The Sims Freeplay- Impossible Events Aren’t Fun!

I was desperate to get the French Chateau and even though I played day and night I still was unable to complete it in the time limit 😦 I’ve noticed this has been a pattern for some time now; I couldn’t complete the Christmas event, I couldn’t complete the Ice Sculpture event, I couldn’t complete the Aerobics event but I have not changed how I play the game!

And I am not the only one who has noticed this. Holly on the French Romance Event:screenshot-2017-02-12-at-15-56-04

I need 184 social points to buy the requirements for one last pack to complete this event, do I have that many? Not a chance! Maybe if they didn’t up the price of the social point flower to 20LPs from 5 I would have used my LPs on that but that is no longer fair..


BUT I am happy you can now pause the ageing of your sims for free so you don’t end up losing all your sims during these events (I really hope this feature is sticking around!) Explained here


The Aerobics event is probably the worst one so far- that was completely impossible! (something to look forward to if you haven’t done this one yet!) You have 7 days to firstly reach level 6 in the hobby to be able to complete it AND also complete the collection 7 times in those 7 days?! I know most people had a similar experience to me with this one, I managed to complete it twice but only because I used a lucky spin to get the level 6 one I needed while my sim was still on level 5. It took 6 days to reach level 6 so I basically had one day to complete the collection 7 times! I’m not a big fan of hobby events as soon as you unlock a new hobby but at least on previous ones we only had to complete the collection once in the time as well as level up which was manageable.

Jenn on the Aerobics hobby:screenshot-2017-02-12-at-15-53-59

I know it comes down to making money at the end of the day which they need to do but I think spending money should make it easier to complete, not make it possible! I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on this game- I am a poor student after all! £5 for Laura Craft?! I wish I had £5 to spend on lunch!

And yes I also know they bring these events back but the game stops being enjoyable when you fail every event- is there any point in trying when the odds are against you?

What do you all think?

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  1. Agreeing with everyone else. I started playing back in 2012 and I played for about a year, then lost my tablet and couldn’t afford to replace it. Just started playing again in November of 2016, and had already decided: 1. I won’t spend any actual money on the game; 2. I’m not going to spend simoleons on my houses wherever possible until I have my town mostly complete, because spending on houses makes main quests unwinnable; and 3. The timed hobby events are worthless and I’ll try to complete the hobby but never spend SPs or LPs on the hobby. As a result I have yet to complete the hobbies on time, but since the items you “win” mostly aren’t free anyway, I thought it was no big loss.

    The first big event I played in since I came back was the Rainforest one. I wanted the ultimate prize, but not enough to dedicate more than a few Sims to working on it, and I appreciated that they had the community aspect so we were still able to play through a storyline even if we didn’t unlock most of the rainforest. When this one rolled around, I decided to really go for it and see if I could earn the French Chateau. I had all my sims working on it (bar one, which was needed for quest progression) and I couldn’t earn enough items to get even close. I would have needed to unlock three more things to get the Chateau. I’ll be happy if it comes back, and I’m happy that once the Chateau items were unlocked the first one was free (something they didn’t do with the rainforest items, smh). But I think it’s designed to be unwinnable and I’m annoyed. I would honestly rather buy the mobile version of the sims for $5-10 rather than the exploitative freemium model.

    It’s still not as bad as the MLP game, lol.

