The Sims Freeplay- Ice Sculpture Special Event


You have 10 days to complete the Ice Sculpture hobby 12 times to unlock all 12 ice themed packs, you get a pack each time you complete the hobby collection:

Out of the 12 packs there are to unlock, 11 of those were prizes in the Secret Winter Wonderland Christmas 2015 Quest. If you completed each part of that quest you will have unlocked all those prizes so you will only have to complete the collection once to unlock the last pack!

Confused about time limited hobby events? This video explains how they work:

How can you do this hobby?

Buy Ice Pedestals from the promotions r us store, you can buy 15 of these and the price increases each time you buy one:

  1. S1,000
  2. S1,100
  3. S1,300
  4. S1,900
  5. S2,500
  6. S9,000
  7. S20,000
  8. S35,000
  9. S50,000
  10. 8SPs
  11. 12SPs
  12. 18SPs
  13. 26SPs
  14. 32SPs
  15. 40SPs

Once you have brought an ice pedestal you can find it in the inventory under hobby and career items to place in a house:

Who can do this hobby?

Adult sims, you can have a maximum of 15 sims completing this at once.

What are the options?

  • Practice Sculpting- 5 hours 45 minutes
  • Conjure Masterpiece- 8 hours




  • I would recommend having one sim doing the longest option to try and level up quicker while other sims can do the shorter option to find the collectibles for the levels you have currently unlocked.
  • Have more than one sim working on it- I have 9

  • Remember to click start new collection at the top of the ice sculpture collection list once you have got all of the collectibles, as shown in this post
  • Once you have completed the collection for the first time you can have all sims on the shortest option, as once you reach level 6 all the items will be unlocked so the shortest option will help you earn more collectibles in the time limit!
  • You can always use the lucky spin on a row if you are really struggling, this video shows you how the lucky spin works
  • Most importantly: just keep going! I know it’s annoying when you get the same one constantly but you will eventually get the ones you need and this event will probably return if you don’t manage to complete it this time!

Find hobbies confusing? Read this post


these pictures are from the Christmas 2015 quest post, the first one of each is free

 1. Ice Themed Walls, Floors and Roofs


2.Ice Themed Dining Table, Chairs and Candelabras


3.Ice Themed Windows and Doors- and stairs!




4. Ice Themed Coffee Table and Bookcase


5.Ice Themed Sofas


6.Ice Themed Toilet, Sink and Bath


7. Ice Themed Kitchen Counters and Sink


Sink can be found in the kitchen section

8.Ice Themed Fridge


9. Ice Themed Stove and Fire Pit


10. Ice Themed Dressers


11. Ice Themed Beds and Bedside Table


12. Icy Ornaments



51 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Ice Sculpture Special Event

  1. I have the Ancient Goddess at level 18 (36% bonus hobby skill) so this won’t be accurate for everyone, however it will give a rough idea of the time and/or cost it will take to reach level 6.

    lvl 1 to lvl 2 = 1 x 5h45m
    lvl 2 to lvl 3 = 1 x 5h45m
    lvl 3 to lvl 4 = 1 x 5h45m + 1 x 8h
    lvl 4 to lvl 5 = 2 x 8h
    lvl 5 to lvl 6 = 6 x 8h

    lvl 1 to lvl 6 = 3 x 5h45m + 9 x 8h

    The first three times I did the 5h45m option, waited 3h45m and used 1 lp to complete. Then I did the 8h option nine times and used 7 lp a time to finish without waiting.

    Total cost was 66 lp, but I now have 9 1/2 days to try and complete all the sets. Without using lp it wold have taken around 84 hours leaving less than a week to try and complete all the sets, which I think would be impossible!

  2. My hobby/quest times delete a lot faster than they should. My last one was 7 days and it was over in 3 days. I get a day deleted in the morning and then again at night. It doesn’t seem worth it for me to do these timed quests and knock myself out. I can’t figure it out, but it’s consistently like this.

      • It said I had 7 days. The sorcery one I believe was 11 days and is already at 3 days. It’s very odd, esp when this has gone on for several quests. Im keeping up with the time, but there’s something odd when you can purchase some of these things in the cart store with real money and they’re there for longer than the quest. I know I’ll need proof, but the next quest, I’ll take screen shots of the timing/dates.Maybe that will help, and no, I don’t try to change the times as I’ve read that people do in order to gain more money, time, etc. That’s cheating, so why play?

      • I would suggest you contact EA about this issue, it does sound like a glitch on your game- definitely get some screenshots with the time and day you took them so they can see what is happening.

    • I had this problem with every update. I contacted sims and after they investigated they gave me a ton of pls and money but said I could not get the rewards because it ended. Now I constantly save and use another device to upload from the cloud. I think if you are doing another timed event and they add one or update the game it happens. Use the cloud as much as you can and it may save you…..

