The Sims Mobile- Retirement

When you reach level 16 you will unlock retirement. Once they retire they will become unplayable so you will no longer be able to control them. In this post I will show you how to retire your sims

When a sim is ready to retire a pop up will appear, you can either click retire straight away which is the same as in step 3 below or you can click not right now to retire them later.

TIP: If you want to finish a career or hobby story then you can finish it first before you retire them

1.When you decide you want to retire them click on the sim info panel button:

2.When the sim info panel appears click on the fourth tab which is your sims traits. From here you can see the retire sim option, click retire:

3.A pop up will appear saying your sim is ready to retire, click retire:

4.Your sim will then leave an heirloom, click on the box to open it to find out which heirloom your sim has left behind:

I don’t know if there is any reasoning behind the heirloom your sim earns. Haley earned the mean charm but she wasn’t mean once!

5.Your sim will now look older and you will still see them around your house for a while but you will be unable to control them. You can either move them out straight away by clicking on the family portrait and you won’t see them again or you can wait for a birthday cake to appear above their head and you can move them out then:



Moving Out Sims:


Thanks for reading!

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10 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Retirement

  1. Hi not a comment on this post the new Marriage quest I finished but furniture did not unlock any suggestions

  2. Hello.

    I already reached level 16 and complete all four traits. But the retire option didn’t show up. Can anyone help me please. Thank you.


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