  2. Having attempted this event has actually soured this game for me. I understand the need to make a profit, but this is ridiculous! And close to two weeks of time invested only to realize it’s impossible! Oh, and of course they leave you with three days to decide if you want to dish out major real $$$$ just for the virtual chateau – yeah, right! The least they could have done was give the option of saving up major sim bucks or even LP to get it at a future time.
    And all that flipping advertising to watch trying to get people hooked on gambling. I sure hope more people than not have a strong resolve and don’t get desperate for ‘these prizes’!!!
    Okay, vent finished. On with real life! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing my post and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one! I feel like the deck was completely stacked against us!! They realized what we were doing when we used the cooking hobby for LP’s and then the LP’s for SP’s so they basically took that away. 20 LP’s for 1 spin is ridiculous…especially when it landed on the lowest amount of 3 almost every single time! I got 20 or 25 once and that was it. Every other spin was 3 or 5 and I ended up spinning around 600 LP’s worth. And even though I refuse to spend actual money on this game I was so desperate I was about to break down and spend $10…until I saw that would have only bought me 110 SP’s 😑 Even with 13 crafters and 15 cooks working full time I was still short a few hundred SP’s so it would have cost me almost $50 and I can’t justify spending that amount on a game. My husband was already aggravated with me for being attached to my phone for 12 straight days so that’s one argument I didn’t need lol. I’m just very disappointed with how the game is going lately. I didn’t finish the ice sculpture event either and I haven’t even tried the aerobics one yet…now I really don’t want to. I understand that this is a business and they need to make money from it but they’re taking the fun out of it.

  4. I totally agree with you and everbody. I have finished all the quests but only because I have spent a lot of my money on it. I love this game but we shouldn’t have to spend so much of our own money to play…a lot of people can’t afford it. I have sent emails and have made comments here and there and have never gotten a response. I love building and decorating houses but my lots are full, i am at level 55 and there’s no more, i am VIP 13 and would have to spend right around $400 to get to level 14. I have also spent around 3000 lp’s to finish my monuments bc I was curious about the volcano only to get NOTHING, just xp’s which go nowhere as i am level 55 and some coins. I have several empty houses and really want more sims. How is it our towns are to crowded with 35 sims and yet still have empty houses? The list goes on……I am a 45 yr old caregiver and I play to relax. I don’t want my sims to die so I have not done the life dreams and legacy quest….therefor missing out on all the things the island has to offer…..they need to start thinking about ALL the people that actually play the game and listen to what they want….they would probably have more people playing…just saying..

  5. I have to agree I spent way to much money just to speed up tasks so I could finish. Also I have yet to see a second chance to finish the romance island. Not everyone can spend 24/7 doing the game but the way the company’s behaving seems to indicate that is what it takes plus money. I have other things to deal with without the game adding to the stress.

  6. I’m starting to feel the same way – that this game has become something that is only frustrating. I can’t ever accomplish the events anymore either. I play a game to have fun, not feel frustrated. I have been fighting the temptation (especially after missing out on the French Chateau) to quit playing and delete the app off my device. My only hope is that some of these events will be offered again to those of us who couldn’t complete them. Otherwise, what is the point in ever playing if you never get anywhere?

  7. I agree, it’s becoming less and less fun, to the point where I considered not doing the French Chateau event. And that’s even with a VIP8 level, which I came by completely accidentally (see previous posts about losing progress and persisting with Firemonkeys to fix it). I’ve enjoyed this game for the nearly 2 years I’ve played it, but I’m realizing that there are many other things I’d like to spend my time on.

  8. I agree it is hard, i had 2 packs to unlock before getting the french chatue. It’s fustrating and i refuse to spend real money on this.

  9. I was able to get all but the last 4 and the house. When these happen like this, like the spa, I watch for the houses in the architecture tab where others used the items and get them that way. I worked hard at this one but there were not enough constructor coins for it.

  10. I gave up the game because it wasn’t possible to play this game and work for a living. I never invested a dime in this game because the game was free. I never expected to be caught between gambling in the hopes I can move forward (flowers) and just coming to an understanding I would lose. Thus I erased the game and moved onto another that lets me play and win while still challenging me.

