The Sims Freeplay- Nightclub

The nightclub is a place for your sims to socialise with each other, if you haven’t built the nightclub it will be built for you as of the Grand Garages March 2019 Update.

Can’t find the nightclub? Check my town map post here



What can you do at the nightclub?

  • A sim can become a DJ for 7 minutes using the DJ decks

Once you have a DJ others can dance on the dancefloor for 3 minutes

Sims can’t really dance together, when you press join in they stand in different parts of the dance floor which I don’t like but it does build up a relationship quite quickly although you probably wouldn’t realise this as no screen appears after they have finished to tell you a relationship milestone has been reached like it usually does.

  • When a SimChase event begins you will need to go to the nightclub to check in with the host Kam Ham:

  • A sim can tend the bar and then other sims can order drinks for S2,500 each (these drinks inspire your sims by fulfilling all their needs)
  • Your sims can also just sit and relax for 2 minutes using the booths



11 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Nightclub

  1. But the point must be that the sims will become friends when they are dancing together. I love the nightclub, I use it a lot to build friend relationships real quick.

  2. I love the dance club, get ten sims in there and have nine of them dance away– it quickly levels up their relationships and is a great and quick way to gain lots of xp. It would be nicer if there were different time lengths you could have them dance or dj. I also wish more than ten sims would be allowed in any one place, both the club and the restaurant could hold way more.

  3. I wish we could have a coffee shop on the town too. I don’t like how quickly the Sims drink coffee or tea. And they should be able to sit and hang out with each other over a cup coffee. Just like they do for meals.

  4. Can teenagers also dance and increase friendship like adults? Btw love your posts, thanks for all this information and pictures

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