The Sims Freeplay: How do I have so many LPs?

I constantly get asked this question, “how do you have so many LPs? I don’t have any!”

The one word answer: Cooking!

The cooking hobby is the best way I have found of making a lot of LPs very quickly, some people seem confused about how this works so I will be explaining exactly what I do in this post.

Firstly you need to complete the Bread Winner Quest to unlock the cooking hobby

Then you need:

  1. Sims– as many as possible, you can have 1-10 in one house, obviously the more you have the quicker you are going to complete the collection
  2. Oven, Toaster and Counter for each sim– if you have 6 sims, you will need 6 ovens, 6 toasters and 6 counters (TIP: if you have a toaster on a corner counter and it cannot be accessed by any sim you only need one toaster in the house for all sims to use)
  3. Space– I use an empty house with all sims in one room, they are spaced out in their own workspaces with an oven and toaster on the counter, just so another sim doesn’t get in their way and cause them to cook a meal without getting a collectible- this can happen if they are squashed together. NOTE: you don’t need all your sims in one house, I just do because it is easier


Next you need to start cooking!

The one minute option, cheese and tomato on toast is the one you want to select

So click on the oven, click cooking and then on cheese and tomato on toast, it costs S5 each time but you get a lot more simoleons back when you find a new item.


Every time you make a dish a plate is left on the floor,  I clean each one up after each dish is made, otherwise the house will be full of dishes and it really slows down the game.

TIP: If you have no sinks in the house, they will take the plates to the trashcan. A quick way to get rid of the plates is that if you kick over the trashcan the plates will just disappear OR if you store all the doors and remove all sinks from the room then the plates should disappear!

20140911_162359Black circle under plates– if a black circle appears under your plate this means you have so many plates in one pile so when you clean up it will take you several goes at cleaning (as you have so many plates to clean up) before the black circle will gradually decrease and the plates will disappear.

TIP: to save time click clean up, then cancel the action when they bend down to pick it up, the dish will disappear and you save some time!

Once you have completed the whole collection you will get 5LPs (you need to complete this hobby once to unlock chopping boards before you start earning LPs when you complete it) with lots of sims you can complete this collection in under an hour!

Make sure you then click restart collection before another sim finishes making the dish


This video shows me completing the cooking hobby very quickly:

You also earn simoleons!

Each time you find a new collectible:

Bronze= S25
Silver= S60
Gold= S150
Bronze= S25
Silver= S80
Gold= S250
Chefs Knife
Bronze= S50
Silver= S100
Gold= S275
Bronze= S75
Silver= S200
Gold= S500
Rolling Pin
Bronze= S500
Silver= S500
Gold= S500
Measuring Spoon
Bronze= S500
Silver= S500
Gold= S500

And XPs!

Each row you complete you get an XP reward:

  • 1st- 750XPs
  • 2nd- 1000XPs
  • 3rd- 1500XPs
  • 4th- 2000XPs
  • 5th- 3000XPs
  • 6th- 5000XPs

And a reward for each time you level up:

Level 2 Hot Mess Maker= 250XPs
Level 3 Ready Meal Maestro= 500XPs
Level 4 Home Cooking Hero= S750
Level 5 Flavor Savior= 10,000 town value
Level 6 Hail to the Chef= 1LP

Once your sim gets to level 6 cooking it is a good idea to put them onto a different hobby for one go at that, I use the ghost hunters hobby as it is quite quick too, then I go back to cooking to start from level 1 again.

This means you will get more money, XPs, town value and an LP for levelling up to level 6 again.

Don’t worry- going back to level 1 doesn’t mean they will just find level 1 items as you have unlocked them all now!


Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

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146 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay: How do I have so many LPs?

  1. I’m using diving as cooking requires too much clicking and interaction for my taste. I have 3 houses with pools and 10 diving boards in each one. With 28 Sims doing the 10 minute quick dive I average about 8-9 LP’s an hour. Same concept otherwise.

  2. I have one house designed for the cooking hobby. I send ten sims to the house and do the 1 minute cook over and over. I earned enough LPs to unlock the sign and get the teen idol mansion.

    • Same here, Melissa. One house has rows of ten fridges, toasters, microwaves, cutting boards, stoves, espresso machines, and toilets. (It also has one of each hobby item so visitors doing SP tasks can easily find what they need in one place.) Once my sims get to level 5 of their jobs they’re all cooking in their spare time.

      • OMG Jen, please add me to your friends in facebook, I’m just blocked in social quest because I don’t have neighbours with camera! 😉

  3. Hi I have a hard time building the carnival, the beach and that one with the animal hobbies (sorry I forgot what it is called). I can’t seem to have those orbs. I am feeling frustrated. Can you help me find the easier if not easiest ways. And can I add you as my neighbor? I only have a handful of friends who play this game and unfortunately they all stopped playing. I cant do the tasks in getting the sp points because they didn’t have the things I need to use to do the tasks. Much appreciated if you could help me.

