This page contains links to all the main, feature and discovery quests in The Sims Freeplay


Main Quests have to be completed in the order they appear on this page, even if you are on a high enough level to unlock another one, the previous quest has to be completed first.


Feature Quests unlock and introduce a new feature, they are shorter than main or discovery quests and there is no time limit or time limited prize available. It costs simoleons to start these quests (cost varies depending on your level) You cannot complete a feature quest if you are currently completing a discovery quest
  • Cars In Lotsunlocks the ability to add cars anywhere on your house lot, find the mechanic at the nightclub to begin


Discovery Quests can be completed in any order (although some will only appear once a previous discovery quest has been completed) but you can only complete one discovery quest at a time. You cannot complete a discovery quest if you are currently completing a feature quest
  • Love and Treasureunlocks the private island house lot, build the private island to begin (level 7)
  • A Bump-y Ride- unlocks pregnancy, build the maternity store to begin (level 8)
  • Book Of Spellsunlocks spell casting hobby, build the sorcerous supplies to begin (level 8)
  • Saved by the Spellcomplete the book of spells quest and find the wizard in the park to begin (level 8)
  • A Dance To Rememberunlocks salsa dancing hobby, click on the dancers next to the thinking man statue in the park to begin (level 9)
  • The Grooving Guru– unlocks the aerobics hobby, build the health hub to begin (level 9)
  • Nanny Knows Best-  unlocks new baby interactions, find the nanny in the park to begin *this quest requires a baby sim* (level 10)
  • Back to the Wallunlocks feature walls, talk to Summer in the park to begin (level 10)
  • Vacationers Guide to the Outdoors- unlocks the campgrounds content, build the campgrounds to begin (level 11)
  • Extreme Home Takeover– unlocks the ability to submit your houses for other players to build, talk to the realtor in the park to begin (level 11)
  • A Puppy Odyssey unlocks puppies and kittens, find the puppy in the park to begin (level 11)
  • The Sunset Mallunlocks mall content, build the mall to begin (level 12)
  • Pretty Little Plantersunlocks a second floor to the mall, build the escalator at the mall to begin (level 13)
  • Super Toddler Secret Mission- unlocks the finger painting hobby, find the super hero toddler at the stables to begin *this quest requires a toddler sim* (level 13)
  • Strange Things In Simtown unlocks super villain outfits for your toddlers, find the super villain at the park once you have completed the super toddler secret mission quest *this quest requires a toddler sim* (level 13)
  • Royal Lineageunlocks the castle, build the castle on the mysterious island to begin (level 14)
  • Simtown Expressunlocks the downtown area and hospital profession workplace, build the simtown express to begin once you have completed the mysterious island quest (level 15)
  • Sims and the Cityunlocks penthouse apartment templates in downtown, talk to the director sim in the park once you have completed the simtown express quest (level 15)
  • Teacher’s Petunlocks the Downtown High School, build the school in downtown once you have completed the simtown express quest to begin (level 15)
  • DIY Homes: Peaceful Patiosunlocks patios, find the woman wearing the hard hat in the park (Bree) to begin (level 15)
  • DIY Homes: Lovey Dovey Balcony unlocks balconies, find Bree in the park again once you have completed the multi story renovations quest (level 17)
  • DIY Homes: Basement of Kingsunlocks basements, find Bree in the park again once you have completed the lovey-dovey balcony quest (level 17)
  • DIY Homes: All Mezzed Upunlocks mezzanine floors (indoor balconies), find Bree in the park again once you have completed the basements of kings quest (level 17)

Frequently Asked Questions about Quests


I didn’t complete in the time limit, can I restart the quest?
No, you cannot redo quests

Can I still get the prize if I don’t complete a quest in the time limit?
No, the only way to get the limited time prizes is by completing the quest in the time limit

I don’t like this quest! Can I just skip it?
No, you have to complete this quest before you can move onto the next one

What do you mean when you say a goal can be started early?
Any goal that you can normally do can be started early because you will have access to it and any goal that you can’t normally do you will have to wait until you get the goal to be able to complete it
The tip with this method is to put the sim doing that action early in a different house that you cannot go to until you get that goal or it will not work

Some times are slightly different on my game, why is this?
Times may vary depending on the star rating of the item you are using as the higher star rating an item has the quicker you will complete a goal

Some times are really off/ different goals show for me, why is this?
This will be because the quest has been updated recently, I try my best to keep the posts up to date but it is difficult as I cannot redo every quest each time the game is updated. If you notice any changes please let me know so I can update the post

Main Quests

I have missed a main quest! Why can’t I start it yet?
You cannot miss main quests they have to be completed in the order they appear in this post

Can I complete a main quest even though I am passed the level it unlocks at?
Yes, it will start automatically once previous quests have been completed

What happens if I don’t complete in the time limit, can I still finish a main quest?
Yes you have to finish it before you can move onto the next quest

Discovery Quests

Can I do discovery quests at the same time as a main quest?
Yes you can

Why can’t I do a discovery quest yet?
You cannot do more than one discovery quest at the same time, if you are currently on another one you will not be able to do this one until that one is completed

Do I have to do a discovery quest?
If you don’t start a discovery quest you don’t have to do it at all but if you have already started it you need to complete it before you can move on to the next quest

I haven’t started a discovery quest yet, will it still be available when I want to do it?
Yes it will be, you can choose to start discovery quests whenever you like, there is no rush!

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  1. Hi I have to get 2 dating relationships started for my weekly quest. I only have 2 single females in my town. All other sims are either partner, engaged or married so no one available to get to start a dating relationship. Yes they could be gay but that still gives me only 1 distingue relations hop, not 2. And my Sims are maxed out until I reach 2 more levels so what to do?

