The Sims Freeplay- How to Add Exterior Balcony Stairs and Changing the Stairs Paving

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Once you complete the Love and Treasure Quest you can build a house on the private island and use the exterior balcony stairs we unlock, this post walks you through how to add the exterior balcony stairs and also how to change the stairs paving to be the same as the paving on your balcony

1.You firstly need a balcony, if you haven’t already built one this post may help

You need to have completed the DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony Quest before you can build balconies

2.Once you have built a balcony you will be able to add the exterior balcony stairs, you can find them in the exterior stairs tab, the villa stairs are currently the only ones available:

3.When you click on this tab a pop up will appear saying that exterior stairs can only be used to connect to balconies:

4.To place the exterior stairs you need to be on the ground floor and place them on the edge of the balcony, overhanging by one square width, if you try and place them on the same level the balcony is on it won’t let you:

5.Click the green tick to place the stairs

If you change the balcony paving after placing the exterior stairs you may notice that the paving part on the stairs hasn’t changed with the rest of the balcony, these simple steps fix this:

1.Once you have changed the balcony paving click on the stairs and move them one square away from the balcony, you will notice that the paving on the top of the stairs will change to the paving on your balcony

2.The stairs can then be put back into place (see the steps above if you are having trouble placing them)

Check out my video here:

I’m having trouble adding stairs to my balcony, what is the problem? If the balcony is flush with the room below you won’t be able to add stairs unless you extend the balcony so it is sticking out. The exterior stairs can then be connected to the balcony:

The Love and Treasure Quest post contains FAQs and information about the platform on the Island Villa


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16 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- How to Add Exterior Balcony Stairs and Changing the Stairs Paving

  1. Hello. This does not pertain to this house in particular, however is worth noting that you can take the ‘landing’ from the snow chalet and use it in any house that has 2 stories and enough space for it. I just found this out, so if it’s already known, sorry for wasting a comment space, but my mind is blown! 🤯

  2. I can’t get the exterior stairs to work on amy house except the one on the island. Is that the way it is?

  3. I accidentally built the villa first (currently building). Can I still build the island afterwards?

  4. Hi! Is there any way we could use the exterior stairs to connect the second floor balcony to the third one? Or we only have the option to use the indoor stairs?

      • Hello, I have a balcony directly above a room on a third floor, and can’t seem to add interior stairs on the second floor to get to the balcony? Any idea what the problem could be? I can add interior stairs in the exact same layout if it’s 1st to 2nd floor!

  5. I want to use the stairs again to attach to a balcony on the second floor of my villa. Do the stairs only work on the sand? Can you not use them on the next level? Even if they are still attaching to an outside balcony?

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