The Sims Freeplay- Submitting a House

Once you complete the extreme home takeover quest you will be able to submit your house to the sims freeplay for a chance for all other players to be able to build it! This post will explain how to submit a house.

This is the house I will be submitting:


















The first thing you need to do is send a sim to work as a real estate agent so the sign post appears at the front of your house, click on it and the option to submit the house will appear


This pop up will then appear:


Read the terms of service then click yes to submit your creation


This pop up will then appear once your house has been submitted:


And that is it! All you can do now is wait and see if your house has been chosen!

Can you submit a penthouse? Yes you will find the sign near the elevator!

Your house will not be deleted when you submit it and you can submit as many houses as you want

These houses will be available in the architect homes tab (when you build a new house)

You do not receive a notification or a reward if your house is chosen, you just have to keep checking the architect tab

This video shows me submitting one of my houses:

How often do the architect houses change? They usually change every 2 weeks

Why does it look like items are missing from the architect homes? If an item is from a simchase or event the makers remove that item from the template so the only way you can get these items is by completing the event


177 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Submitting a House

  1. I have submitted my house, but would have liked to explain my design. I am in a wheelchair and so my house design tried to reflect this – with double doors every where, a lift to the second floor, a lot of open space, so it easy to get around.

    • I think your house should be chosen, it’s a wonderful idea and I’m so sorry to hear that your in a wheel chair, if it does get picked I can assure you I’ll be the first to buy it! 😌😊

  2. I really love blog.
    Thank you for all the time you spend with this. 🙂
    Do you think, we can submit always or will the submition close some time. Because I’m in the middle of building a house, which I would like to submit, but it isn’t ready just yet.

  3. Ummmmm…….I hope yours gets CHOOSEN. But it’s two storeys , and I’m not on the renavations quest yet. I’m only in the pool quest ( I’m level 26) so I guess I CNT get this house ?

  4. Can and you see the other houses people have submitted ??… or do you have to wait til the events over to only see the houses that won ?

  5. First thing- love this blog! Second thing: I CANT CUSTOMIZE BALCONIES. When I try to change railings and “floors” it only pop ups: “You need to complete the Lovey Dovey Balconies quest to gain access to balcony customization” I changed a railing once but when I tried to change the paving it said as i wrote (complete the quest). I have completed this quest but I cant change! I dont know how to contact Firemonkeys about this so can you post a link to their support or anything? My balconies look SO ugly now.

  6. Hello I’m beginner. When I invite my sims it says too crowded. There is 10 sims at one house. Is there any place that can put more than 10 sims?

  7. Hey, I was looking at your comments in the newer pages, especially Romance Update, because I was trying to figure out why I didn’t get LPs anymore from the ads. I did get that answered, but I got another question about the white glitch as I looked through them.

    Now, I’ve already known about the issue for some time and have already seen your advice. So, after restarting the device, which didn’t work, I decided to wait, like you said. It’s really not that big of a deal to me, other than being really, really creepy. But, as I was reading, I got confused. What exactly do you mean, “this issue will fix itself”? Did you mean EA is working on it for the next update? Or soon? Or something else? Because if contacting the tech/reinstalling would get it fixed sooner, I may just do it because it’s REALLY creepy.

    • EA said themselves that the issue for your sims being white fixes itself which means that they go back to normal on their own without you doing anything but if your sims are still white then you probably should contact them as it has been a few weeks now.

  8. I have build architect home for 309 SP, but but the value of the city is stil worth the same, why? this house is dissapeard from the architect home section

    • That sounds like a glitch to me, if it really bothers you contact EA about it to see if there is anything they can do as unfortunately I am unable to fix technical issues.
      The previous houses have been replaced with new player designed ones

  9. Do you happen to know what happened to the cool houses that were originally in the archetect tab? I was saving up for one and it looks like they’re just replacing them. Maybe there is a time limit?

    • They have replaced them with new player designed houses, I think it would be nice if they had a time limit on them so you know how long you have to save up for one before it will disappear

  10. Do you know how long the houses stay in the architect homes tab? I remember looking through it a while ago and the houses there were different than the ones I see now. I ask because there is a house I really like but it costs a lot more than I have saved right now and I need to know if I have time to gather the funds or if I just shouldn’t bother.


  11. Hi, do you know if submitted houses that are chosen give you an alert? I don’t often build so I forget to check.

  12. I can only see standard residences, it’s not letting me see the architect homes tab! I can submit houses to it, but I just can’t see them.. know why? I’m in the middle of completing the balcony quest… could that be it?

  13. I’m so upset. I’ve been saving all my SP, working towards that 510 SP architect home that was there when the architect tab first appeared, and Now it’s gone! All the ones that are there now are either ugly or pointlessly huge.

    I wish I had taken a screen shot of it so I could try to build it myself 😦

      • That would be a great idea! I didn’t know the architect homes were going to be time limited. I thought they’d be like the day or gingerbread home, and once we have them, they’re there for good.

        anyway, thank u as always for being so thorough and dedicated with this blog, it’s so appreciated 😀

  14. Hi.. im stuck at submit home via sign.. i know that i have to send sims to worked at the real estate.. but my sims just come back from work in the morning.. in the afternoon i get tasks submit home via sign.. how can i get my sims work back in the afternoon? Any ideas? I only have 12hrs left.. i cant wait until 12am to get sims to work.. and the times is gone..i really want the prize so bad.. please help..

