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The Sims Freeplay- The Castle


This post shows you what the castle looks like on the inside and how to issue decrees.


Before you can see inside the castle you need to:

  1. Build it
  2. Then complete the Royal Lineage Quest
  3. Once you have completed that quest you need to complete the archery hobby to unlock the royal gallery.

Then you complete the jester hobby to unlock the throne room

Castle Gardens– complete the archery using the targets

Build the statues by completing the archery hobby to unlock the royal gallery

The gallery costs S200,000

The Royal Gallery– complete the jester hobby using the chest

Throne Room– complete the jester hobby to build the throne room

The throne room costs S300,000 and takes a day to build

 Once built you can access the top floor of the castle:


And new royalty clothes become available in the wardrobe


Issuing Decrees

Teens and Adults can issue decrees, to do this they first have to be wearing a royal outfit (one that you unlock when you build the throne room)

Then click on the throne to issue decrees or rule (they will just sit on the throne for 4 hours)


They sit and issue the decree for 4 hours, once issued it will come into effect for 24 hours (if you have a decree that isn’t mentioned please let me know so I can add it to the list)

Some are useful like making new friends faster and some are just for fun like snow day!

  • Snow Day- snows for 24 hours
  • Friendship Day- sims will make new friends faster for 24 hours
  • Walk Like Zombies- sims walk like zombies for 24 hours
  • Rainy Day- rains for 24 hours
  • National Hat Day- all sims wear hats for 24 hours (you don’t have to put a hat on each sim, it happens automatically)
  • Lover’s Day
  • Friendship Day

You cannot cancel a decree, if you want to start a new one while another one is still in progress you will have to speed up with LPs

Thanks for reading!



Author: weightlessmagic

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149 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- The Castle

  1. Thank you…glad i didnt miss out.

  2. I didnt finish the salsa dancong mission on time and i couldnt extend the time. Is there any other way to build the castle?

  3. For my sims teens, their hair color won’t change. It only stays blond is there anything I can do to get different hair colors for them? (The boy teen’s hair color changes and so for both of the adult one but the girl teen doesn’t work)

  4. Can you do anything with the globe?

  5. In the alcove where there’s bookshelves and a globe, what the globe is for? Every time I click on it the sim have a Red no sign on their speech bubble.

  6. Jesus Loves All Of You!!! :). Awesome advice

  7. When you decree a rule will it change or just stay the same because I wanted to were it could probably snow or rain for 24 hours instead of the boring choices they gave me.

  8. Can you move people into the castle so they live there

  9. Can your sims live in the castle?

  10. Issuing a decree for a snow day didn’t make it snow. Not. One. Flake.
    Is there a fix for this?

  11. hi! i was visiting my friend’s castle and suddenly a sign pop up and it said that the castle is mine and my town worth so high. what cause it? and how could it happended?

  12. Okay, so, I had my Sim choose whatever option, and it had no effect on the town or my Sims whatsoever. I even left the game and came back in. Nothing.
    Do you have any idea why? I rarely ask questions on this game, because I usually figure it out, or it’s pretty straight forward. If you could help, that would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!

  13. Does the castle have a bathroom for your Sims to use?

  14. Hi, does the rain and snow days cause weather for the whole town or just for the castle plot only? Does having a weather machine interfere? Thanks

    I wouldn’t be able to play this game and would miss out on most things if not for you and this site. Thanks

  15. Hello,, just wanna ask. Why snow day and lovers day are not in the decrees list? I am using an iphone and allready updated the game or restarting. And the last question. How do you get the umbrella? And how to get the arctic furniture and stuff?? Thanks for your blog. It helped me so much 😘

  16. Is there any new furniture content the unlocks after you complete the castle and the hobbies?

  17. I do not have all of these decrees. I just have rainy day, snowy day, national hat day and rule. How can I get the other decrees?

  18. Walk Like a Zombie decree isn’t working. Help?

  19. What happens if you issue a decree and then you aren’t able to follow through with it?
    Like friend day. What I’d your sims are very busy. Do they take away or penalize your game?

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