The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Completing Quests

This post contains the most common questions I get asked about completing quests.

Where is the goal tab?

This can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen, it will say something like 3 active tasks, if you click on this it will open all of the available goals.

Why is there more than one type of goal?

There are:

  1. Weekly tasks (complete all the weekly goals in the week to earn a key, keys can then be spent in the Mystery Box Shop on prizes!)
  2. Quest goals (once you get to level 5 you will unlock the first of the main quests, these have to be completed in order)
  3. Social tasks (unlock from level 7. Social tasks have to be completed at a neighbours town- to earn social points to buy items)

It says there are quests waiting in the queue, what does that mean?

These are quests that will appear as soon as you finish the previous quest goals, for example at level 10 you receive the Mysterious Island Quest and it will say the Raiders of the Lost Artifacts Quest is in the queue as that is also unlocked at level 10. Once the Mysterious Island Quest is complete, the Raiders Quest will begin straight away.
It also works if you are behind in completing quests, if you are on level 17 but are still on the Alien Concept: Weather Machines Quest (which unlocks at level 16) it will tell you that the Multi Story Renovations Quest is in the queue. The number in the green square under the current quest goals tells you how many quests are in your queue:

Read more about the Quest Queue here

I’m on level 12 and the toddler quest hasn’t appeared yet, what’s wrong?

Nothing is wrong, you are probably still on a previous quest. You need to complete all quests in the order they appear, it says it unlocks at level 12 but cannot be started until quests that unlock at lower levels have been completed, you will probably see that it says A Quest for Toddlers is in the queue.
The order of the quests can be found in this post, you can’t skip quests and all goals have to be completed before moving onto the next quest.

What does the orange LP symbol next to the weekly tasks and social tasks mean?

This means that the goal can be skipped for 10LP, you cannot do this with quest goals.

I can’t find an item I need at a neighbours house, what do I do?

You could always skip the goal for 10LP or add another neighbour via the neighbours needed page

I struggle to complete quests within the time limit, how do you do it?

A lot of the quests contain goals that you can start early, if it is a task you can usually do, for example, reading the big book of stuff in the Raiders of the Lost Artifacts Quest, then the goal can be started while still on the Mysterious Island Quest so the quest can be done in a few hours instead of taking 20! This also works for all baking and gardening goals.

This post explains Starting Goals Early in more detail

I also complete the cooking hobby to earn LP so I can speed up tasks, if you take a look at all my quest posts here you can plan ahead to know exactly what tasks are coming and how long you have left.

This post will help if you need to earn some LP quickly

Last Updated October 2018


146 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Completing Quests

  1. OK, I am on level 24, & I’m not on a quest. I can’t figure out how certain quests start… I can’t complete the one I’m on to unlock the next b/c I’m not currently on one. I still have quests in my queue from level 12 that I can’t figure out how to start. I also can’t find the tab where I’m supposed to be able to purchase social items based on my # of friends. Plz help me… I feel like I’m stuck just doing weekly goal.

  2. Hello,
    Where can I make clothes in my neighbor town? Also, I only have one neighbor and I can’t connect it with facebook, it doesn’t even show this option. My phone is a Nokia, so Windows phone.

    • You need to use a fashion studio in a neighbours town, You have to find other neighbours using the gamer tag (not sure where you find out what your gamer tag is or how to add people as I don’t own a windows phone- sorry!)

  3. So if you don’t finish a quest in time you can’t redo it? Because I didn’t finish a quest on time and I want to be able to build a building and that’s one of the requirements.

  4. Hi! Can you help me I had a weekly task to have a teenager hang out at the pier in the park, tried that 2 times took 8 hours each with 2 teenagers at the same time but could not complete it. I had to skip it with lp. It’s the second time when this happens the first time I had to skip it also. What should I do the next time it will appear? I put both teenagers to hang out on a bench in the park near the lake first near the rc boat then next to the fishing spot.

  5. I am trying to complete the dance quest, but I’m confused what I suppose to do? Do I suppose to just let my sim stand and watch the dancers, if so how long?

  6. Am stuck at a social task about practice filming! I need a neighbour with a camera! I own a windows phones so I need people with Xbox gamer tags! Someone plz help me!

  7. I was trying to figure out how to make my sim reach nirvana in the park but i can’t seem to figure out how. It’s one of my weekly goals. Please help!!

  8. I have one other question. I bought the doll and stroller from the toddler section and when i click on it there is no options. Is there something wrong with my game or is it just a decoration??

  9. I was supposed to build the swimming center but I hit the competition center can I stop it

  10. I am level 26 and i havent completed the bread winner quest but i want to! I just finished the dance to remember quest and i have tried to start the bread winner quest by tapping on the stove or fridage or microwave and pressing cooking but it just says that i have to complete the bread winner quest and it wont let me start it!

    • is the quest not in your queue for you to complete after a quest you are on right now? If not you may need to contact EA to see if they can fix this for you.

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