  11. The only way to get the French chateau was to pay. And boy did I pay! 115.00$. And now I’m so exhausted financially and emotionally that I have not played 1 day of SFP since this feels like the quests pace has accelerated and that leaves little to build homes or just use what we already have. Who has used the spa recently? The new in thing is the movie director boom camera; I have not even started. No point even trying. Can’t be done

    • I have won every event cept rainforest one by means of cooking and ghosting to get the lps for the sps. It is possible to win wo spending money. I just finished the party house last nite. At most i spend $10 each even thats only cuz im impatient. But to really win is repetitive cooking ghosting and loads of time

  12. This game should be fun, not a chore. If only we worked this hard in REAL LIFE would we actually reach our GOALS. I have simply chosen to play when I can knowing I will have to wait for a quest to be repeated to complete them. It was the only way I could complete the Spa Retreat and Ice Sculpture ones.

  13. I didn’t spend a dime of real money on this event, nor did I spend LPs or SPs on it. I happily completed the entire event, and am thrilled with my chateau. However, I work from home, so babysitting my Kindle Fire for bonuses wasn’t that hard. And I lucked out and rolled a couple of 125 CC jackpots(!). If I was working outside my home or going to school, it would’ve been exceedingly difficult—if not impossible—to complete.

    I was really ticked about the Christmas Event, though—I played exactly the same way I did on the French Romance event (which was every waking hour), and didn’t remotely have a chance to complete the Fairy Island. Getting over 1800 CCs was impossible when you only rolled 1-3 CCs each time. And the Aerobics hobby? I completed one set, and I was resigned at the time that I might not even get that. It was the same for me with the Shopping hobby—I didn’t get the indoor skydiving-thingie, because completing the event in 7 days was impossible to do without using LPs.

    EA’s greed is showing, and the game has suffered for it.

  14. I agree, the quests are impossible especially the live quests and those attached to hobbies. I have not achieved one yet in the time frame despite playing non-stop and using up all of my LP’s or SP’s (depending on the quest). I am still trying to do the finger painting quest 5 days after missing out on the time limited prize. I used up all of the LP’s I had saved up, added an extra 24 hours to the quest, and had a toddler painting all day and all night but still wasn’t able to get all of the paintings. I have now played a further 5 days painting day and night but the final painting still hasn’t come out!! The French chateau quest only gave me 8 days to complete it. I had all of the stations in use day and night, while the other sims earned points so I could do the spins, but I still only got half way. It has got to the point where it is not fun any more and I am just considering not playing because what is the point in even starting a quest if you know you are never going to finish it and you will miss out on the prize anyway.

  15. I make a good amount of cash I guess, I’m not broke. I end up spending $20-$40 a week on sims FreePlay …. and I STILL never finish the events lmao!!! My boyfriend keeps telling me it’s a money pit….Its annoying me off I grind for lps in cooking and diving and sometimes fashion designer and fishing…and I still have spent money and I never can finish one stupid event!!! Doesn’t add up to me!! I’m not gonna stop playing it’s too fun and I appreciate and want to support a game that is fun but dang atleast let a girl finish an event here or there!

  16. This event was kinda hard for me. Idk if it’s because I’m still at Level 30 at that time. I have about 24 sims during the event, some were making crafts, the rest were cooking because I don’t have timed main quests, I have a lot of time for the event. However, days passed & it’s not getting any easier. I only get around 1-3 construction coins, which is a pain to get. I tried converting my LPs into SPs just so to help, but sadly, it won’t suffice. Time was running out & I only had 1 more pack left to unlock. I felt so frustrated because not only did I didn’t get enough sleep but also I invested so much time on it. So yeah, the event ended & I wasn’t able to get the chateau with just one pack left to unlock. I paid for it though with the thought that I might not be able to wait any longer anymore if there are more events like this. This time, I skipped the chocolatier hobby & instead focused on cooking to save up LPs & SPs for the Tropical Island event. 😦

  17. I experienced the same thing! I’ve put all my time and energy into the last 4 or 5 events and still have yet to complete them/ get the one last item needed. I was really looking forward to receiving the chateau. I worked so hard and even had the bar at the top finished 3 days prior to the chateau event being over and yet I still needed over 400 social points to get the remaining item, I also noticed the dining room table, some bedroom furniture including the end tables, dresser and armior were not something we could get unless we won the chateau. I’m upset too. I spend a lot of money on this game, put a lot of time and effort into the events and still can’t finish them on time. I’m really upset about that.

