The Sims Freeplay- Downtown Developer Events

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version

GLITCH: sometimes after you have put your sims on to collect shards they won’t collect them when you return hours later, while they work on a fix- move the sims next to the x before you click on the x and make sure you see them starting the action before you close the game or go somewhere else in simtown. If you have missed out on the time limited prizes due to this issue please contact the makers to see if you can be compensated.

Collect resources to build 3 story high rise apartment blocks in the Downtown Developer Events (there are currently two available now) Once you have completed the Simtown Express Discovery Quest you will be able to begin one of these events (you can only complete one at a time) but there is no rush, these events will be available whenever you are ready to start them

It doesn’t matter which event you are completing as they both work the same way, they just unlock a different apartment. I will colour code each event so you know if something is different. Downtown Developer 1 is in Yellow and Downtown Developer 2 is in Green.

The aim of these events is to collect all the Granite, Glass and Gold you need at different locations around Simtown, these resources are then used to build the luxury high rise apartment block (1) and the onyx tower block (2). Firstly you need to go to Downtown (use the Simtown Express to get there) and you will find two development icon, either side of the hospital.

Downtown Developer Event 1– Click on this to get the option to demolish the buildings that are there:

Downtown Developer Event 2– Click on this to get the option to demolish the buildings that are there:

Once demolished the event will begin and the first time limit will start, there are time limits in these events but there are different time limits for each stage, keep reading for more information on this

A lot of the images below are from the downtown developer 1 event but 2 works the same, the grand prize is the only thing that is different

You will then get tasks to complete, these will explain how this event works so make sure you read them:

  • Open downtown developer menu- click on the orange symbol next to the downtown developer task to get to this menu, the menu is where you can see your progress in this event:

At the top you will see all the stages to complete in this event, then you will see the permit you currently have and below you can see the current stage requirements, right now only granite is required to complete stage one but this screenshot below shows a later stage that requires more resources:

  • View major stage deadlines- if you go back to the menu, on the bar at the top you will see under stage 2 it says ‘3 days’ this means you have 3 days to fill the bar by collecting the resources to reach stage 2 to be on track in this event, if you don’t complete a stage in the time limit you will be forced to spend simoleons to progress in this event (I don’t know how many simoleons it will cost as it varies depending on what level you are on, so if you are on level 55 expect a high cost!)

The time limits for each stage are:

  • Reach stage 2– 3 days
  • Reach stage 4– 6 days
  • Reach stage 6– 6 days
  • Reach stage 9 (final stage)– 15 days

These stages above are major upgrades so the building site will change when you reach these milestones, you will also receive other rewards when you reach each of these stages:

  • Stage 2– 2LP, 2SP and 1 Glass (which can then be used in the next stage)
  • Stage 4– 5LP, 5SP and 1 Gold (which can then be used in the next stage)
  • Stage 6– 10LP, 10SP and 1 Gold (which can then be used in the next stage)
  • Stage 9/Grand Prize– Empty 3 Story Apartment Lot, S20,000, 20LP and 15SP

  • Go to the resource location- every 24 hours you will receive a new permit to collect a resource at a different location, go back to the menu to find where you need to go and you can click ‘visit’ on the location to go straight there:

The location will be different for you and it will only be places you have already unlocked so if you haven’t build downtown high school yet you won’t get a permit to go there

  • Assign a sim to an x- once at the location you need to find the 2 x spots, have a sim click on one of these and select Collect Shard- 3 hours 55 minutes:

GLITCH: sometimes after you have put your sims on to collect shards they won’t collect them when you return hours later, while they work on a fix- move the sims next to the x before you click on the x and make sure you see them starting the action before you close the game or go somewhere else in simtown. If you have missed out on the time limited prizes due to this issue please contact the makers to see if you can be compensated.


