The Sims Freeplay- Impossible Events Aren’t Fun!

I was desperate to get the French Chateau and even though I played day and night I still was unable to complete it in the time limit 😦 I’ve noticed this has been a pattern for some time now; I couldn’t complete the Christmas event, I couldn’t complete the Ice Sculpture event, I couldn’t complete the Aerobics event but I have not changed how I play the game!

And I am not the only one who has noticed this. Holly on the French Romance Event:screenshot-2017-02-12-at-15-56-04

I need 184 social points to buy the requirements for one last pack to complete this event, do I have that many? Not a chance! Maybe if they didn’t up the price of the social point flower to 20LPs from 5 I would have used my LPs on that but that is no longer fair..


BUT I am happy you can now pause the ageing of your sims for free so you don’t end up losing all your sims during these events (I really hope this feature is sticking around!) Explained here


The Aerobics event is probably the worst one so far- that was completely impossible! (something to look forward to if you haven’t done this one yet!) You have 7 days to firstly reach level 6 in the hobby to be able to complete it AND also complete the collection 7 times in those 7 days?! I know most people had a similar experience to me with this one, I managed to complete it twice but only because I used a lucky spin to get the level 6 one I needed while my sim was still on level 5. It took 6 days to reach level 6 so I basically had one day to complete the collection 7 times! I’m not a big fan of hobby events as soon as you unlock a new hobby but at least on previous ones we only had to complete the collection once in the time as well as level up which was manageable.

Jenn on the Aerobics hobby:screenshot-2017-02-12-at-15-53-59

I know it comes down to making money at the end of the day which they need to do but I think spending money should make it easier to complete, not make it possible! I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on this game- I am a poor student after all! £5 for Laura Craft?! I wish I had £5 to spend on lunch!

And yes I also know they bring these events back but the game stops being enjoyable when you fail every event- is there any point in trying when the odds are against you?

What do you all think?

213 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Impossible Events Aren’t Fun!

  1. Am i the only one that finds the long hair event impossible? I have four sims working 10 minute designs on it for around 14 hours now and i still only got 3 designs over and over.. am i doing smth wrong? pls help i REALLY want the hairs

    • Have you got a sim at level 6 in the fashion designer hobby yet? If not you won’t be able to complete the collection, do a longer option to level your sim up faster to level 6 to be able to unlock all of the fashion designs to complete the collection.

    • They should be in the event items tab of your inventory but did you definitely store them? You might have left them at a house if you cannot find them. If you click on the craft station in your event tab you will get the option to find your station, it will take you to the house where your stations can be found if you have left them out.

  2. I am on the French Romance live event and working super hard to win the French Chanteau mansion. I have actually spent real money purchasing SP’s to finish faster. I have purchased as many of the Craft areas allowed. I have my sims working 24/7. First of all my time is almost done and it said originally i had 12 days but it’s only been like 7. I messaged them and am waiting for a reply but my time will probably be over by then. This is honestly an impossible mission. Makes me really wanna quit because i spent $33 on SP’s and LP’s . I refuse to spend any more money if I’m not going to win anyway.

  3. I tried reading through the comments to see if this was already asked, but: if the French romance quest comes back around, so I have to re-unlock all prizes to get the French chateau? Is my progress on the event stored so I just have to wait several months until this event comes back around? If they make me start over I’ll really scream. Thanks for the post! I’ve learned a lot just from reading it and the comments. Armed with info about how impossible the challenges are, I can resist spending small amounts of money here and there thinking it will help.

  4. I agree with you, these events have become impossible to beat without spending money. I don’t even attempt them anymore after being ripped off on the spa because I was forced to pay to not lose what I had earned before time ran out. And now we have the pregnancy event. I noticed after I completed the event the first time that the other Sim’s needs are now plummeting, so the idea is that we’re supposed to replace all of our current Sims with the new and improved ones. So I tried a second baby. It ends tomorrow and the helper needs are only at about 70%, which means I would have to purchase social points to successfully finish this one, so…it’s not going to make it. So after all I’ve done for 8 days will be wasted tomorrow on, I assume, just another needy, regular old Sim. Thanks a lot to the makers for that joke. This has really ruined my interest in the game. I’ve noticed the pet’s needs for attention are also dropping quickly now, so it’s time to thin the herd on pets and Sims. I’m not doing the pregnancy thing again since it’s impossible and therefore, no longer any fun. I can ‘buy’ happiness on tangible things. The requirements are ridiculous in needing 13 Sims for some tasks that require an additional 13 Sims to complete them with! It’s just about greed now and this pregnancy event has proven that true.

