RESULTS: Do You Enjoy Live Events?

A week ago I created a poll asking what you thought of live events and here are the results:


32% of those who voted said yes, they do enjoy live events! I’m not really surprised about that although personally I think these live events are too regular, we have had one an update since January now (and there were actually two in the dance party update!) but they are yet to repeat any which I know many of us really want them to- need to get my hands on that chateau! I do enjoy them but they are getting very repetitive so I didn’t even really try with the custom closets one, more than doing the shortest option whenever I could- I usually get up in the night too but I couldn’t face it again! However I will say I did manage to complete it even though I didn’t really try so it looks like they have heard our comments about these events being impossible and are improving them.

Thanks to all of you who voted!


7 thoughts on “RESULTS: Do You Enjoy Live Events?

  1. I noticed this last one seemed easier too. I finished early, I didnt have to buy anything (except Laura, I did get her) and I was more relaxed and enjoyed it.

  2. Just saw that there’s a long hair event coming. That’s a repeat one right? That was fast if they were reading our comments/listening to our feedback lol.

      • Oh I know, I just meant that it’s (unless I’m mistaken) an old event in general as opposed to only new events in general. Sorry if I was confusing. I assumed on the live events poll that some people like myself wanted a mix of old and new events in general, not only specifically the live events and was thinking maybe that EA got the hint (more likely it’s a coincidence) and are at least showing they are willing to bring stuff back – but I tend to assume a lot. Sorry again for being confusing.

  3. I sorta like them, but they can be quite a hassle and stress. They come constantly, and are hard to complete. I’d like to see the older ones coming back.

    I didn’t manage the closets one (and was rather disappointed with the items, more unusable decorations for your house – instead of like the bookshelves), but that’s my own problem, it did seem easier than most of the others.

    But I really want to see them bring back older live events instead of making new ones. I’d figured it was a yearly thing though. As the previous live events, or whatever, were like the tropical romance island and the spa stuff. Hope they bring that back

    About the French chateau event, that was hard and I did pay money to finish it – it was basically impossible otherwise and I had to have it – I was ultimately frustrated that you didn’t get the stairs unlocked, and various other items, also the wardrobe (those were either only available through building the house or the stairs were released through buying with real money in the store). Not thrilled with this new take on items. I’d thought once you completed an event and unlocked a house, you’d get everything in the house in your homestore.

    Also, I have to add that I’d love to see new cool things for adult male sims. They offer tons of new clothes and makeup for female sims, but very little new cool stuff for male sims. Just saying. EA needs to realise that male sims want to look hot too. 😉

  4. Oh, as for Laura Craft, I didn’t buy her again.

    This all comes down to: I shouldn’t have to pay to enjoy the game, but I will pay for enhancements /because/ I don’t have to pay to properly enjoy the game.

    And then Laura Craft happened as an event helper and I did get her, (from the description, I had guessed what she did, BTW – gather whatever, had figured she wouldn’t get constructor coins, but just gather whatever resources).

    Didn’t like that she has to be rebaught everytime a new event comes (I’d guessed that too, just was hoping to be wrong.)

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