Only two sims can collect shards at one time and a shard does not make a full piece, depending on the resource you need to collect different amounts of shards to make one resource:

  • Granite– collect 2 shards to make 1 granite
  • Glass– collect 3 shards to make 1 glass
  • Gold– collect 4 shards to make 1 gold

You need to collect a full piece within 24 hours to be able to use that towards your next permit, if you only collect one shard then you will lose this

  • Review resource progress- click on the menu to check your progress, the current requirements show you how many resources you need to complete that stage:

If you want to skip with SP this is the best place to do it as it is more expensive if you skip from the task action itself or the permit section of the menu:

  • Review the major stage timer- here you can see the next stage is locked:

If you miss one stage you can still catch up at the next stage as the time limit for the next stage does not start until you have completed the previous, for example, if you miss out on completing the 4th stage in the 6 day time limit once you have paid your simoleons to move on you will still get the full 6 day time limit to reach the 6th stage

If you complete the final stage of the Downtown Developer 1 in the 15 day time limit you will unlock the 3 Story Luxury Apartment that can be built on the high rise block, you still unlock the apartment block if you don’t complete this event in the time limit, once complete you will be able to build the empty 3 story to build your own apartment:

I warn you now, this building is hideous when complete! But the 3 story luxury apartment is very nice, if you don’t like it you can build the empty 3 story or even one of the original penthouse apartments

Take a tour of the 3 Story Luxury Apartment here:

Watch my walkthrough of this event here:

If you complete the final stage of the Downtown Developer 2 in the 15 day time limit you will unlock the 3 Story Onyx Towers that can be built on the onyx towers block, you still unlock the apartment block if you don’t complete this event in the time limit, once complete you will be able to build the empty 3 story onyx to build your own apartment:

Again this building is hideous when complete- unfortunately this time it is hideous inside and out! If you don’t like it you can build the empty 3 story or even one of the original penthouse apartments

I have no love for this build whatsoever- every single wall is black, including the exterior walls! Oh apart from the patches of green moss!! And the windows are tinted so no natural light is getting into this apartment. The gold door frames are probably so the sims can find the exits! After taking 30 days to complete this long and tedious event it would be great if the prize was at least worth the effort!

The best part of this completing this event in the time limit is you unlock some of the items in buy mode- I think we can all put them to better use than how they have been used in the apartment above!

Take a tour of the 3 Story Onyx Towers here:

Watch my walkthrough of this event here:


  • You need to have completed the Simtown Express Quest to unlock Downtown before you can start these events
  • You can only complete one downtown developer event at a time
  • These events are available forever so there is no rush to begin them but once you do start the first timer will begin, then it should take 30 days to complete
  • A new permit is issued every 24 hours

  • The location will be different for you and it will only be places you have already unlocked so you don’t have to build any new locations to find the resources
  • Only two sims can collect shards at once

GLITCH: sometimes after you have put your sims on to collect shards they won’t collect them when you return hours later, while they work on a fix- move the sims next to the x before you click on the x and make sure you see them starting the action before you close the game or go somewhere else in simtown. If you have missed out on the time limited prizes due to this issue please contact the makers to see if you can be compensated.

  • A shard is not a whole resource, if you don’t collect a whole resource in 24 hours you will lose the shards you have collected:
    • 2 Granite Shards= 1 Granite
    • 3 Glass Shards= 1 Glass
    • 4 Gold Shards= 1 Gold
  • The next major timer doesn’t start until the previous major milestone is complete
  • There are 9 stages to complete, completing each stage earns you rewards:
    • Stage 1- 2LP
    • Stage 2- Major upgrade, 2LP, 2SP and 1 Glass (which can then be used in the next stage)
    • Stage 3- 5SP
    • Stage 4- Major upgrade, 5LP, 5SP and 1 Gold (which can then be used in the next stage)
    • Stage 5- 10SP
    • Stage 6- Major upgrade, 10LP, 10SP and 1 Gold (which can then be used in the next stage)
    • Stage 7- S10,000
    • Stage 8- 15LP
    • Stage 9/Final Stage- Empty 3 Story Apartment Lot, S20,000, 20LP and 15SP
  • If you earn enough resources before the 24 hours is over then you will have to wait for the rest of the 24 hours before you will get your next permit:

