The Sims Freeplay- Mean Curls Hobby Event

The Mean Curls Hobby Event is back again for 7 days from 17th July. To get all 9 hairstyles you need to complete the fashion designer hobby collection 9 times in the 7 day time limit. You get a new hairstyle each time you complete the collection (find all 12 fashion pieces), once you unlock a hairstyle you get to keep it even if you don’t find them all. If you have never done the fashion designer hobby click here for details.

If you completed this event last time it will not appear for you again. If you got some hairstyles last time you will start from the point you reached so if you got 5 last time you only need to complete the collection 4 times this time.

You need to buy a fashion studio from the promotions r us store to complete this hobby

You need to firstly accept this event, it will remove the fashion designs you have already created from the collection so you don’t get a head start.

If you say no you can start it from the active tasks tab, you will not get any extra time if you start this late.

If you already have a sim as a level 6 fashion designer (or previous have) then you will complete this a lot quicker as you aren’t waiting for all the designs to become unlocked.
It is really helpful to have loads of sims doing the hobby, and have them doing the 10 minute option over and over if possible!




-have more than one sim working on it, you can have as many sims as you want completing this hobby at once but you will need a fashion studio for each of them
-it is easier if you have all the sims in one house, maybe build a room for them so they are all together but you don’t have to!
-if you can, do the 10 minute option over and over, you will find the most designs this way (once you have a sim at level 6)
-have at least one sim at level 6 or working on getting to level 6 (maybe do the 12 hour option) so all designs are unlocked (don’t know if you already got a sim to level 6? If you have previously completed the collection you reached level 6 or you can see when you look at the hobby collection, if boxes are greyed out you haven’t completed it yet)
-remember to click start new collection on the fashion hobby collection once you have got all the pieces
-most importantly: just keep going! I know it’s annoying when you get the same one constantly (those heels are a nightmare!) but you will eventually get the ones you need.

Hairstyles– there are 11 of each style available once you unlock them, each time you complete the collection you will unlock one hairstyle:


Click here to read my review of these hairstyles


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