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A new time limited event has started in The Sims Mobile! The aim of this event is to earn enough deluxe coins to buy the ornate boxes to unlock all the world of luxury items in the 14 day time limit!

How do you earn deluxe coins?

  • Completing the Luxurious Leisure Event (click on a sofa at home)- every 20 hours
  • Completing the Tasteful Tea Tasting Event (at the cafe)- every 8 hours
  • Completing the Spice-It-Up Cooking Class (at the restaurant)- every 8 hours
  • Completing the Friendly Insights Event (relationship event)- every 8 hours
  • Also complete career, hobby and relationship events to receive a few extra coins!
  • Complete the Extravagant Ideas Quest, there are 14 parts to complete:

1.Spread the world about the World of Luxury Event- 5 seconds, costs 3 energy each (select blue interaction with 5 other sims) Reward: 15 deluxe coins

2.Complete the Tasteful Tea Tasting event at the Cafe. Tap the Microphone to start the event- go to the cafe and click on the symbol and select start event (your sim doesn’t have to work at the cafe to do this) You can complete this event every 8 hours Reward: Little Luxuries Tea Set

3.Take Little Luxuries Tea Set out of Storage and place it at Home Reward: 15 deluxe coins

4.Use the Little Luxuries Tea Set to share your tea knowledge- 5 seconds, costs 3 energy (click on the tea set and select a sim to share tea knowledge with) Reward: 15 deluxe coins

5.Complete the next Luxurious Leisure event at Home. Tap a Sofa to start the event. You can complete this event every 20 hours Reward: 15 deluxe coins

6.Tap on the sofa and consider your current home decor- 5 seconds, costs 3 energy Reward: 15 deluxe coins

7.Attend 1 foodie, concert or studio party (go to the party tab and find a foodie, concert or studio party to attend) Reward: 15 deluxe coins

8.Complete the next Luxurious Leisure event at Home. Tap a sofa to start the event. You can complete this event every 20 hours Reward: 15 deluxe coins

9.Complete your to do list Reward: 15 deluxe coins

10.Complete the Spice-It-Up Cooking Class at the Restaurant. Tap the fridge to start the event. You can complete this event every 8 hours Reward: 15 deluxe coins 

11.Complete your to do list again Reward: 15 deluxe coins

12.Complete the next Luxurious Leisure event at Home. Tap on a sofa to start the event. You can complete this event every 20 hours  Reward: 15 deluxe coins

13.Complete the Friendly Insights event with another sim. You can complete this event every 8 hours Reward: 15 deluxe coins

14.Complete more events to earn 1,700 deluxe coins Reward: 10 simcash 

If you complete the whole quest you unlock the Luxuriously Ornate Double Door and Lattice Window


Buying Ornate Boxes

You can either buy an ornate box for 50 deluxe coins or 75 simcash. You will get an item at random each time,  you can get some of them more than once, for example you could win 2 bubble blowers, 6 hanging lanterns or boho themed clothes

Each item pictured has a ribbon next to it which shows you the rarity of that item, this shows you how likely it is you will earn that item. I’m glad the box that costs simcash now has better odds at unlocking the rare items:

Once you have unlocked an item there will be a tick on that item, the aim is to unlock all the items before the time limit is up!

What did you think about this event?

I was disappointed with the hot tub event, the odds were terrible so I was really hoping this one was going to be better. My first 3 boxes were simcash and heirloom tickets so I was not happy, it was fourth time lucky for me to actually unlock an item from this event! I really like the items and I am glad they have reduced the cost of the simcash box and made the odds better this time. I am just hoping that the 3 boxes at the beginning isn’t a sign of things to come and this event has been improved and tweaked after our feedback on the hot tub event.

Thanks for reading!

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24 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- World of Luxury Event

  1. I agree the hot tub event was awful. I gave up on it after getting my 4th chair in a row. So far this event is being ever more kind to me. I’ve gotten the love seat, 2 of the end tables, a large rug, and the bean bag chair!

  2. I’m stuck. I attended a Foodie party yesterday but didn’t clear that hurdle on the quest. Is it because my Sim didn’t stay at the party till it ended?

  3. I am having a couple issues with the event but this time had good luck getting the items. My first is the last quest started a fresh count of coins making my previous earned worth nothing toward the 1700. The second is I had 122 coins this morning in the count and completed just now one worth 80 coins and 2 worth 25 and my count only shows 188 coins. This is the second time I have noticed not all my coins are being counted

  4. Wait. Are you saying you have to unlock everything to get the items? I got a shirt, rug, mirror and cash – but to have the shirt, rug etc. you’re saying I need to get all items? Omgggg…

      • So then, where are they? They aren’t in my clothes area and I have no idea where the rug is. This is the second event I’ve done and I can’t find any of the items I’ve won.

      • The rug will be in your storage and it depends what clothes you unlocked, one shirt is for male sims and the other is for females so if you cannot find it for one gender it will probably be the other one.

  5. It’s not that great considering that when the couches need repair, it’s 638, and mine need repairs multiple times a day!! Thumbs down for this event. The only thing fun is the bubbler. I hate that I paid actual money to get ahead, but the cost of repairs on the expensive furniture in this game makes it hard to earn enough to expand your home. I’ll stick with the cheap furniture! It lasts longer and is cheaper to fix ( which is not reality based!)

  6. Is there a way to get the 1,700 deluxe coins faster? I’ve been doing the luxury events (tea tasting, friendly insights, etc.) for probably 8 days now and i still need like 700 more. I don’t know what to do because each one only gives about 25 deluxe coins and takes forever so if there are other things i can do do get the coins faster, that would be great!!

    • One of them does give you 80 deluxe coins but you can only do that every 20 hours compared to the others you can do every 8 hours, unfortunately unless you have a lot of simcash to rush the waiting time you just have to keep powering through and hope you can do it!

      • Alrighty. That’s what I’ve been doing and i just didn’t know if there was any other events for it. Thanks!!!

  7. I feel, as usual, this task is impossible! I’ve played non stop but will likely fall 200 coins short of the goal. Its better than the hot tub and ASOS events but I was unable to get either of the big prizes there too! Makes me want to stop playing.

  8. I won a Geo Boho shirt thingy in one of the ornate boxes, but I can’t find it in my apparel or storage to actually put it on one of my Sims. Does anyone have a solution?

  9. Hi! One question…
    Are deluxe coins valid only for this event? I have to spend all of them?

  10. Hey! I where do I find the rewards I got. I wanna set up my home with the items i got from the ornate boxes but I couldn’t find them anywhere.

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