    • I asked a question pertaining to this once and the admin had answered me but I asked Fire Monkeys too and they never gave me an adequate response, though I think I might have figured it out last night. I’m playing the game on U.S. time, but I’ve noticed that the time clock for events doesn’t go down after midnight [which is what I would expect a full ‘day’ to be for U.S. players]. Instead it goes down after noon, specifically after 3pm.
      Looking at the difference between most U.S. cities and Australia where the game originated, 3pm is their 8 or 9pm, and their day usually ends around that time. Therefore the clocks are actually considering a ‘day’ using Australian time, instead of U.S. time.
      In order to get the full use of the event clock for events, U.S. players would have to switch their day and night cycles to coincide with Australian time, so they don’t get ”half” days. If that makes any sense.
      That probably didn’t answer your question, but I felt like it needed to be shared. 🙂

      • Thank you. I’ll try that, though it seems to be working a little better, but too late for the ice sculpture one. Now, if I could get a full day of the pie’s use!

      • Huh, this really interesting. I’m Australian, so I never noticed, but you’d think they’d fix the timer for different regions..

  3. Hello. I wanted to ask [this is unrelated to the Ice Sculpture event, but it was the most recent post]. When your Facebook account was blocked, did they also block your Sims game as well? I was on Facebook a few years ago and lost one of my games because my account got disabled and I couldn’t get back on. I’ve been playing SF on a Kindle Fire and recently got a new FB account and wanted to sync the two, but I’m wary because I fear if the same thing happens to this new account that I’ll lose all of my current game information on my Kindle, and I don’t want that to happen. So I guess the question is should I sync them or just keep the two separate instead?

    • No I could still get on my sims game but I couldn’t save it to the cloud so when my device crashed I lost everything as google play games didn’t save it! I would definitely sync them, I don’t know why you couldn’t get onto your game after they disabled your facebook as they aren’t related but if you don’t connect to facebook and your kindle crashes you will lose your game anyway!

      • I think it’s because the game I lost was part of the site as well as an app, so I lost both games. It wasn’t the Sims, though, but a different one. I couldn’t get back onto my account so I lost all of the game information. It was for Dragon City which you can play both on the site and on the game app apart from Facebook.

        I did sync the two and it didn’t delete my current game which is what I thought it was going to do, so that was nice. If I lose my account then at least I still have the game on my Kindle. My Kindle’s pretty up to date and I haven’t had any problems there but hopefully I never lose it. That would suck. ;/

        Thank you for the reply. ^^

  4. Many of my sims are aging to seniors during this hobby event. I am running out of sims to do this hobby event with because I am not unlocking new sims and seniors cannot do this hobby. (Repeats galore)

    is there any way to speed up finding the objects or to prevent sims from aging? I don’t want to use platinum life orbs because most of the sims I do not plan on keeping. I have a list with about 55 names on it to use as sims and afaik, it is not possible to have 55 sims even when you get to max level and more names get added to the list as I meet new people.

    • If you don’t plan on keeping your sims then what is the problem? They will become seniors and you can just delete them and add a new adult sim to your town. The only other way is to do the lucky spin on a row to find one of them without using your sims.

  5. I really hate these events … I have 9 people working on this event constantly … I don’t forget to collect and have them start again .. I have been working on it for 5 days now … I have 4 days left … All my people are at max level for the hobby … I have NOT unlocked not one thing … Same thing happened to me last event with the men’s hair styles … These just don’t seem worth it

      • I was very glad I only had 1 set to unlock because I only had 36 hours left when I finally reached Level 6. I refused to use any LPs because I feel like it is a waste on the Hobby Events anymore. It did seem to age my SIMS quickly like someone else said–I had 4 SIMS age to Seniors in the time frame. I just used other SIMS who were done with their Life Dreams. I was getting the different things quickly. I reached level 6 yesterday and today I got the last collection item needed to get my last set that I was going for. If I were to complete again, I would only get 2 LP for this Hobby. Not worth the almost 6 and 8 hour options.

  6. I have to say that i have found this new sort of hobby challenge a pain! I have had 9 sims working since the day it started and I only have 11 items, and the 12th one only unlocked yesterday. I’m not prepared to spend LP’s on speeding up the hobbies, so I am finding them dull. This is not a complaint to you (I love your blog!) just a moan of frustration.

  7. I find this hobby frustrating as I have spent over 60 LPS and 38 Sps (I think) and still only have three days with 7 more things to unlock. These hobbies are becoming too hard to do with the time-frames given to complete them. Love your blog but beginning to hate the game with the last few timed hobbies.

    • I agree! I reached level 6 with 3 days to go and only have unlocked the first set so far, these events are becoming impossible to complete in the time these days!

  8. I’ve got 2 days left used lucky spins wasted my lp and haven’t unlocked anything waste of time if you ask me , it seems the game tries to make you spend real money! Not fair

  9. I actually stopped playing about a week ago. Everything started moving too fast once the professions were added. The professions and marketplace events were fun, but trying to get sims leveled up, get locations built and managing other quests popping up along with just trying to play the game at an enjoyable pace got to be too much. I was pretty much on the game around the clock trying to keep up.

