The Sims Freeplay- Adding Patios

Once you complete the Peaceful Patios Quest you can build patios in your gardens, this post explains how to add a patio and all the ways you can customise it!

NOTE: you will not be able to customise a patio until the quest has been completed

1.Building a patio

You do this the same way you build a room or a pool, by touching and dragging anywhere on the grass, it will be green if it can be placed there

Drag the white highlighted edged to resize

You can join patios together, the patio in the picture below is a 4×4 square with two 1×7 patios each side


What is the cheapest patio? A 2×1 will cost S30,000

2.Patio Paving

The second tab in the outdoor section is where you can select the type of tiles you want on your patio, click on the style then click on the patio



Railings are the third tab along, again click on the style then onto the patio and it will place them around the edge


4.Patio Gates

Last patio tab is gates, you can only add a gate to a patio with a railing, like a door you can place wherever you want to on the railings


Deleting a Patio

While on the patio tab click on the patio you wish to delete and select the red simoleon symbol to sell it.

Now you know how, its time to create beautiful patio gardens! Enjoy!


For more details you can watch my video, Building Patios, Balconies and Basements:

Want to know how to have different patio styles on the same patio? Check out this video!

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101 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Adding Patios

  1. Hey! How do I contact EA? Because I got to the point in the peaceful patios quest to build my patio, but it shows up as if I’m building a room and it doesn’t have the different tabs (outdoor, etc) and all that you show on your screenshot. So basically I can’t customize or do anything but purchase and build because I have nothing at the bottom of my screen.

  2. I don’t have the outdoor tab either. I built a patio, and now I want to change the tiles, but there is no option for it. I can only expand or sell the patio that’s already there. If I build an additional small patio that is unattached to the existing one, it automatically makes uses the same tiles as the original. I have a tab to change the pool tiled, but not the patio.

  3. I’m planning to start the peaceful patios quest soon, and just one question: for the goal that says build a patio do we need to customize the patio or can we just build it and customize it after the quest is done

  4. I notice that the DIY home has the Scandinavian tiles as its patio floor, but there is no option for this under patio flooring, the only options are the same as the pool paving ones, any idea why?

  5. As soon as I started the balcony quest(and competed) I can no longer build patios… Why is this?

  6. Hi! I really like your blog. It’s very helpful and I use it as my guide in playing. However, I’d like to ask where I can find the outdoor tab for choosing the patio flooring and the railings. There are only outdoor furniture and outdoor decors in the home store. Thank you!

  7. Hi! I really like your blog! It’s very helpful and I use it as my guide all the time. I’m currently doing the Patio quest and I’ve built my patio already. Where can I find the tabs for customizing the floor and the railings? Based on your screen shots, your home store is different from my home store. There are no tabs in mine. Where can I find it now? Thank you! Great job!

  8. I’m on the Ultimate movie marathon step. Do you know if it has to be completed in the basement I built or can it be on any floor or another Sims house? I dont have enough simoleons for a staircase. Thanks in advance.

  9. Keep posting! I find your blog is very useful for guiding me in playing sims freeplay. Thank you, dear!

  10. I play on an iPhone not iPad. The interface is different and doesn’t have the tabs shown in your screenshot. I can’t work out how to change tiles or add any extras like railings. Do you (or any of your readers) know how to do this on the iPhone? Thanks!

  11. I’m level 14 and have the pool quest done before the update and on my iPad the patio came before the pool and I looked at the quest that’s yet to come and didn’t find it, I check if I could just build it (even though I knew you had to do a quest) and still can’t find it, why is this?

      • I finished the quest and I can’t find the tab to change the railing and the flooring and the same goes to the patio. I can only build it but can’t change anything after that, only put furniture on it.

  12. I’ve completed the peaceful patio quest and I have a pool in my backyard I put a patio around my pool but when I try to put a patio gate around my patio it won’t let me, And I saw you can put a gate around pools. Can you help me please! ?

  13. I can’t seem to find the railings.. I completed the quest and everything and I know how to get to the outdoor tab and build patios and what not but all I see on the outdoor tab is ‘patios’ ‘pools’ ‘pool interior’ etc. I’m on my Samsung tablet btw.. And just a few minutes ago I finally found out how to get the railings but then I went to my other sim’s house and now I can’t figure it out again.. I’m so confused lol

  14. I have completed the belcony quest an I was only able to customize my belcony one time. The tabs to costomize are gone and I can only build and sell them. Is their something I am doing wrong? I’ve looked In all the tabs and they are no where to be found. Please help

  15. I did the quest and after that I did the pool quest too. Before the pool quest I had all the tabs for the patio (gate ,fences and so on) but after that the tabs disappeared. Now I only have extras for the pools but not the patios. Idk is is some glitch or I did something wrong. Can you give me advice?


  17. Hi guys I’ve completed all the patio quests and I know how to change the paving and add railings, gates etc. but on certain houses it doesn’t give me the option? Let’s me add paving, but not any of the above ^ only doesn’t work on certain houses in my town though? Doesn’t make sense

  18. I completed the patio quest and found the patio pavers in the outdoor section but when I select the pavers I want I can’t select the grass to build it. I have a large area open to build but every time I try there is nothing to highlight to build. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for any help!

