The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Horses








Once you unlock the stables by completing The Need for Steed quest you can buy horses.

What can horses do?

Horses are mainly used for hobbies:

  • Horse Tricks– complete for first time to unlock 2 star horses
  • Vaulting– complete for first time to unlock 3 star horses
  • Showjumping– complete for first time to unlock the unicorn


Star ratings:

  • 1 Star Horses- can only complete horse tricks hobby
  • 2 Star Horses- can complete horse tricks and vaulting but not showjumping
  • 3 Star Horses- can complete all 3 horse hobbies (horse tricks, vaulting and showjumping)


But horses have to be in a good mood to partake in hobbies, if you click on a horse you can see a happiness bar, the lower it is, the sadder the horse will be.

How do you fill up the happiness bar?

  • Feed horse
  • Groom horse
  • Pet horse

Times vary depending on the star rating the horse has

You can also ride a horse!

Select ride horse then your sim will get on the horse, you then click on the ground and the ‘go there’ arrow will show up, that is where the horse will walk to:


When you are done you can click on the horse and select dismount:


Can I get my horses to stay in their stable?

No, the horses like to wander around, they won’t stay in their stable, you will have to ride them into the stable if you want them to go in there.

How do I add a new horse?

You need to build an empty stable (like building a house to add a new sim) you can have a maximum of 6 horses as you can build 6 stables.

I would like to rename my horse, how do I do this?

Click on the horse and rename is the second option.

How do I delete a horse?

The same way you would delete a sim, click on it and on the right next to its name there is a red cross, click that to delete.

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5 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Horses

  1. You didn’t mention rainbow unicorns, but reading over your post on the Rainbow Rider quest, I take it that you’re not a fan of rainbow unicorns! Lol!

    Personally, I love mine. I deleted all my other horses and replaced them with rainbow unicorns, after unlocking them in the quest. LPs are not a problem, using the tips you gave in your post about simoleons and LPs. I use almost all my sims on the cooking hobby, including teen and senior sims. It took a few weeks to earn enough LPs to buy all six rainbow unicorns, but I had no real trouble doing it, thanks to your tips! 🙂

    • No it’s not that, I just didn’t mention it because if you didn’t complete the quest in the time limit you can’t get them so I didn’t want to confuse people by talking about something most of them wouldn’t have 🙂

  2. I would love it if eventually they’d do some sort of trail ride at the campground area for the horses. Kind of similar to what you do sending dogs and cats to the pet park.

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