  • Want to see a walkthrough of event 1? Watch my video here
  • Want to see a walkthrough of event 2? Watch my video here

What do I think of these events? I was really upset when I saw they were adding another downtown developer event  after all the feedback I have given them about the first. They haven’t even fixed the glitch on the first one yet so it bound to occur again in this second event too! This is another event where unless you can play all day then you won’t be able to complete it in the time limit, the fact you have to pay if you miss a time limit I think is ridiculous and it is bound to cost thousands of simoleons. I still am yet to play the first event properly on my own game- the horror stories I have heard have really put me off. At least 90% of the comments about this event are negative yet they still decided another one was the right thing to add, it really makes me wonder why I bother trying to give them feedback, they clearly want this game to fail.

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101 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Downtown Developer Events

  1. Hi! Thankyou so much for your blog. This is so helpful for me. And I’m glad that you keep update us.
    I have a question, why can’t i find the Development icon next to the hospital? I’ve completed simtown express quest. And when i checked to apps store, there’s no newest update. So my latest update is Fine Dining Update. Thankyou

      • Unfortunately, the just under 4 hour collecting means you can’t sleep and actually can’t finish with 24 hours, so if you don’t buy SP’s, you can’t finish in the times allotted.

      • They are still timed as you have to complete stage 1 and 2 in the time limit, then 3 and 4, then 5 and 6 as the time limit starts as soon as the previous major stage is complete so once you complete stage 2 you will have 6 days to complete stage 3 and 4.

    • This quest is impossible to complete. I have set a timer and have fulfilled all requirements in the given time in fact I had to wait 2 24 hour periods waiting for a permit and an additional 42 hours total waiting for permits. In the last stage the timer went from 15 days down to 42 hours for no apparent reason. I was able to complete granite and glass and then with 17 hours to go and enough time I thought to get the last 2 gold. It said I had to wait 8 hours for a permit which made it impossible to finish. This as a total waste of time and nothing more than a way to get real money out of the players. If you want the building ..great, but forget about the apartment.

      • The same happened to me with the timers, and collecting shards but no actual shard collected. Such a bummer for the time spent. I spent lots of earned simoleans to go forward when I missed the stage timer. I eventually missed the grand prize timer and now it’s 3.4million simoleans to complete… I’ve managed to get over 1 million so far. I’ve never purchased any lp or other currency.

  2. Thank you so much for this post! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you play it in your own game.

    I have a question, if I don’t feel the need to rush through it to win the time limit prize, do I still have to pay simoleons if I miss a deadline?

      • I’ve been running into a problem with the downtown developer. Often, when I finish collecting shard, one of my sims tells me they “don’t have room” to present the shard and it disappears, costing me 3 hours of collecting. There seems to be no way of preventing it. At this point I’ve lost a total of about 27-30 hours of collecting shard. I’d be able to make the deadlines if this glitch didn’t keep occurring. Do you know if this is being fixed in the future?

      • I’ve not heard of the ‘don’t have room’ issue but the not collecting shards is a known issue, the makers are currently working on a fix but in the meantime put your sims right next to the x before you click on it and then make sure they have started the action before closing the game or going to a different area in the game. If you missed out on the time limited prize due to this issue please contact the makers to see if you can be compensated, this post explains how to contact them if you are unsure:

  3. I see in your walkthrough that you need to collect resources from the High School and the Tropical Romance Island…. Does that mean you need to have built both of these places too?

    • Sorry I forgot to say in the post but I have added it now- the location will be different for you and it will only be places you have already unlocked so you don’t have to build any new locations to find the resources

  4. Thank you so much for your posts! I love your blog! Do they always find shard when they search for them? I just had someone not find one. If that is the case, this could take forever and impossible to complete the event.

