complete the archery hobby to get into castle? I’m seriously about to give up on that hobby because I been working on it for weeks to get no where.any tips,hints or suggestions would be great. Ty in advance.

    • I don’t know why you aren’t levelling up at all, and there isn’t really anything I can do to fix it, so you may want to contact EA to see if they can fix this for you, sorry!

      • In my castle there isn’t any snowy day decrees, hat day decrees or walk like a zombie decree, I only have the friendship day and lovers day and also rainy day, why?

  32. I built the castle and have been issuing decrees but the only decrees that show up are rainy day, lovers day and friendship day, what happened to snowy day and hat day and the rest?

  33. Are there any benefits of doing something like national hat day or is it just for fun? Do I have to put a hat on every sim or do they automatically appear after the 4 hours? Thx

  34. I have to earn more money for my castle and my shopping mall. I send my sims to work and get my daily reward regularly but is there a way to get more money?

  35. I decreed snow day 3 days ago and it’s still snowing. Changed the decree to lovers day yesterday (over 18 hrs ago ) and it’s still snowing. I thought by changing the decree it would change the previous decree back to default. Any ideas how I can get it to stop snowing?

      • Not the Christmas quest but I am doing the “The Secret Winter Wonderland ”
        I didn’t even know Cmas quest was going on. I’ve Not received an offer to start it.
        I did an update on game 3 nights ago so I should of received invite to begin right? Or do I need to finish S.W.W. Quest first?
        Thanks for all your help and knowledge to us and your quick responses.
        Happy Holidays to you and family🎄🎁

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