My Wishes for The Sims Freeplay in 2020

In this post I share with you my wishes for The Sims Freeplay in 2020, these are either things I would like to see added to the game or changed for a better gaming experience, (if you would rather watch my video version of this you can find it here) these are in no particular order:

Reduce Prices

Everything has got so expensive recently! When was the last time we could buy a live event prize for less than S10,000? We could when they were first added (French Romance Live Event) but recently the prices have skyrocketed! We do get one for free but that doesn’t mean we should then have to spend silly amounts to get another.

I know their logic behind this is if they bump up the prices then we will have to buy simoleons with real money- the problem is, it doesn’t work as it angers most players so we end up spending less money or even nothing on the game.


More Clutter Items

If you’ve watched some of my house tour videos on YouTube you know I love those kinds of items, they make a house look like a home- like someone actually lives there. They have started adding these types of items in live events which is great but we need more and they need to be available for everyone without completing events or quests and back to my first wish- they need to be affordable.



Subcategories in Categories

It is great that we have had loads of new events with lots of prizes but it has caused buy mode to become a bit of a mess! I spend more time scrolling through the catalogue rather than building. If we had subcategories, for example, in living room section we could have sofa, bookcases and coffee table tabs, we could easily find the item we wanted to use. Decorations is by far the worst tab, I’m not sure where every item would fit so we would probably need a miscellaneous tab too but we could have subcategories like paintings, mirrors, plants and table decorations to make building more enjoyable- spending 5 minutes scrolling to the end of a section to find a certain item really takes the fun out of it!


New Easier Events

I am so over live events, you know I have never really liked them, I put up with them because most of the prizes are gorgeous but I can never complete them on time! I used to set timers every 2 hours 30 minutes even when I slept but I gave up with that and stick to daytime now- it is meant to be a game after all, it is not much fun if you lose sleep over it! Even if they just reduced the amount of glassware needed or give us another glassware station that would really help.

As a long time player it is so boring having the same types of events constantly repeating. It may be easy for the developers to program live events and the dreaded SimChase but they aren’t interesting for the players to complete- collecting arts and craft items for 10 days straight every update and still not completing in time is really disheartening, no wonder lots of people have stopped playing!

We need new events and quests but they need to make them possible to complete in time- the makers should be testing these events themselves before they release them to make sure they are doable and then they would see that it’s impossible to complete events that require us to have more than 24 hours in a day!

When I saw the downtown developer event I was really excited to see something different but then I started it and my heart sank because again it is impossible! The glitches really don’t help but even without them they seem to have forgotten the golden rule again- there are only 24 hours in a day Firemonkeys!!

They just want us to buy social points to complete these and in my opinion that is wrong- for starters it’s wrong that we now have to skip so much with SP, probably because it is so easy to make LP by completing the cooking hobby but it’s harder to make SP so people are more likely to buy them. I have no problem with players spending money on the game, of course they need to make money and I buy items myself from the online store but most players spend money when they are enjoying the game- not when they are feeling pressured to do so. Money grabs don’t work- you don’t get players to spend money by making everything impossible to complete, it drives them away.

I think we need to go back to good old fashion quests, not the ones where you have to wait between days though like back to the wall!


Sell Multiples Button

We currently can sell one item at a time but it would save a lot of time if we could ‘sell all’ or select the amount we want to sell in case we wanted to keep a few and sell the rest.


Different Shaped Rooms

We can add door frames already to make it looks like it’s one room but it would be better if we could just build any shaped room. This seems to be one feature The Sims Mobile has already but strangely lacking from Freeplay.



Better Placing Ability

I had no idea what to call this but I would like to be able to place items where I want and this isn’t always possible, some items can’t be placed on a wall if there is something on the floor in front of that wall and vice versa. They have improved this so we can now have doors next to walls but I think there is still a way to go, we still can’t place most items on walls directly next to doors but we can place the same item on top of some pictures which doesn’t make a lot of sense!


Remove SimChase

I couldn’t create a wishlist without this, SimChase is the worst addition to the game ever in my opinion. I’ve given the makers feedback about this but they just don’t seem to care. The fact that you are completing against a computer is the biggest issue for me, if we were playing against another player who also sleeps and has a life outside of the game it would be less one sided, the hours also don’t always add up (over 24 hours again!) and the paying tasks are too expensive.

