The Sims Freeplay- Life Dreams and Legacies FAQs

These are the most common questions I get asked about Life Dreams and Legacies.

Once you begin the life dreams and legacies quest your sims will start to age automatically. You can also give your sims personalities, to work towards life dreams, if your sim completes all their life dreams in each stage of their life when they die they will leave an orb behind, orbs are used to pause a sims life or build new places.


Why can’t I give my sims a personality?

You need to complete the life dreams and legacies quest before you can give personalities to your sims.

If I don’t give my sim a personality or life dream will they still age?

Yes they will regardless.

How long does a sim last in each stage before they automatically age?

  • Baby- 5 days
  • Toddler- 7 days
  • Preteen- 8 days
  • Teen- 12 days
  • Adult- 24 days
  • Senior- 9 days

A sim will only age when you are on the game and these times do not mean your sim will age after its been that many days, they need to do the amount of actions that add up to that many days first.

Why can’t I give my sim a life dream?

Complete the life dreams and legacies quest then give your sim a personality to be able to give them a life dream.

How do I give my sim a personality?

In create a sim or if you want to give an existing sim a personality by selecting the browse clothes option on a wardrobe, personality is the first tab.

giving an existing sim a personality

How do I give my sim a life dream?

Once they have a personality you need to go to the life dreams menu, find that sim and click choose a life dream:

3 options will appear, if you don’t like any of those options click not now and try again:

Where is the life dreams tab?

On the sim information panel (which shows your sims jobs, hobbies and relationships) one of the tabs now shows your sims life dreams.

Can I change my sims personality?

Yes you can, on the life dreams menu, click on the head with the arrows around it as shown in the picture below, this will take you back to the personality menu for you to pick a different one.

NOTE: all progress towards that life dream will be lost and you will need to start again from 0%

Can I change my sims life dream?

You can but only by changing the sims personality as explained above, you need to change it to a different personality then back again to be able to choose a new life dream.

NOTE: all progress towards that life dream will be lost and you will need to start again from 0%

What happens if I change the personality of my sim who I previously gave a life orb to? Do I lose that life orb or does it go to my inventory?

You won’t lose the orb, you will find it on the ground next to the sim whose personality you changed so you can place it back in your inventory.

Will life dreams take up all my sims time?

No, they shouldn’t do.

Are relationships worthwhile when trying to complete life dreams?

Honestly no, getting married just for your sims to pass on and die isn’t really worth the 10LPs it costs you for the best ring! Personally I don’t bother about relationships while I am trying to build all the places that require orbs, once I have, I can start earning platinum orbs to build my town up with sims who cannot age and then they can have relationships and families again.

What are the geeky life dreams?

You can find a list of geeky life dreams here

What are the sporty life dreams?

You can find a list of sporty life dreams here

What are the entertainer life dreams?

You can find a list of entertainer life dreams here

What are the pet fanatic life dreams?

You can find a list of pet fanatic life dreams here

Does completing tasks with lower star rated items (action takes longer) give you more life dream points to complete life dreams faster than higher star rated items?

No, you get the same amount of life dreams points regardless of the star rating the item has.

When choosing a life dream, is it better to choose longer tasks or shorter ones?

I always go for the longer ones, as I cannot play all day to put each sim on their life dream task several times but it is personal preference, I find it easier doing longer tasks but you may be able to play on the game for longer each day so you prefer shorter tasks.

Can I fulfil a sims life dreams in one life stage?

If you start life as a toddler don’t expect to have the life dream completed by the time you reach your preteen years, you can only do so much at each stage before you have to age up to complete the next section of the bar.

Unless you give a senior sim a personality then they will have to complete one life dream to fill up the whole bar in only that stage.

What is this bar they have to fill up and how much can they fill up at each stage?

On the life dreams menu underneath where you choose and see their life dream there is a bar that has lines on it, the lines each represent a life stage:

As you complete a sims life dream the bar will fill up. The bar used to fill up to the line of that life stage but now it fills up fully for each life stage when you have completed their life dream:

The bar will then go back down when you age your sim, so my sim has become a senior so he only has the last section of the bar to fill before he can earn his bronze orb:

If a sim doesn’t complete a life dream at one stage can they catch up on the next?

Yes! Don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete your toddlers life dream, there is plenty of time left to catch up.

When you start working towards a life dream as an adult sim you will have to complete each stage you missed previously (so you will have to fill up the whole bar to the fourth line, it seems like it takes longer but I find it much easier)

Does completing life dreams at the earlier stages count towards the overall amount needed to complete the orb?

Yes, as mentioned above, it definitely does!

At which life stage is it best to start earning an orb?