  5. Do you always collect a resource on the x? One of my sims went through the 3:55 collection action, but didn’t receive a shard while my other one did. Thanks for your help!

  6. I noticed in the 3 Story Luxury Apartment that there are some silver windows and wallpaper (pink and white two-tone and a dark teal) I’ve never seen before. Do you know if those will be unlocked for use at other locations or if they’re only available in this specific house/location?

  7. I’m currently between stage 3 and 4 on this and getting frustrated with the time limit. I had all the granite required and just need to complete 2 more glass, which looked doable with 22 hours left on the clock for stage 4. However, after the permit day reset it went to a day of granite rather than a day of glass. Now there is no chance to complete to stage 4 within the time limit when it says I can have a day off as all granite is collected. It could at least let me collect granite for a future stage requirement! By the time that permit finishes it will be too late to collect the glass I need. Looking like another of those where you’d need to be working on it 24/7 with no sleep to be able to complete within the time limit.

  8. Having not completed stage 4 within the time limit, the fine due to continue on was 464,000 at level 55 (hopefully I have remembered that correctly). Looking at the requirements for the next stage, with 3 types to find and 3 days until the next section (halfway to next build change), it seems I will have to find all the shards within the first permit day of that type. Not looking promising for completing in the time limit.

  9. I’m on level 2 have 24 hours to collect seven pieces of granite. However, each one takes 3h 55m (essentially 4 hours), meaning I’d need 28 hours to collect the granite. Isn’t this essentially setting us up to fail / need to pay to proceed?

    Or am I missing something here?

  10. Having played Downtown Developer for a while now, I now realise that this game is a con and is impossible to complete without incurring SP costs to complete and in part advance to the next stage of the event and I tell you something else, has anyone notice how the seconds timer in this event tick down a bit faster at times. It is not exactly keeping to real time so this is deliberate to con us so that it causes us to run out of time. If behind time like I have been so far, I am behind by over 200+ SPs, despite not missing a second moving through the event, and with less than 12 days left to go to obtain the grand prize; I really do not think I will be purchasing anymore SPs to catch up. To me it is not worth it and it is going to be too costly for me to complete. I would say to everyone; play this event at your will, but you will run out of time at some point and it will be costly to purchase simoleons to catch up and to me, watching closely, the timer is definitely not running and matched to real time which over time as the seconds tick fast in part is a deliberate act to catch you out so that you do not notice this over the whole time playing this event.

    • About 1/3 of the time when I go to collect my shards one Sim collects and the other does not. Even if both were showing “collect shard” on the screen where you see all of your Sims.

      I don’t think this as a glitch. This game is not nearly as fun as it used to be.

    • Agreed with anonymous! This game cheats a lot on the timer as well as typically twice a day even if I have two sims working on collecting a resource, it only collects one and skips my other completely. It’s really aggravating. Super disappointing.

    • Yes, I have noticed when the Sims appear to have completed a dig, their task timers seem stuck on zero, while real time continues to pass, for several seconds.
      Like every major event in this game now, this will be impossible to finish without purchases. My time runs out in a few hours. I can’t play, because I’m waiting for a permit that I don’t need/have already collected those resources, to expire, so it’s virtually over. I may try to continue collecting so I can get the lot, and who knows, the event may come back in a few months, which is fine either way.

    • WOW….. I worked day and night and was not able to complete it. Can’t believe I just spend 8 million SP to fix the eyesore. I’m done with this game.

      • EIGHT MILLION SOCIAL POINTS???? This is ridiculous. I’ve just built the first site but reading these comments had made me wish I saved up for a regular penthouse apartment instead. Smh 🤦‍♀️

  11. Do you know if the milestone cost increases the longer it takes to finish? For example, if I finish one day past the milestone it costs about 500,000. If it takes me 3 days, will I need to pay more?
    I’m thinking about giving up on finishing on time since it’s clearly impossible without spending money, I’m just wondering if it then matters HOW long it takes to finish.
    On a side note, I’m sad I’ll miss some of the items in the prize penthouse, but the space itself is a weird design so I’m okay designing my own! I wish the milestones unlocked some of the prize furnishings, I’d be more motivated to play.

