The Sims Freeplay- Hot Simmerin’ Summer Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network) may differ from actual version

Update available from 25th July 10:30pm UTC

Head to MidTown to create the best café ever and take part in some summer themed events in the Hot Simmerin’ Summer update, keep reading for more information


MidTown Café is a new business venue where you can hire staff, upgrade equipment, and grow your café to be the most talked about business in the new map location, MidTown! There is no rush to start this event, it will be available until you are ready to begin. Read my Guide to MidTown Café post for more information

Watch my Guide to MidTown Café walkthrough video here


The Holiday Home Live Event (available now) will begin on the 5th August for 10 days, complete in the time limit to unlock Holiday Home themed items and the Summer Staycation House Template


Influence Island Season 28: Urban Outdoors (available now) starts on the 25th July for 10 days

Facial hair, tops, pants and shoes for male teen sims and outfits for female teen sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Orange Geometric Rugs (S77,350) Pink Geometric Rugs (7LP) Red Plastic Crate Table (S56,550) White Plastic Crate Table (5LP) Oak Retro Coffee Table (S65,160) Pine Retro Coffee Table (6LP) Cream Single Clear Shutters (S87,130) Beige Single Clear Shutters (8LP) Oak 2-Pole String Lights S76,920) Oak 3-Pole String Lights (S53,980) Pine 2-Pole String Lights (7LP) Pine 3-Pole String Lights (5LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Orange Round Ottoman (S139,040) Oak Retro Armchair (S90,850) Silver Spray Paint Supplies (S75,180) Bold Abstract Dance Floor (S209,530) Blue Street Art Wings (S114,640) Silver Retro Boombox (S155,550) Bold Abstract Roller Rink (S298,020) Brown Retro Basketball Hoop (S291,710)
  • 2 Star Rating: White Round Ottoman (13LP) Pine Retro Armchair (9LP) Gold Spray Paint Supplies (7LP) Pastel Abstract Dance Floor (20LP) Pastel Street Art Wings (11LP) Black Retro Boombox (15LP) Pastel Abstract Roller Rink (27LP) Cream Retro Basketball Hoop (29LP)

RETURNING- Influence Island Season 4: Moroccan Kitchen (not available yet) starts on the 25th August for 10 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning (the clan progress will also be reset), if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode and any create a sim items will earn you SP instead


SimChase Season 45: Summer Sand-Off (available now) starts on the 25th July for 9 days

Outfits, headwear, shoes and swimwear for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Oak Round Rattan Sidetable (S67,570) White Round Rattan Sidetable (6LP) Oak Beach Trim Umbrella (S89,620) Gold Beach Trim Umbrella (8LP) Oak Rope Tin Lantern (S81,030) Pine Rope Tin Lantern (8LP) Oak Crate Coffee Table (S94,620) Pine Crate Coffee Table (8LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Orange Juice Collection (S65,110) Oak Beach Recliner (S243,090) Orange Juice Display (S56,690) Sunset Striped Beach Towel (S74,030) Oak Crate Sofa Corner (S85,200) Oak Crate Sofa (S92,020) White Potted Tall Monstera (S86,390) Oak Crate Double Sofa (S107,670) Oak Crate Triple Sofa (S119,120) Purple Water Slide (S320,570) Orange Mobile Ice Cream (S261,150) Oak Volleyball Net (S226,960)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pink Juice Collection (6LP) Cream Beach Recliner (24LP) Grapefruit Juice Display (5LP) Orange Striped Beach Towel (7LP) Pine Crate Sofa Corner (8LP) Pine Crate Sofa (9LP) Cream Potted Tall Monstera (8LP) Pine Crate Double Sofa (10LP) Pine Crate Triple Sofa (11LP) Red Water Slide (32LP) Pastel Mobile Ice Cream (26LP) Pine Volleyball Net (22LP)

SimChase Season 46: Parental Provocation (not available yet) starts on the 15th August for 7 days

Maternity outfits for pregnant sims and shoes for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Beige Geometric Rug (S65,400) Pink Geometric Rug (6LP) Yellow Leaf Mobile (S68,870) Pink Leaf Mobile (6LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Beige Animal Soft Toys (S43,390) Oak Elephant Laundry Basket (S89,900) Brown Cover Beanbag (S38,970) Oak Retro Toy Shelf (S67,660) Oak Wicker Hamper (S107,150) Oak Rocking Chair (S148,260) Brown Retro Change Table (S97,930) Oak Tepee Cot (S79,280) Oak Instant Camera Stand (S174,460)
  • 2 Star Rating: Gray Animal Soft Toys (4LP) Cream Elephant Laundry Basket (8LP) Pink Cover Beanbag (3LP) Pine Retro Toy Shelf (6LP) Pine Wicker Hamper (10LP) Pine Rocking Chair (14LP) Cream Retro Change Table (9LP) Pine Tepee Cot (7LP) Pine Instant Camera Stand (15LP)


There are new time limited prizes when you complete the 9 day pregnancy event in the time limit and earn the baby bonus between the 19th- 27th August

If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during the time frame you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit, for example if you start a pregnancy event on the 27th August and complete in the time limit you will earn the items above

You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes

Returning Events?

  • The Fine Dining Live Event (not available yet) will return on the 22nd August for 10 days, complete in the time limit to unlock restaurant themed items and the Fine Dining House Template

What else?

  • You can earn double rewards from the paperboy between the 26th-30th July and 1st-5th September

Update Videos:

Guide to MidTown Café:

My Café Tour [MidTown Café]:

Holiday Home Live Event Prizes:

Summer Staycation House Tour [Holiday Home Live Event Grand Prize]:


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  1. Do you think (now that they took away coin flower patches) it is easier or harder to complete the event

      • FInally got update Friday 7/28@6am- YET! *Took several hours. &So; Noon, connected for 20mins. As soon as i went to get Cafe, game reloaded & went to saying i have NO CONNECTION. Wifi is fine. Hours trying everything as many are going through same thing we found. & No words from anyone affiliated with the game?

        Anyone having same/similar problems or hear anything please let us know? Thank you

  2. Do you know how do I fire a barista? I accidentally hired 2 and one of them does nothing at all, Im just loosing money by having them hired.. thanks 😅

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