Unfortunately the makers aren’t listening, they won’t even make significant changes to it so they need to just get rid of it. I don’t even bother trying to complete them, I know I won’t be able to so what is the point? I’m not the only one who feels this way, we would rather not complete something than waste money on something that they have purposely made impossible so how exactly does this method make them money?


I could probably go on forever with this list but I think I will stop there! My biggest hope is that they will start listening to us again, they used to be so good at changing things based on our feedback but it is like they don’t care anymore, since The Sims Mobile has come along it is like they have got themselves a shiny new toy and Freeplay has been left to gather dust, forgotten about. As long as they are taking our money they don’t care what we think and if they keep going like this they won’t be here in 2021.

What are your wishes for The Sims Freeplay this year?

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69 thoughts on “My Wishes for The Sims Freeplay in 2020

  1. I want more levels! I’ve maxed out at level 55, so XP doesn’t matter to me anymore. I’ve also maxed out all my profession careers, so I’m starting to lose motivation for playing the game. I 100% second making things less expensive!

    • I would at least modify this wish by asking that, since I have maxed out in a category, remove and replace the rewards with relevant items. I’m still getting magazine interviews and photoshoots from updating the sign, even though I completed that a couple years back! It seems to me that if the chance reward is something irrelevant then it takes the place of something I could use.

  2. I’ve always wanted the ability to rearrange the sims order on the sims panel. It defaults to order of adding them to the town, which splits up families, or age categories if one prefers to view them that way. I’ve mentioned this on the Sims Freeplay Facebook page, and others have agreed, but the developers have ignored me thus far.

    Thanks for the post and for all your other posts and walk-throughs! 🙂

    • Downtown Developer quest is really a major pain. Of course, I didn’t complete it in time, so I was prepared for not getting the fancy mansion. But guess what? To complete the building itself, even without the grand Prix, I need to spend S7 000 000. Seven million. Omg, I have been playing for years and still 7 min are 90% of my simoleons. And the Garage. I need 9 (!!!) Mln of simoleons to start the garage quest. Thank you so much, Fire monkeys, my cars will stay on the road and the downtown building will remain unfinished. Not a problem at all, just 1.5 months wasted.

      • Am at the max sims would like more I have more houses than sims could u up the level of sims please

    • I am with this one for sure. I have segmented my sims out into groupings by function within the town, but when something happens to a sim I didn’t catch, I have to wipe out half my population to re-catagorize.

  3. I totally agree to remove SimChase. If I’m investing time to complete an event, I should not also be required to spend my simoleons. Just let me buy the prizes then.

  4. I 100% agree with you regarding SIM chaser events. I stopped participating because they can’t be completed if you want to sleep and they cost too much to complete. I also agree other things are too expensive or can’t be completed in 24 hours.

  5. I agree with you, but I am cutting back my playing time and event participation. They have gotten DESPERATE, and they don’t get it is their own fault for their high prices and goofy events that require tremendous energy and effort for such a small reward. Sad and too bad.

  6. I 100% agree that the ability to place items should be opened up. For instance, if you want to put a picture over a bed, or a mirror over a bathroom sink. Adding to this, I would love to see the ability to put things on top of a kitchen cabinet that has overhead shelves/cabinets. For instance, how many people in real life have a Toaster on their counter, with cabinets overhead? It seems a little crazy to have to decide between having upper cabinets, and a toaster.

    I really wish that they opened up the ability to get the Hot Dog stand and the Indoor Skydiving Center. I unfortunately (like many) was unable to complete the make-up artist hobby in time and from what I have read, it is almost impossible to do so. So now I am stuck with a locked station for ever? That hardly seems fair. Same as the hot dog stand, just because it was early on in my playing when I completed the quest and I did not realize if I didn’t get the prize on the first try, I am stuck with half of a floor of a mall empty for ever? It would be great to incorporate these as prizes or something in another way.

    I also agree with what you said on different shaped rooms. For instance, a room within a room would be nice. Such as you can in the PC version of the Sims. It would be nice to be able to build a bedroom, and then add a closet or bathroom inside so the room does not always have to be in a perfect square.

