The Sims Freeplay- The Great Xmas Mishap Quest 2014

This is the quest list for Christmas 2014, if you complete the quest within 12 days you get a living teddy bear!

You have a certain amount of quests to do everyday and you get a prize at the end of each quest day.

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

Day 1– complete to receive an inflatable sleigh

      • Splash face in a sink- 3 seconds

(I used a kitchen sink)

      • Ask a sim if they are okay- 10 seconds (click on another sim and select the option, try using friends or a married couple)
      • Bake some cookies on a stove- 1 minute
      • Read ‘recipe’ book- 5 seconds (from any bookcase, use an adult)
      • Carefully discuss ways to avoid accidents- 30 minutes (click on another sim and select the option)
      • Read ‘accident prone’ from a bookshelf- 36 minutes
      • Call a sim to the park
      • Meditate at the park fountain- 45 minutes (click on fountain)
      • Sit quietly on a park bench- 27 minutes
      • Rest with thinking man- 3 hours 10 minutes (click on thinking man statue in the park)



    • Share good news on a phone – 5 seconds
    • Talk to Santa- 5 minutes (he arrives at the house your sim used the phone at)

Day 2– if you complete today’s goals you unlock the Xmas candle, can be found in decorations section once unlocked

  • Talk to Santa- 5 minutes
  • Wave down the sleigh with Santa- 1 hour 10 minutes (click on Santa)
  • Place the sleigh at a house (this is NOT the inflatable sleigh you unlocked yesterday) this sleigh can be found in your inventory in the outdoor section
  • Travel to Santa’s workshop- click on sleigh and select fly to workshop- 1 second

    to make it snow at your house you need to have completed the weather machine quest to unlock the machine.
  • Give a pep talk to an elf- 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Search for clues- 1 minute (click on the x)


  • Encourage reindeer to land- 5 hours 10 minutes (only one needs to be encouraged)
  • Search for clues- 1 minute (click on the x again)
  • Examine the strange machine- 1 hour 30 minutes

To get home click on the sleigh and select fly home.

Day 3– complete day 3 to unlock the snow globe which can be found in the decorations section

  • Travel to Santa’s workshop (click fly to workshop on sleigh) – 1 second
  • Shut the bad luck locomotive off- 3 seconds
  • Encourage elf to turn off machine- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Research elf coaxing- 2 hours 40 minutes (using bookcase)
  • Ask an elf their name- 1 minute

Solve the first riddle:

  • Tell the elf the answer- 1 hour 10 minutes

Solve the second riddle:

  • Tell the elf the answer- 1 hour 10 minutes

Solve the third riddle:

  • Tell the elf the answer- 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Tell the elf their name- 1 minute
  • Ask the elf a favour- turn the locomotive machine off!
  • Examine prints- 4 hours 30 minutes

Day 4– complete today to unlock the mistletoe door

    • Send a sim to the park
    • Examine prints in the park- 10 seconds


  • Ask the park statue where Wumples went- 5 minutes (the thinking man statue)
  • Talk to Wumples (he appears by the statue in the park)
  • Call Wumples on a phone- 3 hours 40 minutes
  • Watch news on tv- 4 minutes
  • Ask who the real Wumples is (real wumples is dancing wumples so click on him)- 5 hours 20 minutes
  • Accuse the fake Wumples- 8 seconds (click on the other wumples who doesn’t dance)
  • Go to santas workshop- 1 second
  • Talk to an elf- 5 minutes


Day 5- complete to unlock Xmas windows, found in the house section under the windows tab

  • Go to Santa’s workshop
  • Remove the candy barricade- 2 seconds
  • Ask an elf for advice- 45 minutes
  • Find some duck feathers (ducks in the park)- collect feathers- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Give feathers to an elf- 10 seconds
  • Find garden soil (from a garden plot) collect soil- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Bring soil to elves- 10 seconds
  • Find a magical elvish light (click on a fridge) collect fridge light- 2 hours
  • Give fridge light to an elf- 10 seconds
  • Melt candy canes- 5 hours 30 minutes (you only have to melt one)
  • Unmask fake wumples- 14 seconds
    Its the grouch!!