  4. If you put a toasted in the house but place it so they can’t reach it, one roster is enough for everyone. I have mine on a corner piece of counter.

  5. Hi! I’m sorry, I wanted to post this on the Christmas quest page but I couldn’t (I have no idea why) so I’m going to ask you on this page, I hope you don’t mind. I know it’s not Christmas any more but I still wanted to know, in 2013 the Christmas prize was reindeer and I started this game in 2014. Do you know if I can still get the reindeer somehow? Thanks a lot, btw love your posts

    • I have turned off the comments for the christmas post-as christmas is over and the quest has finished!
      No you can’t get the reindeer if you didn’t get it as the prize in 2013
      You’re welcome!

  6. I use the playhouse hobby for the toddlers. I completed it for the first time, and I feel like it’s really easy to get all of the collectables. I get 6lps at the end of every cycle.

  7. I only have 1 toaster for 10 sims and it works well. Hope It can help u guys to save some money and space.

  8. Wow! Great tip! And you’re right, once the cooking hobby has been completely unlocked, this is the fastest way of getting LPs, since it’s the only hobby you can do in 1 min. Ghost hunting of course would be the 2nd fastest at 3mins or less.

  9. Thanks so much for your post! I figured out how to get to 500 LPs by ghost hunting, which seems pretty fast, but I like your way better and going to try it now!
    1. Do you have any tips on getting more simoleons faster now? I just have a bunch of sims growing onions every night, and have used LPs to grow the golden carrots, but not getting enough to redesign the houses!!!
    2. Also, do you know how to build a pre-designed house in an empty lot? Is there any way to do it?
    You are the best and I love your site.

  10. Is there something I’m missing? I keep getting bronzed chefs knife over and over and over again. I have everything except for the last row of collectables.

  11. I have done the same thing with the diving hobby. I now have LPs almost all the time, and the diving hobby because you can have 4 sims doing it at the same time, is a good substitute for the cooking hobby, if you don’t have a sim who is at the highest level! Right now i have 18 LPs and i got them in about 2 days! Please add me if you have a Scandinavian house, my Game Center ID is % grace5 % thanks

  12. I used to make toddlers to play in playhouse to earn Lps, but it took few days! And i just saw your post last night on facebook, and try it as you said “cooking” i follow your way and it really works! I got 35LPs in about 2 hours! Thank you so much for sharing! You’re really nice and awesome! How long have you been playing the Sims? You’re so experienced! I envy you 🙂

      • Wow! No doubt you’re so experienced, I’ve been playing the sims for one year and half! Half of your experience! Well, there was once, i didn’t play the sims for about three months, because of something error happened with my account! I was unable to open my game! And 3 months later, i open it again, and i updated it. Turns out, EA has fixed the problem! So on, i continue to play and decided to keep simming! You’re definitely my inspiration! Million thanks for you! Have a nice weekend 😉

  13. First, I have to echo the rest of the planet and say that your site is great. Thank you!

    I do Cooking with 10 Sims per your advice and find that I complete a collection every 10-15 minutes if that’s all I do. (My best time so far is nine minutes.) I also have a pet living at the same location so I can click on whatever he digs up.

    I don’t clean as I go along, but it only takes 1-2 minutes to do so after each collection if I just click one dish after another. I don’t cancel the action, either (I’m not dexterous enough on the iPad to do so without slowing down quite a bit), but often Sims will find the path too crowded after they pick up a dish, so it will just disappear and they’ll be ready to grab another right away. (Or it may be because I don’t have enough sinks? I’m going to try reducing those.)

    I just thought I’d mention this because some people may be like me and find that not cleaning doesn’t slow the game down. My cooking “house” is pretty bare, so perhaps that helps: standard lot, one big room, 10 garden plots around it, 10 widely spaced ovens, 8 sinks in the middle, 4 countertops to hold appliances (no space for dishes, so Sims never carry them anywhere), a few light fixtures, and a fridge.

    Thanks again!

    • trust me when I first started this I had a room just for cooking on that plot and nothing else and I never cleaned up the plates, you know you haven’t cleaned them up for ages when the piles have big black rings around them, it took me a good 3 hours to clean them all up when I eventually got around to it!
      Before I cleaned them when I visited the house the game became very slow, after I cleaned them it returned to normal.

  14. I have 4 teens (indefinitely paused) and all have 3-star cars. I drive them all at the same time and get as many lp’s as I want. You have to turn your town so that you’re looking at it from the back to get all the music notes. If you have the time that’s the best way to get lp’s. I have gotten over a hundred in 5 hours. Happy Simming!