  7. I agree with everything and I would add one more wish.
    I hate when ads come up when we’re not expecting them. I usually just get out of the game and come back later as a sign of protest. The ads could be an option we would choose if we wanted to skip a task, instead of using LPs. But not like this. They just show up out of nowhere…

    • There is a setting that you can turn those random pop up ads off – auto play ads can be set to on or off but seems to only unlock if you are VIP level 3 or above. I didn’t mind the VIP system when I used to spend Money it was nice to have it accumulate toward some perks but now the game is ridiculous I barely play and never spend so I guess I won’t progress any further with the VIP and I agree that turning off the ad feature should be available to all – it’s called free play though and I guess we are all used to free now meaning they take our time and bandwidth (with ads) it’s only ‘free’ in the sense of not REQUIRING money (though as noted it’s near impossible to get anywhere without spending now)

    • I agree with your list completely! I have one more wish that I have tried contacting Firemonkeys about – more pregnancy packs (to buy). I keep completing these pregnancy events to unlock new pregnancy exclusive items and I keep racking up the special pregnancy tokens and I have nothing to spend them on because I have already purchased the outfit and furniture packs.

      If they could just offer some cute new items in the maternity store that would be great.

  8. Long time fan, you got me through my early days with your detailed blog, many Christmases ago. I have stopped playing altogether – for all of the reasons above. I was also not sleeping to reset the craft stations and then spending real money on SPs to help… then I gave myself and Intervention. The game is no longer fun to play, it’s all one money grab (and I spent more than I care to admit, getting to VIP status, via multiple purchases, as I did not see the writing on the wall at first) – I really wanted the prizes. I finally gave up on the latest apartment quest, as all of a sudden time ran out (I swear I had at least another day, as it kept resetting to the 24 hour clock), and even after spending millions of Simoleans to get the prize when offered by the game, all I got was a useless rooftop. DONE and really upset.

  9. I love your suggestions for Sims FreePlay. Subcategories in the storage section is something I have wished for for quite some time. Like you, I spend more time looking for what I need instead of actually building.

    No doubt Sims Chase sucks big-time. I tried one and never went back. I figured a lot of people are not bothering either and that eventually they would drop that. Maybe there are enough people paying to be able to complete them?

    One thing I would like for them to do is to allow us to permanently lock a Sim into an age bracket and to stop asking to move them to the next stage. Some players may appreciate the reminder but it is annoying if you are just not interested and you keep having to do the couple of steps to preserve their age when it cycles around. Being able to toggle that feature off and on would be great.

    I gave up long ago trying to complete an Event the first time around. It is impossible for people to complete without spending money in one session. So now I just do as much as I feel like doing and wait until the event cycles around again. These games are an escape for most people and adding stress To our lives is not the reason we play.

    One thing I do have to say is that every time I have contacted fire monkey to fix an issue for me they do a great job. I never feel like my request has slipped into the abyss. I do have one or two Sims that always appear in my neighbors town undressed. That is one issue that has not been resolved but it is not a big deal since neighbors cannot see my naked Sims 😊

    I appreciate all the work you do. You have been a great resource since I started playing this game years ago. Many thanks for that 💙

  10. THANK YOU DO MUCH!!! Your wish list have lots of my same opinions and thoughts. I have been very discouraged and play less because I haven’t been able to finish a lot of these new Timed projects. Like you said not enough time so I don’t even try as hard anymore. I’m very frustrated over it being able to get all the prizes that my Sims work so hard to get. Last year I had a issue with prizes and glitches I wrote Firemonkeys in May they didn’t answer me back until August. Just very disappointed and although I invested real money, I think I will be deleting this game soon. It’s just not fun anymore.

  11. I wish we had more lots for houses. I don’t like having to demolish a house to build a new prize house. I also wish we could have more sims in our town and more sims per household.

    • I agree with kdp7117, we need more lot houses, sometimes it takes time to move between the downtown and island.
      I would also suggest to give more SP in the Social tasks, when you are already at level 55 you don´t need the poor 5XP they give.
      I am having a looooot of trouble to complete the monuments in the island, I have spent real money but I don´t think this is a good way to go (this falls in the category of things being too expensive or hard to get). I don´t like to do the cooking hobby for gaining LP, I prefer ghost hunting.