Everyone has a different opinion on this, I personally prefer adding new adults to empty houses and start working towards a life dream from that stage, the downside to this is they don’t have much time left to do anything other than their life dream (which is why I choose career life dreams when possible) but its cheaper than adding a new baby each time and it means they don’t have to have 5 different life dreams throughout their life, they will just have 2.

NOTE: a baby cannot have a life dream

If a sim started working towards a life dream as an adult, would it take more time to complete their life dream than a sim that had been working on earning an orb since they were a toddler?

Yes it would take more time because they are having to fill the bar right from the start.

Can I get orbs without killing off my sims?

Yes, but you can only use these orbs to build places you cannot give them to another sim to upgrade them until your sim passes on

NOTE: they have to be a senior in order to have earned an orb to use

To get an orb off a sim to build a place:

  1. All sims that have the orbs you require to build a place need to have completed their life dreams and earned an orb
  2. Find the place you want to build and click build
  3. Select the orb you want to use, if a sim has it it will say ‘[sims name] has a life orb’ click on this
  4. A pop up warning will appear, click yes to use the orb or click no to cancel
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all orbs you need
  6. Once you have all the orbs you need you can click on the green tick to build
  7. Your sim will then be able to choose a new life dream and work towards a new bronze orb if they have the time

What places can I build with orbs?

  • Arcade
    • 1 Bronze Geeky Orb
    • 1 Silver Geeky Orb

Complete geeky life dreams by giving your sim the geeky personality to earn these orbs

  • Beach
    • 2 Bronze Sporty Orbs
    • 2 Silver Sporty Orbs

Complete sporty life dreams by giving your sim the sporty personality to earn these orbs

  • Carnival
    • 5 Bronze Entertainer Orbs
    • 2 Silver Entertainer Orbs

Complete entertainer life dreams by giving your sim the entertainer personality to earn these orbs

  • Pet Park
    • 2 Bronze Animal Fanatic Orbs
    • 4 Silver Animal Fanatic Orbs

Complete animal fanatic life dreams by giving your sim the animal fanatic personality to earn these orbs

NOTE: You will also need orbs to build areas inside each place, the amount of orbs needed can be found in this post

Do I need to use simoleons or LPs to build these places as well as orbs?

No you don’t, if you don’t have enough orbs though you can use LPs instead but you will need a lot of LPs!

What is the age controller and how does it work?

The age controller is the tab that allows you to age a sim early, reverse a sim to the beginning of that stage or pause a sims life.

1-reverses or advances a sims age:

  • a- reverse
  • b-advance

2-pauses a sim at that life stage

Keep reading for an explanation on each of these

Does it cost LPs to age a sim?

Only if they haven’t completed their life dream for that stage yet or they aren’t ready to age. Once their timer turns red or they have completed their life dream at that stage you can age them for free.

How do I pause my sims life?

Pausing a sims life is explained in detail in this post so view that for more information and pictures but I will explain the basics here:

  1. You need to go to the age controller, find the sim you want to pause and click on the pause button
  2. A life orb allocation pop up will appear, select the orb you want, then click the green tick
  3. Click yes to confirm you want to pause ageing

Your sim is now paused!

NOTE: the sim you are pausing does not have to have the same personality as the orb you are using to pause them, they don’t even need a personality to pause them and they can be any age!

How long do different orbs pause a sims life for?

  • Bronze- 3 days
  • Silver- 7 days
  • Gold- 16 days
  • Platinum- paused forever (its definitely worth getting a platinum orb to pause your favourite sims)

Do I need an orb for each sim I want to pause or can I pause them all with one?

You need an orb for each sim, so if you had 20 sims and you wanted to pause them all forever you would need 20 platinum orbs (scroll down for how to earn platinum orbs)

If I pause a sim can I change my mind and make them age again?

Yes you can, go back into the age controller and select the play button (where the pause button was) then on the life orb allocation pop up select resume ageing:

NOTE: you will lose the orb you used if you make them start ageing again

Can I make a paused sim reach the next life stage without turning ageing back on?

Yes you can, just click on the advance ageing button on the age controller:

Keep reading for information on how to advance a sim to the next stage

How does reversing a sims age work?

On the age controller you can choose to reverse a sim back to the beginning of that life stage, this is useful if you want to keep your sim alive and at a certain age while you are trying to earn a platinum orb to pause them forever, it can also be used to give a sim longer to complete their life dream at that stage if they haven’t managed it yet.

It will cost you a certain amount of LPs if you choose to reverse them back to the beginning of that stage, the amount depends on how far along their timer is (the circles at the top of this picture represent how far along the timer is):


NOTE: Reversing will only reverse them back to the beginning of that life stage, you cannot go back a life stage; for example, you cannot make a preteen a toddler

UPDATE: reversing your sims age when they reach the end of that live stage is currently FREE!