  15. Sorry- this isn’t related, but for some reason, if you have a male preteen doing karate or a female doing ballet they level up easily, but a female doing karate or a male doing ballet takes forever. Do you know why?

  16. I can’t believe it is so easy to get lp’s. I have been getting only 15 or so a week thinking I’ve been doing good! Also I have 8 immortal sims with 8 different hobbies in which they are all skilled in to compete in competition, and the one I have cooking has been working for a VERY long time to get the last row filled. I have him doing 12 and 24 hour dishes every other day. I thought you had to level up AND do the fancy dishes that take forever to cook to get the higher ones. And you mean to tell me you can just do the cheese toast for all 18 with amateur cooks???

  17. There seems to be an awful lot of debate about which is the best hobby for earning lots of LPs quickly. I’m going to weigh in, here, and explain my routine.

    I have a house set up for cooking, with 8 stoves, 8 toasters, 2 sink counters, and 4 empty counters. I run this kitchen with 10 sims taking turns cooking and cleaning. 4 will “plate” at once, then 4 (not necessarily the same 4) start cooking again, and the remaining 2 start cleaning. Rinse and repeat…

    In other locations, I have 4 sims designing fashion, 9 diving, 1 woodworking, 2 toddlers playing house, and 2 currently salsa dancing – but this last option varies. Except for the toddlers and the dancers, all other hobbyists are doing 10 min options.

    Every time I complete a collection of cooking accessories, I visit my other sims to restart their actions, then return to my cooking house for the next collection. In a couple of hours, I typically earn S40,000-50,000 and at least 50 LPs. Most of that comes from the cooking hobby, which I complete at least 7 times in two hours, or as many as 9 times. My fastest time to complete a collection was actually 5 minutes.

    Sorry, everybody, but our guru is right. Cooking wins! 😉

  18. I earn most LPs from cooking, but as a previous poster mentioned I have Sims doing other hobbies at the same time. 2 toddlers with the playhouse, 1 ice skater, 1 fishing and 1 person diving.

    In my cook house I have two fashion design hobbies for my chefs who hit level 6 and need to reset. So I also collect Lp from them.

    As another poster mentioned I clean after each collection. As it gets crowded they cancel their own actions. I have had high towers of plates with black rings but no problem with speed. I use an andriod platform though. Not sure if that makes a difference.

    My cook house also has a mini break room with chairs and sofas. I also keep a 5 set of fridges, coffee makers and bathroom for when it comes time to inspire them before going to work. Goes much quicker. I also have plots for planting when I am away.

    A quick tip for more simoleons. Make a grow house with 10 plots and grow plants while cooking. I have a break room in that house too along with the same set up to inspire before work.

  19. This site is brilliant, thank you. Having a cook house has transformed my game, I can now have all the LPs and Simoleons I need. The added bonuses to doing constant 1 minute cooking with 10 Sims is all the other extras it provides, I level up quickly because of all the XPs, I get tons of resources for my island monuments, the amount of LPs I make means I can skip social tasks if I want to get the SPs quickly. Happy days!

  20. I only get xp for finishing is that how it’s supposed to be? Any other way to get LP fast?

  21. I’ve been playing this for about 18 months altogether. There was a period after I first started playing where I got bored with it and hardly ever went back until last August when I met someone who played it and I went from ghost town to most town ! And, like I’ve said in another post, I’m doing the Mall Quest now.

    I’ve got a few Sims cooking – two are a couple in a big house. What I’ve found is that, whereas it’s not possible to move dishes between houses, your chefs can cook anything they want if they are at top level, in another Sims house and that Sim has a 3 star cooker & Fridge and a basic toaster (think a microwave is needed for some dishes too – correct me if I’m wrong please !)

    This idea of a cookery school almost is a FAB idea and something I’m going to try !

    And yes, as everyone else seems to think so – ALL HAIL TO OUR LEADER !!! Lol

    Just another quick tip though, when you are cooking as normal and you end up with lots of tasty dishes everywhere, rather than having them all over the floor, use a space in your Sims house that is rarely used. This is something that you’ll probably only come to do once you have enough money to buy big houses !

    I have a Sim who had mastered Woodwork and I created his own little hobby space for him in an upstairs room. After I switched him to Horseriding, it wasn’t used so I went into the building menu, took out all the fittings and door (which all automatically go into your Inventory), then filled the room completely with tables (you don’t need to – you could just use the floor if you wished – but I’m picky, who wants to eat food that has been stored on the floor ?!).
    This room isn’t accessible by any of your Sims, but that doesn’t matter ! When, your dishes in your dining room or kitchen start to get eaten up, you replace them with ‘cooked’ dishes from the store room via the Furnishings button – so in my case I press that ( the spot on the menu screen that has an armchair and a lamp on it), press the Floor Level button on upper right of screen, to take me to floor 2, highlight a dish, press the Floor Level button again to switch to floor 1 and place the dish in my dining room !