      Thank you sooo much for your blog I love it!

  12. I am down for all of these! I hate the Sim Chase event, and it really sucks that they don’t let you skip it right off the bat. I never play them anymore either. You’re right, they’re impossible even if you set an alarm and don’t have to work so you can wake up in the middle of the night – in theory, I often sleep through the alarms since I have issues with hypersomnia right now.

    I also wish they’d either lower the glass requirement or give us another thing to make glass – or let us start making it sooner. I can never finish those in time and I always set alarms. I can’t even imagine how they expect normal people with jobs and a life to finish these in time if I can’t do it. I just have to work around Doctor appointments.

  13. I’ve been playing for 4 years now and my experience has been exactly the same as yours. I have gladly spent money on the game before but feeling pressured to do it isn’t nice. I have almost nothing to look forward to with each update. I hope they listen to us, and at the very least get rid of the SimChase.
    Anyways, thank you so much for the effort you put into this blog, it has made my experience with the game a lot better. Have a good year!

    • Agree with the original post and Susan’s reiteration.

      Great Blog. I read it even in the month long stretches where I am not playing as it is more fun these days to read about the game than to play it… (I don’t even watch your videos most of the time but they too are way better than playing). The fire monkeys should think about the implications of that…how many others just stop playing and don’t even bother confirming these are the reasons.

  14. I’ve mostly stopped playing for the exact reasons you list. When ever yet ANOTHER crafting event comes along I already accept I’ll have to wait for it to come around again to finish it. I used to set alarms and live in 2.5hr increments and it affected my health, it’s NOT worth it. I refuse to play Mobile bc it doesn’t suit my playstyle and I find it more annoying than fun. I occasionally load Freeplay to roll my daily freebies and w/e board cash is there, otherwise it sits and I primarily play WoW/Sims 4. I hope they get enough people unhappy with the current state of the game and some adjustments are made.

  15. I love your wishes!!! I agree that we should have Subcategories in Categories. Looking for items is a pain! I also wish that it would actually be possible to complete the Live Events in the first try. I’ve tried many times to complete it and do everything in my power to do it (and following your advice), but I have yet to complete it in the first try. Selling multiples at a time would help me A LOT. Different shaped rooms has been a wish of mine for years…so is “open” rooms with a wall knocked down so it can connect to other rooms. I kinda like the concept of SimChase, they have really good prizes (currently trying to win the piano which will still cost me a lot of SPs because I fell asleep…) but they should definitely make it possible for busy students or working adults to achieve the prizes.

    BTW, do you know if starting the SimChase Season at a certain time will make each episode end at that time each day? Because for me right now, the episode is ending while I’m asleep so I don’t benefit from the long tasks that are taking place when I am sleeping.

    But seriously, do they think we don’t sleep and don’t have lives outside of the game?!!!

    • Great ideas! Simchase starts at the same time that you start it on day 1 so if you didn’t log in until 10pm the day it starts then the next episode is ready to start at 10pm each day

  16. I totally agree!! I stopped playing unfortunately. The game has gotten to where it isn’t fun anymore. Everything is insanely expensive and I was loosing sleep trying to complete things and still failing. Major bummer!!

  17. I agree with you. I hate SimChase and never play with it. I also don’t like the pregnancy events, and never play with them because they need all my resources.
    I’m in the highest level and I think they should make more levels in 2020 for long time players. I never win the grand prize on events, just in the returning events. I hope they will still give back he progress, because I couldn’t end it in the time limit.
    The adverts in the game is very annoying, but as a real free player I understand, that they need the money. However the experience would be much better if Osiris wouldn’t end the 2-10 minutes actions. It’s really annoying, but at a 4 hours action it would help.
    I still remember the Freebreeze event and I think they should do more of that. They should work with real big companies and make their product in the game. I would enjoy if my sims could wear Zara clothes, drive a Ferrari, drink Coca-Cola etc. They could pay for making an event in the game and make a little story around the products.
    I like when there is a little story in the game, they should have someone in the game who is not a tech guy to do them.
    I like your organizing tips. I would like to see it in the hairstyle and clothes section. There are so much same item with different colors! It so hard to find them.
    I would like to see fat and extreme fat sims with a weight loss program. It could be an event and there should be sport activities, making healthy foods etc. I like to see that the game has a positive impact for the gamers life.

