The Sims Mobile- Let’s Be Friends Competition! [CLOSED]

There is only room for 50 friends on The Sims Mobile I cannot add everyone but I am going to run a little ‘competition’ and I will add the winners as friends on the game!

All you need to do is comment saying why I should add you and include your friend code


Where can I find my friend code? In settings click on the friends tab and then on the invite friends tab, you can then see your friend code under where you invite friends:

Please only post a comment if you don’t mind other players adding you too, I will be unable to add everyone!

The competition will close on the 14th April 7AM BST and I will start adding players shortly after but feel free to keep adding your friend codes to this post after that date for other players to add you!

Thanks for reading!

47 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Let’s Be Friends Competition! [CLOSED]

  1. Hello, to anyone reading this, feel free to add me. My code is ( EF4ENYK ) 😁 I’ve been playing The Sims Mobile a few months before the worldwide launch .. currently I’m at level 33 (34 soon) I play a lot but I don’t have that many friends, sadly

  2. Hi The Girl Who Games!

    I would love it if you would be my friend on Sims Mobile. I have been following your posts ever since I started playing Sims Freeplay. Your tips made the gameplay so much fun. I wish to thank you for that. I am simply a fan of yours and hence shall be flattered if you add me.

    My friend code is: GTLX3VK

    Hope to see you there.


  3. You should add me as friend because I have been following your blogs for a couple of years. Your blog is super useful especially for simsfreeplay quest guide. I am so grateful. The fact that you are posting this, is a thrilling event. I would love to make more friends with avid sim gamers 😀 in sims mobile. Feel free to add me ~ 18 years old Gemini Soul

    My Friend Code : UGFRXPJ

  4. I would love to be added as your friend because I feel like the game is based mostly off of social interactions, and having more friends contributes to that!

    Friend Code: 6TJ6MTW

  5. I have played every last sims game from the very start. I have mobile, freeplay, sims 2,3,4 and all the expansions. Very big fan of yours and the game. FEU9YYR Friend code

  6. Hi I’m Amber, friend code PHDCUWH. I think you should add me because my daughter got me hooked on this game and then stopped playing so now I have no friends in game, darn her xD I’m disabled and online games like this are kind of my social life too…which is not necessarily a bad thing 😛

  7. I love playing sims mobile! Well, actually, I love all the sims games. But having you as a friend would definitely make it better. I always look forward to your blogs. They’re really helpful. My mom Andy friends would be so jealous if I had you as a friend. PLEASE add me as a friend. I would be eternally grateful.☺️ F6XH4DX

  8. This is the first time in 7 years I have been able to play the sims. I got really busy getting my nursing degree and after I did I started working all the time. Not long after that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have been battling with frequent relapses ever since which made me not able to work that much. I still buy all the sims games but don’t have a computer that would be able to handle them due to not having the money to buy a good gaming computer. I would appreciate the friend add very much. My code is 4D4FW7R.

  9. Hi I here is my code I’m an active player and would love active friends who live the game like I do.
    Glad I’ve found your blog it will be so helpful & hopefully I will be able to help in return
    My code is

  10. I’d like you to add me as your friend because I recently discovered your blog and it has been really helpful. I just started playing FreePlay after over a year of not playing. I’d be really happy if you’d add me.
    My friend code is L64KAGA

  11. My friend code is XXP7DMQ! Could you add me, so I could see what kind of cool house you were able to make! Thanks!

  12. I’ve played Sims before (quite a while ago ) but have been playing Sims Freeplay for a long time. I’m not sure why, but I do. You have been a great help in that game. It’s been fun to watch how your love of the game, your skills with setting up your website, and most of all, your drive, have made you a force in the realm of the games you love, and how you have attracted the attention of EA. You are quite a go-getter. I’m way outside the target demographic, with three mostly grown and self-sufficient daughters. I mostly spend time in the yard and garage but am somehow drawn to these games. Silly me, I guess. Anyway, my code is JRVYLXD.

  13. Hi, weightlessmagic! I always check your blog for updates for upcoming events of both Sims FreePlay and Sims Mobile (I play both of them) and I’m really grateful that you’re so helpful in your blog and tutorials. I play The Sims Mobile a few times every day, so I can say that I’m a frequent player. Would really hope that you can add me, thanks a lot! (P/s: Other friends are welcome too 🙂 )
    Friend code: EC3T649

  14. Could you add me? My friend code is K39T4CR, and maybe I could add you so we could have our sims meet eachother!

  15. Hi thegirlwhogames! Hope I’m not too late joining this. I think we’ll be great friends cos I am on The Sims Mobile everyday!!! I do the quests and daily tasks everyday. I give out stickers to everyone I meet on the sidewalk and park and everywhere else. If you’re hosting a party, I’m there! 😀 see you (virtually).

    friend code: UT3KK3F

  16. I have been following you for sooo long for Sims Freeplay and would love to be friends with you on Sims Mobile!! I love your blog and it has been sooo helpful! You make the game so much fun to play and I love checking all that I have to look forward to in the games! My Friend Code is VPFLA7Y!