  18. I agree, some Events are getting impossible especially Events that require Social Points or those that use Hobbies. Not only are the Event getting impossible but they also appear very freqently. By the time one Event ends, another one is going to start. This was worse for Simmers who unlocked Aging as prior to French Romance, you had to use LP to reverse aging meaning the constant Events led to Sims aging and not being able to complete their Life Dreams. While removing the LP requirement will make people happy, it seems people are now angry at the impossible Events leading to the point of people rage quitting the game.

    The first type of Hobbies referred as Timed Hobbies (Finger Painting, Makeup Artist, Fashion Hunter, etc.) are pretty much impossible to earn the prize without using Lifestyle Points. First, you have to use up most of the days to reach Level 6 and use the remaining time to earn the final Collectibles to get the Prize but this isn’t easy due to the game’s random number generator (RNG) since you tend to get the same item over and over again. Aerobics is considered the worst Hobby as not only do you have one prize, you have SEVEN, yes seven, so you have to get the Hobby Collection 7 times AND complete it under 7 days. I’m sure most guides, including this one, recommend that “players get a lot of LP when doing this Hobby”.

    The other types of Hobbies known as Time Limited Events depends on which Hobby is used. Hobbies with short times like Fashion Designer make it easier to complete the Event but Hobbies that have actions with long times and/or limit the number of Sims will be harder such as Fishing, Woodworking, Catwalk Modelling, Chocolatier, and Ice Sculpture. I’m not sure about Simmers’ opinion on the Chocolatier Hobby since you can have more Chocolatier Benches but they did reduce the LP reward from 3 to 2.

    The Community/Live Events that use Social Points are also impossible without using real money on Social Points. Romance Island and SimTown Health Spa had the problem of not enough Resources (I couldn’t get all prizes since I wasn’t able to get all Resources) while The Prince & The Pocket-Sized Princess and French Romance had the issue of not enough coins. The problem with the Construction Coins is that you only get 1-3 coins per Spin when you need like 1000+. And using SP instead of LP makes it even more problematic especially with Doctor, Doctor making Social Point Flowers cost 20 LPs which isn’t helped that Neighbors is the only other way to earn them. While SimTown Health Spa returned a few months after its introduction, Romance Island didn’t appear again until next year. While old players will get a second chance, history is probably going to repeat itself with players who didn’t do Romance Island in 2016.

    While SimTown Market isn’t impossible if you have good upgraded Workstations, the problem is that it uses your Resources which is problematic if you’re saving those Resources for unlocking new Workstations. Couriers will arrive in place of regular/Inportant Sims that takes 1/2 or 1/3 (depending on Profession) of a Sim’s time which isn’t helped that LP can’t be used to instantly finish the action. And the Event uses SP just like the Community/Live Events. It’s almost required to have non-Specialized Sims work in the Career to deal with the Courier.

    Previously time limits were a big problem with Quests that had building requirements as the time increased for each building but the time limit didn’t scale making this problematic. Multi-Story Renovations was considered impossible without using LP to build the Community Center but Firemonkeys seems to fixed it as I only needed 18 hours to build it.

  19. I agree with everyone. I was able to get one outfit by the seven days. I’ve had to cut down on spending real money, and it’s been impossible for me to finish any of the hobby timed events. The chateau was hard, but I finished it with three days to spare. I’ve been getting my mail each night and holding off spinning the social points till one of these events. I also found that if I put 8 to 10 sims doing these at one house, and the others at another house doing the least minimum each time and the most maximum before work and bed. I saved my social points for the very last. As I unlocked them, I purchased the expensive one first, the next expensive, etc. I did not buy LP’s or social points.

