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The Sims Freeplay- Christmas 2017 Gifts


The Christmas update is out now! Once you update your game you will receive a daily Christmas gift from the 5th-10th December this post shows you the prizes you unlock, it will be updated each day:

Day 1: Free Xmas Door

Day 2: Free Xmas Oval Window

Day 3: Free Xmas Couch

Day 4: Free Wide Xmas Window

Day 5: Free Xmas Wallpaper

Day 6: Free Xmas Double Window

The Sims Freeplay team are looking for Christmas themed houses to be submitted for the chance to be featured in the architect homes tab so get creating! Need ideas? Take a tour of my Christmas themed house:

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18 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Christmas 2017 Gifts

  1. I did the Christmas 2017 update and it’s not there.

  2. I haven’t had the time to update yet…will I miss out on those freebies?

  3. I did the update and I’m getting the gifts but I don’t have the quest to complete.

  4. I got all the gifts till 10th Dec.. will we get them till 25th dec? or it was only for 5 days?

  5. I looked it up on Google, and I see a screenshot that says “Merry Xmas!” and it has 4 presents on it. Does this happen only on Christmas, or on a specific date?

  6. Did you get the 6th birthday gift by the mailbox? I did and it contained tons of free furniture, some of which included an entire spa. But how do I use the Spa Slate or the Spa Marble? I thought it might be for the floors, but it doesn’t work.

  7. I’d be so far behind without your amazing blog! Thanks for all of your hard work and merry Christmas ☺️🎄