The Sims Freeplay- House Guide (Part Three) Templates

This sims freeplay houses guide is for the templates, there is a 1 story, 2 story and 3 story template that you can purchase for Social Points, if you don’t like building your own houses then these templates will be perfect for you, they come with wallpaper and carpet, they all have a pool (when built on a premium residence) and a few appliances.

The time it takes to build a house increases with every house you build

s= can be built on a standard plot
p= can be built on a premium plot

Standard or Premium?

Once you complete the ocean view estate quest you can build houses on premium plots which are bigger.

  • Standard= 18×18
  • Premium= 36×18

NOTE: Some of these houses may have been modified

Renovator’s Dream– a 1 story template with small pool (pool only on premium residence)

Cost: Standard 30SP, Premium 75SP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees and a small pool

Two Story Unfurnished House- a 2 story template with medium sized pool (pool only on premium residence)

Cost: Standard 250SP, Premium 325SP
Floors: Two
Car: No
Premium Residence: Garden decorations, a medium sided pool and a small pool

Three Story Unfurnished House- a 3 story template with large sized pool (pool only on premium residence)

Cost: Standard 350SP, Premium 400SP
Floors: Three
Car: No
Premium Residence: Garden decorations, a large pool and a small pool


Part One: Unfurnished Studio, Furnished Townhouse, Family Home, 1 Story Mansion, Empty Lot, The Sanctuary, Dark Secret, Skater’s Dream Pad, Medieval Castle, Designer Home and Player Designed House

Part Two: Japanese Retreat, Sci Fi Shuttle, Neo Tokyo, Geek Heaven, Sim Cinema, Hallway House, Two Story Mansion, Scandinavian House and Teen Mansion

Part Four: Penthouse Apartments

Part Five: Prize Houses



38 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- House Guide (Part Three) Templates

  1. Where can I find the house Templates? I find the other houses, but not the templates. Do you have to be at a special level before they are available? Also, at what level can you add 2nd floors (etc) and pools?

    Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 16:53:56 +0000 To:

  2. I have the new unicorn update/need for steed update and on level 12. I have not unlocked the swimming quest yet but have the option to make the ” renovators dream ” plot. Will I still get the pool? I also have the option to buy the dolphin pool pack and it’s says swimming is level 13,

  3. Can u add the prices for each of the house templates, I haven’t unlocked the level for them so I don’t know how much they r but I want to start saving up for them, thanks:)

  4. How could i lower the building requirement for my next house? Mine needs to be in level 38, im still at level 33. What if i demolish one 9f my existing houses, will the next building of house be with lower requirements? Thanks.

  5. I know the newest home is the villa place but do you think EA/FM will ever put out more New house templates either furnished or no?
    I like the family furnished one which I added a floors.
    And the unfinished two and three story ones that cost sp. I have a few extra sp/ lp can I purchase more than one of each of these. See, I’m not a great builder but like decorating.

  6. Which houses absolutely should be built on the larger lots? I’m trying to plan ahead. I’m guessing all the mansions should and the latin villa. Are there others that you lose a pool on if you build on the smaller lot or just really need the larger lot to look right? Thank you.

    • The beachside escape, teen mansion and two story mansions are the only ones that need to be built on a premium plot all others can be built on standard plots.
      The villa still comes with a pool when built on standard you just don’t get the garden house, the Japanese retreat also has a decorated garden on premium.
      Most others just have an empty space when built on premium
      This is all explained in the other two house guides.

  7. I saw two different neighbors with the haunted house. One had a pool and one didn’t. Do you know if it comes with a pool if it’s built on a large plot or if they put it in themselves?

  8. Is the renovations dream worth purchasing? I mean considering all the simoleons you’ll have to put in it in order to fill it up and fix everything. Would you recommend any mid-level player with Barry any LPs, SPs and money to make a purchase like that, or would it be better to just buy a pre furnished o e?

    • The only reason to buy the templates is if you aren’t very good at designing houses yourself, I personally wouldn’t buy one because I love making my own houses on empty plots but it is up to you, if you are unsure maybe you shouldn’t buy it right now

  9. Dear weightless magic,

    If i build a three story and two story unfurnished house on a premium lot, would i get the view of the beach and sand at the back just like beachside escape, two story mansion, and teen idol mansion? Or is it just a road at the back of the house?

    I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but i think that when we build houses on a premium lot, we should get to see an ocean rather than apshalt road- a lesson learnt after i’ve built a haunted mansion on a premium lot.

    Hope that you can answer it. I’m kinda hesitate to build two story and three story unfurnished house either on a standart lot or premium one.


  10. Hi! Thanks so much for your blog…I love it! Do you by chance have photos of the houseboats?

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