How does advancing a sims age work?

On the age controller you can choose to advance a sim to their next life stage before their timer turns red:

You can age them early for free once they have completed their life dream for that stage which is useful if you want to earn orbs fairly quickly or if they are at the end of that stage. It will cost you 2LPs if you choose to age them early before they have completed their life dream for that stage or are ready to age.

If I have them plant after work, does that age them sooner?

Yes they will because they will be busier completing actions for longer.

When sims automatically age, what happens to their hobbies?

If a hobby is still available at the next stage of their life then they will keep their hobby, for example, a teen with the cooking hobby will still have the hobby when she becomes an adult and also when she becomes a senior.

If the hobby isn’t available at the next stage, for example, a toddler with the finger painting hobby would have to pick a new hobby when they become a preteen.

BUT if they reached the highest level in that hobby before ageing all the collectibles will still be unlocked so the next sim could complete the collection without having to reach the highest level. If they didn’t reach the highest level before ageing then a new sim would have to level up from level 1 to be able to complete the collection. This post explains hobbies in more details.

How long does it take to fulfil a life dream?

It depends on what the life dream is and what orb they are working towards, platinum orbs take a lot longer than bronze orbs!

How can I see how long my sim has left in that life stage?

Around their face on the simtracker there is a circle, the more actions they complete the more the green line will spread clockwise around the circle, when it reaches red you know that your sim will age soon:

Will my sims age when I’m not playing?

No, your sims will only age when you are on the game.

My sim has completed their life dream for that stage, can I age them before their timer is up?

Yes, you can advance them for free by clicking ‘advance age’ underneath their life dream on the life dream tab or by selecting ‘advance age’ on the age controller.

advancing age from the life dreams tab

Why didn’t my sim get an orb when they died?

If your sim didn’t complete their life dreams by the time they died then they will not leave behind an orb.

If I have gone from a silver life orb to a gold life orb, do I now have 2 life orbs, or do I only have one?

You only have one because you are upgrading the silver to a gold, so the silver orb becomes a gold orb.

How do I get a bronze orb?

  • To get a bronze orb you first need to give a sim a personality (the personality needs to be the same as you want the orb to be)
  • Then you can choose a life dream and work towards it
  • Once you have completed all life dreams for your sim and they pass on to the afterlife you will get the bronze orb to upgrade or use to build places

How do I get a silver orb?

  • To get a silver orb you need to upgrade a bronze orb (If you don’t have a bronze orb yet, follow the steps above)
  • Once you have your bronze orb you need to give it to a new sim (this is explained later in this post) In the wardrobe click on personalities and select the personality that is the same as the orb you need to upgrade
  • You can then select that bronze orb and choose a life dream and work towards it
  • Once you have completed all life dreams for your sim and they pass on to the afterlife you will get the silver orb to upgrade or use to build places

How do I get a gold orb?

  • To get a gold orb you need to upgrade a silver orb (If you don’t have a silver orb yet, follow the steps above)
  • Once you have your silver orb you need to give it to a new sim (this is explained later in this post) In the wardrobe click on personalities and select the personality that is the same as the orb you need to upgrade
  • You can then select that silver orb and choose a life dream and work towards it
  • Once you have completed all life dreams for your sim and they pass on to the afterlife you will get the gold orb to upgrade or use to build places

How do I get a platinum orb?

  • To get a platinum orb you need to upgrade a gold orb (If you don’t have a gold orb yet, follow the steps above)
  • Once you have your gold orb you need to give it to a new sim (this is explained later in this post) In the wardrobe click on personalities and select the personality that is the same as the orb you need to upgrade
  • You can then select that gold orb and choose a life dream and work towards it
  • Once you have completed all life dreams for your sim and they pass on to the afterlife you will get the platinum orb to pause sims or use to build places

NOTE: it takes 4 sims each completing their set of life dreams to earn a platinum orb

How do I give my sim an orb to upgrade?

You do this the same way you give a sim a personality but this time instead of just choosing the personality any stored orbs will be shown here, for example you can see from the picture below that I have 2 sporty orbs available:

If you click on the sporty personality you can then choose a bronze life orb which can be upgraded to a silver:

Or select no life orb to start earning a bronze:

How many times can you use an orb?

Orbs can only be used once.

I’ve paused my sim with a platinum orb but it wants me to pick a new life dream, would I be able to get the orb off that sim without them dying?