  18. I would really like to be able to do more with infants, preteens, and seniors. I feel like these age groups are overlooked and ignored by the development teams and its sad. I want more hobbies, non premium/in store only clothing and hair, and interactions with these age groups. Why can’t we have tummy time with our babies? Why can’t teens have a babysitting hobby? And I’m sorry but preteens should be allowed to cook! Seniors should be able to take care of the infants and be remembered after they passed on. I know it would be a little morbid for some players but I would like a Sim funeral home to be an option. That’s all…for now.

  19. I agree with everything I’ve read in this post. I’ve gotten so sick and tired of contacting Firemonkeys about the numerous glitches that occur every time they do an update and/or put out a new quest. I don’t enjoy the game anymore. If I hadn’t become so attached to my Sims and pets, I’d quit the game entirely. I basically send all my Sims to work everyday, replenish their happiness, feed my pets and replenish their happiness and stress myself to pieces to complete a new quest when it comes out. I think the developers (or whomever runs the game) have gotten greedy and lost all concept of who is actually keeping this game alive. I’ve told them my feelings many, many times. I even suggested a monthly subscription that is quite reasonable and affordable that would allow subscription holders to access things such as the infant and toddler hairstyles that are being sold for RIDICULOUS amounts of money! It’s absurd!! I don’t put money into the game anymore no matter what they’re selling. I used to love this game so much and now I just want to end it all and find another game that makes me happy to spend my time on. If things don’t change soon, I’ll probably have to make a decision to say goodbye to my beloved Sims and pets and move on. I hope the developers decide to rethink what they’ve done to their very dedicated players and make a lot of changes to bring back the joy to what used to be a really terrific game. And PLEASE get rid of SimChase!! I don’t even look at it anymore. All it does is re-arrange my SimTracker and add more aggravation to my gameplay. Thank you, Weightless, for all of your hard work and dedication. I’ve said it before: YOU are the only reason I’ve stayed with the game. You’re always looking out for the players and your honesty is so inspiring. EA and Firemonkeys need to pay attention to all of this feedback if they really want this game to last long into the future. They are self-destructing!!

    • 1 wish I forgot to mention. Once you get to level 55 earning XP’s is useless. They should award LP or SP or extra simoleons instead to those players who have reached level 55 

  20. I agree with all of your issues with the game. I was playing Sims Mobile but I didn’t like the way the Sims aged so I quit. I found Freeplay and got hooked. I live in the country so my only internet is my cell phone and those constant pop up ads are sucking up data and most of the time it tells me I didn’t get the credit because I didn’t watch the entire video, which I did!

    I’m no longer playing the SIM Chases, pregnancy game or any of the other ones as they are almost impossible to win, even with staying up and no sleep! I don’t work and still can’t beat them. I don’t know how many times I’ve almost quit this game for good. I’ll go back to playing some mindless game with out any stress like Candy Crush or Zelda.

    Your blog hints and tips have been priceless and I really appreciate all of your help.

  21. I agree with all of this, plus I think the pregnancy events are too difficult. I can only add a baby with extra abilities once or twice a year when my kids are on vacation from school, and even then I may not be able to keep up with all the requirements and end up with an ‘ordinary’ baby after nine days of spending all my time putting all my Sims to tasks and trying to find a Sim who can cook all day to build up lp so I can spin a plant for sp… then only get a few of those! All stress, no fun!

  22. Agreed that there should be higher levels and also more premium lots. It seems like that would only help them make money not hinder it

    • I just had an idea;

      So in the Sims 4, you can get these expansion packs and with them, you get a new area, (like a city, beach,etc) and you can build more things in those places. What if they did something a bit like that in the Sims FreePlay, only you don’t have to pay for it. But to unlock the new area thing, you have to do some kind of quest, which you can start in your own time, a bit like a discovery quest.