  5. I am currently TRYING to complete the 10 day Luxury Living event. I am studying at home for insane hours so Ive been able to do the 2.5 hour tasks and also collect the bonus items that pop up every minute. I ALSO purchased Laura Craft.

    I calculated it and to unlock & claim all of the items I would have to make 70,400 jewelry. Using the 2.5 hour task you make 226/hour. It would take me 13 DAYS to do that, even if I ONLY used the 2.5 hour task and never slept. Ive already spent about $40 on LP to try to get a head start and now its probable I won’t even get the prizes I wanted.

    SO based on my calculation THIS EVENT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

    Also, ever tried to buy the items you didn’t win after an event? Last time I would have to spend about $100 to get them even though I worked tirelessly for 10 days. Its sickening the tactics they use to get money out of us.

    • Like I said in the post they do make these events impossible! I have sort of given up trying to complete these in time now because I know they will be back again one day so I can finish it then, live events aren’t my favourite due to how impossible they are but for some reason most players love them so they keep adding new ones!

  6. I almost finished the French romance challenge last time but fell short of the last item. This time it started again but I can only make candles. Is the game gonna progress into pottery and jewelry and glass?!?!?

  7. I agree its not fair and not fun. I actually spent money on the luxury living event and still didnt finish. By the time I was down to my last 5 hours I would have needed to spend at least $50.00 to get the sp needed to get the grand prize. This would be in addition to the $30.00 I’d already spent to get to that point, mind you. That would’ve been almost $100.00 of real money spent on a little cartoon house. That is utterly ridiculous. How greedy can the makers of this game get? It is already a huge time commitment to be playing these challenges around the clock for 10, 11 days at a time. They want hundreds of dollars per player in addition to that too? No way. Ive got 24 hours left in the french romance event and I’m still three milestones away from the chateau. I havent spent any money this time, but Ive been meticulous about checking in. Even still $100 would need to be spent to be able to get the chateau before the event ends. I hate that I’ve wasted my time like this. App deleted.

  8. I just completed the French Event…won all of the prizes but the French Chateau wasn’t free as it was supposed to be?!? I just contacted Firemonkeys about it. I requested they either put the French Chateau in my home building inventory for the FREE first build as it was supposed to be or that they provide me the Simoleans necessary to purchase it and build it.

    The game has been SEVERELY glitchy as of late!

    I’ll try to remind myself to check back in to let you all know what happens.

    • Have you previously brought the chateau from the online store? If so they don’t make it free when you complete the event to unlock it unfortunately, they really should seeing as you brought something for real money only for it to be added back to the game again to unlock for free!

  9. I know I’m not the only one but the Chase live event? I’m playing a game where I have agreed to watch commercials. I like the challenges but why make them impossible? The Chase quest bankrupts the player on purpose. You’re paying to win with the mastery class prices that keep getting higher and higher each race. At least with the pregnancy event you know the price of the doctor and fitness visits and can plan for the expense. It’s truly angering to have a free play with commercials game that then insists you spend real cash just to win challenges you’ve spent hours playing. I should add that I appreciate some recent changes in the Marketplace using commercials to help a player get ahead. I wish that could be added to the master class part of the Chase event. Thanks for giving me a place to rant. I totally love your blog.

  10. I too am thoroughly disappointed that these “challenges” are virtually impossible to complete. I deleted this game 3 years ago for that reason, but downloaded it again! Why? I’ve considered actually buying the PC game Sims3, at least that’s a one off expense. I done with Sims FreePlay, AGAIN,

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