The Sims Mobile- Guide to Stickers

Stickers are a new feature in The Sims Mobile as of the February 2018 update, this post explains all about them

How do I get stickers?

When you log in each day you will receive new stickers to give away, it will also tell you how many stickers your sims received yesterday:

How do I use stickers?

When you click on a sim with a blue plumbob above their head (these are other players sims), stickers will appear at the bottom of the screen where their name is. There will be 3 different types of stickers, click on the one you want to give that sim to spend it:

Sims with the blue plumbobs are other players sims

How many stickers can I give a sim?

You can only give them one a day, it will appear next to their name which sticker you gave them:

Will they know it was me who sent it?

No, they won’t know who sent them the stickers (I still feel rude giving people scary stickers though!)

I’ve run out of stickers what do I do?

Once you use all your stickers in a day you will need to come back tomorrow to receive more

Why should I use the stickers?

One of your daily tasks on your to do list is to give stickers, completing this will earn you 2 fashion gems which you can spend at Izzy’s Fashion Shop on unique outfits!

At the end of the week you will earn Fashion Gems based on how many stickers you received:

You can also keep track during the week of how many stickers you have received and how many days are left in this week’s contest:

Click here to watch my Sims Mobile playlist on YouTube- new videos are added each week!

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24 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Guide to Stickers

  1. What do you do when it tells you there is no sticker contest but you need to give stickers to finish your daily rewards?

    • There is always a weekly sticker contest, the other week I didn’t get my reward for receiving stickers once the week was up so this may have been part of the same glitch which hopefully was fixed in the small update they released yesterday.

      • I am having a problem with my stickers and daily To Do list. It says I need to give out more stickers – it is showing 2/3 given out. But I am giving them out like crazy! And to new people! (I understand you have to give them to different people.) Looks like I am not going to finish my To Do list today!

  2. Hi.

    I have scrolled a bit through your posts and didn’t find a post about Izzy’s Fashion Shop. Can we have a post on that, please. *makes Puss-In-Boots eyes*

    I also wanted to know if the male/female clothing generated in Izzy’s Fashion Shop is totally random and choosing is out of our hands. Is it?

    Because I have got 5 male clothing in a row! None female clothing so far! And I am a little frustrated.

    Thank you for taking the time to make posts about the game.

  3. Hi! Thank you for this page and your hard work💕🙇 could you make a post about Izzy’s Fashion Shop? I don’t really get it. Also, do you know how many sims you can have max? I have two atm. Thanks!

  4. How can you track how many stickers you have so far? And when does the week end to get the fashion gems?

    • If you click on your sims info panel the 3rd tab along is the stickers you have received this week so far, it also says on there how many days are left in this week’s contest, mine resets on Monday but it may be different for everyone

    • Not for the sim who has retired, but you will for your other sims. You might want to wait for the week to be up and then retire them from the sim info panel once you have received your reward

  5. I can’t get the notice “give a sim with the blue plumbomb a sticker” to go away. It’s in front of all my screens and I can’t see anything behind it. How do I get it to go away

  6. How do I get the most stickers from other players? I’ve been giving aaay all my stickers and getting NONE back. Is there an area where I am more likely to receive stickers from other players?

    Ps. Love your blog, always so informative!

  7. Hi I just finished my first sticker contest and received 22. However, the contest ended and I didn’t receive any gems / there was no notification to claim gems. Would you possibly know what that means?

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