The Sims Freeplay- House Guide (Part Four) Penthouse Apartments

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

This house guide is going to show you the penthouse apartments that can be built in downtown (where the hospital is located) that you unlock once you have completed the Sims and the City Discovery Quest. There are currently four penthouse templates and 3 house lots in downtown that you can build an apartment on but I’m hopeful they will add more to downtown in the future!

There are currently four penthouse apartments, click the links below to head straight to that part of this post:
The price and time it takes to build a house increases with every house you build

How big are Penthouse Apartments? The grid size is 26×12

How do I find my daily reward without a mailbox? Click on the lift and you will find the option:

Empty Penthouse– build your own amazing penthouse apartment on this empty grid

Two and a Half Beds– the most basic penthouse with mostly very basic items but it does have a bunk bed in it!


 Sanctuary in the Sky– very elegant 1 story penthouse with a nice little garden in the middle!


Lofty Penthouse– beautifully designed 2 story penthouse with swimming pool and grand piano! Definitely my favourite one!


Check out my House Tour video of these penthouses here:


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