  20. I agree with everyone here. I could not stand not to have the chateau so I played and played and PAID. For anyone who is devastated, it’s a nice house but it would have been nicer to buy new stuff in real life! (FYI I live next to a luxury shopping center so it’s SFP or Sephora/Caudalie). I only came back to playing SFP after being gone for a longs while because the quests are nearly impossible to complete without spending money. After reading the posts on the Aerobics hobby, I stopped sat the first outfit. For the Romance quest I even got Laura Craft because I thought she looked cool, but not worth it (bet you could have guessed). I’ve decided to restrict my IAP privileges because it’s ridiculous how much I want to spend on this game that makes me so frustrated. I do feel bad if it’s people like me who make the Deb’s think it’s ok to ruin it for everyone else. Sorry for the long rant but it’s been simmering for years.

  21. What I think was the most frustrating and unfair part of the Chateu event was that people had different requirements – so some players had to work even harder than others. Totally unfair.

  22. I have been playing this game on and off for 5 years now, and i too have noticed that these quests, and events have become nearly impossible to even come close to completing unless you spend quite a bit of real money and spend all of your time on the game setting alarms etc. I understand that EA has to make money however they are not a small start up game company. They are a huge company that is coming across as very greedy, and is taking all the fun out of the game. This game as far as i can tell started out as a game for kids, teens , and adults to play, but unless you are an adult without any other real life, there is no way to really play and enjoy the game anymore.

  23. I agree completely, and I’ve been having the same issue you described with the aerobics event with the chocolatier event that’s on just now. There’s three days to finish, and I’ve only just managed to finish one time through, with 4/5 sims working as constantly as I can manage around school, homework and sleep, and all my other adult sims cooking for LPs. It’s absolutely insane, and the reason I actually quit the game a year or so ago, before picking it up again a couple weeks ago.

  24. I agree with everyone here. The quests are becoming increasingly impossible to complete. There is just not enough time in the day. I have been playing for years. I have never had the difficulty completing the quests as I have in the past year. It’s very frustrating and discouraging. The time that they give to complete the quests is not nearly enough when coupled with the time that each hobby or task takes to do. I didn’t get the fairy island finished. I was really looking forward to the Chateau. Now I’m just very disappointed after spending everyday, almost all day working on the quest. I haven’t been back to the game since losing two quests in a row. I’m almost afraid of starting another one. Something definitely needs to change.

    • So I agree with everything everyone said it is truly ridiculous. Four the fairy event I literally gave up I got like 3 things unlocked. And four the French chateau THEY COMPLETELY CHEATED you usually get 7 DAYS EXTRA to collect what you needed to collect but they only gave 3 this is crazy if I had 7 days I would have set my adults and toddlers to work. Anyway I am on level 52 and thanks to make 2 I just stayed on the high school quest so I’m gonna earn all the lp I can to complete the island event.

  25. Is there any way I can help?

    Your experience was mine, that you couldn’t get constructer coins, and were basically forced to use LP’s.

    I did get the Château, but only after paying real money for the SP to get the last two items. (I didn’t pay much, I think it was 20€ by the end of it, and I only did so because I was NOT going to risk not getting the Château – for Realzins, this was the one item out of all the events I’ve really wanted. (You decide for yourself whether or not to spend money on a virtual game.) I’ve not managed any event otherwise. Not even the Sauna event, which I’ve now had twice.

    As for the chocolatier carnival event, I did finish it – already had done the chocolatier hobby for other thing – but I didn’t find the costumes worth the bother, unless they’re you’re taste. (I’ve apparently understood carnival and “new hobby” wrong, since here in Germany, Karneval is going on now, and the costumes look more like Show Girl’s costumes than… costumes at all… is this an American thing now?)

    Anyway, all that aside…

    I’m not sure if FireMonkeys are listening to their users, so I’m not sure if sending a complaint through email would be of use or not. Any better ideas?