    • I think if you level up during that time it might increase as the cost depends on the level you are on in the game but if you want to give up on the time you could pay to go through to the next stage and then just leave it for a while (you can leave it as long as you want and can return to it if/ when you are ready- I haven’t even started it yet as I know it is going to be a hassle!)

  12. I am so angry. I am between 6 and 7. Target is 8 granite – 16 shards, 6 glass, 18 shards and 4 gold – 16 shards. Totally impossible to do with a 24 hr limit on each of these permits. Not fair that we need to buy SP to finish each section. It takes almost 4 hours to get 1 shard. The most any 1 sim can collect in 24 hours is 7!!!!!! I have bought with cash some SP to progress through some earlier parts but this target only gets me to stage 7. It’ll have the same or more resources needed to get to the final target. How on earth can you complete at all within the full time limit!

  13. I’m on the final stage but I’ve used a lot of SPs in the process and I still can’t see how I’m going to complete in time?
    I’m fortunate in that I’m retired so I can play all day but I’m missing valuable time through the night, who can afford to lose sleep for these things?
    The instructions don’t seem very clear especially regarding resources needed.
    I’ve got three days left and I’ve come this far and used SPs so I’ll continue up until the end but I don’t think I’ll be playing one of these events again.
    I’m not enjoying it at all, it’s boring, time consuming and costly (if you go down that road) and there’s no guarantee that you’re going to achieve anything at the end of it all.

  14. Hi thank you so much for helpful blog, I’m now reaching level 8, 24 hours is the time limit but at certain stage it need more than 24 hours so I’ve to spend SP, I’m not sure about the rest of the level, I’m hoping the rest of the levels do not require more than 24 hours

  15. What’s up with this event. I went 2 days without getting a permit to move on….which cost me time to collect for the final stage. No way I’m going to be able to collect everything now. I agree with another post….this event is a sham!

  16. My game three times told me it was 24 hours to the next permit and then when 24 hours is up it reset. 2 hours ago should have been the end of 24 hours but now it says 22 hours for a permit and only 21 hours to get the prize. Another FreePlay ripoff!

  17. Interesting…..I sat for two days doing nothing earlier this week because I was all caught up. Now I see that I will not be able to finish on time. 12 hours sort. Hate playing for this long and getting nothing in return.

  18. I finally completed the final stage after running out of time days ago. Impossible time schedule if you also want to sleep and do other things! It also kept having sims stop searching for chards part way so making it take even longer and I’m sure some didn’t register properly. The final payment penalty for not completing on time was a horrendous 6,808,000!!! I don’t think that was worth it and still costs more millions if you actually want to build an apartment.

  19. So, I just finished the Downtown Developer event. I did not finish in the time limit, so no prize. I don’t have a real problem with that, however, I now have an unfinished building standing there and I will have to pay 6,800,000 to finish it. There is no way I will pay that just to get a building with no home in it. So I guess it’s going to be urban blight. And I’ll probably have the Downtown Developer event listed on my task page forever……ugh.

  20. I’m beyond frustrated with trying to complete this. A lot of the time it didn’t give me my shards. Any the 24 hour wait time is a lie on their part. Several times the permit has restarted back to the 24 hour wait. It’s Dec. 5th, I should long had this quest completed!

  21. I completed the quest and $6,808,000SP to buy the luxury apartment and
    all I got after 3 days was an empty lot with no apartment!!! Rip off!!

    • Did you complete the event in the time limit? If you did you would have got two options, the empty apartment and the luxury one. If you didn’t complete in the time limit you will only be able to build the empty apartment.