    • You will have to make another sim a real estate agent and send them to work to be able to do this right now or you have to wait until the next day when you can send your sim back to work

  15. Hiya, I love reading your blog. Its helped loads 😀
    Something that’s been annoying me on the game at the min (well more bugging me lol) there’s a house in the architect homes tab (5th one across atm,coats 4,465,000) that has a modern resort bar on the top floor. Do you have any idea how they did it? Every time I try it just shots me back down to the ground floor garden :-/ x

  16. Hahaha im so silly! :’-D in all the time I’ve been playing this game I’ve never even noticed that button! *biggestfacepalmever*
    Thank you!!!

    And I’ve only just seen the post about your game :-/ im so sorry xx they should have an option to donate to others in the game

  17. Hi! My Architect Homes tab is gone… I can only see the Standard and Ocean View Residence tabs. Do you know if this is a glitch?

    I absolutely love your blog and guides by the way. They’ve been a tremendous help!! Thanks SO much for all you do!!! 🙂

  18. Hi, have any of your houses ever been submitted? If they have, did you get some sort of notification? Or do you just have to keep checking the architect tab to see if yours has been chosen?

  19. Hey 🙂 I was wondering, if your house gets chosen, can you put on how much its worth or do the sims creators decide? thanks<3

  20. How do you view the architect tab if your lots are already full ? I may tear down a house and build new if I see a house on there that I like better.

  21. Is anyone else missing the architect houses? Mine have not been available to look at for at least a week. You can open the tab but each house is just a plain white square with no picture. Absolutely fine before.

  22. Hi 😊 Thanks for your blog, it’s really helpful! I just want to know if you get some sort of reward if someone chooses your house. How do you know if someone chose your house? Thanks

  23. (I did read the posts before commenting) I have real estate signs at only a few of my homes. At first I thought it was because it would only show up on the smaller lots, but it turns out I have the sign at a couple of small lots, several without, and no sign at any of the large (beachfront size) lots. It seems pretty random how they decide which homes get a sign for submission? Any info you have is appreciated, and if none is available, I sure do understand. Whenever I have a question on the Sims Freeplay, your blog is the first place I come for answers. Thank you for taking your time to make such a valuable resource for us! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • That is very strange, the sign should appear at all of your houses, not just a select few. You may want to contact EA about this to see why there isn’t a sign at everyone of your houses when someone is at work as a real estate agent as unfortunately I don’t know, sorry!
      And you’re very welcome!

  24. Thank you for your time and patience you have while doing all you do! If you know the answer I’d appreciate it, I searched for it online but I cannot find the answer.
    I really like some of the “architect house” furniture, but I do not have the option to buy some countertops or beds (yet?). I see the kitchen items in the most recent section of these houses in multiple houses. Which normally if I like, I’ll add it to my design. This time no avail.
    Is some furniture in this game time sensitive to buy? Other than quest reward items? Such as holiday theme? The furniture I like seem neutral- so I don’t know why.
    Is anyone else having an issue of liking some furniture and cannot finding it in build mode?

    • You’re welcome!
      Unfortunately its hard to tell you without knowing exactly which items you are trying to find
      It may be they were only available for a certain amount of time but it may also be that you just haven’t reached a certain level to unlock them yet in the store (it does show you towards the end of the list some of the items that unlock soon but it doesn’t show you all items you have yet to unlock)

  25. Hi there, I’ve just bought a new architectonic house for 206sp and found out there our no stairs to the first floor? Please, can someone help me? Is there a possibility to add the stairs?

  26. I haven’t won yet, so I wouldn’t know this but if your house IS chosen, and if somebody buys it, do you get the profit? And I love your blog! Your guides help me alot, as I am very busy, so then I can time the hours accurately, and get the quest done in time! Thank you 😄!

  27. I have done the extreme home takeover quest and completed it 100% but when I send a sim to work for the real estate agent the sign does not pop up. Do you know what I could do to fix this or why this is happening?

    • Have you tried restarting your device and then sending them to work again? If this still doesn’t make the signs appear you may need to contact EA to see if they can fix this for you.

  28. Hi, I’m a part of a Sims FreePlay group on Facebook and I found out that you don’t get any reward if your house is chosen and no notification. You would just have to check out the tab often to see the house submitted is chose. I hope that helps. 🙂

  29. Hey there! Btw I LOVE your blog so so much! You take time out of ur busy life to help us and I appreciate it 🙂 Because of this I have completed many quests in time, and as a result better sim town! Yay! Thank you! But I was wondering if u can submit homes after the quest is done and over with? Like, when u send a sim to work to be a realistate agent will the sighn always appear? Thanks again 🙂

  30. I have a question. How do I change what’s it in thr architect tab? Or is it automatically changed? If so, then how often does it change? BTW, love your blog.

  31. One of winning ‘designs’ is just the hallway house with a few small changes. I did actually build it as it included two fish tanks (then demolished it once I’d taken all the furniture) but it does make me wonder who on earth is judging this!

  32. Very sad to hear that, Carla! I’m having the same problem too! Bought 2 houses but Town Value remained the same as well 😦 Contacted Firemonkeys too about two weeks ago, not reply yet! They are busy I guess

    March 2, 2016 at 6:37 pm
    I have build architect home for 309 SP, but but the value of the city is stil worth the same, why? this house is dissapeard from the architect home section)

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