    • You could have the 2 single females dating and then get one that is from a partner couple and another sim that is engaged and just get them dating so you can complete this goal

  2. How do you get the long hair quest? I rember when it first came out. My game got deleted then I redownload it.

  3. Hi I’m trying to do the Firefighters quest! How do you do it? It says to put fires out at a neighbors please help! Thank you so much your page has been so helpful😎

  4. I keep having an issue where I open the game and none of my sims are doing anything anymore, so I lose all progress on the things that take a long time. Any thoughts on how to fix it or what I can do to prevent it? Thank you for all of your help!

  5. I’m stuck on dance to rember it won’t let me take anyone to the park to go to the villa help

  6. hi I just updated my sims app and it said something about a construction quest but it’s not letting me start it. where do I go to do that?

  7. Hi, I am looking for the DIY homes: peaceful patio quest. Do you have it available or not yet?

  8. Hi! Just started the patio quest, it’s probably the best quest yet. Can’t wait for your tutorial! (you’re doing one, right? 🙂

  9. Hi game girl love your page BTW! Need help how do I do the firefighting quest? It says to put out a fire in a neighbors town! Any help would be appreciated thank you😍

  10. Just wanted to see if anyone else is having the same problem I am with their Latin Villa after the update? My sims are trapped in the house and can’t move or interact with any objects (the footprints appear). I just have to call my sims over to a different house and they are fine so my guess there is just a glitch with the villa. Anyway, thought I’d ask if anyone else was experiencing this! Thanks!

  11. Hi! I’m on level 23 but I’m stuck on a level 17 quest because I don’t have enough money! What is a way to get quick money? I love your blog by the way.

  12. Have you done the new patio, basement, etc quest? Would like list of activities. Thank you!

  13. I’ve spent so more than 5000 simeolens on garden decoration and still can’t move on on the Diy house quest :(, do you know why?

  14. Could you post a list of the tasks in the new diy homes quest? Please and thankyou x

  15. I’ve finished the new DIY patio quest and can now build those at my sim’s houses on the first floor, there’s options for all these cute little rails and gates, however the game didn’t send me straight into a quest for building basements, balconies or anything else. Just a heads up, it may take some time for those quests to pop up.

  16. How do I start a balconies quest? Are they already available? If so, where can I find them?
    By the way, I love your blog! 🙂

  17. Can you unlock the break dancin hobby? I have 1 more salsa dancing hobby thing to get and I want to know what to expect.

  18. Hi, i want to know how to re open a quest that click to start later? once i complete a dance to remember then the next is salsa dance quest. But i delay once, now i dont know where to start the quest. Can u pls help me? Thx a lot.

    • You want to do the salsa dancing hobby? You need to buy a jukebox and just start the hobby to do it, you don’t have to click anything else to start it

  19. When will the balconies quest be available? Do u have a post on it?
    Thanks a mil- ur gr8 🙂

  20. I’m stuck on my weekly quest, add a sim in town. I already add new sim, bulit new house but those didn’t work at all, help me please.

    • Think there is a glitch on this goal where it doesn’t recognise as being completed, all you can really do is wait for them to fix the issue or skip with LPs

  21. Can you post a house tour on your YouTube!?😅 I don’t have Facebook to add you and your game centre is full, I’d love to see your houses because of all your experience it makes them sound amazing😃your blog is so helpful btw😉

  22. Hi, you said up you can do some kind of unicorn action to inspire a sim I have never heard this before how do you do it? Also I thought there were basketball nets coming out do you know how to get them?
    Love your blog thanks.

  23. Hi. I am at level 27. I have a quest Joyride on an inflatable toy in a neighbour’s town. I am standing by my neighbour’s pool. My sim will clean the pool but won’t do anything else. I have even changed him into swimwear and asked him to swim but he won’t. Any idea please? Thank you

  24. This is so frustrating I have completed patio quest and did the multi story quest ages ago But I can’t open the balcony quest. Bree is not at the community centre. Is there a different multi storey quest I don’t know about?

  25. My phone won’t let me open the app and it’s really annoying me, it keeps just crashing when I click on it. I don’t know if I’ve saved to the cloud or not, do you know if I’ll be able to get my progress back if I reinstall it?

  26. I can’t finish the Lovey Dovey Balcony quest because my sims are stuck on the Courting goal. They continue to court on 0s. I shut down the app in my iPhone and everything. Do you know what I should do?

  27. I’m on level 17 but have unlocked quests in my queue. For ex. I still have not done the bread winner quest and cannot cook. How do I go back?!?

  28. Do you have any idea when they will have the issue with adding friends fixed. Ive started playing in the past couple months with my fiance and neither of us can add friends. Thanks for the help, and great page.

  29. Hi.

    Regarding the Mysterious Island, I was able to build the Ancient Goddess Island, Do the Pirate Quest to unlock the pirate ship, and also build the Riches of Terra (Earth Island). My problem is I can not build The Springs of Fortune, The Flames of Wisdom or The Tempest of Bliss.

    I am currently level 34 and it climes I have all the requirements to build all the islands, I just don’t have an option to build them.

    Am I missing something? I don’t have any current quests, except for weekly tasks and the neighborhood quests.

    Maybe you can help? Or do I have to restart the whole game if I want to build these islands? :3

    • I have heard of other people having these problems, you will need to contact EA to see if they can fix this issue for you as I cannot fix technical issues- sorry!

  30. Hi, I just finished the patio quest, but for some reason the balcony quest did not automatically start. The only 2 quests showing up are the usual social and weekly one. I’ve tried restarting my device and the Internet, but nothing has worked so far. Any ideas?

  31. I cant seems to unlock the balcony quest i already click bree in the community center but nothing happens

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