      • I haven’t got the 6.8 million simoleons yet… it will be a few more weeks of constant gardening. I guess all that money and it’ll still only get me the empty apartment then. I contacted support and all they gave me was 100 LPs (big deal…)
        Seems like a poorly thought out event and then further ruined by the bug!

  22. I’ve just finished this quest, and I honestly wouldn’t do it again. It’s a big con! I’m level 55, and I had to pay a load of simoleons to even start the task, then (because I have a life) had to pay again each stage to cover milestone costs.
    I’ve just finished this morning, and my FINAL MILESTONE COST is 6,806,000 simoleons!!! I wish I could attach a screenshot to prove it. And if I pay out £20 of my real life money to make up these simoleons, I have no idea If I would even get the full apartment with furniture (most of which I already have in my inventory), get an empty apartment, or just the chance to pay out another big pile of simoleons to build an apartment.
    I’m not paying it, so I suppose the thing will sit in my task list, taunting me. Forever.

  23. Absolutely love your and have been using it to make the gameplay fun and relaxing. The game used to be so stressful prior to discovering your blog that I quit for 2 years. Thank you for doing this.

    Regarding this quest, I’m currently on Stage 8 which requires 18 granite, 13 glass and 11 gold shards. I’ve collected all the required granite and glass but need 3 more Gold. I’m now believe I have to wait 48 hours before I can start collecting gold again. I also have 9 days on the timer under the final prize. By the time I’ll be done collecting the gold, I will have 6 days left.

    If I use SPs (437 sp) to skip the gold right now, do I get 9 days to complete the final stage or will it be 6 days?

    I’m terrified of how many of each item we would need to collect for the final stage and trying to give myself as much time as possible to complete it.

    Ps: this is a difficult quest. I’ve been using the timer function on my phone to collect items. Sleep has been horrendous.

    • You’re very welcome, I’m glad it helps!
      If you have 9 days and you use SP you will still have 9 days. I agree, they have made this event far too difficult, I have passed on my feedback about this but they are just not listening.

  24. If I build a two story penthouse on this 3rd story apartment, will it be a complete penthouse apartment (the building) or will it be a 3rd story apartment building with a 2 story apartment?

  25. FYI – I didn’t complete all of the requirements for stage #6 in time (I was missing only 1 granite) But still had to pay 37 sp for it – plus I had to pay 600 000 simoleans to advance to the next level. I am on level 55 btw- just as an idea for how many simoleans/sps that one can expect to pay when stage requirements aren’t made in time. Definitely too expensive for what you get in the end in my opinion!

  26. I think it’s important to note that if the final timer runs out at the end of the event, you will be forced to pay an ABSURD amount in order to build the final tower. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the event until long after the timer expired, and I must pay 4,482,000 simoleons (which I do not and will never have). So players should beware that this challenge is not easy.

  27. Has anyone ever only been able to get one sim doing this? The second x won’t react today. Also have Sims walking really fast and not completing tasks in professions.

  28. Did you ever find out how much Joe the Geologist costs, and what he does? I know for a fact that most of the time you need Laura Craft to help collect enough glass during the Live Events (if you don’t want to spend SP that is). Maybe Joe Geologist works the same way.

      • I have an answer myself! Joe costs triple what Laura Craft does, $14.99 (USD), but he’s good for 45 days, or until the event is finished. And frankly, I think it’s worth it — every four hours he’ll collect one of whichever resource you currently have a permit for. This means you can collect 6 granite shards in 8 hours (or three whole resources); 6 glass shards (or two whole resources). For gold, 16 hours will net you 12 shards (or 3 whole resources), which is quite doable in your 24-hour permit time frame.

        Without Joe, 16 hours of gold prospecting will net you only 8 shards or 2 whole resources, and you’d have to set timers to make sure you completed 2 more 4-hour shifts to collect another whole resource before the end of 24-hour permit. (It’s doable, since the shifts are slightly less than four hours each, but it would be highly annoying).