    • The ability to build patios seems to come and go on my machine as well: Plenty of space, but touching it to draw gives no response.
      I’m paying attention to minimum sizes for patio and pool, but it’s not that I get red squares, it’s more as though my touch screen can’t tell, and nothing happens at all.

      If I click back and forth between Outdoors and House, sometimes it starts working again. Seems to fix problems with drawing a pool, as well.

  19. I left the diy home and it still remained 96% complete. I looked for the make out couch and I started building patios but I could not customize it. It says I ran out of time but after I left the house it didn’t tell me to do anything else…. And a month later it still says 96% complete….

  20. hi!! your website is very helpful and I hope you continue to post! I finished the patio quest and added a new patio. i cannot seem to find how to change the paving of the pati like I can pools. I do not have a tablet and cannot find the different tabs you seem to have. also, how do I unlock the balconies quest? it has been weeks since I finished the patios quest and it has still not popped up. thanks for your help

  21. I was going through the comments and noticed that a lot of people are commenting that they can’t access the patio railings and paving, and I also can’t access them. I don’t have an outdoor tab in my home store and although I originally did have tabs for changing patio and balcony railing and paving, but they just randomly disappeared a while later, and I no longer have either. Now I just have tabs for making balconies and patios but nothing else. Has anyone contacted EA on the matter and received help? Does anyone know how to fix this problem.

  22. Loove your blog! I always come here for help with SF. I’ve just unlocked balconies and I’ve noticed that I can’t build patios anymore.. It may be just a temporary glitch but my patio tab in the outdoors section is gone. I was wondering if you or anyone one else was having this happen.

  23. Hi, I have just finished the balcony quest and was wondering if the supports were automatic or if they needed to be put in? Also, is there any way to change the balcony floor and railings? I can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!

  24. How do you manage to get so much money and lifestyle points, I’ve been playing this game for years. Completely quests and the general building the town up and 99.9% of the time I’m left with a lucky sum of $2,000. The most?

  25. Hi , same problem as Neko , I can add patios but can’t change the tiles or add railing or doors , restarted the device twice , but still nothing .

  26. Hi, i am sorry I didn’t wait to complete the quest , during the quest no options were available , but after completing it i have them now .

  27. First of all, wonderful blog. It’s very helpful and I appreciate all your tips they’ve helped me greatly. I noticed many people that post do not take the time to read the questions posted by others and your answers that have clearly resolved the issues. Kudos to you for having to repeat yourself over and over. Its a shame people are ignorant and choose not to read and fill in the blanks for themselves. Second, I know how to change the patio pavings, but I can’t alter the one around the pool specifically.. I’m assuming you can’t change the pool paving?? Thanks in advance :))

    • Thank you! There is always going to be people like that though 🙂
      You can change the pool paving, you should find it under the garden section, after the tab to add a pool there is pool interior then the next one is pool paving, hope that helps!

  28. Do you know how to add stepping stones from one building to another building on the same lot? I have seen it done, but cannot figure it out.

      • on my sims, I have built a patio with a pool in the patio area, however now I have built the pool it has put my fence that I have on my patio around the pool and I don’t want it around my pool. how do I get rid of the bit around the pool and not the rest of the railings around the patio?

  29. Hello, first of all love the blog! Helps me out heaps 🙂

    I’m having a problem building a patio. It stopped working once I completed the balcony quest. Since then I haven’t been able to build one. Have you ever come across this issue?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks!
      I have heard of a few people having this problem but I have never heard of a fix for this unfortunately, all I can suggest is try restarting your device, that may work, if not you may need to contact EA, sorry about that!

  30. Hi, I’m trying to recreate my own spa like the one in the Soa quest, but I can’t figure out how make the seating area in the middle with two different patio pavings. Since they are next to each other, the patios just join together to make one patio and I can only use one paving design for the whole lot 😦
    Thanks for any help you can give. I didn’t want to experiment too much before asking as it was costing me money :/

  31. I have a issue going where I did finish The DIY quest and got the patio tabs but I didnt build my patio right then and there.So now I build the patio and dont know what to now I dont have the pool tab or other tabs .Bree is waiting at the park but it said I have to complete a quest. Im lost.

  32. Eventhough I completed the patio quest a long time ago, I can’t build a patio now. The free green place around a house doesn’t become white highlighted anymore when I touch a patio design or a pool one but it becomes quickly highlighted if I want to place there a garden item. What should I do?

  33. Can you build a room right above the patio? Can you build a balcony right above the patio? Thank you for your help. Your blog and guides have been very helpful.

  34. how do I delete the concrete going around the house? please i finished the quest already it’s not leting me cover up the little square concrete

  35. Thanks very much this had helped me to understand patios. But I have one question how comes when your building a patio on the quest you can’t put gates or colour to it?

  36. Hey I love your blog! It’s of a lot of help. Thank you for your hardwork in creating these tutorials & solving our difficulties. And your simtown looks so cool! Can I add your as my neighbour please? How can I do that?

  37. Hi! I’m trying to build a wall-to-wall fence, but it keeps making me skip a space between the house and the placing the fences. How can I fix this??

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