The Sims Mobile- Haunted Halloween 2020 Update

Presented by EA GameChangers

As well as The Sims Mobile Haunted Halloween Update containing loads of new Halloween themed events it also makes a major change to the action feature!

Before the update when your sims completed actions a green tick would appear after 5 seconds, once clicked you would receive your reward for completing that action, in this latest update you will receive the reward as soon as you start the action and the green tick won’t appear so you can create some amazing screenshots without it being in the way!

As there isn’t the 5 second timer anymore your sims will continue that actions animation until you click to complete another action, so you can stay on it for as long or as short a time as you like allowing you to complete events quicker.

This is a permanent change which works for all events including Sweet Treat Showdowns, Eco Workshop and Treasure Hunts as well as Wumples and other quests.

The only actions that haven’t been changed are risky actions, you will still see the green tick on these for now.

It is quite confusing to explain in a post so check out my video here to see how this works:

What else is new?

Fright Night Treasure Hunt– complete to unlock Halloween themed items from 26th October for 11 days, check out my Treasure Hunt post for more information on how to complete this type of event

Treatsylvania Haunt Sweet Treat Showdown rerun- this Halloween themed event will be returning on 12th November for 11 days, check out my post here

There will also be two more Wumples Wishlist Quests starting on 29th October and 7th November, I will create posts on these when they begin:

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