  29. Thanks for your post! Quick question, how much does it cost to build the luxury 3 story apartment after your first free one? Does it cost simoleons or social points? Thank you!

  30. I really regret spending countless hours and days and even some social points to do this project. Cos finally I have completed this only to find the milestone incurred is $6,806,000 to build the high-rise. the collection is horribly long, and pretty hard to complete in time because they always start the new permit in the most inconvenient time (to my time zone). Seriously as attractive the grand prize may look if I wanted to pay this sort of money to build one thing i could have chosen other houses in the current list and not having to do all this hard boring work. So I’m not gonna pay to build it for now, which is pretty infuriating cos that means all my past efforts have gone to waste. I know this game is greedy but this is like the real unworthy deal cos for other tasks like the pregnancy one (which I tried twice but never could successfully complete all tasks even with the resources I invested) at least I got something back, like I used the points to buy some stuff at the maternity store. This downtown thing I get ZERO return if i don’t want to pay a huge sum. I also wont’ do the Cars In Lots cos it’s like over $8,000,000 to start.

  31. It is the worst event in the game. I knew when I started that I can’t do it in the time limit, I just wanted to complete it. It’s really boring and irritating. Can I buy the luxury apartmant for simoleons later?

  32. I accidentally clicked to do this new downtown development not realising that it would cost so much to start it. I didn’t look too closely, just thinking it was another notification on a new event. However, as it had started, I thought I’d give it a go to see if it had improved on last time (especially now knowing about the glitch to make sure sims started). I don’t think I want to carry on with it if it works the same and having seen your video on what you get. What will happen if I just stop, will it remain forever in my event to do list? Will it stop me getting future events until it’s complete?

    However, in case it helps anyone, at the end of one of the 24hr collection periods, I was seconds short for the end of collecting shard pieces needed. I monitored how many SP points I would need to skip the task. This was for granite pieces. In the menu option it went down to 5 SPs for each sim as the lowest required. This was from about 10 minutes left on the counter down to under a minute. With one granite shard left to make, the skip amount for the resource required went down to 8SP as the minimum after I’d skipped one half of the shard, before that it was at 15SP.

    • If you stop completing the event it will be in your active tasks forever but you could always just leave it and come back to it when you are ready.
      Thanks for the great tip!

  33. I haven’t built the the downtown school yet, but I just demolished the developer building, will that be a problem?

  34. Well I said I wasn’t going to play this again after the last one but I find myself losing sleep yet again in my attempt to complete in time. I also think the prize is ugly but for me at level 55, I’m always coveting extra building space and the building materials, gold door frames etc are not to be sniffed at. I hate the event but I’ve been sucked in by unlocking them and the free materials in the prize apartment. Only time will tell if I manage to complete, I’m kind of angry with myself for allowing myself to be swayed by shiny things … AGAIN !!!!!!

  35. Very frustrated with this!! It made me wait at least two whole days for permits. AND now I will run out of time. Pretty sure this happened last time as well. I worked through the nights to try to collect everything but system does not allow me to complete!!! Beyond frustrated….time to stop playing this game.

  36. Just finished the second downtown developer event, but when I go to the town map pops up as if The event is still available. Do you know if this is a glitch

  37. Hi I was just wondering if for the penthouse apartments (two and three story) if you have to buy the second (and third) stories for empty penthouse apartments or if it is included? It’s probably not but if it is that would be so helpful because it costs so much to buy more floors

  38. I absolutely HATE this event. It has taken an entire month, and it is still not complete. Missed the deadline, so missed out on the apartment, even though I loyally stuck to it as much as possible. It is supposed to be a game – I simply refuse to wake myself up every 3 hours to complete it in time, and refuse to pay money as the game is supposed to be free. So frustrating because now that I have missed the deadline, I still have to finish the event otherwise I am left with a half-built building. Event is just way too long, impossible to complete without spending money and without being totally obsessed to the point that it affects one’s entire life! Also, it is boring.

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