      I’m not sure if this made sense, but I think that that idea could seriously improve the game.

      • I know. I think that they should have more islands like the downtown area and the mysterious island. I think they should have more things like that. A little bit like the secret fairy island thing. But I think they should have more in the form of a discovery quest.

  23. I have really enjoyed reading this topic, and I agree with all of the comments. I have been a player for years and would have probably moved on except for you, Weightless! Your announcement of events, and the time you spend showing us the tasks as we move through a quest are PRICELESS to me. Thanks for all you do for us. As a note about ads, I have learned to work them to my benefit, saving hours of time. Noticed that you will get a group of them once a day; for me it’s in the morning for an hour or so. I put my sims on tasks less than two hours during that time.

    Thanks again!

  24. IMO they should ditch Maternity Events as well as SimChase, they aren’t exactly doable either and there is literally no reason those items can’t be added to the maternity shop as regular stock. What exactly is the point of all those tokens you earn trying to do the things once you’ve brought everything in there?

    Failing that they need to add in a different way to get the prizes from SimChase and Maternity Events after the fact. Hobby Events (gosh I miss new ones of those!) Seasonal quests and Live Events all repeat (well mostly some Live Events haven’t…) giving players a second chance or new players a first chance.But SimChase and Maternity? Nothing, once it’s gone it;s gone. They could be rare prizes in Mystery Boxes or something! Or a special limited time mystery box like the preteen clothes one.

  25. I agree with you on all these things.

    Something that I really want is for them to maybe just add in good furniture. (Stuff That actually looks like real life furniture and Is cheap to buy) So you don’t have to complete a quest to get them, you don’t have to pay, they just give it out. I know it’s a tall order, but I know many people would appreciate it. I also think that something that I’d really like to see is more teen stuff.

    I know that they did an update on this, but by that point, I gave up on the game for a bit. I was so annoyed that I missed the event. But I had no motivation to play the game at that point so I just tried to not care.

    I’ve started playing it again, but I don’t know how long it will be until I give up on it again. I love the game, it’s just they need to start listening to us a bit more.

  26. There are some really good ideas in these comments and I hope the game developers read them all. I’ve been playing for a year now and I think the events and challenges could be more creative. Watching a dozen of my sims toiling away at making candles, etc., for days on end isn’t entertaining and it’s really easy to get swept up to the point where it’s stressful instead of fun. The only event I completed in time was the Farmhouse, which I really like, but there have been 3 times where I had such serious glitches that I lost progress and was either set back a day or had to start all over. I contacted Firemonkeys the last 2 times and they did help, but it took so long that there was no catching up before the event ended. At first I put in a lot of effort to win all the prizes, but between the glitches and the cost of buying more than one of the prizes (220,000 for a 2nd Cafe Table!) I realized it’s not worth it.

    The hobby events are also not that entertaining and I’m getting bored with winning 2 or 3 new hairstyles that I don’t get to choose myself in 4 out of 8 colors. Right now I have 25 women’s hairstyles (just styles, not color options for each style), but only 18 men’s and I’m really annoyed with having just 7 each for toddler boy’s (they’re so ugly!) and girls. I’d like more variety for men and kids and especially no more goofy haircuts for the boys. I can’t recall a hobby event that wasn’t about female hairstyles as prizes, so it would be really nice if they could branch out into other age groups and genders.

    Also, why can’t I just BUY clothing? I haven’t built the shopping mall yet, but why do I have to wait for something I like to show up in that pink shopping cart? I want my sims to look less alike! If they want to make money, why don’t they expand the wardrobe store?

    Thank you for all your work you’ve put into this blog! I probably would’ve given up a few times without your instructions. Firemonkeys should take your opinion very seriously; you really are helping them keep this game going.

  27. I definitely agree with you for all these, but especially different shaped rooms, and cheaper items. I would love to build a mini castle with a hexagonal turret on the side.

    I also really want them to remove sim chase, or make it significantly easier to complete, because I really like the items in it, but there is no way I am prioritising it over things I actually have to do, like sleep. I really think that they need to listen to us a bit more, and the game would be so much better.

