The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Toddler Sims

This is just a quick post to tell you about toddlers.

How do I create a toddler?

To be able to age a baby into a toddler you need to have completed the quest for toddlers
You will then be able to bake a birthday cake on a stove which takes a day and costs 5LPs. Once the birthday cake is made click on it and then you can click on your baby and select the option to have birthday, they will then age into a toddler. This post explains in more detail birthday cake ageing 

If you have completed the life dreams and legacies quest then you no longer need to bake birthday cakes, they will age automatically.

What is next?
They will probably look strange so take them to a wardrobe to change their hair and clothes.

How do I look after them?
Needs: a toddler needs some help from an adult to keep them in a good mood using the items below:
Hunger– another sim needs to interact with your sim and give them food or an adult can cook food and they can grab a plate.
Bladder- toilet
Energy– sleeping in a bed (there are cute mini beds for toddlers!) or sitting in a chair
Hygiene– an adult is required to bathe the toddler (if it doesn’t work sometimes it helps if the bath isn’t against the wall)
Social– talking to another sim or animals
Fun– playing with toys including kiddie pool, blackboard and a sandpit!


If you click on the toddler you will see the option to have birthday, only use this when you want to age them.

Toddlers can interact with preteens, teens, adults and seniors, they cannot interact with babies.

Can a toddler do any hobbies?


Pros: I love the way toddlers walk, they are just so cute!

Cons: They do need looking after which can be quite time consuming, especially if you only have a 1 star bath (it will take 5 minutes to bathe them!)

It would be great if they could use the sink- maybe using a little stool or a mini sink for just them to use?

The Relationships post tells you who can interact with toddlers

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!