  26. It is nice to read I’m not the only one who finds these events (almost?) impossible.
    I was able to finish the french romance event but I’m staying at home at the moment so that made it possible for me to do the shortest tasks. And I got lucky with the CC spins (not many grasshoppers but ‘relatively’ few 1, 2 or 3 coins spins.
    I have yet to do the guru quest and the aerobics hobby but I don’t really want to start those. Because they will drain my LP’s again.
    I think I’ll have to decide which events I really want to do and spend my LP’s on those and just ignore the rest. Impossible events sure take the fun out of the game.

  27. I’ve been reading this sub for a while and first off I love all your help with this game and I enjoy coming to this page. I came to say I appreciate you being honest about the sometimes ridiculous timed events. I will always play this game but it’s nice to hear you be brutally honest and say what everyone else is thinking. Keep up the good work. Love your work!

  28. Hey WM FYI tropical romance event has started for non-completers. It looks pretty similar to your post except they’ve abandoned the claim a prize daily goal that was discontinued mid way through the last spa event. Keep up the good work. Sorry you didn’t get the chateaux. I didn’t either, possibly because our internet crashed for two weeks. This also meant I didn’t finish the Ice Palace event and ea are re-running that now too.

      • I’ve already decided I’m not devoting the next 2 weeks of my life, or any real money, trying to win an impossible challenge. The prizes aren’t that great either. I’m experiencing burn out with this game, after the Chateau fiasco. I may play the Island one a bit, but I don’t even want to waste Social Points or Simoleans on the plants to grow the fruit, since I won’t finish the event. If EA reads these posts, please know it’s not anything “the girl who games” said, that caused me not to play – it was the experience of playing for the Chateaux, it being impossible to win without spending a disproportionate amount of real money. Also, I notice the community meter on the Island event is barely advancing. So now I wonder how many other seasoned players have dropped out.

  29. So happy you posted this, I agree completely!! I sometimes don’t even bother with these events or give up halfway through when I get discouraged, because I know that there’s no way I’ll ever finish, even though I’m playing nonstop!
    Honestly there should be an easier way to get constructor coins because realistically it is nearly impossible to get enough coins, unless you luck out on the spin plan all the time, or you pay a FORTUNE for SP which is ridiculous. I know it’s a money making tactic, but if it makes people dislike the game, it’s a bad tactic in my opinion.

  30. Hi. I read a post on your blog from tasagirl that referred to her switching back and forth between an iPhone and iPad to play the game. I’m fairly new to the play so I could have misunderstood but I checked EA’s help section because I wanted the game on my 2 devices. I could swear it said you could only play the game on one device. Am I missing something?


    • If you want to play on two devices you need to be connected to the same method of saving, for example, facebook or game center. Then you can upload your game on one device and then download it on the other. BUT I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are confident with what you are doing as if you forget one time you will lose progress. It may be easier to just have two different games!

      • I do this between my phone and tablet. But to be fair, I ALWAYS upload my game save data before exiting the game, just in case, so it’s not a big deal for me. More of an issue is remembering to download the up to date game data on the secondary device before beginning to play. I usually play on my phone and only occasionally on my tablet, but it does work very well as long as you remember downloading and uploading the save data.

  31. Yes totally agreeing with you. I really looked forward in unlocking the french chateau. I made sure all my sims worked 24 hours non stop on the stations. Made sure i unlock the rewards just to ensure i get those daily bonuses. Spent over 500+ SP and LP which took me almost 1 1/2 to accumulate just to ensure i get it. ( I seldom spend my SP and LP just for these kind of event) In the end i cant even get it. Huge disappointment! I guess maybe i need more than 1000+ just to get a freaking house. Wasted time and wasted effort……with the sunset mall bug still on my phone despite several attempts of contacting firemonkey they still couldn’t solve it. Starting to consider maybe its time to stop and spend on more meaningful and realistic games

  32. I agree, this event was nearly impossible. I set an alarm each time and was only doing the shortest option. I had the max number of sims working at all times, but even then I still had to spend around an extra 200sps and 140lps to get the chateau and that only got me like around 200 constructor coins. I used the spins a few times but then I realized for 20sp you only get like 5 constructor coins so it’s pretty much a waste.
    I honestly don’t even bother with the time limited hobbies anymore, more than half of them are impossible. Back when the salsa dancing/break dancing hobbies were first introduced I was still working on them for a month after the time limit since there would always be that last one that seems almost impossible to get.
    The prices for building new stuff in the town is ridiculous now, community buildings are like 2 mil+ and if I try to build architect homes it’s like 4-8mil. My daily bonus is only 300k so I don’t understand how they expect us to save up that much for buildings.