If you still need to build places then yes as you will be able to get the orb off the sim without them dying (how to do this is explained earlier in this post) but they will need to be paused as a senior to earn the orb and if you have built all the places there is no reason to give your paused sims a personality as you will not be able to give any orb they earn to another sim without passing on.

How do I store an orb?

You can do this two ways, once your sim passes on:

  1. Click on the orb and select add to inventory:

2.Open buy mode, select the orb and click the inventory symbol on the orb to store it:

How much can I sell orbs for?

Platinum- S300,000
Gold- S180,000
Silver- S90,000
Bronze- S40,000

How can I sell an orb?

You can do this in two ways:

1.If your sim has just died and left the orb in their place, open buy mode, select the orb, then click on the red simoleon symbol to sell


2.If you want to sell one that you have stored, again open buy mode, select the orb and it will appear like any other item you place in a house, from there you can click on the red simoleon symbol to sell it

Why is the grim reaper at a senior sims house?

The grim reaper shows up just before your senior sims timer is up, he is there to pass your sim on to the afterlife.

NOTE: he will stay there if another senior is also about to pass on

How do you send a sim to the afterlife?

Once their timer is up an exclamation mark will appear above their head, click on it, select yes when the pop up below appears:

20141119-164943.jpgThen the grim reaper will come and send them to the afterlife, leaving the orb (if they earned one) in their place.


Does the game restart when all your sims die?

No, when a sim dies your sim count will go down so you can replace them by adding a new sim.

Should I complete the life dreams and legacies quest?

I get asked this question all the time and it is incredibly difficult to answer. I can’t really tell you what to do and my opinion may be completely different to yours. All I can say is; if you don’t want your sims to die, don’t complete this quest, you can always change your mind and do it later!

Can I just not complete the life dreams and legacies quest so my sims don’t die?

Yes, you could do that but you need to stay on the previous quest (in stitches quest)

What happens if I don’t complete the quest?

Nothing happens apart from your sims won’t age and you won’t be able to build the arcade, beach, carnival or pet park.

Can I still do discovery quests if I don’t do this one?

Yes you can, the life dreams and legacies quest is the last main quest, all discovery quests can be completed whatever stage of the game you are at, even if you are on a main quest. A list of discovery quests can be found here

I have just started the quest, why are my sims already ageing?

Your sims will start ageing as soon as you start this quest so that is why you need to stay on the previous quest if you don’t want your sims to die.

Should I give all my remaining sims life dreams once I complete the quest?

If you want to start working towards life orbs straight away then yes, there is no time limit to earning them but they will automatically age anyway, with or without a life dream.

Are there any ways I can stop my sims dying?

  1. Pause a sims life using a platinum orb as explained above
  2. Reverse a sim back to the start of that life stage using LPs, again as explained above
  3. If you have special sims that you don’t want to die but you are still working on getting a platinum orb you can just leave them not completing any action because as long as they aren’t doing anything they will not age, then when you are ready to pause them they can start doing things again, such as gardening or going to work.

Is hibernating doing something?

Yes any action in the game will cause your sims to age, do not waste hours of their life hibernating if you don’t need to.

Are there any ways to age a sim quicker?

  1. Once your sim has completed their life dreams for that stage you can advance them to the next stage for free in the age controller or from the life dreams tab, as explained above
  2. You can have them do longer tasks to make them age faster
  3. You can also age them early from the age controller but this will cost you 2LPs if you haven’t completed their life dream for that stage yet, again this is explained above

Do I still need birthday cakes once I complete the quest?

No you don’t, you can if you want to bake a cake still but it is cheaper to advance a sims age using the method explained earlier in this post.

Can sims die at any other stage?

No, sims can only die once they complete their life stage as a senior.

What happens to your senior sims house if they die and no one else lives in the house? Does the house get deleted?

No, the house will remain it will just be empty, when you click on the house you can select the option to add a new adult sim, this is free or you can relocate an existing sim or family and that costs money.

What happens to pets when their owner passes on? Do they die?

Pets will remain in the house they live at, they can’t die. If you want to move a pet to another family click on the pet and select relocate.

Can I move a toddler to another house? His parents passed away and I want to use that house for a new family.

Yes you can, children can be adopted by an adult sim when both their parents have died (does not work if one parent is still alive) They need to be good friends to get the option to adopt them


Do sims grieve when one of them dies?

No, your sims will no longer grieve when another one dies.

Can you get a sim back once they pass on?

No you can’t, they will be gone forever unfortunately.

Will a new sim be added automatically when one dies?

No, but your sim count will go down so you can add a new sim.

How much do babies cost once you finish this quest?

They now cost simoleons, the amount varies depending on how many sims you already have in your town.

If you can think of anymore questions about life dreams I haven’t answered please comment below and I will add them to the post.

