37 thoughts on “VOTE: Do You Enjoy Live Events? [CLOSED]

  1. I answered the poll “no” since I don’t like them how they are now but in general I do like having quests to complete. The way they are set up now they are all exactly the same and that is very boring. Also…unless you spend real money they are nearly impossible to complete. The constructor coins are so frustrating that I’m just about ready to quit even trying. The fun is quickly dissipating!

    • my thoughts exactly. I wanted the party house sooooo much with the dance squares and the stretch limo, but I could earn hardly half of it. It really gripes me that we have to start from zero every time and ‘earn’ the right to use each bench. EA really does not want their players to win!

  2. I like the events with 4 stations (for candles, pottery, jewelry, glass) because the player can choose which items are really wanted. Of course, if you really want the final prize, then the entire event must be played through but if you only want to work your sims for a few offerings then that is possible.

  3. No. I don’t play the Live Events!!!
    I’d rather play the Community Events as it gives me the ability to help others receive the prizes they want/need.

  4. I kind of like the concept but I liked community events more. Also I wish I just cared about the things we’re working to unlock. It’s a good thing I don’t care much though because then I won’t be tempted to spend money and I won’t be frustrated that it feels impossible to unlock everything without spending!

  5. I enjoy them. But wish they weren’t timed. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the game it becomes stressful

  6. I like them, but I wish they were more of “weekend” events. It’s hard to keep up with it during the work week…

  7. I get frustrated when the event ends and you loose what you have earned and it’s converted to money, and the next time the event comes up you have to start again !

  8. I like the Live events as long as the prizes are good. I also make sure I always have 10,000 social points so I do the event one time, and then I use them at the end when the time starts running out. What I don’t like is at the end they give you simoleons instead of social points.

    Also I HATE the simtown market events they have very little new stuff. Just one more thing…. I reached level 55 well over a year, I wish they would put the EP into social points or something that I would be getting some benefit out of them……. such a waste Thanks

    Looking forward to the Sims mobile game.



  9. I definitely do enjoy live events however thee only problem I do have is sometimes you can’t get all items because it takes long to fill the bar so I usually always miss out on the last prize and that’s always the best one. So if a few adjustments can be made to either speed up the time or make the item quantity collected higher so WE all can have a chance at the prizes. Some of us can’t click above our sims head every twenty minutes to get additional items because we have other things to do. Other then this I absolutely enjoy everything about this game best one yet!!!

  10. I voted no since it’s impossible to complete the events with the allotted time. It’s frustrating not being able to enjoy the event and not obtaining the main goal.

  11. I like the live events. I only participate in the ones I like or if I feel the prizes are something I would like to have or use. But I do agree that either the time limit needs to longer since you’re kinda working on your own and it’s not a community event or maybe lower the amount of items needed to unlock the item.

  12. I really don’t mind but they have been doing them a bit too frequently. Some suggestion is let us finish up some of those old live events.
    Would love to be able to finish up the Mermaid Island. Plus would like to unlock the rest of the laundry event. Think I was screwed out of that due to family and a glitched up card.

    Some complaints about these events:
    1. If you brought the craft lady once it should be a permanent thing. She just returns each time the events happens sort of like how Santa would come visit the Sims around Christmas.
    2. Not being able to use my time extension tokens on them, especially when I’m very close and knowing my family is going to be distracting me.
    Would I have used one on the Laundry event if they allowed it? The answered would be Yes.
    3. It would be nice if they given us a head-up like when they do normal events so you can prep.

  13. I like live events, but we need more time to complete them. Everybody have to study or work and sleep. I play almost 4 times a day, but despite of my efforts sometimes I can’t reach the goals!

  14. there should be the option: “I like the prizes but the tasks are too hard and time consuming.”

  15. I don’t really mind them. But, that being said, I don’t really like some of the items being offered. If I’m putting in time and effort I would like more than just a decoration. Example, the closets are nice, but it would be even nicer if they had an outfit or two in them.

    • I completely agree! Why offer a closet for purses as a prize and not include some purses for the sims to wear? I would have stopped at the beginning of this last event after winning the first closet had I known they were all basically just for looks. It would have saved me quite a bit of time!

  16. I like the events but as others have said it is very hard to finish and get that final big prize if you can’t afford to spend money on social points. I understand the need for the developers to make things a bit difficult to do so that money can be earned to keep the game running, however getting 1 construction coin for a prize in a free spin which you pay for in candles is very underwhelming. For those of us who do not play with lots of “friends” it is impossible to get social points without spending real money. I wish there was a way to earn them in the game that didn’t involve having to visit “friends” I don’t have.

  17. I would like these better if one could actually get the end prize. Even though i do them almost constantly i never win them all. However it is good when one at least gets somethings.

  18. The answer to this for me is NO. I have actually skipped a few live events because I knew I would not finish them or have enough resources to finish them in time. Also, I needed a break in between events as these are constantly happening and so time consuming. I do not like feeling pressured to play the game 24/7 to win prizes, which is what these live events do. I don’t have the time, nor am I able to keep putting my Sims into these crafting stations every few hours, much less collect the bonuses. I wish the developers would just put the prize items on the market for us, so we could buy them with simoleons, LP or SP. Will they ever let us finish the live events we haven’t been able to complete? It does not leave you with a good feeling, working hard to complete these tasks and coming up short. I have been playing for a few years and almost quit a few times because of these events. I hope the developers are reading our comments and change the game accordingly. Thank you weightlessmagic for this blog!