  22. Great site! I’ve been getting inspired reading your blog for a couple of months now. Thank you so much!

    I once tried the cooking method and ghost hunting at the same time and it earned me enough LPs to buy a few of the cheapest 3 star cars (sci-fi for 30LPs). I postponed my in stitches quest right at the drive to the quilt fair and have been sending my sims to the fair collecting S$ and LPs like mad. I can get up to 100LPs in under an hour now with a total of 19 cars, in between doing other stuff like visiting my neighbors for SPs and other quest. I just have to make sure to cancel the drive when I’m not collecting so that I can keep on doing it until I have enough LPs to face the life dreams and legacies quest easily. I’ve been maintaining at least a total of 500LPs in stock. The rest I use to finish tasks quickly or build monuments.

    Of course, when the time comes to proceed with the quest, I can still send my sims for a drive and collect LPs.

    Oh, and I never clean up the dishes I cooked, I always send my sims to the house for some toasts and inspiration before going off for work. 😉

  23. You should see my house when I go on a frantic cooking binge to make LPs lol. Sometimes I don’t apply the “clean as you go” rule LOL. Then after awhile I just bring everyone around to frantically clean up haha

  24. This is fantastic, I went from having a mere 12 LPs to 70 LPs within 1 day !!! Omg, thank you soooo much ! I can finally get my Skater Pro Pad whoo hoo. You’re awesome !

  25. Do you feel that it is worth it to enter Sims in competitions at the competition center? Also, do you have one Sim doing each hobby?

    • The competition center is okay, I don’t really use it that much because your sim has to be in there for a whole day but it is worthwhile if you are struggling for LPs
      I try to have at least one sim on level 6 for every hobby, just because it comes in handy if they release a timed quest to complete a hobby collection in a certain amount of time, you don’t want to waste any of that time trying to level a sim up

  26. Thank you so much for this tip. I was down to my last 4 LPs, now I have 33! It would be great if they added a dishwasher to the kitchen items. It would make it so much quicker to clean up.

  27. Hi. I am still confused on how to get the 5 Lps. I have one sim who performs the cooking hobby and she is on level 5/6. Please explain to me. Thank you!!

    • You have to complete the cooking hobby once to unlock chopping boards, so just keep cooking and once she is at level 6 you can collect all the pieces then each time you complete the hobby after the first time you get 5LPs.

  28. Hi, just something I’ve noticed, if you have one toaster and put it on the corner counter, all the sims can use it at once (well this works for me at least). If it works for others I guess it saves us having to spend 750 simoleons each per toaster. Great site by the way!

  29. I think ghost hunting is the best way to earn LPs. You just have to wait for 2 minutes (if you have 3 stars-rated haunted items) and you dont have to leave a bunch of plates behind to clean. Only the hobby makes a noisy sound when my sims are searching for the ghosts. I would rather turn my speaker off.

  30. I went to find the best sims freeplay website and I arrived here. I love your site so much. I have five sims on the cooking hobby and as well as earning LP I’m also earning simoleons.

  31. Ok so I have been doing the cooking hobby and using the cheese toast and everything you said with a couple of sims. It was going pretty fast and leveling up the hobby pretty quick, but then all of a sudden it wasn’t leveling up as fast anymore. I noticed before every time I made the toast it would say I leveled up +12% for my hobby once I finished making the toast. Now each time it’s saying +1%… So I’ve been stuck on level 5 for all my sims which is taking forever! Is this normal?

    • I agree it takes a while to get to level 6 the first time but it is worth it!
      You can have as many sims as you want doing the cooking hobby at once, you can have 10 sims in one house at a time doing it

  32. Cant find dishwasher..plz tell me where is it..i found pee washer on electronics..didnt find dishwasher on kitchen also..plz help

  33. Hi, I need to get 175 social points to build the Latin Villa on an ocean view estate ( I want the extra house as a hangout after swimming ). I noticed there isn’t a post on getting sp, and I would just like to say that would be a good idea. Anyway, I have 21 social points, but I want to get more quicker. I already have 8 neighbors with most things I need for goals. I just get impatient waiting for a sim’s action to finish so that I can earn the point 😒 so any advice on getting them efficently without buying/skipping the task?

  34. Help! Please! I did this yesterday with 8 sims 8 ovens 8 counters and completed the first set. Now I can get the lp but it’s only let me do one set so they are all working towards one goal not 8 goals. I have them pretty far away from each other but I’m not sure what’s going on. Thank you!

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