  17. Hi, my friend code is XEFARVK. I play both freeplay and mobile and love them both. I already have several generations of Sims who would just love more friends. I hope you pick me as I am in England too! 🙂 if not anyone else feel free to add and pop by my Sims house and join the party!

  18. I am on Sims Mobile and Sims FreePlay everyday!! I have been following your blog for a few years now, and it has helped me finish all the updates quickly. Thanks.
    My code is: FMGXPY3

  19. Hi!! I think you should add me because I’m super excited to be here! Fairly new and trying to learn as I go. I’d love to have a friend I can actually talk to!!
    ~Jenna 💖
    Code = UX949K9

  20. Hi! I’ll keep a spot open for you! I’m already at 49/50 lol!

    I love this game and while researching why my eggs wouldn’t sit on the shelf I found your blog. It’s wonderful! So much great info.

    Right now I’m level 23, an “in-the-know-dynamo” and I just decided to have a baby girl. Yay! Haha.

    Anyway, here’s my friend code if you want to check out my home: UJW7FP6

    I’ve favorited your blog, I can’t wait to continue reading and playing! xx


  21. Hi there! I think you should add me because I’m one of your biggest fans! I’ve followed your blog for sims freeplay, and here I am for sims mobile! I think you are an amazing person for doing these tutorials! You have helped so many of us simmers, too many to count, and we are all so grateful for you taking the time to help others. I admire you and it would be an honor to be lucky enough to have you on my friends list. My friend code is: EG74W39.

  22. Hi if you don’t mind please kindly add me, my id is 3A6E7HY
    I barely get any friend requests, l had to search other player id from playstore comments and other sites to add them. Many of them still haven’t accepted me yet tho 😂 I think I would be really happy to get friend request notification especially from you because I really like your blog. I’ve been reading your blog since 2016 for The Sims Freeplay reference. Thank you so much for your hardwork all this time 😊

  23. I know the secret to keeping your sims young, I think. I’ve had the game for more than two weeks and my sims are still adults.


    I really appreciate all the work that goes into your blog. It’d be an honor to be chosen for your friend list.

    Hope you’re having a good April! 💜

  25. Sims mobile : MUWXCEP
    Level 17
    I love playing the Sims games. I have Sims 4, Sims Freeplay, and Sims Mobile. I check this page often for updates, hints, and tips. I enjoy your YouTube videos.

  26. Hi! Does this work for the Sims FreePlay as well? Sorry if this is a silly question 🙂

  27. I would love to added as a friend! I have followed your blog for years and I’m an avid sims free player on both mobile and free play! I take pride in my houses and community! My code is GUFXARD.

  28. JUGYCJF this is my friend code. Your blog is really helpful. I really hope you to add me as a friend because i represent all the sims lovers from Indonesia. And i would like to share the informations with others. Thank you so much and i hope your blog will always be up to date

  29. Ive been subscribed to your blog since Sims freeplay. I love your blog and find your step by step instructions for successfully completing events is so awesome and of course, helpful. I know you’ve gotten many requests but i would be honored and overjoyed if you were to add me as a friend on sims mobile. My code is GL69JRK. Thank you!

  30. Hi! I’m a big fan of this blog, been following it for help with Sims Freeplay and you’re actually the one who inspired me to download Sims Mobile. I’d love to be your friend mostly for house decoration inspiration, but also for more people who I know are committed to playing the game on an (almost!) daily basis.

    My code: D7LUPLG (open to anyone – more friends are always good 🙂

  31. I’m level 27 and still working on it! I’m working on building a nice house. My friend code is AHPGYHX

  32. Hello,
    Here’s my code for a chance to be friends on Sims Mobile.
    Thank you!!

  33. Sorry I forgot to say why you should add me.
    Honestly, I don’t have a reason other than I think your a great inspiration. Been following you every since I started playing Sims Freeplay in 2015. (I’m aware it has been out longer). But simply put it would be awesome to 0 you as a Sims Mobile neighbor.

    Thank you

  34. I’ll be your friend! Let’s help each other have successful parties and share stickers!

    My Friend Code:

  35. I’d like to be your friend on sims mobile, and I think you should add me because I’m an active and passionate Sims player since the Sims 1, I also play sims freeplay and read your blogs whenever I need some extra info 🙂

    I’m online every day 😀

    My friend code is: ULXMKVF

  36. Oh I actually know now how to delete friends so I’m able to add new friends! 🙂 Do you still accept new friends?

    I think you should add me because I’m a daily player. I’m on level 27. I give all stickers. I will attend your parties. And idk…let’s play this game together and build our sims’ friendships to new levels etc 😀

    My code: WUQ9NEN

  37. I guess I missed the would have been good to have another active player on the game:(after all your post have helped me a lot in so many ways.

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