  10. WTF… I just unlocked level 6 with two days to got, got the final ice sculpture for the FIRST time and it reset my ice sculpture hobby and closed out the quest so now I can’t get any more sets even though I had two days left. There is no point in opening a ticket, in my opinion, since it always takes their support team at least a week to respond then when you follow up another week for them to respond, etc. every time I’ve opened a ticket with them it has taken a month for resolution where they don’t want you to play the game. Any suggestions?

    • I don’t really know what I can suggest if you don’t want to talk to support, you have to remember that millions of people play this game so you have to be patient- same goes waiting for me to reply- I’m sorry I took too long but I have about 100 things to do right now 😦
      The event will be back again one day so I would suggest you just wait for its return.

  11. Same as you, I put 9 sims to work from day one, but it took me nearly four days and 10-12 LPs to have at least one of my sims to level up, which is crazy since I am at level 51 in the game and my island’s monuments are at level 12-13, so experience points should increase a bit faster than normal too. Now the event is nearly over and I was only able to get the first 4 items, perhaps I wll be able to get the 5th before it ends but no more.

    Really, I do not see how one can complete this event on time without using massive amounts of LPs, which I am not going to do since the furniture prizes are not worth it, at least for me.

    • Completely agree! They have made it near impossible to complete these new events without using hundreds of LPs, I didn’t complete it on one of my games, I am just going to wait for it to come back again

  12. So, I’ve successfully unlocked all twelve prize packs in the ice sculpting event (yaaayyy!) however, I have not yet unlocked multi-story houses. So, I’m wondering; will the ice stairs automatically appear in the home store once I am able to build multiple stories, or did I just miss out on the stairs? Anyone know?

  13. Hey i completed the needed sculptures and i got the free wallpaper and tiles, why didnt i get the icy themed furnitures? And now theyve sent me a notice that i didnt accomplish everything? :((

    • Because you only completed the hobby collection once and earned the first prize, you had to complete it 12 times to unlock all 12 prizes, completing it once earns you one prize.

  14. How do the sims age by doing hobbies?? Do you have to complete the senior quest to do that or something? How do I know but my sims are aging? I had no idea they could even age if I dont give them a birthday or do preteen teen or senior quests! Btw new to Sims Freeplay always been a Sims PC user but I’m really enjoying it and loving your blog!! It has helped me so much. 😊👍💕

    • The last main quest in the game is called life dreams and legacies, when you do this one your sims will start to age automatically, you don’t need to worry about them ageing before this point! I’m glad my blog helps you 🙂

  15. As of yesterday (23/2/17) I have this event back – Sims level up much faster (all level 5 in 3 hours or so) and I don’t seem to have a time limit on completing the hobby. I have already won prizes 4 and 5 (I won the first three when the hobby first appeared), so it looks like we are being listened to… I certainly hope so and hope this sets the tone for the future…

  16. Is this not a live event? It started later for me. I have 4 days left. I don’t understand why all these events are happening for me at the same time. I had 3 days left on the chocolatier hobby when the ice sculpting started then a few days later the tropical romance event started and today the time extension event started. So right now I’m working on 3 events and my regular quests and I’m only level 28 so I don’t have enough sims to work on them.

    • No this isn’t a live event, this is a time limited hobby event. This is currently available again although it was only last available in January so I think it might have been a glitch as they don’t usually have two events going at the same time.
      I personally wouldn’t bother with the simtown market event right now, if you haven’t completed the profession workplaces they really are a waste of resources completing them! It is probably best to have most of your sims working on the tropical romance event rather than the ice sculpture as the ice sculpture one is likely to be back several times whereas the tropical romance island event comes around a lot less often.

      • I think that’s what I’m going to do. For the tropical event do I need to remove the debris to finish or can I wait until the event is over? Thanks for the advice!

      • I don’t think you have to clean it up, it doesn’t earn you any constructor coins and you can still build the places without cleaning the island.

    • I’ve had these back to back on mine too. So now, I have one finished on Tropical Romance and should only be required to pay 22SP, but they want 162? This has become a money making gamble for others besides me-I can’t afford that or $50 every month.

  17. Since the French Chateau Event, my game has been glitched.
    First was the online store at where the collectible bundle for the French Live Event and Tropical Romance appear and disappear.
    Second was the 2 events (Ice Sculpture and Simtown Market Event) disappeared immediately.
    (Atleast leveling up in the Ice Sculpture hobby was immediate when the event appeared)

    • I think the ice sculpture event being available right now is a glitch anyway so the game may have just realised that it shouldn’t be available now! Not sure about the simtown market event though, you may want to contact them about the issues you are having, especially if they keep happening.

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