Thanks for reading!


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    • I suppose in a way yes, they will earn less money but they will eventually go back to earning the highest amount again if you keep them at that stage for as long as you can but you can still earn the same amount of money by gardening but once you earn platinum orbs to pause your sims they will be earning the highest amount again, good question though!
      You’re welcome and I’m glad I could help!

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    I have one question about babies. Do they cost money even after one senior has passed away?

    I also have another doubt, which is not really on topic but I ask you anyway. If you send a house and it gets chosen and many gamers buy it…will you earn something? Or just the glory of being a sim-architect? ;p

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    • You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help!
      Babies cost simoleons even after a senior passed away

      I honestly have no idea, my houses haven’t been chosen so until they do or someone lets me know I don’t know, sorry!

  6. I’ve been playing this game for a year and I have not completed this quest and probably never will because I don’t want my Sims to die. I will age them on my time, whenever I want….seeing them age automatically and die is too much. Wish they would remove this feature or at least give players the option to play move past it. There are certain areas in the game that I won’t be able to unlock like the beach, carnival etc but I completed the recent island quest and unlocked all its features so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the beach.

    • I agree and idk for sure but I think one of my friends(“neighbors”) might have done this quest and gotten the beach and stuff.. My sim jumped into a pond and turned into a mermaid haha- but anyways my point is..keep your sims the way they are like I’m gonna too and when you want to use the stuff that you can’t use go use your neighbors haha and watch their sims have month life cycles

      • The mermaid pond isn’t the beach, that is from the tropical romance island event which you didn’t have to complete the life dreams quest to unlock

  7. After you assign your sim a life dream, if it’s like the same as their hobby and you do the action, week you get points towards life dream and also a collectible for the hobby? Or is it only like one or the other? I notice the different Avrom’s for the teen idol, but wasn’t sure about other hobbies?

  8. I thank you so much for fueling my obsession with this stupid gamew!!!! ;c)

    So, just to be sure. . . If my sims are doing NOTHING. . . they will not . . . “age?”. .

    I used to think that when the sims were doing NOTHING, that their “needs” meter would go down faster. . . I felt like when they were assigned to a task, planting, work, whatever. . that the needs meter stayed UP. . can you confirm or deny this?

    • You’re welcome
      Yes that is correct, doing nothing they will not age but their needs will decrease quicker although you can sort out their needs every now and then without ageing them very much

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    • Sorry I don’t completely understand; you have used the platinum orb to pause a sim? But you want to pause a different sim?
      Or your sim has earned the platinum orb but they still have it?

      • Hi again! My Sim was trying to earn their platinum life orb, and then successfully completed it. I sent them to the afterlife and collected the platinum orb. I was unsure if I then had to complete an additional lifecycle, so I created a new Sim and gave it to them to Potentially sacrifice again but whoops, of course now they are eternally alive. Can I get that orb from them and give it to the other Sim?

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  12. I have few questions about aging sims. So I have two teenager sims, and I paused their aging by platinum orbs. At some point I want to age them to adult, without removing the platinum orbs. If I use a birthday cake (at both of them) to age them, will the orb be removed?

    I play the game 1-2 hours per day since I started this quest. For how much time approximately will I manage to get 3 platinum orbs (geek orb not included), if the life dream tasks of my sims who work on bronze orbs are from 6 to 9 hours long? I have more than four sims for now working for bronze orbs, but I want at least 3 platinum orbs (not geeky orb) to build all of the places. And I have a toddler sim who works for the geek gold orb. For how much time I can manage to get a geek platinum orb if the situation is like this?

    I am sorry if I took your valuable time. Just questions from an unexperienced player. Anyways, I really love your blog, and I find it very helpful.

    • Oh that is a good question, I am not 100% sure because you can just use the advance ageing button as explained in this post to age them to an adult for 2LPs instead of baking a cake which will cost you 5LPs but it probably works the same with a cake but the other way will just save you LPs

      It is incredibly difficult to tell you how long it will take you to get a platinum orb as it really depends on what life dream you are doing for a start and I don’t know exactly how much the bar increases for each life dream and each life stage, sorry! But if you keep note of how long it takes you to get a gold orb you know that it will take another sim longer than that to turn it into a platinum

      I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help. Thanks, I’m glad it helps

  13. Do you have any idea as to why my senior is not making any progress whatsoever towards their life dream even after completing actions towards it ?? Please help

    • I just had the same problem. Make sure when you are having your sim do the task for the life dream that you are choosing the task with the brain on it. Some of the tasks available have them and some do not. I had my sim using the freebie guitar from the beginning of the game and after checking on his progress I realized he wasn’t getting anywhere. So I swapped out the guitars and chose the task that that the brain on it. Hopefully you have figured this out by now, but this might help someone else!