  28. Weightless Magic – Thank for your honest post and all the effort you put into your excellent blog. I echo the fantastic comments and state my despondency playing this game especially since the introduction of simchase which is as tedious and stressful as playing the live (crafting) events. EA / FM are pressurising loyal players to spend real cash, but for me it has had the opposite affect. I haven’t spent any real cash on the game since the introduction of simchase- which I think was around the time of the Grand Garages update. You are right, money grabs do not work. It’s such a shame because SFP was a brilliant game and EA / FA have ruined it. They don’t care that loyal players are fed up and have stopped playing. All they care about is the money. Their lack of response to our concerns is both deplorable and disrespectful!

  29. I’ve been playing for close to four years. I agree with your list wholesale! With you room shape list, it would be neat to be able to do diagonal walls, but that would take coding of the game to the next level, I’m sure. Has anyone done a tutorial on indoor pools?

    I absolutely agree with the events comments I’m reading. The updates may be monotonous, but I do like the rewards for the most part. I figured out how to complete them, and stillmget sleep but I have to be damn vigilant because if I miss one cycle it blows the whole event. SIMCHASE…did the first one quit 2/3rds through when I realized it was a resource grab.

    Housing spaces…in addition to more of them, it would be nice to change up the map a bit so that if I build a house with snow elements I could do it on the mountain, and not have it in the middle of a non snow neighborhood. I know that is just an immersion detail, but hey it is a wishlist afterall.

    I like an earlier comment about allowing for watching an ad or two to complete tasks if I don’t want to spend the time, as long as I don’t HAVE to watch the ads to complete the tasks. I do this for other mobile games I play, heck sometimes I watch the ads JUST to feed the developer when I feel I can spare the 15-30 seconds.

    Finally, I want to thank you for being a constant companion here at this blog, and hope you are getting adequate recompense for your efforts! I donated once, but should prolly do it more often given the number times your information here has gotten me through tough events or tasks. Thank you, and Play On Girl! 😀

  30. I came back to the game after a few years cause i found out they removed the aging thing. And now probably going to stop playing again as what you mentioned. Those events are impossible and totally takes away too much time out of your real life.

    I stopped building anything cause it is impossible to have enough simoleons to.

    Also still confused in how to remove a room or part of a house. You can just deleted like in the Sims game. Everything about this game went downhill for me after the aging update.

    Still like looking at your page though cause it lets me know if it is worth coming back to the game. But wont blame you if you decide not to update/ play this game anymore.

  31. My biggest gripe is the “object cap”. I too love the “clutter items” and hope that more are introduced but the object cap greatly restricts my ability to use them.

    I also support lower prices, more house lots and sub-categories in categories.

  32. My biggest gripe is not enough big land plots. I have houses I want to build but would love the longer lawns and we don’t have enough of them.

  33. I’d be happy if they just sorted the ads out. 3 out of 4 don’t take me back to the game after I’ve obligingly watched their ads, so I have to come out and go back in again, thus losing my reward and will to live. I’m glad I am going on holiday soon, I won’t be playing as it becomes a bit of a faff, as I am forced to watch ad after ad that doesn’t work (and if I cancel early, the same thing happens – but I’ll get another ad cutting in as soon as I do the next eligible action). Quick way to lose loyal players.

  34. Agree with your wish list totally! I wonder if they could just add a search option to the home store and inventory. I have a smoke machine somewhere in my inventory that I have not been able to find since Halloween. It would be great if we could just type in a word(s) and the items would appear. Much less frustrating.

  35. Yes to everything!!! I also want more home plots and some kind of expansion. I really want more animals. I mentioned a safari or something like that. I love the quests and HATE SIMS CHASE!! I think everyone hates Sims Chase. Ridiculous

  36. I totally 100% agree with your wish and suggestions. The question is, will the Firemonkeys team listen to us, loyal TSF players, who’s been playing for years? There are a lot of players put in their suggestions like yours on TSF FB and it’s been months away now but still, every time a new update comes up, my heart sank. It always the same thing. A new live event with lots new furniture/decorations for prizes and the ultimate prize of a new house template. From their point of view is good, but our point of view? Where are we going to put the new house template? We have no more lots to spare and of course we don’t want to demolish the ones we have built with love. And then now we almost always have two SimChase events instead of one. Interesting? Making my heart leap with joy? Of course NOT. I just do not understand why they never listen to their loyal players? Are we not valuable enough for making TSF keep going? Please consider us, Firemonkeys?