Day 6- complete to unlock the nutcracker soldier decoration
Have 2 sims check the bad luck locomotive (send one sim to the workshop using the sleigh, bring the other to the workshop using the simtracker)
Press self destruct button- 1 second
Read note- 2 minutes
Plan with another sim- 8 hours 10 minutes
Find the grouch with a telescope (in the park)- 5 minutes

  • Patch into a satellite via a computer- 3 hours 40 minutes
  • Take a photo of the fire station (on the town map, zoom into the station and press the camera button)
  • Send a sim to Santa’s workshop- 1 second
  • Ask an elf to distract the grouch- 5 seconds
  • Activate self destruct- 4 hours 30 minutes


Day 7– complete to unlock the cookies and milk table decoration

  • Send a sim to Santa’s workshop- 1 second
  • Talk to Santa via the fireplace (click on fireplace)- 2 hours 50minutes

PLEASE NOTE: if there is an elf/elves standing in the way read this:
Go back home and then return to the workshop, hopefully that will move the elf, or you can try pondering in the chair infront of the fireplace, if neither of these things work then there is nothing else I can suggest apart from waiting for the elf to move.

This is the same comment I have given hundreds of people so I will no longer be replying to any comment about this issue as I just don’t have the time.

  • Read Santa’s note (on Christmas tree)- 5 minutes
  • Solve the three riddles-click on each nutcracker to find each clue- 30 minutes (you can do them all at once but space them out by 5 minutes or so because if they all finish at the same time you will only find one clue)
  • Riddle one and answer can be found in the picture below:
  • Riddle two and answer can be found in the picture below:
  • Riddle three and answer can be found in the picture below:
  • Click on the fireplace to tell Santa the answer- Magical Zooming Pants- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Talk to Santa- 5 minutes

Day 8– complete to unlock Santa’s Xmas chair that can be found in the living room section

  • Send a sim to Santa’s workshop- 1 second
  • Search locomotive for power cord- 3 seconds
  • Call a town meeting via a phone- 2 hours 50 minutes
  • Place a blackboard in your sims house (the blackboard can be found in your inventory under the hobby tab)
  • Have 3 sims in one house
  • Discuss tripping over with a sim- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Have 3 sims attend the meeting (click on the blackboard)
  • Host the meeting- 8 hours 30 minutes (click on the blackboard)
  • Suggest kindness to santa- 5 minutes (click on Santa)

Day 9– complete to unlock Xmas wallpaper!

  • Search internet message boards- 1 minute 36 seconds (on a computer)
  • Call secret contact on a phone- 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Send a sim to the park
  • Ask Santa’s advice- 45 minutes (Santa should be in the park, if not have a look for him on the simtracker)
  • Pretend to trip over- 3 seconds (click on thinking man statue in park)


Day 10- complete to unlock the Xmas lantern
Visit the park (send a sim to the park)
Be nice to the grouch- 4 minutes
Tell the grouch a funny story- 45 seconds
Play chess with the grouch in the park- 8 hours 10 minutes (click on the grouch)
Congratulate the grouch- 10 seconds
Give the grouch a gift- 2 seconds (found next to the thinking man statue)

Dance with the grouch- 2 hours 30 minutes
Watch ‘serris mulers night in’ on tv- 3 hours 20 minutes
Implore the grouch- 1 hour 10 minutes

NOTE: There appears to be a glitch for some in this goal, the grouch is still watching tv so you can’t click on him, I would suggest closing the game and opening it again, he should stop, if he doesn’t maybe visit a neighbour then go back home, if this still doesn’t work there isn’t much else I can suggest. This is the same comment I am replying to everyone so when I start day 11 I will no longer be replying to comments about this issue.
Go to Santa’s workshop- 1 second

Day 11- complete today to unlock the north pole garden decoration
Go to Santa’s workshop- 1 second
Talk to santa- 5 minutes
Help read letters- 1 hour 30 minutes

Make presents- 45 minutes

Unclog present machine- 2 minutes

Make presents- 4 hours 10 minutes
Send a sim home- 1 second (use sleigh)
Place an Xmas tree in a sims house (should be one for free, completes if you already have one)
Deliver gifts- 10 hours 30 minutes (using the sleigh at the workshop, the one as shown in the picture below, not the one you use to travel to the workshop)