  14. So, I’ve had the option of completing this quest for almost a year now, but I’ve been delaying it. I have been playing for almost 3 years, and I am very attached to my sims. I have recently started looking into it more now, and I’m considering doing the quest just to make the game more interesting with the beach and the carnival and all that. Knowing that the Platinum ones can stop them from aging, I was wondering about how long it would take to get one.
    Thank you!

    • It really is impossible to say how long it would take you to get a platinum orb because it depends on what life dream you pick and if you have any orbs so far, you need a bronze orb to make a silver orb to make a gold orb to make a platinum orb so as you upgrade each orb it takes you longer the next time to upgrade it again.

    • I had a difficult time emotionally as well, once I began the quest. I would recommend noting everything about your people – screenshots or whatever – so you can re-create them ultimately . Then, come up with a bunch of sacrificial ones and leave the ones completely alone that you don’t want to age. I think I am four months past beginning this quest and I have learned about seven platinum orbs.

  15. So I have completed all the quests up until this one except some of the side quests like the dancers and the nanny. But this quest isn’t showing up. Do indeed to complete those quests? How do I start this one?

  16. Would you suggest aging my sims as soon as they complete their life goals add adults or letting them agree naturally and use the extra days to have them work plant ect?

  17. My old man passed and didn’t leave behind an orb, hope can I get my orb? He was working on a silver orb and it was my first one, any suggestions?

    • If he didn’t complete his life dreams he would have left behind the bronze orb because he didn’t manage to make it into a silver, look in your inventory for the bronze orb, it may be there.

  18. Ok so maybe I’m crazy but 😦 😦 thank goodness I read this Before I started this quest haha..I had no clue about any of this and I just made a new sim baby for the sole purpose of doing the pre teen and old people quests..because it makes me sad to age the baby I already have haha and now you’re telling me that I could eventually have to watch them age dramatically and then die 😦 I just like the game how it is!! I agree with whoever said that there should be a choice.. And I thought I read on another paragraph that you said that you could have some sims not do the quest and some that do but I’m sure I misunderstood.. Bah I hate this and I’m overly attached to fake computer characters lmao I do know that they are not real

    • If you don’t want your sims to die then don’t do this quest, stay on a previous quest.
      I said that you can have some sims not do any actions so they don’t age until you earn the platinum orbs you need to pause them forever, not that you could have some not do this quest, if you do this quest all your sims will start to age.

      • Thank you for clarifying and no I won’t do that quest. I wanted to complete the game but with them getting old and dying just seems strange hahaha

      • I use cake slices to keep my sims need full because I’m VIP 6. They Pretty much don’t use any thing for their ‘needs!’.Can my sim couple still have a baby? I chose to start on the quest. It seems to much work to build all of those buildings with orbs. If my sim die, would it cost me anything to create a sim, or I just click on ‘Add A Sim?’.

      • Filling up needs doesn’t cost a lot of life anyway, completing long actions does. Yes they can still have babies when they are married and no it doesn’t cost anything to add a new adult sim, you do it the same way you always have.

  19. I love your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the game, and answer our questions. I’ve bee playing for quite some time now, and I’ve searched, and searched for an answer to this question. I’ve completed all of the builds at the beach on mystery island, and am now working on the ones for the amusement, pet park, and arcade, and although I have silver life orbs available in my inventory, when I try to use them for the build they are Greyed out and unavailable. Is this a glitch, or have I just missed something? Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks and you’re welcome!
      It may be to do with the orb you are trying to use to build the place as only geeky orbs can be used to build the arcade, entertainer orbs for the carnival, sporty orbs for the beach and animal fanatic orbs for the pet park

  20. I forgot to check how long the senior tasks take for life orbs, and now I have one who is working toward a gold. BUT I stupidly chose a task that is only 9 minutes long. I can’t play all day, and even when I am playing it is a pain to check on her every 9 minutes (plus, I forget). Is there any way to change the task? I don’t want to lose the gold orb!

    • Unfortunately you can change the life dream (read this post for how to do that) but you will have to start from 0% so you will have the senior stage to complete the whole life dream bar

  21. What would you say is the quickest way to get each type of orb? I know you’ve mentioned having Career Life Dreams, I see that makes the bar jump up faster. But are there any other specific life dreams that make a Sim age quickly? It seems like it’s going to take years for me to build the Beach, Arcade, etc… lol

    • Career life dreams are the best, like I said. Anything that is fairly long is also good, I would not go for life dreams that can only be completed by doing short tasks as that will take you a very long time.