  37. I disagree on SimChase. I love it and don’t mind paying with social points. I think the prizes are totally worth it. I think there are no changes thus far because enough “silent” players gladly pay that its profitable for them.

  38. Thanks for your blog – it’s so helpful. I agree with a lot of your suggestions. I prefer arts and crafts events though to the simchase events. I did my first simchase event in January and decided that was the last unless I accrue a huge amount of SP. I’m only now back to the level of simoleons I had before. I don’t mind arts and crafts events. I find your summary of amounts needed to purchase prizes most helpful. I just do the maths and figure out how many 2:30 sessions I need to do in a day with a long overnight session (as long as it’s only 5 or 6 it’s doable). I also check to see if I need to do an instant restock for SP or restock over 2:30. I think that is a worthwhile spend of SP and helps you with the event. I managed to do everything for romantic gardens by using less than 100SP. I’m saving up SP to do my next pregnancy event. I’d prefer that than simchase. I don’t mind spending real money on the game for items that add individuality and personality to the home (clutter items and stuff not normally available in the Furniture/building tabs). That is what real life homes are like. I don’t mind the ads except when I see a sim has finished a task and I click on them and then the ad plays to quick finish the task! Waste of time, they’ve already finished! I’d also support the subcategories suggestion. My only suggestion is I wish you could open up other parts of the game (e.g. beach) without doing the life dreams and legacies quest. I’d rather pay some real money to open it and keep my sims as is (unless I want to change them myself) without having to figure out the whole orbs business so they don’t die (it sounds complicated and hard work). I hope you keep the blog going. You do a great job 🙂

  39. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I would love more profession workplaces! I really enjoyed completing them, despite difficulties, and upgrading the stations. It seems strange to have a mix of professions and old jobs, so I would hope that they eventually convert all the jobs into professions (like they did the movie studio), instead of coming up with whole new professions, or just leaving a strange mix.

  40. I agree. Live events & SimChase are the worst & most annoying! They can cause unhealthy sleeping habits. The old quests before are much better.

  41. I think that a military update would be so good! Our key workers are all noticed apart from people working in the armed forces! This would be such a great update if this could be possible!

  42. Mystery key items need to be updated! I end up getting the repetitive items by spending 6 keys which technically takes 6 weeks to collect. Please request to update the list

  43. I have same thinking with you.
    The sim chase supposed to get rid of as it spend too much time and simoleons to carry out the impossible task , and for the house and furniture price was too unexpected high so I hope they can change the policy .
    And I also hope that developers can create more workplaces such as law court or something to make my sims job to be fabulous (although now I message them my opinion and they did not see.)

  44. Is anybody else having a problem with this week’s quest.
    My game crashes every time I try to sit on the throne in the castle to declare a decree. It is one of the tasks this week.
    I suppose I could use LP’s to skip it but I really don’t want to do that.

    • I declared a decree the other day and it worked fine so it might be that it is trying to use more RAM than your device has right now which causes it to crash. Have you tried closing all background apps and restarting your device?

  45. MMORE PEOPLE!!!!
    why is there additional ppl to work the hamburger spot in the mall or the smoothie spo or the gym coffee spot. Or just extra ppl. I have so many houses but I’ve run out of ppl to put in them all. 😦 then I have to spend more money to get just 1 person. That’s not really fair if I pay for it I should at least get a couple or a family and it doesn’t count against my count. Or at least put some computer sims to run those spaces and just say hello to

  46. Completely agree with everything and wanted to add that they really need to lower the requirements to build Work Rooms.

    You go from having 10ish things need to upgrade stations to 600 things per room… It’s insane.. 😦

  47. I kinda like the SimsChases, at least the prizes are pretty awesome.

    So agree with better placement of items! There are so many wall items that should fit fine with floor items but they can’t

    I’d like to see more deco in general and specifically a lot more holiday decor! I wanna put pumpkins and fall leaves everywhere in the fall!

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