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Once you complete the Survivalist hobby, open the bridge and clear the area (check out my guide to the campgrounds post for more information) the 7 day time limit will then start straight away, your teen, adult or senior sim needs to complete this hobby in the time limit to unlock the campfire:


When you first begin this hobby and click on the storyteller chair you will only get one option:

Tell a comedy story- 3 hours 30 minutes

You will need to find 3 different comedy stories to unlock the romance story option, once you find all 3 romance stories you unlock the action stories to find those 3, once you have those 3 you unlock the last option which is scary stories, when you find those 3 different stories you will complete the collection:

  • Tell a comedy story- 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Tell a romance story- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Tell an action story- 5 hours 30 minutes
  • Tell a scary story- 6 hours 30 minutes


NOTE: once you complete the collection for the first time you can find the stories in any order but you will still need to do each option to find the different stories to complete each row

TIP: only one sim can complete this hobby at a time, you can send another sim to a neighbours town to complete this hobby (if they have unlocked the storyteller chair!)

  • Slapstick
  • Parody
  • Stand Up Routine
Boy Meets Girl, Happily Ever After and Romantic Tragedy



  • Boy Meets Girl
  • Happily Ever After
  • Romantic Tragedy
Kung Fu, Sci-Fi and Superhero


  • Kung Fu
  • Sci-Fi
  • Superhero
Zombie Story, Monster Story and Ghost Story


  • Zombie Story
  • Monster Story
  • Ghost Story
You can now complete the collection!

After the time has passed come back and click the exclamation mark above your sims head to find one of the story collectibles in that row. You still level up in this hobby but the hobby level up percentage isn’t important as the story collectibles don’t unlock depending on your level, when you finish a row of story collectibles you will unlock the ability to find the next genre of stories in the next row.

The table below shows you the level up reward that your sims will receive when they level up in this hobby:

1 Spinner of Yawns
2 B Movie Narrator 250XP
3 Worthy Entertainer 500XP
4 Captivating Teller S750
5 Master Tearjerker 10,000 Town Value
6 Memorable Performer 1LP

You won’t find a new collectible each time, you will get repeats, if this happens just keep going, you will find them eventually! If it is still taking too long you can use the lucky spin on the row where you cannot find the item, this will cost LPs, when you click on the LP button it will clear the row and give you a random collectible on that row so you aren’t guaranteed a new item (you will get back any other collectibles you already had in that row) Need to earn some LPs to use the lucky spin?


The completed storyteller collection is shown below, once you complete the collection you need to click ‘start a new collection’ at the top of the hobby collection screen, this clears the board so you can complete the collection again to earn more rewards (you will only get the option to restart the hobby collection when you have completed the collection):


The first time you complete a row you will unlock a new genre of stories to tell, further times you will earn XPs when you complete a row in the hobby but to complete the collection you need to find all 12 of the collectibles

  • If you complete this hobby in the time limit you will unlock the campfire which can be found in the outdoor decorations section and costs S20,000. You can turn it on/off, roast marshmallows for 5 minutes or warm up for 10 minutes

The rewards for completing this collection are tents, deer meadow, canoe and 3LP:

The first time you complete the collection you unlock the tents, deer meadow and canoe at the campgrounds (even if you do not manage to complete the hobby in the time limit)


Deer Meadow




Check out my Guide to the Campgrounds post for more information on these prizes

  • From the second time onwards each time you complete the collection you will earn 3LP


Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

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39 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Storyteller

  1. Finally finished the survivalist hobby! Phew! Just building the bridge and I’ll get on with storytelling.

  2. You mention it’s better to speed up rather than using dice/LP’s for story telling. How do you speed up? I keep getting Kung Fu and I’m running out of time! Thanks.

  3. Are the percentages different between the different storyteller actions? For example: if the action stories give you 15% experience to the next level, do the romance stories give you the same percentage of experience, or is it lower because it takes less time?

  4. I have been telling the same romantic story for 2 days now. I can’t tell if this is a bug in my game, or not… but it’s really frustrating and I just don’t see how I’m going to complete in time! Same thing happened with the Jester – I was doing ‘bard’ for what seemed like eternity! Anybody experiencing the same thing?

  5. Hello to the best ever gamer blogger – your site is literally life saving for all us sims free play addicts😁big congrats! I accidentally pressed not now when the option prompted. What do I do now? Can I still start at a later time since I am really busy now & complete it in time for the prize ? Does this work in general, I mean is it possible to start a hobby at your own time and still complete it within 7 days and get the prize? And a last thing, how can I add neighbors? Thank you for your time😊

  6. I’ve been doing the story teller hobby for almost 2 months now….still stuck on the Zombie story! Has anyone else had this problem??!!

  7. I did not get the campfire. I had one sim in my town and the other in another town to get the task done. I rolled the dice on the last one and it was with the sim that was not in my town. Is this why i did not get it? I finished in time!

  8. I am completing one of the weekly quests, and one of the tasks is to roast marshmallows at the campgrounds. Well, I did not complete the quest in time to have access to the “special fire” that can roast marshmallows. Looks like the only way to complete the task is to spend LPs and skip the task…any advice?

  9. Hello! Your blog is amazing! One question, if you don’t finish the storytelling in the time limit, do you not get the campfire at the campgrounds either?

  10. Hi, you are doing a great job. I hope you are feeling better now after losing your game. Just wondered if you had any suggestions? I started the storytelling hobby and used over 100 lp’s to get my sim to the start of level 5. I set it on the 6 and a half hour task and went to bed. In the morning it said that all the campfires were gone but I could still get the other prizes. I still had 7 days to go! I used all those lp’s so I could get the campfire. I have put in a ticket to FM so we’ll see but do you have any suggestions. I am saved to the cloud 21 hours ago, before the incident, but am afraid to delete and reinstall. So much for wanting something eh!

    • Unfortunately you will just have to wait for them to reply, this seems to be happening a lot recently and only they will be able to fix it for you as this is a technical issue, sorry!

  11. Didn’t really think anything could be done but to get FM to help. They did get back to me and they put the campfire into my home store. The wait was just under 3 days, so that was good. Keep up the great job you are doing!

  12. mine is just messed up. it’s said that the story teller hobbies time up. but i just started 2 days a go. now im crying. I DO REALLY WANT THE CAMPFIRE.

    • A lot of people are having this glitch at the moment on timed hobby events, you will need to contact EA about this so they can sort this out for you as I am unable to fix technical issues.

    • A lot of people are having this glitch at the moment on timed hobby events, you will need to contact EA about this so they can sort this out for you as I am unable to fix technical issues.

  13. This is probably the easiest timed hobby to complete. If you have two sims doing it at the same time the expected time needed to complete the collection is only 55 hours. The format of the collection makes its variance much smaller as well, i.e. it’s much more unlikely the time you have to spend is way longer (or shorter) than the expected time needed.

  14. I have been working on the storyteller event now for 9 days..I used two time extensions..I have had my sim doing scary stories for days now and I cannot get the last bit in the scary stories. Am I missing something or is it just so rare that I may not ever finish this quest?

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