  22. Thank you so much for explaining this. I’m glad I read this before starting this quest. As a senior (yes lots of us play), I take issue with the fact that seniors are limited in hobbies, clothing and hair choices. I do not have gray hair, am not stooped over and do not wear dowdy old lady clothes. I’m keeping the game the way it is for now. Maybe the game developers need to look around and see what active senior citizens really do. I don’t play bingo, quilt, or sit feeding birds all day. I work, Zumba, bicycle, volunteer and play games. Maybe they should add another life stage. They could call it “Active Senior” and “Old Age”.

  23. Hi, my sim’s bar is already full, she can now turn to be a senior but there is no birthday cake showing for her to really be a senior. Do you know what’s wrong with my sim or something? Thanks

  24. Hello! Thank you so much for all the information you provide for all of us playing this game! It saves me so much time and frustration! I have read through your Life dreams and Legacies posts twice now and I just wanted to clarify two things. The first being…ageing of the baby. If they can’t have a personality do they just age after the 5 days? Or do we still need birthday cake for them! And the second question…if we don’t have a life dream yet for a sim and their age bar is in the red, do they still age, or does it then costs us LPs? And if so, what happens if we’re out of LPs? Thank you again for this great blog!

  25. I am at level 55 with 34 sims. Did not heat hands cause thanks to you i found out Just in time by doing that my sims would age. I just don’t want them to. My question is; how much time will it cost to obtain a platinum orb. Im willing to sacrifice 5 sims. So, the other 29 will do nothing at all so they won’t age. When i have my first platinum orb, can the sim how is paused and won’t age, help getting more platinum orbs? Or is it only possible to get them with the sims i sacrifice? Im willing to be buisy with it for some months, but if this gonna take years to do with just 5 sims Ill pass and play the game just like it is now.

    • Its very hard to tell you how long it will take you to get a platinum orb, it depends what life dream you choose and other factors.
      When you have paused a sim you won’t be able to use that sim to earn orbs to pass on to other sims, they will only be able to get orbs to build places in the town, they will need to pass on to leave an orb to give to another sim.
      With just 5 sims it is going to take you some time (probably years yes) but you could always sacrifice more sims and just remake them when you are ready to pause them

  26. Thanks for the information very helpful but i only have one question is the beach and the rest of the places worth it? Im still not at that quest but im close and im thinking of not doing it and pausing at in stitches

  27. I cant have a baby . i already place the crib in my married couple house . i want to end the dreams and legacies quest 😰 . what should i do ? I have 2 childs already one toddler and a teen.

    • You cannot have more than four sims living in one house at a time so you won’t be able to add the baby to that house, you will need to add the crib to a house of a different married couple who only have one child or no children yet.

  28. I have a comment about life dreams. I understand why you choose to do the longest ones because of not being on the game all day. But for those like me, stay at home mom, who do play the game many times a day, is there any way you could also list the ones that take the least amount of time. If not it isn’t a big deal. I appreciate the posts you do have because they are always helpful and I do visit this blog often for guidance. Thank you for all that you have done.

  29. Hi, thanks for all this invaluable information! Your site has been so helpful. I am working towards a life dream with a toddler “drawing animals on a chalkboard” (started before I read your tip on longer tasks!) I have done this task four times but the bar hasn’t increased. Once she has finished the task a life dreams bubble appears with a number (e.g. 47) but the percentage doesn’t increase? Help! Thanks.

    • You’re welcome! It may just be that it is increasing incredibly slowly, if you find that it is taking too long you could just leave the toddler not completing their life dream until they reach the next stage of their life, you will still have plenty of time to complete all the life dreams if you do this- just maybe pick a longer one next time πŸ™‚

  30. I have a question: Is the current quest (“Teens-Into-Adults”) the same as “Life Dreams and Legacies”? I LP’d my way through the TIA quest so I could get all the beautiful new hairstyles and clothes for my female adult Sims. But now I’m very worried that my teens might accidentally become adults without “my permission”. I don’t want them to become adults; they’re just fine the way they are.

  31. I’m working on collecting orbs now. Is it better to give all of your current sims the same personality so you can collect all of the same orbs faster? I feel like my gang is all over the place and I’m never going to have enough of any orb to build.

    • It depends what you want the orbs for, if you are trying to build places you will need different orbs so will need to give your sims different personalities but if you are trying to earn platinum orbs to pause sims lives then you can have them all on the same personality. I don’t think it really makes a lot of difference and it isn’t necessarily faster having the same personality but its up to you!

  32. It just occurred to me what I could do! I could recreate the adult in an empty house then have that adult adopt the baby (toddler, preteen) or have the teen move in with them. Then I could relocate the family back to the house I want them in. Would that work?