    • You are so right, impossible to complete in the time allowed plus with limited working stations it’s even harder. I think they forget that we have lives and activities and can’t be glued to our Sims 24/7.
      In regard to the architect houses, besides being ridiculously expensive most aren’t even complete..missing bathrooms, kitchens, main doors and inner doors etc. for that amount I want a complete!

    • Yeah! I’m going to have to delete the game. I was starting to feel insane trying to finish one hobby, probably took 100 times to get the last piece of the fashion designer collection.

  33. I don’t really see a problem with this actually. Yes, these community events are impossible to finish unless you have a lot of SPs, but they do bring them back eventually. So, it’s like… if you pay $$$ (that I do not), you will be able to finish them in the first round, if not, you will just have to wait for the second round and get the rest of the stuff then and that’s it. At least that’s what I did. I was missing one more thing at the Tropical Island and two more at the Sauna and had no problem at all to get them when those events returned. And now I am waiting for the French Romance and the xmas event to return to get the missing stuff from those as well.

    And same for the other events, like Ice Sculpture, that they brought back already, just a few weeks after the first round and I guess the Aerobics will be like that as well (I am only starting that now). So, I don’t get all this drama, as you will be able to get all the stuff eventually, just have to wait.

  34. I agree with all of this. I’m never going to spend any money on the game, so a lot of it is impossible. I used to play everyday, but with the addition of the careers, that’s just too much work And the timed events are even worse. I didn’t even get a chance to do the Christmas one as the update wasn’t available for windows phones until after the event was over, and the French Chateau event was impossible.

  35. Honestly speaking the sims freeplay event quest are getting really….. I don’t know the word I want to use but I know I for one am not excited when a quest comer around. The christmas quest in 2014 where we had to collect the winter clothes that was fun, the storyline and quest itself was amazing. But now they have this new quest format which I don’t mind but last year’s Christmas quest I didn’t even bother because christmas has nothing to do with fairies. I got one will be stepping away from the sims for a while but will still check the post and make 2 to see what’s happening. But I will play other games like hollywood u and high school story they are both similar to the sims……in a way but making money is easier. So if anyone out there wants to quit or take a break I would suggest those two games and even sim city that’s also fun thanks.

  36. Okay…so this is the second time I’ve failed to complete the Romance Island Quest!! I was only able to finish it halfway the first go round and this time my fruit trees, bushes & social point spinner were missing for the first 3 days of the quest?! I had to contact the help desk and it took them at least a day or two to respond and get my quest going. I noticed that they didn’t extend the time even though it was their glitch. So, I had my sims working all day & night and still couldn’t unlock the wedding venue or bungalow. It is so aggravating!!

  37. The quest are impossible whether you pay or not.

    Also with the career work shifts meeting the quota is also impossible, they put in sims you can’t help for things I haven’t built yet. This game is just annoying now!

  38. I’m new to Sim FreePlay and the Dream Daycare Luve Event is my first event. I have 15 Sims working night and day on the craft tables to make as many items as possible and I can already tell that I will fall impossibly short on the wrench tokens. 8 hours to craft 510 candles, have to spend most on 1 measly spin which often ends up on tiny amounts of tokens and even earning 20 tokens for meeting all the daily goals will never earn enough. And now they’re already advertising a Boutique Hair Event. Um…no thanks. What a waste of time and all in the name of milking people out of money. I think the game deserves a bit of money from players, but hundreds here and there? No.

