The Sims Freeplay- Boutique Hairstyles Review

This is my review of each of the new hairstyles you can unlock from the boutique hair event. There are 12 different colours of each hairstyle apart from the Harajuku hairstyles which come in 14 colours

You can find all the styles you have unlocked from a wardrobe or create a sim for adult females

I will be rating the hairstyles from 9 to 1 with 1 being my favourite! Although I like all of them so this was quite difficult!

9. Wavy Fringe– This is my least favourite but only because I really don’t like how the fringe is cut, I like the rest of the style!


8. Harajuku Bows– I know the title of this hairstyle would need changing but I just don’t like how many bows there are on this one, the hair itself is really nice especially in the multi colours, it could just do with a few less bows!


7. Side Part– not a big fan of hair all pushed to one side but that is just my opinion


6. Harajuku Pigtails– from the front I love this one but I think it would look better if it was just pigtails and didn’t have the loose hair at the back


5. Simply Straight– this one is very similar to the hair unlocked on the ringlet of fire quest, really like it but some of the ones in this event are more interesting!


4. Wavy– simple but classic! I think it looks great in the natural colours


3. Loose Ponytail– I really like curly ponytails, I just don’t think some of the hair bands go with all the colours, for example the orange one with the blue hair would look better in the blue or black seen on some of the other colours


2. Parted Fringe– I just love this one! It didn’t make 1st place only because I love the other one more!


1. Loose Side Plait– LOVE this one so much! It was the first one I unlocked and I could have just stopped after completing that first set!


Which one is your favourite and have you managed to unlock them all?

Thanks for reading!


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36 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Boutique Hairstyles Review

  1. My favorite is the first one, same as you. I didn’t unlock the parted fringe, but I wish I had!

  2. Yep, got them all. Have to say my favorite is the parted fringe. Can’t wait for that next update!

  3. How many days did it take you to finish all of these? I only have 5 done so far and I don’t know if I have enough time left.

  4. I completely agree with you on number 6. I hate that hair in the back. I’m so sad this is only for adults though! The harajuku styles would look so great on a teen

  5. Do you think they will bring this quest back like they did the other one? I’m hoping so!

  6. Where did you get the clothes from in your top 3 hair styles? I don’t think I’ve seen them, although I’m still working on completing my mall. Are they clothes for adults, or teens? I really wish they had cuter clothes for adult women, especially tops and dresses. The teens seem to get all the good stuff. 😦

    • Number 3 and 2 were dresses that we got for free a few updates ago, if you didn’t get them then you won’t have them now unfortunately and number 1 is the wedding dress you got if you completed the love is in the air quest in the time limit

  7. I am still trying to get the loose side plait. 8 hours more… fingers crossed! Got most of them but not the one I want 😦

  8. I have two more to go! Took me five days to unlock level six! Been a speed demon to get them all unlocked. My fave is also the side plait. I hope that is next or may not get it! Thanks to your tips, I got this far at all.

  9. Thank you so much for this blog! 🙂 It’s been very helpful. I didn’t get any of the hairstyles last time this event took place. Read your blog and this time I got all nine in two days! I like all these hairstyles – my favorite (and the last one I got) being the Wavy Fringe followed by the Parted Fringe. I really like the Harajuku Bows hairstyle but would have preferred to have this one without the bows.

  10. Ok, I start to be really frustrate … I’m doing this challenge right now and I have 7 sims doing fashion 24h par day, I spend 35 Lp and I dident unlock even 1 hair style…. Hrrrrr…..
    By the way- I love your blog! You are doing a fantastic job!!!!!

    • Are you on level 6 in the hobby yet? Once you have a sim at level 6 you can then do the 10 minute option to unlock the rest of the hairstyles, only do the longest options until you have levelled up

  11. If you have one sim at level 6, do other sims have to be at a certain level? Thanks! 🙂

  12. About the actual hobby, if you do the lucky spin on a row with nothing, but it’s a level ahead of you, will you still get one even if it is a level above you? Love your blog and would be grateful if you replied! Xx 💗💖💘❤️💛

  13. 2 hair style that i couldn’t make it to unlock is your first and second least favorite one, now i feel better after i read your rating lol

  14. Will this event ever be available again? I am SO in love with the hairstyles but didn’t get any when the event started because I didn’t have any money or knowledge of the game… ):
    I really really hope this event will come back

  15. Ps. Is there a post about the Bingo Hall? I’d really like to know how it works…

  16. I have a question. Can the teenagers also use the hairstyles or is it only available for adult women only? Also another thing, the hairstyles from the last events i believe were different from the hairstyles that just came out two days ago. Do they create different hairstyles every single time the event is created? And if yes, then will we be able go do it again next time if we’re done with this one?

    • No, these are only for female adult sims. And the hairstyles are the same each time they release this event, if they were adding new hairstyles it would be a different event.

  17. Number 2 and 4 are my faves i literally love them so so much num 4 especially because it is like my hair!!

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