  33. Hi. First thank you for all your helpful posts. I wish I had seen some before the Life Dreams and Legacies Quest began. I wanted to ask you for clarification on something you mentioned. You said stay on another quest and don’t start this quest if I don’t want my sims to age and die. My question is how do you stay on other quests? Sometimes these quests just pop up and even if I hit the little back arrow at the top left of the pop up screen I see the times on the quest starts anyway even if I didn’t want to start it yet. if I had not completed any actions in the life dreams and legacies quest would my sims still age? Because the timer to complete the quest (to unlock whatever goodie you earn for completing in time) started counting down did that make my sims start aging? Or was it the first completed action of the quest that began their aging? I wanted to know bc I’d almost rather delete the game and start over from scratch than worry about all this aging and orbs nonsense. I liked the game better before this quest.

    • You’re welcome!
      You don’t have to worry about not completing the quests that pop up- these are discovery quests and they can be completed at any time, they don’t effect the main quest you are currently completing.
      Stay on another quest means you need to stay on a goal on at least the previous main quest, for example, the quest before the life dreams one is in stitches so you could stay on the goal- Gaze serenely on a park bench or one nearer the end of the quest- Play β€˜quilting mama’ game it doesn’t matter which one but you just don’t complete all the goals and you won’t have to start the life dreams quest however it sounds like you are already on the life dreams quest?
      Currently I think your sims will begin ageing when you reach the advance an adults age goal however this does change so in the next update it could be that your sims will begin ageing when you start the quest so your sims will start ageing because you have already started the quest.
      If your sims aren’t ageing and you have started the life dreams quest then just stay on the quest and don’t complete any of the goals.

  34. Hi, I’m not on this quest yet but I made both of the parents of my preteen sims move away. Can the preteen so still be adopted or do they have to live on their own?

    • What do you mean moved away? Did you delete them? Or are they living in a different house?
      If they are living in a different house then you will not be able to get them adopted, you will have to wait until they are a teen then you can get them to be good friends with an adult and get the option to move in with them.


    Do all of the new Sims age as well?; is this how the game will be from now on (even after the quest is completed)? – Or does the aging stop at some point?

    NOTE: I don’t remember seeing anything about this in the blog.

    Otherwise, you answered every question I had.


  36. Hey thanks so much for your constant updates, they’re super helpful! I always go to your blog if I need to know about something

    I just had 2 questions;

    I gave a platinum life orb to a toddler, now I can’t change their personality or take it off them. What’s up with that?

    Also do all 4 life orbs have careers attached?
    Or is it just entertainer: musician, movie star
    Sporty: athlete

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps
      How did you give the platinum orb to your toddler? Did you give it to them to pause their life or did you give it to them by mistake instead of another orb?
      You can still change their personality as explained in this post, the orb will then be found on the ground next to your sim if you gave it to them by mistake. If you paused them you can unpause them in the age controller but you will lose the platinum orb.

      Not all personalities have a career life dream, there isn’t one for animal fanatic but there is for the other three.

      • Hey there πŸ™‚
        I’m pretty sure I gave it to them as a personality wondering what it would do, and I guess a mistake, not realising that you couldn’t take it off them. It just says cannot change personality ‘as I already have the most wonderful like orb there is’. The button is not highlighted, if that makes sense?
        Maybe it’s a mistake in the game?

        Gamer personality career is scientist?

        Thanks again πŸ™‚ maybe we can make sense of this, Amber

      • Can you not see the head with the arrow button on the life dreams tab next to that sims picture? This is how you change their personality.

        Geeky- I want to go to work as a Scientist everyday- 8 hours
        Sporty- I want to go to work at the stadium everyday- 6 hours
        Entertainer- I want to go to work at the Movie Studio everyday- 8 hours
        I want to go to work as a musician everyday- 7 hours

        There is a list of life dreams for each personality:

      • I figured out a way to take the platinum life orb off her, without being able to use the button, had to get creative.
        So I just used her ‘life orb’ to pause someone else’s life!
        And it worked, thanks for trying to figure this out with me.

  37. How do you eveneed start this quest? Like where do you go or what do you do to start the life dreams quest. I read every comment but nothing is on how you start the quest. I tried Google even and nothing.

    • They will age at different rates unless they all did exactly the same actions because they age based on the time an action takes so if one sim just completed actions that took a day they would age quicker than one that only went to work each day and did nothing else.

  38. I want to support your blog! I’ll try my best to help because I’ve been here for a year or two and rarely have done anything in the game without consulting your blog. Thanks! X


    I am on the last part of the life dreams quest i.e to add the baby & I’ve 3 cribs but none of them have the option to add a baby?

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