  39. Come on Firemonkey developers, you have heard all the disappointing comments from your players; now in the goodness of your heart please show some compassion. I too cannot complete the event within the time allowed and you know full well that it is impossible to do without having to spend money to do so. Your players became excited when awaiting the next game update and only to be let down with you knowing full well that the event is impossible to complete nor giving the Player the opportunity to extend the time limit. My advice to you is to be more compassionate please or risk losing your players by putting them off.

  40. First of all: thegirlwhogames is also thegirlwhorocks!! Your blog has already helped me sooo much – thank you for sharing your experiences!!

    WOW!!! So this is what I have to look forward to?!? I just started playing (lvl 13) and was dissappointed about not finishing the Fashion Designer Quest. I don’t think I had 7 days to do it, just popped up (I probably started the game in the middle of the time limit). I figured it was lack of experience. But then i was able to complete the Mysterious Island quest & even got that Island Sentinel (only had to spend 1 LP to complete it in time). Y’all are pros & I ‘hear’ the growing frustration about how difficult the hobby challenges are…or, will be!!! Time will tell I suppose…

  41. Yay! Completed the Party Time Live Event with 19 hours to spare, no social points spent! Thank you EA for finally doing the math on an event! I did use Laura Craft, however I think it might have been possible without her, as well. Nice for a change! Good to know they were listening… Finally. Now if only they had started with the Daycare Event… Really wanted that one, but I did the math and it didn’t add up on that one! The timing was impossible, but not so this time! I’d like to think our voices here might have had a part in that…

  42. I feel the same way!!! I’ve been doing the party event, and I just need like, one more day to unlock it! I don’t have a job (because I’m a freshie in HS), and I wouldn’t want to waste money on something that can disappear anyway, but come on! Can’t they just add a couple of days onto this? I have to sleep and do school!

  43. I didn’t get enough construction coins..too many spins of only getting 1 or 2 coins. To date I’ve never gotten the 3 grasshoppers, only twice have I gotten 2 grasshoppers.

  44. I agree 100%!! I tried as hard as I could to get the French Chateau and didn’t even get close which was really frustrating. Now with the last event the party one I really wanted the party house and once again tried as hard as I could and didn’t even get close. It would be so much better if you just had to unlock all the prizes before the last one instead of actually purchasing them. The way they are doing it now it’s impossible to complete the events unless you spend actually money on it like you said. Im lucky if I’m able to spend $10 a month on the game and I always just use that to by Lifestyle Lotus plants because I’ve found I get more lp that way. I actually hit the 350 lp jackpot the other at which was awesome. Anyways I just wanted to say I completely agree and that I love your blog. It’s really helpful!

  45. yeyes since they changed from 5 lp to 20 lp to spin the socisocial flower I to have had difficulty completely the quests. I also have done the activities around the clock. I wont pay $5 for the helper girl either…freeplay should be free

  46. I am im agreement with everyone else, and it seems it still hasn’t changed. I have failed every event, and even to the extent of spending over 1,000 SP, and thats a lot! The spa event I wanted so badly. Even ended up spending an insane amount of $$ (about $60!) And to no avail. Each event i have spent hard earned SP and real cash (but never that much again) and have not even come close. I have also used Laura Craft each time, and still cannot complete it. It seems it would cost at least $100 to complete the events, if not more. Its really taken my favorite game down for me. So sad.

  47. I spend day and night on these events and I never finish. I can get about halfway through unlocking items in a couple days then after I unlock using the glass the increase the limit of items from like 5000 to 15000 and it’s ridiculous, I spent 20 dollars and still didn’t finish the event and who knows when the events come back.

  48. They broke my interest in the game with the French Chateau. I wanted it so badly. It would have cost way too much to finish so I decided I would wait for a player made home that had the staircase to be posted. But so far there hasn’t been one.

    I will never pay for an event. I don’t trust them any more.

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