Day 12– final day! Complete to unlock the living teddy bear! (I don’t like how long some of the goals are today- it is Christmas after all!)
Sit excitedly on a couch- 48 seconds
Call a friend on a phone- 4 minutes
Have 4 sims or more at a house
Have 4 sims dance to a stereo
Call Santa (using a phone)- 2 minutes 24 seconds
Go to Santa’s workshop- 1 second
Get Santa’s attention- 4 hours 10 minutes
Turn off locomotive- 3 seconds
Ask the elves to help- 3 hours 20 minutes
Attract lightning to locomotive- (click on locomotive and select pretend to hate lightning- 6 seconds)

Dance with santa- 6 hours 40 minutes
Have 0 sims at Santa’s workshop- fly home in the sleigh

Is the prize worth it? Yes!

The first bear is free and can be found in the decorations section, after that they cost 500,000


It is so cute! I love how it walks, an adult sim can talk to it, a toddler can cuddle, talk to and play pat-a-cake with it!

It’s definitely worth completing this quest in the time limit!

Thanks for reading and have a great Christmas!

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1,574 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- The Great Xmas Mishap Quest 2014

  1. Will this be back next year? I really wanted the teddy bear and i finished the quest in the time limit but it still didnt give it to me. I have tried contacting EA but they were not a very big help.

  2. I needed 2 more hours left on the deliver presents that takes 10 hours and I feel asleep! I would’ve made it on time if I hadn’t fallen asleep and then I had no LP to get more time /.\ this sucks I’ve been looking at your posts everyday and everything is there any other way?

  3. Hi. I am just wondering when the 10…9…8… (New Year’s Fireworks) Quest will come on. Will it be the same tasks as last year. If so, I better start Deep Sleep early!

    • I don’t think there will be one this year, I’m just guessing but as I saw the fireworks in the online store I think we just have to buy them for real money, but we will see!

  4. I was a little upset because with family activities for the holidays I neglected my Sims. The quest ended and I only had two task left. I was given the option to spend 24 lp to extend the quest one day!! Needless to say I did it

  5. Can you create a post with pictures of your original houses. For some reason, I can never copy other designs because they use things I can’t buy, such as things that cost SP’s. Also, flooring and wallpaper seems to be a big problem too; I can’t find the right one to go with each room!

  6. I got the bear but when I went back into my sims freeplay app it said I didn’t complete it in time and now my bear is gone.?

  7. I didn’t check this guide because I figured we were all doing it at the same time anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ But thanks for the write-up.

    On the final day I started the dance with santa at close to midnight. I got to sleep late and didn’t get up until just after 9am, which was the deadline. So it cost me 24LP to buy 24 hours to finish the quest, but it only took a few seconds to fly home. *sigh* Well, got the bear.

    BTW, the bear reminds me of the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

    BTW BTW, if the bear sits down when you’re trying to talk to him, there’s a glitch where the chat will start but not count down. So the sim could be stuck there without you knowing. I think I had to exit the game, reboot, come back in with a completely fresh reload, then cancel the chat. You heard it here first folks!

  8. Hi! I extended the xmas goal a day and I just finished it, but it says ‘new goals will appear in 0min and 0sec’ and ‘come back for the dramatic finale in 0min and 0sec’. What shall I do? I have closed it and opened it twice. Please help me! I love your blog it has helped me alot!!

    • are you sure you haven’t just finished day 11? as it says come back for the dramatic finale on day 11 and day 12 is the finale
      I don’t know why the timer is stuck though, sorry!
      Thanks, I’m glad it helped

  9. I didn’t like how this quest made me play on Christmas Day! They should have released the final goals on Christmas Eve or given us until Boxing Day to complete it. In the end I got the bear with the use of lps but it was annoying ducking out of Christmas dinner to complete tasks!

    • I know, and the tasks on Christmas day were so long it was ridiculous! last year it ended on christmas eve and we got the prize on christmas day, why couldn’t they have just done that again

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