  19. I like some of them. It seems like the time limit is usually too low. I have a job, life, etc., and it’s not usually possible to complete all the requirements.
    By the way, Ms. Magic, you do an amazing job keeping us all in the know about this game. I’m very glad that your hard work has provided so many exciting opportunities for you!

  20. Thanks for the amazing blog and videos! Very helpful.

    I don’t enjoy these LIVE events because it’s nearly impossible to complete them. I’ve skipped out on the last few and only decided to do the current one to get whatever I can before time runs out. It’s already challenging enough doing the timed quests.
    These LIVE events have changed my perspective on Sims ‘FREE’play. I sit through the Daily News advertising because I understand they make money through these ads. I don’t even mind spending a few dollars for some items to enhance the pleasure of the game experience. But I’m not willing to get sucked into gambling with only the slightest chance of getting virtual prizes. Waste of money, that sucks all the fun out of playing.

  21. This is my first live event. I am loving it. Great prizes. However, collecting constructor coins is very frustrating. To use 450 candles and to only receive 1- 3 constructive coins is RIDICULOUS!! I think, the most constructive coins that I received was 8. I assumed a 7 day event would be plenty of time to complete, but time is running out and I still have two more prizes to go. Stressful!

  22. The most recent event (the custom closets) has improved over previous ones. The number of items needed to unlock the prizes is smaller than normal. However, buying the items is still a bit of a feat.

  23. Thank you for your blog. You have helped me so much!

    I voted they come too often. I like the prizes from the events but it is really tough to complete. I’ve stopped putting away the stations after the event is over to keep that stock. The closet event has improved over the past as said earlier you didn’t need nearly as many coins. Great improvement. However only getting 1-3 coins per spin is ridiculous. It does come of like EA is money hungry bc with hard work you should be able to complete the event without spending a dime. Especially with all the ads in the game now…such as the workplace events.

  24. I like the events, they keep me interested in the game because I love building and decorating my houses. And I like that they’re always bringing different stuff to the game, I just with there was a way to do that and still bring some of the old events back. I don’t know, maybe one old event per update, maybe?

  25. I like them, mostly. I hope we’re given the chance to earn the items we’re not able to collect during the event. I’ve never been able to get everything. Even bringing my tablet to work & catching up during my lunch break! I’ve started doing social quests 24/7 to save up for the construtor plant spinning, too.

  26. I voted in the ‘they need to be less frequent’ category because I don’t hate them. On the one hand, it gives us something new to do and to try and work towards. Of course I’ve managed to complete the last three – party house, laundry and now closets – with no money spent – so that could be coloring my perspective positively compared to if I had not. On the other hand, when we’re getting one every 3-4 weeks (I checked the dates via your blog to see if it was my imagination) it feels monotonous. It’s additionally frustrating if one would like to see other events return so as to complete them if they weren’t previously rather than adding another uncompleted event to their list of events they’ll want/need to have return (e.g. I’d love to complete the French one, but as it seems some of those items have been in the online store lately – and I’m ashamed to admit I’ve bought a few of the items I really really wanted now instead of waiting – it feels like EA would rather entice us to pay for the things we’ve missed instead of ever bringing them back for us to earn -then again I haven’t been playing a heck of a long time so maybe that’s always been standard?).

    Personally, I feel like they need to pause on the new stuff and bring back some old stuff for a little bit or have some combination of the two per update – like one new event and one old versus 2-3 new events. Obviously I want the game to keep progressing and offering new things, but for some people just starting to play the game or who’d just started at the time of a previous event bringing back old events is like offering new things while offering legitimate new things is good for the players who have been around for a while and completed the previous events. Also, I agree that the community events are a little more fun somehow that I can’t exactly put my finger on.

    My only other thought would be I think they need to diversify which hobbies are used in hobby events for the future. Of the last 6 events, 2 have been woodworking and 2 have been the fashion designer while only the other 2 used something different with the babies and teen idol. And while the fashion designer one is nice because w/ the 10 minute option it’s a stress-free one easy to complete imo, and yeah the teen and baby ones were a little more difficult I’d still like to see more use of the multitude of different hobbies to make it a little more challenging and less monotonous. Like I know that might put people off if they’re new and haven’t unlocked some of the hobbies or it would be ridiculously bad if they frequently used some of the really late hobbies (like senior hobbies, when some people haven’t and refuse to do the seniors quest) instead, but like there are plenty of lower level hobbies they could still use imo (and for those who do have seniors they could do a hobby event for them with items specific to seniors while others sit it out that time around, if that makes sense). I’m rambling at this point and maybe everything I’ve said has already happened in game, since again I’m on the newer side of things, but just my thoughts on the matter. Thanks for all of your help, generating these discussions, etc. 🙂

  27. No and here is my reason-

    I work full time but spent the last 7 days doing the custom closet quest using this technique per day:
    – Four 2.5 intervals during the day
    – One 8 hour interval when I went to bed, per day
    – Used maximum # of tables per object

    I still did not accomplish purchasing all of the props. I was significantly short on the glasses and coin collectors (used the spin to get more coins but even those constantly hit 2 or 3 @450 candles per use.

    Overall, these live events are not made for you to finish or collect all of the prizes which is unfair and false advertising.

  28. I answered “yes” because I like them, but I think community events are better. Also, I’m VIP 10 (that gives me a free SP flower everyday, a big big help in this kind of events), and even with that I’m not always able to unlock every item in the event. They’re pretty unfair for most of the players, and make people stressed instead of having fun (and that’s why we play in first place).

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